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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 121 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 121

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Chapter 121: Mom Got Injured


At Star City Chinese Medical Hospital…


Banshou’s left arm was wrapped with gypsum and was being hanged with a bandage. Bloodstains could be seen faintly seeping out from the white bandage. Contrastly, Dingzi’s head was completely wrapped. His injury was definitely not light, and similarly, there was also blood seeping out from his bandage. Moreover, his backbone was naked as bandages also plastered his shoulders and back. Other parts of his body also had blue and purple-colored bruises. The other 2 men were better than Banshou and Dingzi, but they also had a bleeding nose and swollen faces, with minor injuries on their bodies.


The four of them squatted at the corridor’s door whilst smoking their cigarettes and keeping watch of the ward #405 in their opposite direction, for fear that those who had hurt them were extremely bold to rush to the hospital and attack.


“Big Bro Banshou! What did Boss say?!”


Upon seeing that Banshou put away his phone, Dingzi quickly asked.


Banshou replied with a sinking tone, “Boss said that he’ll immediately catch up with us!”


Dingzi and the others secretly felt relieved. They really admired Tang Xiu’s fighting strength. Although they still did not know the specific details about Tang Xiu, since Tang Xiu was able to live in South Gate Town, he seemed to have very powerful connections. If he were to come solve this problem, they believed that he would absolutely be able to do it.


Banshou said, “Dingzi, call Xiao Dong and ask him about the investigation. That surnamed Tie definitely comes from an unordinary background since he’s able to gather such a number of youths from the streets. We cannot put all the hopes and work on our Boss’s shoulders. If our enemy’s background is really strong, no matter how or what, we have to gather all of our brothers and f**k them up!”


“That’s right! Our life has just changed for a bit and we can tell that it’s getting better, and the good life is getting closer day by day. The Boss is so good to us, we’ve got to f**k them up!” Another young man smashed the cigarette butt on the ground, stamping it with his foot and fiercely shouted.


“Shut up!” Banshou angrily shouted with a serious expression.


That youth grunted but the fighting spirit in his eyes was particularly strong.


Dingzi took out his phone. After having dialed a number, he chatted with someone and then hung up the phone. Then, he spoke with a sank voice, “Xiao Dong has been asking around and has affirmed the other party’s origin. That Tie Long man has opened a company, and he has 2 sites with many goons. The most important thing is that he has a good relationship with a lot of thugs and gangster’s head. You can say, that he’s rich and powerful.”


Wrench said with a sneer, “Even if he’s f*****g rich, then what about it? Our Boss gives us shelter, giving us the opportunity to change our life. We can never forget this, and this matter absolutely cannot be left unfinished. We are not good people to begin with, and we have seen quite a lot of bloody things. If Boss is unable to deal with Tie Long, we’ll go into hiding and look for the opportunity to strike at Tie Long. Even if we can’t slaughter him, we must make him pay the most painful price. After that, we’ll go to faraway places, going anonymous and conceal our identity to have another life in other places.”




The 2 injured youths were hesitating for a moment before they set a firm resolve inside their heart. Then, they replied with a deep voice, “Then, by our mothers, even though we will have a hard time, we’ll never make him have a good life.”


“I’ll take the lead and be responsible for the knives.”


Dingzi again and again sneered. He did not speak. He was thinking about the trust Tang Xiu gave to them, recalling as how Tang Xiu gave them their new lives, remembering as how Su Lingyun kindly treated them. This made Dingzi hate Tie Long bitterly.


At one of the upscale and big amusement clubhouses in Star City.


Inside a luxurious decorated KTV private room, Tie Long was smoking his cigar as he took his playing cards and played a poker game with 3 middle-aged men. And around them, 7 or 8 glamorous girls with heavy makeup surrounded them, serving the tea, gently beating their shoulders, rubbing their backs, and doing their best to serve them.


