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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 122 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: A Wretched Bawl


Looking at a worried expression on his mother’s face, Tang Xiu was silent for a moment. Then, he nodded and slowly said, “Then, I’ll listen to you that I won’t find them and avoid the trouble. But Mom, if you have anything you need you must tell me even though I’ll let Banshou and the others take care of it. But I must stay in the hospital to accompany you as long as you are hospitalized here.”


Su Lingyun replied angrily, “No, you must go back to school. If this matter affects your College Entrance Test. I’ll be better off die and let it pass.”




Tang Xiu opened his mouth but unable to say something. He was perfectly aware of his mother’s character. If he insisted on staying here, perhaps she would really do something unthinkable.


“Fine, I’ll go back!”


Tang Xiu sighed inside. He looked around the hospital ward and then said, “However, before I leave you must agree to my request.”


Su Lingyun asked, “And that is?”


Tang Xiu said, “You have to change the ward. It’s dirty and messy here. This ward is simply not a place for a human to stay. If you stay in this place to recuperate, I will keep worrying about you.”


About 7 or 8 family members of the other 2 patients suddenly got incensed after they heard Tang Xiu’s words as they spoke out of anger.


“What the hell?! Young man, what did you just say? This is a Chinese Medical Hospital’s inpatient department. How could it be dirty and messy? How the hell could it be not a place for a human to stay? Are you out of your mind?”


“That’s right. The condition here is already good enough, but you even despise it! Do you think you have the ability to move your mother to the first-class ward? The likes of you, are only able to be hospitalized only by sneaking in. But you unexpectedly even go as far as talking shit like this!”


“You are but only a student, but you talk too big! If it weren’t for your mother opening the restaurant with hardships and making money for your study, food, and clothing, you would have long been starved to death on the streets. But you are just so damn crazy, wanting to have revenge for your mother! If you do have the ability, move your mother to the first-class ward first!”


“This Chinese Medical Hospital indeed has VIP wards, but it’s only for those of the richest and influential people. But you, you only open a small restaurant, even I can tell that you don’t have that much wealth and money and neither do you have good contacts. How could it be possible for you to get the VIP ward? You’re talking big and ashamed yourself here!”


“Youngster nowadays is really unrealistic! Just wait until you truly enter the society and know how difficult it is to make money. You’ve got to be just like those of capable and resourceful people that have the rights to be condescending and arrogant to stand up. You’re just like the one who get along with those bastards and pull your proud head up!”


“Big Sister, your son is…! Oh…”




Tang Xiu did not expect that his words would attract so much ridicule and mockery. And at the moment, he was barely able to suppress the fire inside his heart and he had yet to vent the blazing flame. After hearing such clamors from these people who shouted at the same time, he suddenly turned furious and immediately shouted, “SHUT THE F**K UP!”


Everyone closed their mouth! With a stupefied expression they looked at the furious expression on Tang Xiu’s face. 2 youths were even looking at Tang Xiu with an ugly expression and looked like they wanted to storm him over. However, when they recalled the group of people who were waiting for Su Lingyun of whom each and every one of them was not some friendly chaps, they immediately suppressed the urge down. Humans did have the nature to bully the weak and fear the strong. Therefore, the 2 youths only grunted and turned away with anger.


“Son, don’t be so rude!”


With a quite happy and amused expression, Su Lingyun stared at Tang Xiu and reprimanded him. After then, she immediately apologized to the people inside the ward.


Tang Xiu took out his mobile phone, and called Long Zhengyu.


“Hello, Brother Tang? You finally turn on your phone! I’ve been calling you for many times these 2 days, and not even once have I been able to connect to you. I also went to the villa in South Gate Town, but your housekeeper blocked me out of the door. Where are you right now? I need to see you now since there is something I need to talk to you about.” Long Zhengyu’s voice came out from the phone.


Tang Xiu said with sank tone, “I don’t have time to talk about other things with you. The reason I called you is that I wanna ask, do you have any acquaintances at Star City Chinese Medical Hospital? Somebody has injured my Mom, and she’s in an ordinary ward right now. I want her to be moved to the VIP ward. It’s fine if I have to spend some money.”


Long Zhengyu replied with anger, “Who the hell has injured auntie? You wait there, and I’ll rush immediately. I’ll call the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital’s President on the way. He’s my Dad’s old classmate. The Star City Chinese Medical Hospital’s new hospital building is also built by the Long Family.”


“Then, quickly come!” After having said that, Tang Xiu directly hung up the phone.


After a moment, Long Zhengyu called back and it made Tang Xiu surprised. From the phone Long Zhengyu asked him with a funny and awkward tone, “Brother Tang, you didn’t tell me your mother’s name and in which ward she’s been hospitalized! Even if I contact the President, he won’t be able to find her!”


Tang Xiu blushed as he told her mother’s name and the ward’s number to Long Zhengyu. After then, he hung up the phone.


At Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.


Inside a spacious and neat President Office, Li Hongji was standing in front of the potted bonsai and watering it. He was nearly 60 years old. He had long been working hard to make a living regardless of any hardships all these years. And the distance, his retirement was also approaching fast. Therefore, he began to delegate the works and decentralized the power and privileges to the others, while he—himself was immersed in self-mental and spiritual cultivation, raising plants and herbs, and even hung up a few birdcages in his home to raise a few Hwamei birds.


He had been engaged in medical works for many years and his attainment in Traditional Chinese Medical arts was very high. Even he was one of the influential figure in the domestic Chinese Medical field. Certainly, one of the most important thing about him was his Master, the Divine Doctor Gui Jiànchou.


