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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 134 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 134

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I am sorry for the delays guys. I was in the hospital for a week because of an infection, and Udeze is sick. RFTIW chapters will all be given by Sunday. GDC and MOTDN will be made-up if situation deems for such.

Chapter 134: It’s All Greek To Me


Tang Xiu said with a serious tone, “You said yourself that the client is a Deity. I just want you to arrange things as I’ve said. If my apprentice really cannot follow your fast curriculum teaching, then we’ll work out a new teaching plan later. And as I’ve said to you, let’s discuss the price.”


Li Liping hesitated. She could feel that Tang Xiu was serious, but she could not figure out as to why this young man in front of her would be so confident.


But, it’s not right! What did he just say? An apprentice?!


Could it be that the child that needed the tutors, was this young man’s apprentice?


What a strange weirdo!


Some criticism sparked unknowingly inside Li Liping’s heart, but she nodded and said, “I understand your meaning. Please wait for a while, and I’ll immediately discuss your request with our teachers. Wait for us to work out a good teaching plan, and then I will take it to you to look at!”


With a sinking tone, Tang Xiu replied back, “I want your best teachers. If any of you only masquerade as having an ability, it will ruin the reputation of your New Idea cram school!”




Having heard Tang Xiu’s words, Li Liping almost thought that Tang Xiu intentionally wanted to make trouble. She took a deep breath and said, “Don’t worry. Our teachers have outstanding qualifications, and I’ll pick the best ones for you.”


After saying that, she turned around and walked inside!


Tang Xiu’s eyes watched her back from behind as he saw the reception lady serve him a hot tea. He nodded and took out his cell phone and dialed Kang Xia’s number.


“Boss, any instructions?”


Kang Xia’s voice came out of the phone along with a lot of messy sounds. Obviously, Kang Xia was now at a very noisy place.


Tang Xiu said, “I have something to talk to you, where are you now?”


Kang Xia said, “I’m at the Job Fair, Boss! The company we’re setting up needs a large number of employees and I’m recruiting now. I only brought 3 people from Beijing, and it’s far from enough. Ah, right. Tell me where you are, I’ll pick you up myself.”


Tang Xiu hesitated for a moment, and then said, “It’s alright! I’m taking care of minor things now. I’ll finish this and then look for you afterward. By the way, you do your things in the Job Fair. Ah, yes. Text me the address later.”




Kang Xia answered with a smile.


Half an hour later.


Li Liping with three middle-aged men and women came in front of Tang Xiu, and then handed over a set of their teaching plan to Tang Xiu, saying, “This is the teaching plan we’ve developed according to your request. But we need to explain in advance that your request is very tight and the time is too short. Daily courses have very wide contents so I hope you have yourself mentally prepared.”


Tang Xiu read it as he nodded and said, “Teaching is not something I’m good at, so I’ll accept your plan first like this! We’ll look at the conditions later and make some adjustments again. Then, what is the cost I have to pay for you now first?!”




Li Liping hesitated.


Such a rare and wonderful client like him was a first for her. His requests were also far beyond their ordinary teaching content and were much more different. For a moment, she was truly speechless and did not know what price she had to quote.


Tang Xiu said with a puzzlement, “How is it? Haven’t you just discussed the service cost? Aren’t you the boss here? Can’t you decide how much I have to pay?”


Li Liping let out a wry smile and said, “Mr. Tang, your request is way one of a kind. So for now, I cannot tell you how much we should charge you for the service cost. If it’s OK with you, let’s arrange it this way; we’ll start classes tomorrow, then we’ll tell you the cost by the end of tomorrow’s classes!”


Tang Xiu said, “Well, it’s your call.”


Li Liping promptly replied, “However, can you pay part of the deposit first? By the end of tomorrow’s courses, we’ll quote our price. If you feel satisfied with it, then we’ll sign the contract. If you’re not, then tomorrow‘s courses will be free of charge and we’ll return the money back to you without a single dime subtracted.”


“How much?” Asked Tang Xiu.


Li Liping was silent for a moment and then said, “5,000 yuan, how about it?”


Tang Xiu nodded and took out his wallet and prepared to take his bank credit card out. But he suddenly found that the cash should be enough. So he pulled out all the cash out and counted them, and it happened that it was exactly 5,000 yuan.


“Please take it.”


Li Liping received 5,000 yuans in cash. She watched Tang Xiu count the money before, so she did not re-count it in front of him, and instead said with a smile, “Mr. Tang, please wait a bit. I’ll let someone from the Finance Department give you a receipt.”


Tang Xiu waved and said, “No need for the receipt. In addition, we don’t need to sign any contract since I think that it’s not necessary. You give the education service while I do this for the child. So, we should maintain the most basic trust between us. Tell me the price for the service tomorrow and I’ll transfer the money to you directly. Later on, you send the teachers to teach the child there every day.”


Li Liping asked, “Your address is?”


Tang Xiu said, “It’s nearby from your place here. It’s the last number villa in South Gate Town. Anyway, I still have some other things, so I won’t disturb you any longer. Farewell.”


