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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 132 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Who’s Friends with You?


Tang Xiu didn’t have the slightest mercy toward Tie Long. So he casually knocked him out, and with an “aah” shout, Tie Long fainted. Then, he came toward Fei Qiang’s side, and said indifferently, “You are responsible for sending him back. However, since this guy has you involved in this matter, I know that you’re all hating him, and you might kill him halfway. But do remember today’s matter. When I have free time next month, I will personally visit your Magnificent Dragon Martial School.”




An alarmed and frightened expression appeared on Fei Qiang’s face as he begged, “Brother, please don’t go to our Martial School. We only came out for our private work and we hid the truth from the School Master! The respected old man is upright and plainspoken, and he’s extremely demanding and strict on us. If he knew that we had private works outside, he wouldn’t bear to see that we’re involved in shady business, and he would kill us for sure! We beg you. We swear that later we’ll never take any private work nor do dishonorable things again.”


Tang Xiu said indifferently, “If you had known about it earlier, why didn’t you think about it before? However, knowing your own mistakes means that you can reform yourselves for the better. Later on, I hope you can put your best into it.”


After having said that, Tang Xiu no longer stayed and went straight down the mountain.


After having solved the matter with Tie Long, Tang Xiu did not come back to the hospital but returned back to South Gate Town. Previously, he did not answer back the calls and read his SMS. Then, whilst standing inside the bedroom on the villa’s second floor, Tang Xiu called his teacher-in-charge, Han Qingwu.


“Tang Xiu, where have you been?!! Aren’t you still a student? Mustn’t you go back to school to attend the class?” When the phone was just connected, Han Qingwu’s angry roar came out.


Tang Xiu went outside after he took the phone. Upon hearing Han Qingwu’s roar and waited for her to finish, with a pale smile, he replied, “Teacher Han, I also want to go back to school and studying. But when I just returned to Star City, something happened to my family. I’m afraid that I’ll have to wait 2 days more before returning to school.”


“What happened at your home?”


Han Qingwu’s anger was reduced a lot as she asked with a tone full of care.


Tang Xiu said, “Someone has smashed my mother’s restaurant. Mom and a few waiters there have also been injured. For now, my mother is still hospitalized.”


Han Qingwu asked in an angry tone, “Who the hell are those people? In which hospital and which ward is your mother being hospitalized? I’ll immediately… Well, I’ll go there after finishing the next class.”


Tang Xiu said, “Teacher Han, this matter has been resolved. But I need more days off, it’s only 2 days. And then I’ll go back to school. So Teacher Han doesn’t need to trouble yourself to come over personally. Besides, there are things that I want to discuss with you.”


“And that is?”


Hang Qingwu was also aware that she was too anxious. So when she heard that Tang Xiu changed the topic, she asked immediately.


Tang Xiu said, “I’ve promised Yuan Chuling and Cheng Yannan to help them study every night. So they can improve their academic performance. If you can, could you accommodate my request to let them leave every evening to study at my home, not at school? I’ll personally counsel them.”


Han Qingwu angrily replied, “What? You are thinking of skip classes, aren’t you? Since it’s helping your own classmates, aren’t you able to help them study at school?”


Tang Xiu said, “My studying technique is very special, and it needs a quiet environment. Don’t worry, I’ll guarantee that if you agree, their results certainly will be improved on the College Entrance Test.”


Han Qingwu was silent for a moment as she said with a sigh, “Tang Xiu, I don’t know why you don’t like to attend school. But the College Entrance Test is near. Couldn’t you persist to stay at school for the rest of this month?”


Tang Xiu said with desperation, “Teacher Han, I really want to make up for the missed lessons to them. You’ve seen my test results. If I want it, I can get such results, or even better than that. I have compiled my own studying method, so even though there isn’t much time left till the College Entrance Test, I have the confidence that I can find the main points to improve their academic performance level. If you don’t trust me, I’ll go back to school 2 days later, and I guarantee that I’ll no longer mention this issue again.”




At the other side, Han Qingwu was still silent.


