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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 118 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: Driven Out


The more Su Lingyun thought about it, the more she felt that her son’s words were true. Others might be clueless about her family but she perfectly knew about Su Shangwen! Even if her restaurant’s business was good and thriving recently, but it was after all, only a family restaurant… saying that it was a restaurant was pleasant to hear. But the unpleasant word for it was actually a canteen. How much money would it make? With such a big business that Su Shangwen had, how could his money be fewer than hers?


After having thought through about this matter, Su Lingyun firmly nodded and said, “Sonny, you’re really good in your study. Mom hasn’t read many books and my education is not as good as yours. What you said did make sense. It seems like the intention Su Shangwen had in coming to our restaurant is indeed not to borrow money, but to humiliate me. You can rest assured that I will never lend him a penny later.”


Tang Xiu raised his thumbs up and exclaimed, “Mom, you indeed are able to realize it clearly. I’m really afraid that you wouldn’t understand, I had even prepared a lot of words to argue with you!”


Su Lingyun said with a smile, “I look like those people who don’t understand the essence of the issues, don’t I?!”


Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “No, absolutely not. Who dares to say it, I’ll find and kick him. Anyway, are you still going to continue to do the accounting?”


Su Lingyun shook her head and said, “No, since I’ve already realized it, why would I do that? Anyway, let’s forget it, You’ve just come back sonny, are you hungry? Mom will cook something delicious for you in the kitchen. Besides, the meals outside are not better than the flavor and taste our family has.”


Tang Xiu replied with a smile, “I do think the same Mom, nobody in this world can cook deliciously as you.”


“Mouthy, eh!”


With such words from Tang Xiu, it made Su Lingyun happy as the smile on her face was getting brighter.


Shortly after…


4 dishes and one soup was delivered to the box as Tang Xiu asked Su Lingyun to accompany him to have a meal together and chat about their family’s daily life, after which, Tang Xiu then prepared to leave.


“Knock, knock…”


The door was knocked as Dingzi then pushed the door open. He greeted Tang Xiu and spoke in a low voice, “Big Boss, Su Shangwen’s son has come and is wandering in our lobby!”


Su Lingyun said with a confused expression, “What is he doing?”


Su Lingyun did not have the slightest good impression of her nephew. Previously, he framed her son and said that her son stole 3,000 yuan from his family. Not only was she humiliated in public, even her son was injured due to that.


Tang Xiu stood up and lightly spoke, “I’ll go out and see it myself!”


Su Lingyun quickly said, “Son, although I don’t like Su Xiangfei, but don’t go too far in handling this matter. Whoever he is, he’s still…”


Tang Xiu interrupted his mother and spoke with a sinking tone, “Mom, I know what you want to say. I won’t clean him up, but we don’t welcome him at the restaurant. Don’t you worry about it, I still have some sense of discretion.”


Su Lingyun nodded. But still, she was somewhat uneasy and followed Tang Xiu to the private box’s door.


After Tang Xiu went out the box, he saw Su Xiangfei speak something to the approaching waiter. He strode over in front of him and spoke with a sinking and deep tone, “What are you doing here?”


Upon seeing Tang Xiu, Su Xiangfei spoke with a surprised expression, “Cousin, aren’t you…”


“Shut the f**k up!”


Tang Xiu interrupted Su Xiangfei and said with a deep tone, “Su Xiangfei, don’t speak in such a cordial manner. I don’t buy it. Besides, our family’s restaurant doesn’t welcome you. Did you forget what I’ve told you? If you dare to come to us and I see you once again, I’ll f**k you up badly.”


Su Xiangfei’s neck shrunk. Even though he was full of resentment inside toward Tang Xiu, but recalling about his father’s urges about the matter, he squeezed out a smile and said, “Cousin, please don’t do this! We are of the same family and everything was just a joke and only quarrels between family members. I admit that I did have wronged you. But you’ve always been mature and generous, please just forget and don’t bother about my former attitudes.”


Tang Xiu said with a laughing sneer, “Heh, leave those niceties words. Your family is yours and my family is mine. I won’t come out to seek any friendship from you. Now, you get the f**k out, else I’ll order some people to kick you out forcefully.”


In an instant, Dingzi and a few others aggressively swarmed over toward Su Xiangfei. Their gestures were as though they were ready to beat Su Xiangfei savagely had Tang Xiu sent out his order.


Su Xiangfei’s complexion turned extremely ugly as he looked at Dingzi and the other men. He also looked at the cold frost expression Tang Xiu and finally got scared. He stepped back a few steps. However, when he saw Su Lingyun, he quickly shouted, “Auntie, I’m your very own nephew! You wouldn’t drive me away, would you? I admit that I was in the wrong before, I promise I won’t do that again later.”


The tenderhearted Su Lingyun suddenly showed a hesitating expression as she heard Su Xiangfei’s words.


Tang Xiu shouted with a sinking tone, “Dingzi, you guys hit him a few times and kick him out. Do remember that as long as you all don’t kill him, I’ll take the responsibility if you break his arms and legs.”




Dingzi and the others rolled up their sleeves and prepared to move.


Su Xiangfei’s pupils shrunk. He did not tarry to wait for Su Lingyun’s answers as he turned around and bolted toward outside of the restaurant. The last time at school, he was hit and injured by a criminal. Only after having been treated seriously was he discharged from the hospital. Never again did he wanted to pass even another day being bedridden on a hospital sickbed.




