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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 125 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: Incited Crowd

For a moment, Tang Xiu was surprised before he nodded. He suddenly recalled a line that said, “having documents and credentials would make it very easy for one to travel all over the world, and it would be difficult without one.” The line was the evolved version of the line that said, “having money, one would easily traverse the whole [world, and you can never move without money”. This was just the naked explanation to illustrate the importance of social documents in the real world.

In this era, one would not only need to look at the face, but also the certificate.

“Then, I won’t worry about it, since you can take care of those matters. I’ll wait for your news.”

Tang Xiu said indifferently as he gave a gesture to leave to Ling Hongji.

Li Hongji looked at Tang Xiu’s manner and secretly smiled wryly inside his heart. To think that he, a dignified Divine Doctor’s personal disciple, the President of the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, a Master of medical field’s expert and professors, had no choice but to be submissive before Tang Xiu; it was unexpected.

“What a damn tough p***k!”

Even though his mental and spiritual cultivation had achieved a high attainment, but still, Li Hongji’s heart could not bear to burst out such profane words.

Along with the departure of Li Hongji and the Inpatient Department’s Director, Tang Xiu looked at Banshou, Dingzi, and the others again. Then, he spoke with a deep tone, “Now, tell me everything in detail. How come that Tie Long had a conflict with you? He even dares to beat my Mom?”

A bit of anger was exposed on Banshou’s face as he said, “At noon yesterday, we were helping at the restaurant. And because we had too many patrons, there was a long queue of guests waiting. So Tie Long who took a few people with him, wanted us to drive away some guests who had occupied the tables. Big Boss didn’t want to do it, so Tie Long began to beat people. At that time, the four of us were inside the restaurant, so we hadn’t fought with them, but then Big Boss got injured.”

“Afterward, they completely drove away all the restaurant’s patrons; they even began to smash the restaurant. After we sent Big Boss to the hospital and then prepared to go out to purchase daily necessities, we were attacked by more than 20 guys at the front door. So we got back to the hospital after having been beaten savagely.”

“That Tie Long also threatened that, unless Big Boss kowtowed to him to apologize and compensate for the spiritual and emotional loss to his satisfaction, he will forever make us stay in the hospital. And if we were to try to leave the hospital even by one step, they will beat us savagely. Dingzi once attempted to go out and he had been beaten once.”

Tang Xiu laughed in extreme anger and said repeatedly, “Good, good, good! They indeed are some f*****g good people, eh!? They have once bullied others and they unexpectedly want to bully even more! The four you stay in the hospital obediently. I’ll take care of this matter with Tie Long.”

Banshou quickly said, “Boss, you’ve got to be careful. I know that you are very powerful and your fighting skill is amazing. But Tie Long has deep roots. I’ve sent someone to ask around, he has much power and influence in Star City. Not only is he quite a powerful chief labor contractor, he also has a group of thugs under him, and they are also inextricably linked with those in the underworld.”

Tang Xiu squinted his eyes as he said with a sneer, “Only if he’s strong enough will he be able to accompany me playing and make me satisfied. You don’t have to worry about anything. In this world, enemies who could make this Tang Xiu afraid, are perhaps only a few.”

He was not boasting. Although he did have to cultivate more to solidify his cultivation base, but his assassination ability, if he said that he was not the first, nobody dared to say they were second. The assassination stealth technique, attacking with paper talismans, he was even able to kill tens of thousands of enemies with the art of poison. He had once roamed through the Immortal World and mixed with those of heretical and lowest kinds of people in the lowest societies, who used countless means of tricks and methods.

“Give me the detailed information about that Tie Long.”


10 minutes after, Tang Xiu had gotten the info about Tie Long. He was not a passive person, and rather took the initiative to take down the enemies. This was Tang Xiu’s style.

After having went out of the Inpatient Department, Tang Xiu got quite a headache. He had no car, and handling this matter was very inconvenient without it. So he considered that after he had taken the College Entrance Test, should he take the test to get his driver’s license?


When Tang Xiu had just went out of the front entrance of the Chinese Medical Hospital, his keen sense caught the presence of some youngsters who moved slovenly in the surroundings. From time to time they looked at him. Their hairs were dyed with outlandish clothes. They also seemed to have something inside their sleeves, which were apparently the likes of clubs and other weapons.

“It should be them!”

Tang Xiu’s complexion turned cold as he quickly locked onto one of the most distinct young thugs and brushed past him.

“Hey punk, come over here!”

Tang Xiu stopped outside, 6 or 7 meters in front of him, as he showed his middle finger to provoke him.

The young man who had long hair dyed with grayish violet color, and had a few earrings on his ear. He was not handsome, and had some scars that marked some of the glory of his life history. The most nauseating thing from him was that he had a pungent smell of perfume taste but also wore a cosmetic contact lens.

“Who are you calling bastard?!”

The young man stared at Tang Xiu as he scolded and walked slowly toward him.

Tang Xiu indifferently said, “I don’t want to beat up the wrong person, so I wanna ask you. You’re Tie Long’s lapdog, aren’t you? If you are, call your f*****g buddies and follow me.”

For a moment, the youth stared blankly as he wildly laughed immediately the second after, “Brothers, did you hear what this f*****g bastard said? He wants us to follow him? Hahaha… You’re so damn f*****g right that this Big Daddy is Big Brother Long’s man. You f*****g idiot knows Big Brother Long, no? If you’re no idiot, just f*****g kneel down and kowtow to us and yell grandpa!”

“You do have some f*****g good fate that here is the hospital’s front gate.”

Tang Xiu sneered.

