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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: Title at End


The starry sky brightened up as the heatwave invaded. In the depths of the vast starry sky, a dark star was like it had been mysteriously summoned. The originally dark starry sky was as though emitting out and enveloped by a halo, as it accumulated layer by layer and shined as though it was daytime.


Imperceptibly, a huge amount of star power was as though the tides that surged toward Earth’s direction, as it transmitted toward the villa in South Gate Town where Tang Xiu was cultivating.


Mu Qingping had awakened from the shock. Although Tang Xiu was unlikely to be in danger, but the strange scene still attracted her. She could tell that Tang Xiu was still cultivating, but for her, such a horrible cultivation practice was unheard of. She even had some worries. If her daughter had to undergo this kind of thing, that…


After a long while…


Mu Qingping slowly withdrew from the door and quietly closed the door from the outside.


Inside the warehouse.


Tang Xiu still maintained the cultivation posture as he crazily absorbed the influx of the stars’ power from all directions. The previously 9 spheres of stars inside his Dantian began to expand along with the incoming influx of the stars’ power. Tang Xiu’s Dantian crazily opened as his Dantian’s boundary cracked, as it was then filled and was nourished by the stars’ power.


“Boom …”


Whilst Tang Xiu was still deeply immersed in his cultivation state, the 9 spheres of stars inside his Dantian expanded to their limits, as a violent aura surged out everywhere. Tang Xiu’s vision blackened out, as at present, the severe pain almost made him let out a miserable howl.


His mind sea was firm as though a bluestone and despite the pain that drowned him, an ecstatic expression emerged out of his face. Through his spiritual sense, he could clearly see that the previously 9 spheres of stars inside his Dantian increased by 9 more stars. There were 18 spheres of stars right now. These 18 spheres of stars exuded brilliant rays of light all over his body, as its volume was almost the same compared to the previous state.


One of the most surprising thing for Tang Xiu was the Star Force inside his Dantian, which had already reached the limit before, now became more scarce and quite empty. His Dantian now could accommodate more Star Force, as it had been expanded 10 times more than before.


“Is this the Skin Strengthening Stage?”


Tang Xiu slowly opened his eyes. The moment the 2 bands of light disappeared from his eyes, the thick blood scabs that covered his body like a spider web was split open. Along with his body’s vibration, pieces of blood scabs dropped on the floor.


Punching and striking!


Tang Xiu could clearly hear the sound from his striking fist.


“20,000 pounds!”


The satisfied look on Tang Xiu’s face was getting thicker.


Along with the promotion of his cultivation base, his physical strength as well as his force also increased by several fold. Now, he was confident that if he came across anyone at the same level of those human organ traffickers, he would be able to kill them without worrying about the enemies’ firearms.


Reaching the Vitality Tempering Stage only made him stronger than an ordinary person. And by achieving the Skin Strengthening Stage, he now truly had the ability to protect himself. Even if he encountered those martial artists who had reached the Grandmaster level, he would also be able to defeat them.


“Now, since I’ve broken through to the Skin Strengthening Stage, what I needed to do is to cultivate seriously to fill my Dantian with Star Force as soon as possible. By that time, only then will it be possible for me to breakthrough to the Peak Layer of the Skin Strengthening Stage. If I’m able to reach the Bone Strengthening Stage, the number of stars in my Dantian would reach 36 spheres, and I’ll be much stronger by then!”


Tang Xiu dressed up, but he did not clean up the mess in the warehouse and instead quickly entered the villa. Because of the last cultivation practice, and because his body was tempered and quenched, impurities within were discharged. Although the impurities that had turned into blood scabs, the stench was horrible. So he quickly entered the bathroom and soaped himself a few times and had a shower until the stinking stench on his body had all been cleansed.


After having taken the shower, with a happy mood, he put on clean clothes and then went to the living room with a refreshed feeling. He saw Mu Qingping sitting on the sofa whilst looking to be lost in her thoughts. Then, Tang Xiu asked, “Have I practiced for a whole night? I’m quite starving, please give me something to eat.”


It was only for a short time had Mu Qingping sat in the living room as she suddenly jumped up from the sofa when she heard Tang Xiu’s voice. She looked at Tang Xiu with faint fear in her eyes. But, she saw that Tang Xiu’s appearance was like his usual self. The only difference was that his skin seemingly turned whiter than before.


