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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 119 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Gifting Money


Tang Xiu had always opened his arms regarding businesses that would make money. In this kind of a materialistic era, money was the measurement of success and failure. Without money, one would be unable to traverse around the world and it would be very difficult to move without it, so he knew perfectly well about the importance of money. For his cultivation, he needed cultivation resources and materials, even though he was chained to his schooling, Tang Xiu had always been thinking about how to make a fortune.


He was a well-educated person and a master in the zither, Go, calligraphy, and paintings!


He could be said as a multi-talented person and was very proficient in all kinds of fields when he lived in the Immortal World for 10,000 years. Drawing an architectural design for him, was easy. And he had the confidence that if he were to draw the architectural design on Earth, his design would absolutely become a landmark building which would make everyone’s eyes shine brightly.


Long Zhengyu’s eyes beamed as he slowly said, “I have two friends from the capital and they have been preparing to invest on building construction in Star City. But the kind of building they want has to have the most magnificent, extremely unique, and an iconic building characteristic. Our Long Family has already decided to cooperate with them and the total investments of our 3 parties is 5 billion yuan. Of course, we will also consider adding more additional funds if there are any problems with the investment funds later. As for the 10% of shares that will be given to you, it won’t change even if we add additional investment funds later.”


5 billion?


Tang Xiu stared blankly as he looked at the earnest and serious expression on Long Zhengyu’s face. It took quite a while before he got his composure back. He was not shocked by the 5 billion yuan of investments, but instead got struck by that 10% shares.


That shares… wasn’t it the same as giving it to him?!


Tang Xiu slowly collected himself as he was at a loss of what to say before he replied, “500 million only to buy a design, you’re really rich even if you have the money to burn, aren’t you?”


Long Zhengyu said with a laugh, “It’s perhaps an Arabian Night to buy a design for 500 million yuans. But they and I think that it’s worth the price. You know that 500 million is not only able to buy the design, but also can buy a friendship and tie you up to our cause! Those 2 friends heard about you from me and they want to be friends with you!”




Whilst scoffing and laughing inside but calm on the surface, Tang Xiu then said, “They are so confident that they and I can become friends?”


Long Zhengyu said with a laugh, “There is a saying that the heavens would never forsake people with ideals. Whether or not they can be friends, we’ll find out from our future exchanges. Now, you only need to answer me, are you willing to accept this business?”


“Sure, why wouldn’t I?!”


Tang Xiu’s brows pricked as a resolute and affirmation taste could be seen on his expression.


Long Zhengyu took out a cigarette. But when he was about to lit it, it was as though he suddenly remembered something as he looked at Tang Xiu and asked, “Do you mind if I smoke?”


Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “When will I have to give the construction design to you?”


Long Zhengyu said, “Temporarily, there’s no need to rush it. The initial phase for the project would need 2 months of preparation. Wait for a few days for us to mark the land for the building. I’ll take you over to see it, and then you can start drawing the architectural design. Brother Tang, your task is the key. Don’t let me down.”


“I won’t let you down!” Tang Xiu said lightly.


You received money from others, and you pay it with your own work.


Tang Xiu had a perfectionist nature so he naturally would give his best to design a qualified architectural design blueprint. However, he was also thinking about another problem in his mind, that was, re-planning the Nine Dragons Island. The foreign rich person’s design who developed Nine Dragons Island before, had one big flaw in his opinion since it did not include and properly use the most important feature of 9 spiritual veins.


Nine Dragons Island was a Feng Shui treasured trove of which he absolutely could not develop it wastefully and carelessly.


Long Zhengyu recalled Tang Xiu’s design for the Walled Hill Village as a trace of worry in his heart instantly vanished. Being able to carve a diamond one would not need to shape a porcelain. And since Tang Xiu did not fear to take on this single sale, Long Zhengyu believed that he could meet all the expectations and satisfied him. Even those two guys would perhaps be surprised by then.


“Since you agreed to take care of it, I am assured!”


Long Zhengyu gave the affirmation.


Tang Xiu said, “Are there any other things?”


Long Zhengyu smiled wryly, “Brother Tang has pointed the door out to the guest, eh! Anyway, since you have something to do, I won’t disturb you no longer. Wait for the news from me, once we have chosen the land, I’ll contact you.”


“Alright!” Tang Xiu nodded.


After having sent Long Zhengyu off, Tang Xiu entered the warehouse. He was eager to concoct the Golden Bell Liquid now and strove to improve his cultivation.


This time, the prepared materials were particularly sufficient, either being the fierce beast’s bones and the bought medicinal herbs, he could try concocting a dozen of times.


Inside the warehouse, Tang Xiu walked toward the fine iron pot and poured in water, filling half of the pot. Then, he began to boil the water. To concoct Golden Bell Liquid, a lot of boiled hot water would be needed. The moment the water had been boiled, he respectively put the fierce beasts’ bones, teeth, meats and tendons, and other materials into the water. After the boiled water was nearly half used, he put a few traditional Chinese medicine into the pot.


The fierce beast’s bones were harder than ordinary wild beast bones. And boiling it with boiled water would be very difficult. However, after Tang Xiu had put in a few medicinal herbs, the corrosiveness was greatly strengthened. He also quite regretted that the Poisonous Demon Cane he obtained previously had already been used up, otherwise, added with the Poisonous Demon Cane, the effect would have been better.


“Add some water!”


