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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 133 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: The Problems with Education


Tang Xiu could not cultivate those cultivation methods before, and he could only cultivate the “Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis”. But Gu Yin might be able to cultivate those cultivation methods from the Immortal World. However, since he had an extremely deep comprehension in cultivation practice, guiding Gu Yin was also only natural.


However, his apprentice was truly abnormal!


If she kept maintaining such a heaven-defying cultivation speed like this, perhaps she would very quickly surpass and be even stronger than him, wouldn’t she?


Tang Xiu let out a forced and wry smile as he shook his head. Suddenly, his face changed, as something that made him speechless suddenly crossed over in his mind.


It was cultivation resources! He had been collecting cultivation resources for his cultivation with difficulties. But this treasured apprentice of his had a heaven-defying cultivation talent. And it was imperative that the time must not be wasted. But since her cultivation speed was so fast, the number of cultivation resources she would need would shake the heavens.


Tang Xiu looked at his precious apprentice with a brilliant smiling face, but he secretly complained for the hardship he must face inside. However, he did not want to give up the more important thing even though he must be prepared to pay the price. He set firm his resolve and decided to give his best to amass money, and going all out to seek cultivation resources on Earth, so he could make himself stronger. Even if he needed to go to outer space to seek cultivation resources in the other planets, then go he must as to meet their needs.


“Master, why are you seemingly unhappy?”


Gu Yin was looking at Tang Xiu with a slightly worried expression. She did not know as to how she had made her Master unhappy.


Tang Xiu stared blankly for a moment, before he suppressed the desperation feeling in his heart. With a smiling expression revealed on his face, he stroked her soft and supple hair and said with a light laugh, “Master isn’t unhappy. I’m just thinking about something else. My apprentice’s cultivation speed in very fast and I’m really surprised and happy, so how could I be unhappy? However, don’t forget what I’ve said to you. Haste makes waste and leads to carelessness. You’ve just entered the cultivation path, so you should steadily cultivate and stabilize your cultivation, and improve your cultivation base bit by bit.”


Gu Yin nodded cleverly and said with a smile, “Master, I promise I’ll bear your words in mind. Mom also once said that a tall building is built up from the ground, and building the foundation is the most important.”


“That’s correct!”


Tang Xiu nodded with satisfaction.


Suddenly, he looked up and said, “Yinyin, since your body has nothing wrong anymore, don’t you want to go to school? Originally, I planned to let your mother take her courses and I’d take you directly to the Nine Dragon Island. But, since courses would take 2 months of time and coupled with other things, I’m afraid it will last until September. I’ll prepare to let you go to school for half a year, and wait until next year before you can go to Nine Dragons Island. What do you think?”


Gu Yin hesitated. She shook her head and said, “Master, I haven’t gone to school for 2 years, and there are a lot of subjects I have missed. So I can’t keep up with a lot of lessons and curricula. Could you let me take cram school? Mom bought me a lot of textbooks a few days ago, so I’m prepared to take those courses and make up for the missed classes there without affecting my cultivation practice.”


For a moment, Tang Xiu was stumped for words as he immediately understood.


Then, he said with a smile, “Then, so be it! Since you’ve missed a lot of classes, tomorrow I’ll hire a teacher for you, so they can use their summer vacation time to teach you and make up for the missed classes. If you’re able to keep up with those of the same grade at the same time, I’ll send you to school for 6 months. If you cannot do that, then forget it.”


“Uh huh!”


Gu Yin nodded in a pleasant surprise.


Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “Then go play! I’ve some little things I need to do and must go out immediately today.”


Gu Yin said with puzzlement, “To where does Master want to go? Can Yinyin go with you and play? Mom went shopping at the Department Store, so I think it will be quite a long time until Mom to come back.”


Tang Xiu said, “I have important things to do. So Yinyin, please stay obediently at home. Wait until I’ve taken the College Entrance Test, I’ll accompany you to play outside then.”


Gu Yin said with a laugh, “Master, you’ll pass the College Entrance Test. And I’m sure you’ll be admitted to a very good university.”


What about university?


Thinking about it, Tang Xiu let out a bit of smile. He had completed his plan, even if he must study at a university, at most his first choice was to take the unified test for Blue City University, the best university in Shuangqing Province. It was classified as an undergraduate university. Once he had been admitted to the Blue City University, he could return home often to see his mother, since it was very close.


Certainly, if his mother was willing to leave with him and live in another city, he might choose to take the passing exam in other provinces and choose a top university. Attending college for him was useless. But it was his mother’s wish, and he never wanted to disappoint her.


After having left South Gate Town, Tang Xiu browsed through the internet using his phone to search for a few good cram schools, especially the courses for making up missed classes from the 1st to 6th grade. In order to nurture and cultivate Gu Yin, he was prepared to spend a lot of money. So, he must hire private tutors for 3 important subjects apart from Language.


Star City, inside an office building near the Baida Plaza, Tang Xiu found the New Ideas cram school, which was marked on the net. The environment inside was good, the whole floor was occupied with new ideas training courses, and its quality also could be seen from its interior decoration.




After having passed the entrance, the receptionist in the front desk greeted him with a cordial smile.