South Gate Town? The building with the last number?


Li Liping’s pupil shrunk as she looked at Tang Xiu’s back. Her heart beat accelerated faster all of sudden. She had been in South Gate Town since her family had quite a rich and powerful relative living there. She knew that it was the most upscale luxurious villa complex in all of Star City.


Moreover, when she visited her relatives, she heard them talk about one thing; that the best one was the King Mansion Villa in the deepest part of the complex, which had the last building’s number.


“Mr. Tang, I’ll send you out.”


A few changes were revealed on Li Liping’s face as she strode to catch up, leaving the other 3 middle-aged teachers behind her standing still on the spot as they looked at each other in dismay.


Tang Xiu politely rejected, but Li Liping amiably insisted on sending Tang Xiu to the first floor of the office’s entrance. Only then did she say with a smile, “Mr. Tang, please have a safe trip.”


Tang Xiu nodded. Under Li Liping’s gaze, he went to the roadside to intercept a taxi and quickly disappeared at the end of the street in the distance.


“What a weirdo! He’s really strange! He can live in the most luxurious villa in South Gate Town, but he doesn’t take his car to go out and even takes a taxi?!” Li Liping shook her head as her heart secretly grunted.


At Star City’s Talent Market…


Inside a wide venue hall, hundreds of booths were crowded with people. Because the Job Fair this time was a country’s large-scale affair, the Job Fair was held by the Shuangqing Province for major enterprises. The venue was established in Star City, so nearly 100,000 college graduates, unemployed people, and others were gathering there.


The Magnificent Tang Corporation was preparing to organize their company structure. And it was quite coincidental to have met this large-scale job fair. So Kang Xia had the idea to set up a booth in a good location, she even personally came to manage it.


By the time Tang Xiu arrived at the Star City Job Fair, he immediately got struck with surprise by the present scene. It was already the afternoon, but the inside was still overcrowded.


“Nowadays, even college students are becoming less valuable.”


Tang Xiu suddenly remembered someone surnamed Yuan complaining nearby his ear. Then, he nodded and immediately fell into a deep thought. A lot of students had persevered to study hard for several years, and in the end, they go from door to door to apply for work. Perhaps in the past, studying was the only way out; but at present, even if one had a high level of education, if they had no real ability, everything was quite useless.


Following the exact location given by Kang Xia, Tang Xiu found the booth that belonged to The Magnificent Tang Corporation.


Inside a few square meters booth, Kang Xia and another lovely, petite blonde girl was sitting at the desk and interviewing a young man who looked like a student. There were also 2 foreigner men inside, reorganizing the documents, whereas a long queue of people waited behind the young man who was being interviewed. Tang Xiu’s eyes swept over and saw that the queue was at least 20 meters long.




Kang Xia immediately called up when she saw that Tang Xiu arrived.




That blonde Lolita girl also stood up and called out as she looked over and over again at Tang Xiu with a curious expression in her eyes.


Tang Xiu nodded toward them, waving his hand and said, “Kang Xia, give your work to the others first, I have something I want to tell you.”




Kang Xia spoke to Andy at her side, and let a blonde young man with blue eyes take over her work. Then, she greeted Tang Xiu and ushered him to walk into the booth.


“Boss, what instructions do you have for me?”


Tang Xiu said, “There are two issues that I want you to manage. Firstly, Long Zhengyu will transfer me some money. Of course, it’s money I’ve gotten. Although I don’t know how much in details, but when the money has been transferred, I’ll transfer them to you immediately. Secondly, Long Zhengyu and his two friends from the capital will invest in a big project in Star City. They say that the total investment is 5 billion yuan and the additional funds would be added if there are to be financial problems later. They want me to design the architectural design and promised me 10% of the shares. After I give them the design, the following matters will be yours to manage.”




Kang Xia looked at Tang Xiu with an inconceivable expression, for she was shaken by the news.


A blueprint design could get 10% of the shares, and the investment funds were 5 billion yuan? She could barely imagine as to what kind of design could be valued at such a high price.


“Boss, are you sure that’s the shares and not the net profit dividend earnings?”


Kang Xia promptly asked.


Tang Xiu was puzzled and asked, “What’s the difference between shares and profit dividends?”


Kang Xia was secretly speechless. Only now did she find that her boss was really ignorant about doing business. After she organized her next words, she explained, “After the building is built and if it isn’t sold, you keep it as your own and you have 10% of the value. Later on, if the building is sold, them you can get 10% of the total amount of the selling price. If it is to be constructed later to be sold directly, this will be subtracted from the investment funds. While 10% of this is the project’s profit, that is the dividends. I think you should ascertain about this matter first, and only then will I know how to talk with them.”





The raws wrote South Gate Small Town, I don’t know whether it was a typo by the author or not since it was written a few times in this chapter. However it was South Gate Town in the previous chapter. So, for the sake of consistency, i cut the “small” word and keep South Gate Town name.


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