However, except from a few people who knew about this matter, most people did not know about it.


“Ah, that kid Guoxiong. He has lost his face greatly on Jingmen Island, and now he even comes to Star City. Perhaps if Master knew about this, he would receive rain of curses from Master.”


A smiling expression hung on Li Hongji’s mouth. He was somewhat felt funny as he thought about his Junior Brother’s losing face matter.


“Anyway, to be able to cure that little girls’ strange illness, from where does that youth come from? Last year, Mu Qingping also came to me here. But it was unfortunate that I was really at a loss and helpless as to what kind of strange illness it was. But now the little girl’s strange illness unexpectedly has been cured by that youth. I don’t know which Divine Doctor’s disciple that youth is.”


Li Hongji put the sprinkle pot on the windowsill. When he just returned to his desk, the phone he put on the desk rang. He picked up the phone and saw the caller ID. A surprised expression immediately cast on his face because he knew the caller turned out to be his old classmate’s son, who was now well known as the great talent of business society, Long Zhengyu.


“What does he want me to do?”


With a surprised expression hung on his face, Li Hongji pressed the answer button as he then spoke with a laugh, “Zhengyu, are you looking for me? Did your father make you send nice wine for me?”


Long Zhengyu said, “Uncle Li, haven’t you had drunk up my Dad’s wine not too long ago?!”


Li Hongji burst into a laughter as he then said, “Hahaha, you kid, I do have that bad habit, don’t I?! Well, by the way, let’s get to the point then. You have any request you are looking me for?”


Long Zhengyu quickly said, “Uncle Li, it’s far from any instruction though. But I do have a really important thing so I need to find you for.”


Important things?


Rarely had Li Hongji heard Long Zhengyu said something in such a serious manner. The smiling expression on his face quickly faded away as he asked with a sinking tone, “Do tell me!”


Long Zhengyu said, “Uncle Li, my friend’s mother is being hospitalized in your Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. He wants to move his mother to the VIP ward, could you stretch the rules and accommodate his request?!”


Li Hongji was surprised and said, “It’s only such a minor matter?”


Long Zhengyu let out a forced smile as he said, “It’s maybe a minor thing for you, but for me it’s very important. Recently, you drank with my Dad, so you must have heard about him also, yes? He’s Tang Xiu, a youth younger than me, and a high schooler.”


Tang Xiu?


The name spun rapidly inside Li Hongji’s mind. In the split second his complexion turned particularly serious as he asked with a deep tone, “Is he not Chen Zhizhong’s Master?!”


“Yes!” Long Zhengyu said.


Li Hongji said, “Since Tang Xiu is Chen Zhizhong’s Master, how come he didn’t ask for Chen Zhizhong’s help? You do know that Chen Zhizhong and I are friends for decades and this Chinese Medical Hospital also has a lot of business agreements with him. As long as he speaks, he doesn’t need to find me since I can arrange some people to take care of it properly.”


Long Zhengyu said with a laugh, “I look forward for him to look for me and this is a huge favor I could have! Uncle Li, for now you don’t know that a favor that Tang Xiu owes is very valuable. I have 2 friends from Beijing and they want to befriend Tang Xiu, they’ve even decided to prepare their family’s wealth to invest billions of funds and divert the capital for the business investment to our Star City. And for the shares, it’s like that they will give him some of the shares.”


Li Hongji asked with a shocked tone, “What’s Tang Xiu’s background? I couldn’t tell about it clearly from your father. Since you have a good relationship with him, you should know more than your Dad, no?”


Long Zhengyu wryly smiled, “What I know about him, in fact, even if know more, it is as miniscule as my father’s. But Tang Xiu is… unfathomably deep.”


Li Hongji said, “OK then. I’ll take care of this matter and immediately arrange his mother to the VIP ward. All medical expenses are exempted.”


Long Zhengyu replied with a laugh, “Thank you, Uncle Li.”


Li Hongji wryly smiled and said, “Do not thank me. After you’ve stolen the good wines your father has to honor me, I’m satisfied enough.”


Long Zhengyu said with a laugh, “Rest assured uncle! You’ll have a good wine to honor you from me. I guarantee that!”


The phone was hung up.


The smiling expression on Li Hongji’s face had gone and his expression turned a lot more serious. He pondered for a moment and then dialed the vice-president’s number. After conveying his command, he then silently walked toward his office chair and quietly sat down.


Tang Xiu?


The name was somewhat familiar, was it because Long Hanwen had told him before?


No! It’s absolutely not!


Aside from Long Hanwen, there should be someone else who said the name to him.


Who was this person?


As pondering expression flashed from Li Hongji’s eyes, he fell into silence.


Inside ward #405, on the 6th floor of the Inpatient Department.


Tang Xiu personally packed his mother’s clothes and daily necessities as the voice of a middle-aged woman suddenly sounded in a harsh tone.


“What is he packing for? What a putting up an act. A high school student really thinks that he can move his mother to a VIP ward by only making a phone call?! The ones who can stay in the VIP wards are only rich patients. How could it possibly cheap? Ptui…”


After having said that, she wiped her the mucus on her nose with a toilet paper and fiercely smashed it on the floor as she walked along the sickbed bedside and sat down .

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After having said that, she wiped her the mucus on her nose with a toilet paper and fiercely smashed it on the floor as she walked along the sickbed bedside and sat down .

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