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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 123 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Pleading Voices


Tang Xiu turned around and looked at her as he coldly snorted and ignored her.


Seeing that Tang Xiu kept silent, the middle-aged woman thought that Tang Xiu had a guilty conscience. She suddenly turned more arrogant as her words becoming harsher, “Turned silent, eh? How’s my words? Feeling to have disgraced yourself? I advise you not to think about moving your mother to other wards. There’s no need to make you look great by putting up another act to slap yourself. Much less that your mother is injured now. If you do have a filial piety, don’t toss her around. Young man! A youth without facial hair cannot be relied upon! You’re really resembling this proverb.”


Finally, Tang Xiu stopped his action. He looked at the middle-aged man who was half sitting on the sickbed, reading the newspaper. Then, he lightly replied, “Do you believe that I can make the hospital to kick your man out? Have I spoken incorrectly? He’s your man, isn’t he?”


The middle-aged woman stared at him as her voice increased a few decibels when she raged out, “If you have the guts, say that again? You think you can overturn the heaven, and got the ability to drive us away? I, this old lady wants to see, if you, a high schooler brat, are able to overturn the sky!?”


The middle-aged man who sat on the sickbed, put down the newspaper as he looked at Tang Xiu and said with a sneer, “Brat, don’t talk big words and end up biting your own tongue! Your mother is a good person with a gentle personality, sensible and thoughtful. How could she even give birth to such insensible and unthoughtful son? I really am pitying her because of you!”


Tang Xiu shook his head as he turned around and continued packing up things.


It was really as the saying goes, “Blame not the whole family. Just don’t enter their whole clan.”


The middle-aged man and woman were truly worthy to be a couple. They did have something in common. Such a type of people was the kind that Tang Xiu had always been too lazy to respond to.


On the other hand, Su Lingyun had never expected that the usually well-behaved and sensible son of hers would be just like the embodiment of evils today, even he said such words to offend people! Upon hearing the words from the middle-aged man on the next bed, she hastily said, “Big Brother, please don’t lower yourself to bicker with my son. My son is not sensible and thoughtful. I’ll teach him later!”


The sarcastic middle-aged woman suddenly shouted, “Sister! My husband is right, how come you give birth to this kind of thing? You also heard what your son has said, no? He said that this place is not a place a human can stay, even he added that he can make the hospital to drive us away. His arrogance is way too rampant and soared to the sky.”




Tang Xiu’s brows wrinkled and was about to speak when the ward’s door was forced open from the outside. A group of doctors in white coat followed around the middle-aged doctor as they entered the ward. A lot of people inside the ward knew well that person was the leader. He was this Inpatient Department’s Director and someone with a real power.


“I’m really sorry for disturbing you everyone. Excuse me, may I ask which is Mr. Tang Xiu?” The Inpatient Department’s Director asked with a probing expression as he asked with a very polite tone.


Looking for Tang Xiu? With such a polite tone and expression?


The sarcastic middle-aged woman as well as her husband on the sickbed, suddenly looked at each other in dismay as a bad premonition was breeding inside their hearts.


“It’s me!”


Tang Xiu stopped packing up things and replied lightly.


The Inpatient Department’s Direction quickly came over with smiling expression on his face. He then respectfully said, “Hello Mr. Tang. I truly apologize that we didn’t know that this lady is your mother. So we did have neglected her slightly. I just received the call from Vice-President Gao to personally lead the doctors to come here. Vice-President Gao in the phone has said that he would rush here immediately and he has prepared the best VIP ward. Your mother can move there at any time.”


“Thank you!”


Tang Xiu nodded and said.


With very flattering looks, the Inpatient Department’s Director replied repeatedly,”Don’t mention it, don’t mention it. This is what we should do!”


Tang Xiu said, “Please wait for a moment! I’ll have to pack up my mother’s things first. Moreover, her body is not in a good condition, you should send wheel stretcher here.”


The Inpatient Department’s Director hastily replied, “I’ll have someone send a wheel stretcher here.”


At the side…


The couple had been struck stunned. It was not only them but also those people how ridiculed Tang Xiu before. They looked at the scene with a dumbfounded expression and tongue-tied. Never in their dreams had they ever thought that not only was Tang Xiu not bragging, but he was this awesome to this degree.


Who was this Inpatient Department’s Director?


In their eyes, this person was a great figure, an aloof and remote influential person. An Inpatient Department’s Director of whom they must speak with him with a deferential manner. But now, the very aloof and remote person turned out facing Tang Xiu in a respectful manner.


Was he really a high school student?