That young man rolled his eyes. The way he looked at Tang Xiu was as though he looked at an idiot. More than 20 youths in the surroundings, each and every one of them also let out all kinds of jeers, laughs, and mockeries. They simply did not regard Tang Xiu as a sane person. They only felt strange and thought that Tang Xiu was a mental sickness patient that mistakenly came to the wrong hospital.

“Yo brat, the Mental Hospital is in the Eastern Outer Ring. This place is a Chinese Medical Hospital. If your brain is dead sick, you’ve gotta hurry to dump yourself to the Mental Hospital. Get the f**k out, this Big Daddy has no interest to beat up such a crazy idiot shit like you!”

In order to anger them, Tang Xiu goaded to let them ganging up to beat him in the public place. Then, he spoke with an indifferent expression, “You all have mental illnesses, even your whole families are f*****g crazy. You are all should be the local hoodlums, no? Then you—your local hoodlums’ 18 generation of ancestors were also the f*****g-crazy-mentally sick people.”

“What the f**k?”

The youth was stupefied. And the other youth thugs around also looked at each other in dismay. Never in their dreams had they ever thought that Tang Xiu even dared to curse at them. In a split second after, a tall youth who was drinking soy milk smashed the milk box toward Tang Xiu as he lifted his leg to kick him.


Tang Xiu easily avoided the soybean milk box which was thrown at him. The murderous intent inside his heart was incensed by several points. His leg flew and kick back; the speed was even faster than the youth several folds faster and directly kicked him on the chest.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out from the youth’s mouth. His eyes turned white as his body was thrown upside down for 7 or 8 meters. Although Tang Xiu did not kick him to the death, but that kick had given him severe internal injuries as he directly fainted after he hit the ground.

More than 20 youth thugs in the surroundings instantly sobered up from their dazed state. Upon seeing their companion was easily overthrown by Tang Xiu and fainted directly, they suddenly got stuck with shocks. However, they thought that 2 fists were difficult to contend against 4 hands. Even if Tang Xiu had a little strength, but still he would not be able to endure the punches from all of them.

“Ah Qiang, Huzai, Dadong, Xiao Yang, the 4 of you accompany this brat to practice. He dares to hit our brother. I wanna f*****g see him how much weight he’ll be able to carry!” An over 30-year-old man who was leaning up nearby spoke as coldness flashed in his eyes, pointing some of his gang members as to pick who were going to teach Tang Xiu.


Four youths simultaneously extracted out a hollow steel pipe from their sleeves and quickly surrounded Tang Xiu. Almost in the instant moment of movements, they waved their steel pipe together and smashed at Tang Xiu.

“You all f*****g overestimate yourselves.”

Tang Xiu’s feet moves as his body instantly appeared in front of Ah Qiang. His fist directly bombarded Ah Qiang’s face. By the time a few of Ah Qiang’s teeth were thrown out, he also kicked him flying. Whilst easily avoiding the other 3 steel pipes that hit him, Tang Xiu used the simplest style as he sent the straight punches, uppercuts, and flying kicks. From the first movements and the combo strikes afterwards, it took no more than 5 seconds as the other 3 young bullies were also hit and were downed to the ground.

Moreover, he was harsh and ruthless in his actions as each and every one of them had a few broken bones.

The over 30 years-old man’s pupils shrunk. Seeing such invincible might posture Tang Xiu sent out, a fury expression rose to his face. In an instant, he strode over toward Tang Xiu as he shouted with a stern voice, “F**k him up together! And waste him!”

Tang Xiu did not bat an eyelid as his movements and actions became faster.

Having the instinct to watch the lively fun and commotion was human nature. The scene which Tang Xiu being ganged up by more than 20 people attracted a lot of passersby as they stopped by to watch it. After Tang Xiu easily hit and knocked down 5 youth thugs, many people showed a shocked expression and quickly got palpitated and scared as they saw that nearly 20 youths armed with weapons stormed over at Tang Xiu. They watched the scene with hearts full of anxiousness and restlessness for Tang Xiu.

“That young man is really unlucky. How could he get into such a big trouble? He does fight very good, to even be able to knock down 5 thugs in one breath. But now, it is nearly 20 people, it’s not what one person’s strength is able to fight!”

“These ruffians are too rampant, to even blatantly commit such a violent crime in front of the hospital’s gate. Don’t they fear that they will be punished by laws?”

“Don’t you know that the same thing happened in the morning? A young man was hit in front of this hospital’s entrance and looks like those bastards were the ones who did it! They are truly too rampant, but the hospital did not even act!”

“How will they be able to prevent it? They are beating people outside the hospital. Moreover, by the time the hospital’s security rushed over, those ruffians would have already run away after they beat people, so where they have to look for them? Today, the police have come, but those people ran and took the taxi as if they intentionally avoided the cops.”

“I really wanna help that young man and drive away those thugs. In this broad daylight and clear daytime, these f*****g bastards have been too rampant.”


Tang Xiu acted very fast. His fist punched their bodies as his body moved lightning fast. Even though he only used 10% of his strength, in just a short of more than 10 seconds time, nearly 20 young thugs had been knocked down. Even those who had some martial arts skills, were seriously wounded and spat out blood.

Those young bullies’ bodies curled up everywhere as painful and miserable wails howled from their mouths with each and every one of them were in extremely miserable states. Steel pipes fell on their side while sharp weapons could be seen everywhere on the ground.

At this moment, the entire surrounding turned deathly stillness as the onlookers’ eyes turned big as saucers. They subconsciously raised their hands to cover their mouths.

It was a shocking scene! Each and every one of them could clearly feel that their heartswere palpitatinge faster, their bodies even turned weak. Such a horror-thrilling taste, was just like tides swept inside everyone’s heart.

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