A girl was sitting on the thigh of one of the middle-aged men as she fed him grapes. Upon seeing Tie Long showing his cards, the middle-aged man shook his head, hinting that he wouldn’t follow the game. He let out a smile that yet unlike a smile as he said, “Old Tie, your luck is so damn good! This game should be your win. It seems like seeing blood for me and you is not the same! Some other time I’ll take a few guys to come over to look for some trouble. When we see blood, we’ll be sure to kill in a good fight with you and try to win everything.”


Tie Long said with a sneer, “Bah, seeing blood is indeed not a good thing. This father’s bird in the crotch is even hurting right now! That damn s**t woman, she dared to kick this father’s f*****g d**k. Even though she looks like a wretched Taoist nun today, but I can tell that she’s very beautiful when she was young. Unfortunately, she’s too old, so she didn’t make this Big Daddy aroused. Otherwise, I’d make that s**t cry in the bed for 3 days and nights.”


That middle-aged man said with ridicule, “Old Tie, you’re damn blown up! Let alone 3 days and nights, I don’t think you can even hold for 3 hours! That said, 3 hours under the premise that you gulp down those d**k’s erection pills… hahaha…”


“Hahaha …”


The other 2 middle-aged big men also laughed heartily and loudly. They looked at Tie Long with an expression full of teasing.


Tie Long stared at them and smashed his poker card on the table. Then, his hand forcefully pulled the beautifully make-up hostess, quickly tearing up her clothes, and after some foreplay, he drove straight into the hole.


“This f*****g Old Tie…”


The other 3 big guys looked at each other in dismay as a forced and wry smile revealed on their faces. They had never thought that Tie Long would be unable to bear the teasing and stimulation. He even showcased his “power of the spring” directly here in front of them, as if it was to prove his ability.


“Ring ring ring…”


Tie Long’s phone, that he put on the tabletop in front of him, suddenly rang.


The hostess girl grabbed the phone with a smiling expression. After glancing at it, she gave it to Tie Long and pressed the answer button per his order and placed it on his ear.


“What’s up?” Tie Long asked whilst still doing his movements and actions.


“Big Brother Long, I just heard a friend’s reminder. Some chaps are wandering and asking around to find out the details about you.” A respectful voice came out of the phone.


Tie Long finally stopped his movement and directly sat on the chair as he asked with a sinking tone, “What’s the origin of that party?”


“Currently, it’s unclear!”


Tie Long’s mood soured up clean by this call. After he put on his pants back, he pulled the woman hurriedly to the side as he looked at the six flabbergasted visions. Then, he said with a sneer, “Someone is investigating me behind my back! And that f****r is investigating my Younger Brother beneath me.”


The middle-aged man who was eating grapes frowned and lightly said, “This could be a bad thing. For people like us there’s a saying that fear not for the thieves who steal, but fear for the thieves who think and scheme. Who have you annoyed to court this trouble? Of is there any powerful figure you have offended recently?”


Tie Long shook his head and said, “The works on the site project is very smooth. There are indeed a few guys there, but I’ve reached some agreements with them. In addition, those chaps also know my inside story, there’s no way it would be them investigating me. Besides, I keep low key recently, and have not offended even a soul.”


One of the big guy’s expression moved as he said, “How haven’t you offended anyone? You hit a woman and she’s hospitalized now, remember? Could she have any background?”


Tie Long said with a sneer, “That’s impossible! I’ve asked around and it’s perfectly clear that the woman comes from the countryside. A widowed mother and an orphan. Also, she relies on her restaurant business to make a living. Holy m**********r, do you think this Big Daddy has offended such a sacred deity, for them to investigate me behind my back on my own turf?”


That middle-aged big guy lightly said, “If it isn’t her, then you’ve got to be careful. Who could have known if her, whose arms were broken by you, has a connection with anyone?! She could even be connected with this unknown party and court more trouble. Do remember that an enemy in the dark is the most fearsome.”