She did not know whether what Tang Xiu had said was true or not. But the final sentence Tang Xiu had said, especially the word “trust”, in fact, made her quite awkward.


The thing was, she believed in Tang Xiu!


Ever since Tang Xiu had amazed everyone with his brilliant feat, she firmly decided to believe in Tang Xiu.


The silence was not short, and in truth was 2 full minutes. After which, only then Han Qingwu replied with a sigh, “Since you are so sure, then I’ll choose to trust you again. I hope you don’t let me down.”


After having said that, she directly hung up the phone.


Tang Xiu secretly gasped a breath. Every time he talked with Han Qingwu, he felt that it was more tiring than fighting. He had a very complex and complicated feeling toward Han Qingwu, since she after all, looked like his companion in the Immortal World. But she was also the very companion who actually had betrayed him.


He had his reasons. Even if he did not want to hate, but that hatred naturally came up.


However, the sentiment was completely not a feeling between a man and woman’s love.


Tang Xiu flung his head off, trying to throw those complicated emotions out of his mind. Then, he looked at the 2 unfamiliar numbers and dialed one of them. Shortly after, Ouyang Lulu’s voice came out.


“Are you Tang Xiu?”


Tang Xiu rolled his eyes and snappily said, “If it’s not me, who do you think it is? It was you Miss who called to this number, and you don’t even know whose number you were calling?”


Ouyang Lulu angrily replied, “Who says I don’t know your number? Tang Xiu you bastard, you were freeloading and cadged a meal at my house, patting your own ass and then ran away. You didn’t even say hello and bid farewell to me! Aren’t we friends?”


Who’s friends with you?!


This sentence had almost burst out from Tang Xiu’s mouth. But then he thought that Ouyang Lulu’s words also made sense. He did take Mu Qingping and her daughter, and ate without paying in Ouyang Lulu’s home. So when he left, he should have bid farewell to her. However, wasn’t it because she was sleeping like a dead pig and had not woken up until noon?


He wryly smiled shortly.


Tang Xiu said, “You called me not for this reason, yes? If there’s no other things to do, I’ll hang up the phone. I still have a lot of missed calls and unread messages that I have yet to respond to.”


Ouyang Lulu promptly called out, “Who says I don’t have anything to do? I have a lot! I was just preparing to go on a trip to Star City. You live in Star City, so you can host me, no?”


“You are coming to Star City?”


Tang Xiu said with astonishment, “Aren’t you staying nicely on Jingmen Island and have to manage your Paradise Club? What makes you run to Star City for?”


Ouyang Lulu proudly said, “Recently, 2 friends of mine called me to invest in a business together in your Star City. So, I wanna have a look and have a good talk with them.”


Tang Xiu said, “Sorry, I’ve gotta make a phone call!”


Having said that, he hung up the call directly.


With regards to Ouyang Lulu, Tang Xiu never gave her any good lingering thoughts. This woman was eccentric and sometimes her speech was straight ahead and pungent, and sometimes she was gentle and soft. So he did not know which her character was.


Tang Xiu then turned to the last number and dialed it.


After a moment, a cold voice came out of the phone.


“Tang Xiu?”


Tang Xiu’s brows wrinkled. He felt that the voice was somewhat familiar. But he could not recall it all of a sudden. After having silent for a moment, he said, “Yes, it’s me!”


“When you have the time, I hope that you can come again to visit the Everlasting Feast Hall!” A chilling voice came out again from the cell phone.


Everlasting Feast Hall?


Gu Xiaoxue’s face appeared in Tang Xiu’s mind. Then, he shook his head and said, “I don’t have time these days. I’ve just left Jingmen Island.”


“Where are you? I want to talk to you!”


“What do you wanna talk?”


“I’ll tell you in person!”


Tang Xiu said, “I am now in Star City. If you wanna talk, then come to Star City! And don’t conceal or hide anything when you talk to me later. I’m not trying to approach you. It’s just that I’m curious about the Thousand Revolution Array. So I might as well tell you now that Thousand Revolution Array was created by me, and I’ve only taught the array only to one person in my entire life. That person was my apprentice. So I’m curious, why did the Thousand Revolution Array appear in your Everlasting Feast Hall?”