Tang Xiu observed around a few time and then asked, “Please give me the course tables for your cram school. I want to take a look at it.”


“Please wait!”


The reception lady smiled and nodded, and quickly took out a stack of documents from the drawer. She handed it over to Tang Xiu and said, “Sir, are you sending a child to our cram school? Our teachers here are very qualified. Their education level, if compared with various universities and school in Star City, it can be considered as the top. Most of our teachers have a teacher certificate qualification. They were willing to give up the formal system and came to us to work here.”


Tang Xiu opened the course table. After having read it, he could see that the prices for making up missed classes was very expensive. The more excellent the teacher and the more content the courses had, the more expensive the price. Even if Tang Xiu finally found and hired private teachers from here, the price would be outrageously expensive.


“I need to find private tutors from 2nd to 6th grade of primary school. And I want all the 3 major subjects. If you can, I hope that it can start tomorrow, to arrange for teaching courses for the 2nd grade firstly. As for how to teach, it’s your teacher’s privileges.”


The reception lady’s eyes brightened up. Her manner and impression on this big customer turned a bit warm. She said with a smile, “Sir, you came to our new ideas cram school. So you’ve come to the right place. You can choose the highest price package, and our teaching staffs certainly…”


Tang Xiu waved to interrupt her words and spoke with a sinking tone, “Even your most expensive service might be insufficient. My apprentice doesn’t study at school. She stays at home all day, so she has an adequate time. I hope that you don’t compare it with class hours’ calculation, but an entire day calculation. The best is, 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon, and 3 hours in the evening.”




Such a visitor like Tang Xiu was the first this receptionist lady had encountered. And in particular, it was really unexpected for her to hear the word “apprentice” from Tang Xiu. She hesitated for a moment and replied in a low voice, “I might have to trouble you to wait for a bit. I’ll contact our boss first, because she’s the only one that has the rights to make a decision about your request.”




Tang Xiu complied and took the stack of documents. Then, he went to the sofa at the hall corner and sat down.


A few minutes later…


A middle-aged woman with glasses in her professional career blazer, came out from the inside. After she and the receptionist lady chatted for a few moments, she walked toward Tang Xiu and asked with a smile, “Sir, your surname?”




Tang Xiu stood up and said.


The middle-aged woman said with a laugh, “I am Li Liping. You can call me Elder Sister Li. Our young receptionist has just told me your request. We indeed have yet to accept such a request like yours here. I want to inquire, is it that you believe that your family’s child can keep up with the fast class teaching our teachers have?”


Tang Xiu said, “I believe she can do it.”


Li Liping said with a laugh, “Since Mr. Tang is sure about it, then I can be rest assured. The customer is a Deity to us, so we will certainly comply to the customer’s request as best as possible. How about we set up the schedule like this? I’ll arrange 3 outstanding teachers to carry on daily classes for your child. 3 hours of English tutoring in the morning, 3 hours of Math tutoring in the afternoon, and Language and Literature tutoring in the evening. We’ll also provide time for consultation.”




Tang Xiu nodded quickly.


Li Liping continued again, “And about your request, after all of the subjects from 2nd grade curriculum ended, then if your child can keep up with the course speed, we immediately continue to the 3rd grade curriculum, then to the 4th, 5th and 6th grade curriculum, am I right?”




Tang Xiu said again.


Li Liping asked with a smile, “And about the time? Completing 5 years of curriculum for ordinary students, are you prepared to let our outstanding classroom to teach your child with fast learning teaching?”


Tang Xiu said, “I hope it can be started from tomorrow, until September 1st.”




Li Liping was stunned. She looked at Tang Xiu with a disbelieving expression and exclaimed out, “You mean… from tomorrow to September 1st, that’s only 3 or 4 months of time. You want the child in your family to finish all the courses from the 2nd grade to the 6th grade?”


“Yes, that’s right!”


Tang Xiu nodded with a deadpan expression.


A slight disappointed expression was revealed on Li Liping’s face as she snapped, “Sir, we are an educational institution. This is not the place for you to joke like that. If you are sincerely wanting to hire our teachers, I warmly welcome you, and we try to meet your requests to the best we could. But if you are here to joke on us, we’ll end everything here. The door is there, I won’t send you away…”




Hearing Li Liping’s words made Tang Xiu stunned. He obviously was sincere to hire teachers, no? But how would it suddenly became a joke?


Was my explanation not clear enough?


Or did this New Ideas School’s Boss misunderstood me?


Tang Xiu thought for a moment before he seriously replied with a serious expression, “I didn’t joke with you. Each and every word I’ve said is seriously true. The child in my family is special, and special children need special treatment. You’re the boss here, so you must have met a lot of gifted children. I hope that you can understand what I mean. As for the price, everything is fine for us to discuss.”


Li Liping observed Tang Xiu with a strange expression. She shook her head and said, “I’ve seen a lot of gifted and intelligent children. Never once have I heard one of them who’s being able to finish 5 years of curriculum for ordinary children within 3 or 4 months. Sir, teaching and learning needs to be done step by step and to gradually evolve. Your idea, could be said as spoiling things out of excessive enthusiasm, and being anxious to demand instant success. You know that, don’t you?”

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