This thought emerged inside everyone’s mind.


“Ah, I really apologize that I come late. Excuse me, may I ask which is Mr. Tang Xiu…” Outside of the ward, Gao Jianmin was nearly running as he rushed in with 4 or 5 hospital’s leaders behind him. After having gotten informed from the Inpatient Department’s Director, which person Tang Xiu was, he immediately spoke with a smile all over his face, “Mr. Tang, the VIP ward has been prepared and your mother will be sent there later. In addition, all of the medical expenses for your mother are on the hospital. If you need anything else that we need to provide, we’ll do our utmost to provide it.”




The complexion of the sarcastic middle-aged woman who was just ridiculed Tang Xiu, turned pale as white paper. A look of disbelief flashed in her eyes as her body was shivering. How could she not be shaken? The Vice-President himself said that he would do his utmost to satisfy any of Tang Xiu’s requests. Had Tang Xiu said the words to drive away she and her husband, wasn’t it the same that she killed her husband and would become the target of curses of all the family’s relatives?


Moreover, her husband was here to wait for surgery and he had been arranged to have it for over half a month before he was able to enter the operating theater room. And suddenly there was such a small moth emerging here. How could her husband’s illness condition be able to face any delay? What would become of her future later?


The middle-aged man in the sickbed also panicked. He fiercely stared at his wife and the expression as he looked at Tang Xiu had turned into fear and trepidation.


Inside the President’s Office.


Li Hongji rubbed his top of the head. He racked his brain for a long time and he did not expect that he would hear such a familiar name. Apart from Long Hanwen, from whoever else had he heard this name?


“Ring ring ring…”


His phone rang again.


Li Hongji grabbed the phone. Upon seeing the caller ID, a smile suddenly cast on his face as he said, “Junior Brother, I’ve been waiting for you to go back. If you feel that you’re bored, you can enter my studying room and have a look at my book collection. There are some which are written and contained Master’s medical knowledge attainments.”


“Senior Brother, I’ll look at those later. Staying inside your studying room is really boring. I’m planning to go to Beijing. I heard that Master’s traces appeared in the Capital.” Chu Guoxing’s voice transmitted out of the phone.


The Capital?


Li Hongji’s spirit was startled as he spoke with a sank voice, “Junior Brother, if you find Master, do remember to inform me as fast as possible! I need to pay respects to him!”


“All right!”


Chu Guoxiong promised.


Li Hongji then said with a laugh, “Junior Brother, you come and leave in a hurry. I, as your Senior Brother do not even have the chance to entertain you! Ah, right, about the matters a couple days ago, don’t put that in mind, you do know that there’s a mountain above the mountain, and there are so many hidden masters hiding in the vastness of the world, If Master knew about this, he will laugh at you…”


His words abruptly came to an end.


His eyes instantaneously turned saucer. The answers he was trying to find he tried to rack his brain off, came out inadvertently in between his speech.


Tang Xiu?


Wasn’t it the name of the young Divine Doctor who had cured the strange illness Mu Qingping’s daughter had? And smacked his Junior Brother’s face? Right, his Junior Brother did once mention this name. The youth was called Tang Xiu.


Could it be… that the Tang Xiu in Jingmen Island was the same with this very Tang Xiu at the moment?


Li Hongji quickly bade farewell to his Junior Brother Chu Guoxiong and hurriedly hung up the phone. With that thought in mind, he dialed Long Zhengyu’s number.


“Hello, Uncle Li.”


Long Zhengyu’s voice transmitted from the mobile phone.


Li Hongji asked with a rapid pace, “Zhengyu, I want to ask you and you must tell me truthfully. A few days ago, you said that Tang Xiu has gone somewhere. Where did he go?”


Long Zhengyu replied with a confused tone, “Uncle Li, why did you ask about this? Everything is perfectly alright, no? A few days ago Tang Xiu did have something to do and went to Jingmen Island. He just came back a few days ago.”


“Jingmen Island?” Li Hongji exclaimed in surprise.


Long Zhengyu asked once again, “Uncle Li, what happened? Everything is perfectly alright, no? Why did you ask about Tang Xiu’s matter? And it seems that something surprising has happened when he went to Jingmen Island, no?”


Li Hongji said with a wry smile, “A few days ago, my Junior Brother came from Jingmen Island. He lost his face in Jingmen Island, it could even be said that he also has implicated my Master’s reputation. And the person who made him lost his face greatly is this Tang Xiu. I did not tell you about this before. Anyway, I have to meet this Tang Xiu now.”


