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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 124 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: The Invitation to Work and Serve

At the door…

Banshou, Dingzi, and the others looked at what happened in the ward with a dumbfounded expression and were stumped for words. They saw that the middle-aged woman mocked and ridiculed Tang Xiu as well as seeing as how those patients’ family members regarded Tang Xiu with contempt. But now, the situation had turned 180-degree in reversal.

The Boss was so amazingly awesome!

The 4 of them were full of excitement and their worship toward Tang Xiu was raised a bit higher. After all, only a few people could have such an ability to make the Vice President of the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital rush over with only a phone call, the worship of the Tang Xiu rose a little higher.

At this moment…

The intention to follow Tang Xiu became firmer inside these 4 people’s heart.

Shortly after, Tang Xiu had packed up his mother’s clothing, daily necessities, and some other things. After he called Banshou, Dingzi, and the 2 others, he cautiously propped up Su Lingyun with his arm for her to sit. At the moment, Su Lingyun was still stunned with shocks. She like she did not know her own son, as she did not expect that her son would really be able to move her to the VIP ward!

Finally, Su Lingyun sobered up from her shocked state as she looked at Tang Xiu with a complex expression in her eyes. Then, she spoke with a low voice, “Sonny, I think staying here is already good enough, I don’t want to go…”

Tang Xiu interrupted Su Lingyun and said, “Mom, the environment there should be better than here. Moreover, there are too many people here. So it’s quite inconvenient for Banshou and Dingzi to take care of you in this ward. Please do listen to me! And let me take care of this.”

“This… fine then!”

In front of the presence of so many people, Su Lingyun finally did not insist anymore and accepted it. Her son’s filial piety, she could clearly feel it and it gave her full warm feeling inside.

“Sorry, I come late!”

The awakening voice sounded at the door as Li Hongji entered the door with sweats faintly permeated on his forehead. He looked around before his sight finally fell onto Tang Xiu.


The ward doctors, the hospital’s leaders, including Gao Jianmin, respectfully greeted Li Hongji in a respectful manner.

Li Hongji nodded as he looked at Tang Xiu with a smile all over his face and said, “You are Tang Xiu? It’s so true that hero comes out of the youths! Your distinguished name is like a thunder reverberating in my ears with your well-known reputation! I’m Li Hongji, the President of this Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.”

“President Li!”

Tang Xiu calmly nodded at Li Hongji in an indifferent manner since he had yet to have any relation with him.

Everyone in the ward, especially the sarcastic and garrulous couple were so frightened that they were almost paralyzed on the spot. Never in their dream had they ever expected that the Chinese Medical Hospital’s Vice President had come as the President himself then even rushed over. And looking at his amiable appearance, it seemed like he also came to curry a favor from Tang Xiu.

The others’ faces turned uglier a bit. They were really afraid that Tang Xiu would mention the old issue again. If he spoke about it to the Hospital’s President, they would absolutely be driven away from the hospital.

Even Banshou, Dingzi, and the other 2 were looking at Li Hongji with a dumbstruck expression. For a long time, the shocks in their hearts were unable to be calmed down.

Li Hongji’s brows slanted. He did not care about such an indifferent manner Tang Xiu gave him as he said with a smile, “Tang Xiu, my Junior Brother came to Star City a few days ago. He told everything to me about the issue that made him disgrace himself. Do you want to know about it?”

Tang Xiu’s brow wrinkled and he indifferently said, “If you want to talk about the daily life, wait until I settle my mother first. If you want to help then it would be best if you start now. As for you the issue with your Junior Brother, I don’t have the interest neither do I want to know about it.”

“Xiu’er, how can you talk to the President like that?”

Su Lingyun reprimanded Tang Xiu hurriedly. The president of this Chinese Medical Hospital was a great amazing man in her eyes. The President obviously greeted politely, but her precious son did not even give him the face!

Tang Xiu sighed helplessly. He looked at Li Hongji and said, “Well, okay then! If you want to say anything, please do say!”

