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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 136 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Strange

At Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.

Whilst carrying a thermostat, Tang Xiu arrived outside the VIP ward’s door. After leaving the Job Fair, he went to the market to buy fresh vegetables and meat and went back home. After which he asked Mu Qingping to make a pot of chicken soup and added medicinal herbs that brought warming effects.

In the ward’s waiting area, Banshou and Dingzi were reading health articles as they tried to kill their boredom in every possible way. Although they were also injured, but such injuries compared to what they had before was just like a plain meal for them, and simply was not worth mentioning.

On the sickbed.

With a sad expression, Su Lingyun read the account book. The restaurant was smashed and it had been closed for 2 days. If she wanted to re-open it, it needed to be renovated. And with the medical expenses, the spending also amounted to tens of thousands of yuan. She was worried that the money would not be enough for a renovation. At the bedside, a delicate and pretty girl was sitting there, dressed in nursing clothes and cutting an apple gently.

“Boss! You came!”

Seeing that Tang Xiu came, Banshou and Dingzi’s spirit suddenly sparked up.

Tang Xiu nodded at them and looked at the nurse. Only then did he show a bit of a smiling expression. He sat nearby the bedside as he asked with a smile, “What’s up Mom? Why are you frowning? I asked someone to make chicken soup for you and add medicinal herbs that can warm your body. This will be a good supplement for your body to recuperate.”

Su Lingyun, with a surprised expression, said, “Who did you ask to make hot pot chicken soup for me? Our smashed restaurant is in a mess and I have given the chefs a holiday.”

Tang Xiu said, “Ah, don’t ask too much Mom. I’ll tell you later after the College Entrance Test.”


The most concerning matter for Su Lingyun now was Tang Xiu’s College Entrance Test, so she said, “Xiu’er, you should be at school right now, yes? How come you come to the hospital?”

Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “Evening is self-study session, so it’s alright. Mom, you haven’t told me, why were you frowning? Is there any problem you cannot solve?”

Su Lingyun hesitated a bit as she said with a forced smile, “Our family’s business has just gotten better. And our income is much more than before. But who would have thought that guests would come smash it. So I began to calculate the remaining money in our hands right now. It’s only tens of thousand of yuan, it wouldn’t be enough to renovate the restaurant.”

Tang Xiu laughed involuntarily and said, “It turns out to be only this! Don’t worry! Just give the renovation matter to Banshou again. He has a lot of connections and can buy the materials for renovation at a low price. Besides, the President of this Chinese Medical Hospital invited me to be a visiting doctor in this hospital. So, for fear that I won’t comply with my promise, he gave an advance payment of 100,000 yuan. He said that it’s half a year’s salary. I’ll give the money to Banshou and the others so you don’t have to worry to about managing the renovation matter. When you’ve been discharged from the hospital, you’ll be able to reopen the business again.”

Su Lingyun said, “Son, the doctor said that it would take 2 or 3 months for my wounds to be completely healed. If we close the business for 2 or 3 months, I’m afraid… Anyway, I believe in Banshou, Dingzi, and the other children. Wait for them to recover from their wounds and give them the renovation matter, and I’ll also give them some rights to handle the business in the restaurant.”

Tang Xiu’s brows raised. He turned his head and looked at Banshou and Dingzi with a satisfied expression. Then, he said with a smile, “Okay, since my mother is willing to give this matter to you, you take care of the renovation and the business, and upgrade the decoration and the scale a little higher.”


Banshou and Dingzi immediately became overjoyed.

Their hearts were particularly moved by the trust Su Lingyun gave them. And they secretly were determined that they must expand the restaurant size with more stylish decorations and operate it better than before.

“Knock, knock…”

The door was knocked as the Inpatient Director with a few doctors in white coats came to inspect the ward. After he saw Tang Xiu, his eyes suddenly turned bright as he greeted with a smile, “Mr. Tang, I didn’t expect that you would be here! I’ll tell the canteen to make some special meals immediately!”

Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “Thank you.”

The smile on the Inpatient Department Director’s face became more brilliant. He waved and said, “You don’t need to be that polite Mr. Tang. This is the command from the President! How is it? There’s nothing wrong with your mother?”

Su Lingyun promptly replied, “I’m fine, thanks Director Wang.”

The Inpatient Department Director said with a laugh, “It’s good to hear. Then, I’ll let you back to your things. I have to go to other wards for an inspection!”

Along with the departure of the Inpatient Department Director, with a bit of complicated expression, Su Lingyun looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Xiu’er, there are things I have yet to ask you. You have an acquaintance, no?”

Tang Xiu said, “Yes, why?”

Su Lingyun suddenly tensed up and asked once again, “What’s his name? Is he surnamed Tang?”

“What do you mean?”

Tang Xiu was quite baffled with his mother’s question, but he still honestly replied, “Mom, it’s not surnamed Tang, but Long. He’s the one who arranged for you to be able to move to the VIP ward.”

The nervous expression on Su Lingyun’s face slowly receded. She nodded and said, “It’s not a surnamed Tang, that’s good. Ah right. Before you said that you have read a medical book, yes? You also have cured the patient the President was unable to cure? Is it for real? Xiu’er you have to be an honest child. If you don’t have the ability, quickly return that 100,000 yuan to him and don’t become a visiting doctor in this hospital.”

Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “Mom, don’t worry! Ever since I was a child, have you seen me doing things I cannot handle?”

Su Lingyun wanted to speak but hesitated.

Tang Xiu said with a consoling tone, “Mom, I indeed have read a lot of medical books after school. I also understand a lot about Chinese medicinal herbs properties. I did cure that little girl. Fine then, after I’ve attended the College Entrance Test, I’ll take you to visit her. Anyway, let’s drop this topic. Quickly drink the chicken soup, Mom.”

Half an hour later, Tang Xiu left the hospital. When he returned to South Gate Town, he ran across Yuan Chuling and Cheng Yannan, along with the other two girls. Tang Xiu was not familiar with the other two girls; he did not even know their names.

“Eldest Brother, you finally showed up! Are you really living in this place? Also, isn’t this way too upscale? Since we don’t live here, the security guards didn’t want to even let us enter the front gate. So I was just about to call you!” Upon seeing Tang Xiu, Yuan Chuling immediately came up and greeted him with a happy expression.

Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “The security in this place is great. Since you have come, then just go with me! About Teacher Han, I also have contacted her, that later, you can come here every night.”

Cheng Yannan looked at Tang Xiu a few times and asked with curiosity, “Tang Xiu, I can tell that you seem to have changed.”

With a confused expression, Tang Xiu replied, “Changed? What do you mean?”

Cheng Yannan said, “I sure did remember that your skin was not that white before. And I think that you are a lot taller than before! Could it be that you’ve eaten that body builder supplement stuff these past weeks?”

Tang Xiu suddenly understood. He had a cultivation breakthrough, and he indeed become taller. As for the skin, due to a lot of impurities inside his bode being discharged, his skin naturally became whiter than before.

However, in order to divert Yannan’s attention, he said with a smile, “I didn’t expect that you really observed me that intensely. What is it? You have a crush on me?”                                                                             


Cheng Yannan’s charming face turned scarlet as she hurriedly threw her face over to the side.

Yuan Chuling said with a smile full of surprise, “Eldest Brother, saying that one day apart seems like 3 years is really true. I haven’t seen you for a week or two, and your EQ just turned this high? Man, you even dare to tune and dally with a big beauty?”

“Tune your sister on will you?!”

Tang Xiu glared at him snappily as he strode toward the villa complex.

Swiping the card and having entered the villa’s courtyard, Yuan Chuling was as if seeing a new continent. He constantly looked at the scene in the courtyard. When he followed Tang Xiu into the villa’s hall, he suddenly exclaimed, “Holy Heavens! Eldest Brother, did you really rob the bank? You even live in such magnificent place! I did hear that the villas in South Gate Town were damn expensive, but I didn’t expect that it would luxurious to this degree! This villa should be priced at 9 digits, shouldn’t it?”

Tang Xiu said lightly, “Somebody gave me it, I spent not a dime.”

“No way!”

Yuan Chuling cried out in a strange expression, his saucer eyes stared as he asked, “Someone gave you this? You couldn’t be a gigolo some rich women are fostering, right?”


Cheng Yannan and the other two girls could not help but smile and laugh. Although they did feel shocked upon seeing that Tang Xiu was living in such a luxurious villa, but Yuan Chuling’s teasing was really funny. However, they could feel that Yuan Chuling and Tang Xiu’s relationship was really close.

Tang Xiu ignored Yuan Chuling and looked at Mu Qingping, saying, “They are my classmates. They will come here to study every night until the College Entrance Test. After 2 hours or so, please send us some supper.”


Mu Qingping nodded with a smile.

Yuan Chuling said with an astonished expression, “Eldest Brother, having this villa with a nanny is way too extravagant, right?”

Tang Xiu snappily said, “She is my housekeeper. You can call her Elder Sister Mu. Good, I have told Sis Mu to clean up the meeting room, we’ll make up your missed lessons there.”

At the meeting room on the first floor.

The room was 40 to 50 square meters big. It was oval-shaped with a conference table that was neatly placed with dozens of chairs. Before each of their seats there was tea waiting for them. The degree of luxury in this place made even Yuan Chuling, who was a Young Master of a rich family, become secretly tongue-tied, let alone the other two girls. It seemed that Cheng Yannan was accustomed to the situation since she did not look surprised.

“You first study on your own. I need to speak with Sister Mu first.”

Tang Xiu called and greeted them. Then, he led Mu Qingping to the corridor outside and said, “I’ve talked with Yinyin. She said that she has dropped 2 years’ worth of curriculum and she doesn’t want to go to school for the time being. But I have hired private tutors from a cram school outside. They will come here every morning, afternoon, and evening to teach Yinyin. If she can make up for the dropped curriculum, I’ll send her to school by September 1st, and I also will also be having campus life later.”

With a grateful expression, Mu Qingping looked at Tang Xiu and quietly nodded her head. She could feel the love and care Tang Xiu had toward her daughter. Then, she said, “Thank you, Mr. Tang.”

Tang Xiu waved and said, “I will call you Sister Mu later, and you call me Tang Xiu. Ah right, text me your bank account number, I’ll transfer some money to your bank account.”

Mu Qingping quickly said, “M-Mr. Tang… Tang Xiu, I have some money.”


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