After half an hour, the remaining liquid was left only about 2 bowls from the previously half pot of water and the liquid color had become extremely bright red. Along with the clear water, Tang Xiu poured it into the pot, he also grounded the Green Jade Stone Essence into powder. By the time he boiled the liquid again, he scattered the powdered Green Jade Stone Essence into it.


Since there was no Poisonous Demon Cane to stir up the liquid, Tang Xiu had long prepared a clean steel pipe and stirred the liquid for a moment and then put the remaining medicinal herbs into the pot according to the order. Along with the essence of the medicinal herbs being added and blended, the liquid gradually began to change as the color turned into deep blue.


Time passed by again…


By the time the deep blue colored liquid was only left with about 2 bowls, a happy smile revealed on Tang Xiu’s face. He did not expect that the first time concocting Golden Bell Liquid would be this smooth. As long as he was careful with the following step, he would succeed this first attempt.


He took out the 500 years-old wild ginseng, broke it and put half of it into the pot. After the remaining liquid was only about a bowl, he then put the remaining half of the wild ginseng into it.


Then, the rich medicine fragrance filled the entire warehouse.


Because of the added ginseng, the liquid color changed again and now turned from deep blue into a golden color, as twinkling stars was emitted out from golden light could be seen in the liquid as though it was a living and nimble creatures, looking smart and mysterious.


“It’s a success!”


Tang Xiu’s eyes shined. His heart was beating faster as a wild joy expression burst out from his eyes. After the remaining liquid left only half a bowl, Tang Xiu unhesitatingly took off all of his clothes and carefully took out half a spoon of liquid and poured it onto his palm.




The boiling hot golden liquid scalded Tang Xiu’s skin with its blazing high temperature. It was quite fortunate that Tang Xiu had strong willpower as he barely persevered and did not put it out.


“One cannot achieve glory and wealth without going through trials and tribulations.”


A look of madness flashed from Tang Xiu’s eyes. Without hesitation, he began to wipe the Golden Bell Liquid on his palm onto his body. The kind burning hot feeling made him chilled, but he quickened his speed and wiped unceasingly, from the wrist, to the arms, then to the shoulders, neck, waist, legs, feet…


The Golden Bell Liquid was constantly being consumed as the area of Tang Xiu’s body that was covered with the liquid was also increasing. By the time the Golden Bell Liquid was about to be used up, every part of Tang Xiu’s body had already been applied with the liquid. At this moment, if anyone came and saw Tang Xiu, they would have covered their mouth with a frightened expression on their faces.


His whole body was boiled red like a sun dried boiled shrimp. His skin was cracking and his meat was rotting, as his body was violently trembling. All the veins all over his body were protruded whilst the cold water inside his body permeated and drilled from the opened pores as it mixed with his blood, causing him to look particularly frightening.


“There are still 2 remaining spoons of liquid!”


Tang Xiu was hard and ruthless to others but he was more ruthless to himself, he took out 2 spoons of Golden Bell Liquid and respectively applied it onto the weakest part of his body, neck and lower part of the body.




The pain was acute and piercing as Tang Xiu’s eyes turned bloodshot. Applying the Golden Bell Liquid this second time was as though adding oil to the fire and multiplied the pains he felt.




The door to the warehouse was pushed open as Mu Qingping in her apron carried dinner in her hands. The moment she stepped through the door and saw Tang Xiu’s appearance, her pupils contracted violently as her body was trembling. The porcelain bowl in her hands fell to the floor and smashed into pieces.


If she was not already recognized Tang Xiu, she would perhaps have long turned around and ran away through the door.


Although Tang Xiu was naked at the moment, and even though his big lower body part was as though a tilting hard iron rod, Mu Qingping did not have the slightest embarrassment nor shame. Her heart was beating faster because of the miserable state Tang Xiu was in. Never once had she ever seen someone this miserable to the point of terror like this.


Tang Xiu did not notice Mu Qingping’s presence nor did he even hear the sound of the fallen and smashed bowl. His state of mind was fully focused on his own body whilst fighting and suppressing the burning pain. At the same time, he crazily revolved the Star Force inside his body in accordance with the cultivation practice route in the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis.


The energy contained within the Golden Bell Liquid was as though the tides that washing up Tang Xiu’s body, but the Star Force that was revolving inside his meridian channels moved along with the energy from the Golden Bell Liquid. The Star Force and the energy gradually fused and formed a particular energy in his body as this form of special energy within the practice state of the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis nourished and repaired Tang Xiu’s flesh and blood.


Gradually, the blood and cold water coagulated and formed blood scabs.


A kind of new energy formed on the skin layer and was unseen by the naked eyes as the energy conducted its repairing and nourishing processes, tearing the skin and tempering it again repeatedly.


Tang Xiu’s skin layer was like a divine weapon that was being tempered repeatedly. After each and every tearing process, the skin was repaired and new energy surged up every time, strengthening and transforming the skin’s flexibility and toughness.


The skin layer was cut layer upon layer.


But the newborn surging energy then filled the void place as if the newly energy was now a part of Tang Xiu’s body.


From the outside, Tang Xiu’s body had already been wrapped with thick blood scabs as though he was in a cocoon. Mu Qingping was as though a sculpture that stood at the warehouse’s door as she looked at Tang Xiu without blinking. She found that a glistening golden light was enveloping Tang Xiu’s body as if he was the arriving God or Buddha who was full of a sacred aura.

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