Tie Long was silent for a moment as he dialed a few numbers and made some calls. After that, only then did he speak, “The lot of you too should not be idle. Help me find out who is it! You have various methods and means, so maybe you can find out who they are!”




The 3 men glanced at each other and nodded in unison.


They were indeed Tie Long’s friends. But the interests that were being involved here were way too much. If the party they would have to investigate was only a small fish, they would naturally help Tie Long, because he, after all, was very important to all of them. But if the opposite party’s strength was too powerful, they would immediately withdraw.


At Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.


Tang Xiu got off from Long Xueyao’s car and let her go back directly. He did not mind about Long Xueyao’s polite offer before, since their relationship had yet to reach the point that he could ask for her help. Perhaps, the reason as to why Long Xueyao offered her help, was to give him face.


When he rushed to the 6th floor of the hospital and arrived outside the #405 ward’s door, he saw Banshou and Dingzi squatting at both sides of the door. Tang Xiu strode over and asked with a gloomy expression, “How are your injuries?”


Upon seeing Tang Xiu, a bit of happy expression was revealed on Banshou and Dingzi’s eyes, as they also felt a warm feeling when they heard Tang Xiu’s question.


Banshou said, “Boss, don’t mind our injuries. We’re fine, and it won’t be a problem after recuperation and training for some time. But Big Boss has undergone a surgery last night, since her arm bone is fractured. I’m afraid her right arm won’t be able to lift anything later. But doing some other things shouldn’t be a problem.”


Comminuted fracture? That serious?


A chilling murderous intent exuded from Tang Xiu’s eyes. He nodded and pushed open ward #405. When he went in, he suddenly smelled an unpleasant stench. This ward #405 had 3 beds, and each one them was occupied with a patient. Moreover, there were also the patients’ family members in other 2 patient beds, and was very noisy.


“Mom, how are you?”


Tang Xiu strode as he arrived in front of Su Lingyun’s bed and asked with deep concern on his face.


Su Lingyun was half lying on the bed. Upon seeing Tang Xiu, she immediately shook her head and said, “Son, I’m fine. But how about Banshou and the others? I told them that I’m fine and not to tell you about this. But it turns out they do not listen to me.”


Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “It’s I that ordered them to inform me as fast as possible if anything happens to you! Because of some particular reasons yesterday, I couldn’t answer their call promptly. So I come late.”


Su Lingyun said, “Son, you only have less than a month to face the College Entrance Test. You mustn’t let this affect your studies. You don’t need to take care of me here, since Banshou and the others have are already enough to take care of things here. You just quickly go back to school.”


Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “Mom, I already know about everything that caused this accident. And I will never let that surnamed Tie go. You don’t need to hide the truth from me since Banshou has already told me about it. You can rest assured! I have made Banshou and the others reform for the better. And I can make those people who injured you come and apologize. You only need to rest and recuperate well here. As for other things, I’ll solve them.”


Su Lingyun exclaimed in a restless expression, “Son, don’t act recklessly. They are very powerful and are people you cannot touch. Besides, as long as I stay for some time in the hospital, those people’s anger will all disappear eventually, and they will not bother us any longer.”

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“I have made Banshou and the others reform for the better. And I can make those people who injured you come and apologize.”

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I know and even his disciple want’s her mother to cultivate!


“Mom, in this city there are thousands of people who cant touch me, but there is not a single one who I can not touch!” XD

Thanks for the translation!

Samuel Yanuar

well if im that powerful and someone mess with my mother , im gonna cripple his hand,leg,mouth and eyes then make his live living hell…
if im in good mood maybe im gonna spare him one eyes 😀

Samuel Yanuar

well if im that powerful and someone mess with my mother , im gonna cripple his hand,leg,mouth and eyes then make his life living hell…
if im in good mood maybe im gonna spare him one eyes 😀


They were probably sent by his uncle. That is why he should not let his enemies go.


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