“What did you say?”


The shocked voice of Gu Xiaoxue came over from the phone.


Tang Xiu said, “You didn’t hear it wrongly. The Thousand Revolution Array was indeed created by me. It’s not only that array, your Feng Shui array in Everlasting Feast Hall, the Water Block Dragon Pen, was also created by me first. If you want to be clear about the matter, then tell me the whole story. I’ll be waiting for you in Star City. If you cannot tell the whole truth, you don’t need to come.”




Gu Xiaoxue was as if she did not hear the following words from Tang Xiu. Her voice’s pitch rose for several decibels as she shouted once again.


Tang Xiu knitted his brows and said, “What’s me?”


Gu Xiaoxue rapidly said, “The person my Master has always been searching for is you. I don’t know why you haven’t showed up for a decade, but it won’t be mistaken! Tang Xiu, wait for me in Star City, I’ll leave immediately!”


“Toot toot toot…”


The blind sound came out from the phone as a slightly particular strange feeling arose inside Tang Xiu’s heart. Gu Xiaoxue said that her Master was looking for him. What was the meaning of this?


Who was her Master?


What and how was her Master related with his apprentice?


Suddenly, Tang Xiu looked forward to Gu Xiaoxue’s arrival. Perhaps the puzzles in his heart could be solved when Gu Xiaoxue arrived.


After a long while…


After having put away these thoughts, Tang Xiu called Long Zhengyu to tell him about Tie Long’s matter. Having Long Zhengyu’s help, he was not afraid that Tie Long would play shady. Although he did not clearly know about the Long Family, but since they were highly respected and looked up to by so many people, that meant that their inside story was very deep.


“Knock knock…”


His door was knocked as Gu Yin, with a smiling expression, quickly ran into the room.


Tang Xiu turned around as he looked at Gu Yin, patted her and said with a smile, “How’s your cultivation practice these days? Has your sense in sensing the qi circulation turn more intense?”


Gu Yin pulled Tang Xiu’s hand as she said with a giggle, “Master, Yinyin hasn’t only been able to sense the energy circulation better, but can now control the qi flow! I followed the cultivation method and practice Master has given me to control the energy flow inside the meridian channels. Although the speed is very slow, but at present, in one day, Yinyin is able to revolve it in a Heavenly Circuit for a few times.”


“So fast?”


Tang Xiu was shocked.


Although he knew that Gu Yin had the Sacred Body of Twin Pulse Ice Phoenix, and it was the sacred physical constitution for cultivation that could only be found in one amongst hundreds of millions, however, he did not expect that it would be so heaven defying to this degree! Wasn’t it only a short few days? Yet she could control the flow of qi in the meridian channels?


It was no wonder that, at that time, the woman who had the Sacred Body of Twin Pulse Ice Phoenix was able to step onto the final step that hundreds of millions of celestial beings were unable to tread on; that was, to ascend to the God Realm.




Could the last 10+ chapters be called as an arc? Such a scenic route… man. Anyway, I was tempted to use Dojo instead of Martial School, but then I remember that this is a CN novel not a JP. This is why I also used yuans not dollars. However, apart from character names, I transliterated most of  the other names.

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‘Who was her Master?
What and how was her Master related with his apprentice?
Suddenly, Tang Xiu looked forward to Gu Xiaoxue’s arrival. Perhaps the puzzles in his heart could be solved when Gu Xiaoxue arrived.’

Doesn’t sound like he’s figured it out to me.

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This might sound bad but man, do you even read? A lot of chapters ago he drew a painting of his disciple and showed it to a guy who personally saw that Big Boss and he said that they have similarities but they’re not the same person. Oh and that bigboss is that “Master” u talking about



Vex Delos Santos Briones

I know hes not tht kind of guy or maybe he is? Maybe he only chnged because of the betrayal anyway I want him to be emotional when he meet his disciple. We know that he have deep affection with her bcus when she disappeared, he never accepted anymore disciple. Maybe a lil bit of tears might do hheheh


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