“You… your body!”


Mu Qingping’s lips perched a few times as she spoke with a low voice.


Tang Xiu stared blankly. He recalled that when he was leaving the warehouse, he saw the shattered porcelain bowl as well as the already spoiled dishes on the floor that had yet to be cleaned up. Then, he immediately asked in astonishment, “You went to the warehouse and saw me in cultivation practice?”


Mu Qingping hurriedly replied, “I originally wanted to send you some supper. I had never thought that you were in cultivation practice. Moreover, that time… your body was…”


Recalling the scene when he was naked in his practice and even being looked at accidentally by Mu Qingping, a slightly embarrassed look appeared on Tang Xiu’s face. He looked up and rubbed his brows whilst speaking with a smile, “My body is fine, and it’s even better than before. Anyway… I’m really starving, can you give me something to eat?”


Mu Qingping quickly said, “Ah, well, then I’m going to cook for you now. Haven’t you been practicing for 3 days straight? So, it’s not surprising for you to be hungry.”


Tang Xiu involuntarily exclaimed in surprise, “Say what? You said that I had practiced for 3 days straight?”


Mu Qingping nodded and said, “Yes! You had practiced in the warehouse for 3 days and 4 nights. Originally, I thought that cultivation practice was simple, but I have never thought that it would consume so much time.”


Tang Xiu’s mouth twitched a few times as he sat down on the sofa with a desperate expression.


He previously thought that concocting the Golden Bell Liquid and attempting to break through his cultivation would need 2 days at the most. But never once had he ever thought that it would take 3 days and 4 nights. Speaking about it, the one-week vacation Gong Dalong had given him from school was due, and he was 2 days late.


“Damn. When I go back to school, Han Qingwu would rain down her fierce reprimands at me, wouldn’t she?” Tang Xiu wryly smiled inside.


Suddenly, Mu Qingping, who just went into the kitchen, came back in an apron. She looked at Tang Xiu and then spoke, “Divine Doctor Tang. I came to clean your room while you were still practicing and heard that your mobile phone constantly ringing. I noticed that in these 2 days, it has been ringing for at least a few dozen times every day.”


“I know!”


Tang Xiu paused for a moment and then immediately stood straight from the sofa as he strode toward the stairs. After entering his bedroom, he grabbed his mobile and saw that there were 100 missed calls from the screen and dozens of unread SMS. His mouth violently twitched a few times as a helpless expression casted out from his eyes.


He really did not want to think about it! These more than 100 missed calls, a lot of them should be from Han Qingwu.


As he had expected! When Tang Xiu opened the missed call’s windows user interface, he saw the number of times Han Qingwu had called him. It was 24! And that’s quite a lot!


Tang Xiu slightly looked down as his eyes swept the names of other people on the list: 42 missed calls from Yuan Chuling, 19 from Long Zhengyu, 32 from Chen Zhizhong, and 6 missed calls from 2 unfamiliar numbers.




By the time his eyes swept on the last name, Tang Xiu paused and suddenly frowned. It was Banshou, and he had called him for 12 times. Almost without any hesitation, he quickly called Banshou back. He was aware that Banshou would not have called him if there was not something important that happened. Much less that he called him so many times. And he could tell, that the problem was highly likely to be related to his mother.


“Hello, Boss, is this you?” After his call was picked a hasty voice came up.


Tang Xiu replied with a sinking voice, “It’s me! What happened? You called me dozens of times!”


“Boss, if you have time, quickly come to the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.” Banshou’s voice sounded again.


Tang Xiu’s breath lagged as his face turned particularly ugly. Then, he asked with a shout, “Has something happened to my mother?!”


Banshou said, “Yes! Someone has wounded Big Boss. But her injury was not serious, although she needs to rest for a few months. Dingzi and I are also waiting here!”


“Give me your specific location!”


Tang Xiu replied back as he ran out of his bedroom.


Banshou said, “Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, Inpatient Department, 6th floor, ward room #405. Boss, there are things I wanna tell you in advance. Your mother has been wounded by someone called Tie Long. He’s very powerful. Dingzi and I were also injured by him, but we are afraid to get out of the hospital right now, because those people have sent a lot of men near the hospital. As long as we go out, we will be beaten savagely, since they said that if we don’t apologize to them, they will never let us out of the hospital’s door.”