Everyone looked at the running away Su Xiang’s back and suddenly burst into laughter. A few waiters who knew Su Xiangfei’s ‘virtuous well-doings’ gathered and ridiculed him.


“Su Shangwen is not good stuff and his son is a coward. Our little boss only scared him and I never thought that he will be that damn terrified. How could our big boss have such a nephew?!”


“What a disgrace! Such a handsome young man unexpectedly has no balls. I don’t know whether his head got squeezed by the door or not. He clearly knows that we don’t welcome him here, but still, he came here to be slapped in the face. He doesn’t dislike to be bashful, but I’ll be much more bashful than him!”


“Our little boss is really awesome, a few words are enough to scare him away. Our big boss’s heart is way too kind and she can’t withstand the pleads and praises from them. I wanna say that our little boss just did rightly. There’s no way that kind of crooked people can be given any face!”


“Just like subordinates imitate their superiors, it’s like father like son! That guy really is one of the same species with Su Shangwen!”




Tang Xiu turned his head and looked at Su Lingyun. Seeing such an ugly expression on his mother’s face, he waved to the few waiters nearby, motioning that they did not need to join in on the fun and to take care of their work.


“Mom, we have our time and days, and Su Shangwen’s family has theirs. The more we got pestered by them, the messier the problems we’ll have to face. So you don’t need to take them seriously in the future. Sooner or later they will court big troubles for themselves, and those kind of troubles are not what you will be able to help even if you want to.”


Su Lingyun sighed deeply as she said with a smile: “I don’t understand what you were saying! But… let’s just forget it. It would be difficult for us to hide from whatever will happen. But I won’t give them any face in the future should they come to find me.”


Tang Xiu nodded. Before he left, he specially called Banshou and Dingzi to the side and told them to protect his mother. If anyone sent by Su Shangwen came to made trouble, then they had to directly report it to him.


In the evening.


On the way back to South Gate Town, Tang Xiu received a call from Yuan Chuling. He knew that Tang Xiu had just come back from Jingmen Island and wanted to see him immediately. However, he was still at school and he could not easily leave school. So Tang Xiu told him that he would go back to school at the latest in the day after tomorrow.


Tang Xiu could ignore other people, but he could not help but care about Yuan Chuling. After all, Yuan Chuling was like an iron hardcore-good brother for him since he had helped and defended him countless of times, which, this was a kindness and benevolence that made Tang Xiu feel grateful.


In fact, after he had returned to Earth, Tang Xiu had always been avoiding making friends with others to the best of his abilities. After having been betrayed by his good friends, it caused his heart to have some detachment and to guard against anyone.


He was not afraid to have a few friends, but he feared in having a lot of friends that would plan and scheme against him!


Tang Xiu did not want to repeat the same mistakes as in the past and neither would he ever let it happen again.


After having gotten back to the South Gate Town, Mu Qingping reported to him that the medicinal ingredients from Jingmen Island had been shipped and that she already signed and received them to the warehouse. Just when he was about to prepare to concoct the Golden Bell Liquid, Mu Qingping came to find him again and told him that a guest had come visit.


“Who’s the guest?”


In the warehouse, Tang Xiu asked with a puzzled expression.


He did not have many friends and only few people knew that he lived in South Gate Town. So he could not figure out who came to visit him.


“He said that he’s called Long Zhengyu.”


Mu Qingping said.


Tang Xiu’s brows wrinkled. He did not expect that it was Long Zhengyu who came here. The first time he came visiting, it was after he gave this villa to him.


After having thought for a moment, he left the warehouse and came to the villa’s living room, he saw Long Zhengyu sitting on the sofa, drinking tea.


“Why have you come here?”


Tang Xiu went over to the opposite side of Long Zhengyu and sat down.


Long Zhengyu said with a laugh, “I just heard that you’ve come back, so I come here and wanted to talk with you. How are things? Have you gotten used to living here?”


“Not too bad!” Tang Xiu said lightly.


Not too bad?


Long Zhengyu secretly smiled wryly inside his heart. Had it been someone else get such a villa, they would have already wild with joy and jaw-dropped. But for Tang Xiu here, it turned out that it was only “not too bad”.


“Brother Tang, the reason I looked for you here is because I have something to talk to you about.”


Tang Xiu said, “You can speak frankly to me if you have something to say. But I don’t have much time though. I need to do something shortly.”


Long Zhengyu nodded and said, “It was because of you. I didn’t know where Kang Xia inquired about me. But since she couldn’t find you, she called me a lot of times. But I really have never thought that Kang Xia would really work for you. And yesterday evening, my father asked me and we talked a lot. He wanted me to ask you whether our Long Family could get a huge sum of money and buy some more shares again from you.”


“Impossible!” Tang Xiu shook his head and rejected directly.


Long Zhengyu rolled his eyes and snappily replied, “I knew that you would say that. Since you refused, then forget it.”


Tang Xiu said, “Are you done? If so, I can’t keep you accompany any longer.”


Long Zhengyu quickly said, “Nah, I haven’t even started, I haven’t even entered the main topic! In fact, my main purpose to look for you today is that I want to cooperate with you! I’ve developed a new project recently, as long as you can help me draw the blueprint design, I’ll give you 10% of the shares, how about it?”


Tang Xiu’s brows slanted and asked, “What kind of project?”

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