An awkward expression flashed on Li Hongji’s face as he said with a wry smile, “Tang Xiu, you are a young Divine Doctor who has cured Mu Qingping’s daughter’s strange illness on Jingmen Island’s Medicinal Herb Market a few days ago, right? Chu Guoxiong is my Junior Brother.”

Chu Guoxiong?

Tang Xiu remembered the Divine Doctor’s disciple who spouted the cynical remarks at him for many times and finally disgraced himself. Then he immediately asked, “Gui Jiànchou is also your Master, yes?”

Li Hongji admitted happily, “Yes, he’s indeed my Master.”

Tang Xiu said, “The temperament of your Junior Brother is not good. So the disgrace is a deserved result for him as it should be!  If he’s still troubled with that matter and takes it to his heart, please do me a favor and tell him. For doctors to carry the profound virtue along the way, leave the ignorant and narrow-minded habit, and also never judge anyone solely by appearance again.”

Li Hongji’s complexion changed. From these words, he could tell that Tang Xiu indirectly admitted that he was the person on Jingmen Island who had cured the strange illness Mu Qingping’s daughter had. Instead of getting angry, Ling Hongji said with an excited expression, “Mr. Tang, in fact, I also have diagnosed the strange illness Mu Qingping’s daughter had, but I could only sense her body condition and unable to cure it since I have no means nor the ability. I didn’t expect that you have cured her. So I have a presumptuous request, I don’t know if you can comply to this request of mine.”

Tang Xiu said with knitted brows, “Please do tell!”

With face filled with anticipation, Li Hongji said, “Can I hire you to become the visiting expert for our Chinese Medical Hospital? Don’t worry, I’ll give you the best and the highest treatments and specifications…”

Tang Xiu waved his hand to interrupt Li Hongji. Then, he said, “I’m sorry. I’m not interested. Let alone that I’m still a student and I will soon have my College Entrance Test, so I have no time to become a visiting doctor in the hospital.”


With a stunned expression, Li Hongji looked at Tang Xiu with disbelief written all over his face.

Tang Xiu was a student? A high schooler who was about to take the College Entrance Test?

This… was this a massive joke?!

Everyone inside the ward was shocked and shaken upon hearing Li Hongji’s words. The had never dreamed that Li Hongji would even propose such a request toward Tang Xiu.

With a strange expression in his eyes, Gao Jianmin looked at Tang Xiu as he pulled Li Hongji’s clothes and whispered, “President, you aren’t kidding, are you? But Mr. Tang’s age…”

Li Hongji turned his head and glared angrily at Gao Jianmin as he shouted, “What about his age? Do you also see him as being too young? Have you not just heard the message he wants me to pass to my Junior Brother? You do know my Master don’t you? He’s the Divine Doctor, Gui Jiànchou. You also have stayed in the Chinese Medical Hospital for more than 2 decades, so don’t tell me you haven’t heard about my Master’s name! His two personal disciples were unable to cure a sickness while Tang Xiu is the one who capable to cure it. Do you think I will joke about things like this?”


Gao Jianmin was speechless.

He also had diagnosed the strange illness Mu Qingping’s daughter had. And it’s really just like Li Hongji said, he was also unable to cure that child’s strange illness.

At the moment, only Su Lingyun who was still sober. From the beginning, she did not believe what Li Hongji had said, so she spoke with a low voice, “President, my son could never be a doctor, could it be that you are mistaken?”

Li Hongji replied with a serious expression, “No! I’m not mistaken. He was on Jingmen Island a few days ago, and my Junior Brother has said that the person must be him.”

Su Lingyun turned her head to look at Tang Xiu and asked in a low voice, “Xiu’er, you tell me, were you on Jingmen Island a few days ago? Tell me the truth!”