“F*****G BASTARD!”


A chilling murderous intent burst out from Tang Xiu’s eyes. He quickly hung up the phone and sprinted out of the villa with his fastest speed. By the time he sprinted toward the villa square, he came across a few Real Estate’s employees who were accompanying Long Xueyao, as they inspected the environment inside the villa complex.


Tang Xiu rushed as he strode toward Long Xueyao. A few employees from the Real Estate Management looked at him with great wariness, but Tang Xiu ignored them. He looked at Long Xueyao and spoke with a sunken voice, “Do you have a car?”




Looking at the gloomy expression Tang Xiu had, a strange feeling arose inside Long Xueyao’s heart, but still, she truthfully replied to him.


Tang Xiu said, “Can you take me quickly to the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital? I have a urgent situation there!”




Long Xueyao hesitated for a second before she nodded and complied. She looked at those few staffs who accompanied her and said, “We’ll call it day here! If there’s no problem to solve, then, we’ll be discussing it later. You can go back to your own jobs.”


After having said that, she turned and walked toward the Real Estate Management’s parking lot.


Shortly after, she led Tang Xiu toward a white BMW car, opened the door and looked at Tang Xiu as she asked, “You want me to drive or you take it?”


Tang Xiu said, “I don’t have a driver license.”


With a strange expression, Long Xueyao looked at Tang Xiu. With his age right now, he should have long been able to take the driver license test, right? Considering that he was of an extraordinary identity, how could he possibly not have a driver license?


However, even though she had those questions, but she did not probe further as she nodded and sat on the driver seat. She started the car and looked at Tang Xiu, who sat on the copilot seat, saying, “Is there anything I could help with? I have an acquaintance in the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.”


Tang Xiu said, “I’m not sure for now. Let’s just get there first and then we’ll talk again.”


Upon seeing that Tang Xiu did not directly refused, she could clearly guess something. Someone Tang Xiu definitely cared about, should be in the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. And the person was highly likely to be sick or injured.


Chapter 120: Cultivation Breakthrough



We all know that QI and WW have started their war while Volare also has dropped some of QI novels (poor CCG…) So, should I drop this novel also? To be honest, I don’t mind if QI will take this novel too, since I could not care less about such politics with money being involved anymore. QI do have the publishing rights to begin with, and I did have the intention to drop this novel due to this “insecurity”.

But then… I thought about it again. I did accept some donations for sponsored chapters before and donated them back since I think there are more people in real life around my neighborhood that would need the money more than I do. Aside from those of the sponsored chapters from the donors, I’ve never accepted even a dime from ads revenue or such, nor have I accepted any type of financial compensation for my translation. So f**k all those who said that all money is the only driving force for translators. Everyone needs money, but NOT everyone translates for money.

Last but not least, I wanna say, the hell with those publishing rights… I will drop this novel if QI wants to take it. I might sell my translated chapters or they might have to translate this novel from chapter 1. It’s their choice… while I—as I have always been—will always be a free man.

For the reminder, starting from June, I’m really sorry that I won’t accept any sponsored chapters for all the projects I’m currently engaging. 2 of my projects are on Wuxianation.com (Great Dao Commander and Monarch of the Dark Nights) and the other on is this Returning from the Immortal World. However, you will still be able to read at least 5 chaps a week for each novel. If you want to support me via patreon, please do so out of your conscience and goodwill.

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Thanks for having a backbone and self respect. Your love for the art I’d pleasing to hear. Keep it up! This is one of the few novels I read the second it becomes available almost no mater what I am doing.

Christian Leontsinis

That title is a spoiler? ffs

Christian Leontsinis

Thanks 🙂


I see no reason to drop the story until QI says something, especially if you’re translating for yourself and not for money.


Thanks for the chapter! Someone injured his mother? Looks like he’ll have to kill a bunch of people.

Oliveira Bull



I really cannot see anything wrong with passing on donations but if they ask for the novel to be dropped it would probably be easier to do just that, and maybe talk to them about joining their team to continue this if that is what it takes. Or drop translating this and offer to host it for them. It’s odd logic but it works in my mind.


And here I thought the title would be about the continuation of the “naked” scene.


tie long?? tie long? who was that… green hair? gambler? fuuuuuuck …. anyone?

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