“Hello, hello…”


Li Hongji did not want to speak any longer with Long Zhengyu as he spoke hurriedly. After he hung up the phone, he rushed out of his office door and strode toward the Inpatient Department.




Inside the ward #405 in the Inpatient Department on the 6th floor, the deathly pale middle-aged woman straightly knelt before Tang Xiu, with a frightened expression on her face, she pleaded piteously, “Tang Xiu… ah no… Brother Tang, please blame me for having eyes but fails to see Mt. Tai. I did act like a snob. But, you’re a magnanimous adult, so please don’t let the hospital’s authorities to kick my husband out! We’ve been staying here for more than half a month only to be listed in a surgery queue. And in just a moment of mistakes, we did burn ourselves and wronged you. Please give us some slack and show your kindness, and don’t let them drive us away.”


In the instant moment, the doctors who came to this ward, all of them revealed a strange expression. In contrast, all the people who previously mocked and ridiculed Tang Xiu showed a worried expression on their faces.


Another patient on the sickbed let out a forced smile as he said, “Brother Tang, it’s our mistake. And we did wrong you before. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in judging others in my life, but this time is the most mistaken one. Please forgive these ignorant people like us and don’t lower yourself to the same level as us. Your mother is a good person and I’m sure you’re one also.”


Gao Jianmin said with a surprised tone, “Mr. Tang, this is…”


Tang Xiu shook his head. He waved his hand and motioned to a middle-aged woman who knelt in front of him to stand up, and then lightly said, “You have said yourself that you acted like a snob. So I hope you’ll pay attention to it in the future that carelessness and curses might court you troubles. Later on, you should speak less as to avoid to court disaster for your family.”


After having said, that, only then did he speak to Gao Jianmin, “It’s just a minor thing, a small misunderstanding. I’m really sorry for troubling everyone for the matter of moving my Mother to another ward!”


Gao Jianmin looked at the middle-aged woman deeply before he replied to Tang Xiu with a smile, “Mr. Tang, please rest assured that I’ll certainly arrange everything properly.”

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Sigh, when is the revenge gonna happen? 50 chapters from now? lol


The only reason she doesn’t want Tang Xiu to take revenge is because she believes hr can’t handle them. Kind of annoying how he won’t reveal a single thing to his mother.

Talking xianxia pill

but isn’t his mother extremely kind hearted? she might be incredibly concerned for tang xiu and influence him greatly on his path of cultivation. not to mention if she knows he has (technically) millions of dollars, what will happen if his uncle comes over to beg and tang xiu gave her some money. she would give lots of it to the uncle. if Tang xiu really loved his mother, he would try to keep her out of the situation as much as possible.


Agreed. His mother needs to get used to things slowly.


I just hope he get’s revenge in secret.

Killua Zoldyck

I don’t like kind hearted people in novels when they have the ability to affect the mc. And i prefer an evil mc who doesn’t give a shit about what others approve of.

Sr. Sarcasmo Garcia

Every single MC is a mumcom, for example Linley he got in the cultivation path for his mother revenge, the same with Qin Yu, Yun Che, Meng Hao,

Hong Meng

True Linley did miss his mom but not to a degree where he was sulking to the point of despair for 10 000 years. even though he was only 2000+ years

Hong Meng

The mc’s mentioned above can’t be compared to Tang Xiu. Tang Xiu is a momcon to the point that it makes me irritated. This is why i prefer Evil Mc’s. This novel isn’t that bad as-long as you can endure his interaction’s with his mom. Hopefully his mom will have a short life and Tang Xiu completely forgetting that she ever existed.


Thanks for the chapter! Guessing he’ll take revenge right after settling his school affairs and just hide it from his mom.

Hay Tha Soe

This novel is really annoying. It’s starting to go through the same plot route as other lame ‘modern day’ novels. Minors characters conflicts are running the story and your MC is all talk and failed to do what he wants. No wonder people rate this novel 1 star. There’s no real plot.


It gets fking awesome later on in the story dont drop this one you’ll regret it dude

Hay Tha Soe

I hope I made the right decision and not waste my times reading it.

Sr. Sarcasmo Garcia

If you dropped it you have made the wrong decision.


Argh. As much as I like this novel, characters in this novel are so annoying. I mean its pretty typical xianxia style, but times 10. There is pretty much zero normal people. Everyone is insecure, arrogant and angry. Or when they can see benefits or they cant be arrogant they turn full circle to bootlicking, or in this case its so extreme better analogy would be asslicking.


Why do these people in CN novel always go on coughing up BS and then getting face-slapped. Ever heard of minding one’s own business?

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