Whilst sighing inside, Tang Xiu said with a forced a smile, “Mom, I indeed was on Jingmen Island a couple days ago and the person who cure that sick child was also myself! I didn’t tell you before because I felt that I don’t need to. I usually feel bored when I’ve got nothing to do so I often flip through medical books. But I didn’t expect that the written information in the book is correct. Thus, I can cure that child’s sickness accidentally.”

After having said that, he looked at Li Hongji and continued, “Let’s stop this matter now. Besides, my mother is injured and she needs to rest.”

Li Hongji looked at Tang Xiu deeply. He could tell from Tang Xiu’s attitude that he was really reluctant to be a visiting doctor at the Chinese Medical Hospital. Even if he seemingly avoided his mother intentionally, he indeed did not want his mother to know that he was an expert in medical knowledge.

The grade of the Inpatient Department VIP wards was higher than that of the ordinary ones’. Not only was it a spacious single room, but there were also special care nurses who were responsible for the patient’s care. Tang Xiu had long known that there was a “caste”, a social class that divided people in ranks. But he did not expect that the disparity between the two was huge to this extent.

Li Hongji was an experienced and sensible person, he could tell that Tang Xiu did not like to be followed by so many people, so he sent the order to other hospital’s authorities to leave and left behind the Inpatient Department’s Director only to accompany him. After having settled everything, he took the opportunity when Tang Xiu went out of the ward as he said again his request sincerely in the corridor, “Tang Xiu, I don’t know what you had in mind before, so I spoke something I shouldn’t say in front of your mother. I hope you don’t mind it. But I sincerely beg you to become a visiting doctor for our Chinese Medical Hospital. Even if you cannot come regularly, please help us to solve various illnesses we cannot cure or solve the incurable disease we have here.”

“I really don’t have free time.” Tang Xiu replied in dissatisfaction.

Li Hongji said with a forced smile, “Tang Xiu, there is less than a month’s time, mustn’t you attend the College Entrance Test? But after you have attended it, there will be 2 months of vacation. You don’t need to worry that we will disturb you when you are busy. Nowadays, there are a lot of illnesses our Chinese Medical Hospital’s doctors that are at a loss and are unable to do anything. As a doctor, we can only watch those patients br tormented by their ailments one by one whilst watching the desperate expression on their family member’s faces. And those feelings are the most uncomfortable things that we—doctors have to bear. Just count this as a plea that this old man is begging from you. Just come to our hospital whenever you have a free time!”


Tang Xiu secretly turned supercilious inside. This old man really could sing in a good voice and emotion. And his expression was really sincere, even making him not know how to refuse.

After having stayed silent for a while, Tang Xiu slowly said, “Once every month. I’ll arrange the time myself.”

Li Hongji quickly said, “3 times a month, once every 10 days.”

Tang Xiu stared at him. IF it were not his mother that was hospitalized in his hospital, coupled with their politeness, he would have been too lazy to pay attention to this old guy. After having pondered for a few seconds, he said, “Twice a month. And the time depends on me. Otherwise, you can forget it and don’t disturb me.”

Li Hongji was overjoyed inside. He secretly made up his mind to take the opportunity to utilize everything in these twice a month schedule. A bright smiling expression hung on his face as he said, “I’ll give you my ID card! Ah, by the way, do you have a medical certificate to give medical service?”

Tang Xiu replied indifferently, “I told you that I’m a student, didn’t I? Besides, why should I have that? I don’t even want to become a doctor in the future.”


Li Hongji secretly smiled wryly as he also sighed inside his heart. Geniuses were indeed eccentric. But still, he accompanied the awkwardness with a smile and said, “Since you have none, I’ll take care of it personally for you! However, it would take some time. Nowadays, everything is based on diplomas and certificates. Having these things would make it easier for one to mix in society.”

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Thanks for the chapter! But what if he doesn’t want to mingle later? He’s already skipped all the ranks and sits near the top already.

Merry Poppins

Thanks for the chapter.

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How nice, the top brass are giving him all the diplomats and the licences to make whatever he wants XD


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