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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Magical

Tang Xiu said, “That’s your money, you can keep it. Since you want to be my housekeeper, I will naturally give you money for your living cost as usual. In addition, your salary… you’re to be paid 20,000 yuan a month temporarily! Wait till I become richer, I will raise your wage again.”

For a moment, Mu Qingping was hesitant before she nodded silently.

Tang Xiu looked at Mu Qingping’s expression. He suddenly recalled the time when he was in the Immortal World and then thought that he must not buy people’s heart just like before, for the results turned out that he was deserted by friends and allies. And now since he was back to the modern world, he decided to change himself, so he continued speaking, “Sister Mu, since you want to be my housekeeper, then you are my family member. Much less that Yinyin is my apprentice. Therefore, wherever my home will be, it will be yours also. I hope that there wouldn’t be much courtesy between us later. Later on, if you have no money or have anything you need, you can tell me freely. As long as I can do it, I’ll definitely do it.”


Mu Qingping froze. A layer of mist slowly emerged in her eyes. Since her husband died in a car accident and her daughter contracted a strange illness, she sold her house afterward and no longer felt the warmth of home. And now, listening to Tang Xiu’s words, happiness hit her heart at the moment.

Having a home and also having a lot of loved ones!

Mu Qingping whispered inside her heart. In this split second, she felt closer toward Tang Xiu.

“Thank you!”

Mu Qingping’s lips wriggled a few times as she replied with a low voice as though a mosquito’s flapping wings.

Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Alright. I’ll go to them for the missed lesson make up. You can rest first!”


Mu Qingping nodded and turned away.

After a moment…

With his Spiritual Sense, Tang Xiu observed and found that Mu Qingping was back in her room and directly sat on the bed, held her knees and was crying.

A poor woman!

Tang Xiu secretly sighed in his heart. He suddenly thought of his mother as his heart turned sour immediately. At present, Mu Qingping was like this and what about his mother?! Mu Qingping only met him and he considered her as his family member, wasn’t his mother would like this also?! She had brought him up through bitter hardships. And how many hardships had she gone through? How much pain has she suffered? How many times have she cried secretly?

At this very moment, Tang Xiu secretly swore to never let his mother suffer even the slightest bit of grievance and feel wronged.

Returning to the meeting room, Tang Xiu saw that 4 people were whispering at each other. He cleared his throat and said, “Starting from tomorrow, bring all of your high school books year 1 and 2 here. My teaching method is simple. As long as you can master the skills, you will be easily able to learn all the contents inside the textbooks. Of course, after all we are facing a College Entrance Test. So I will extract all the important contents from the year 1, 2, and 3 textbooks for you and strive to make the results on your College Entrance Test significantly improve.”

Cheng Yannan held little hope for Tang Xiu’s method. Initially when Tang Xiu spoke in private with Yuan Chuling to make up for missed subjects and classes, she was brain incensed and put forward the words to study together. But, seeing such a confident expression from Tang Xiu, she did not feel that it was right to refute Tang Xiu and asked, “Then, what will we study today, Tang Xiu?”

Tang Xiu said, “Today, since you haven’t brought your year 1 and 2 textbooks, we’ll discuss about the third year contents! Language and Literature for one, needs to be accumulated, but I can tell you the key points for the College Entrance Test. If my guesses are not mistaken, it should be helpful for you guys. As for foreign language and mathematics, physics, chemistry, these four subjects. You can ask me which part you don’t understand or where you usually wrongly answer the topic in the test so I can point it out to you.”


The 4 of them opened their textbooks, and then asked out the topic they usually did not understand.

With Tang Xiu’s clear track of thinking method and structured words as well as his usage of the case analytical method, the topics they did not understand from the simplest to the most difficult, were explained to them layer by layer in reasoning.

A full of 2 hours had passed by and everyone had lost track of the time. Whenever Tang Xiu explained the problem solving for the topic, they were pleasantly surprised as they suddenly were able to figure about it clearly at once for the topics they did not understand previously. So much that if they could grasp one fundamental point, the rest would be easier to understand.

“This is so magical! Before, teacher has repeatedly explained this math problem, and I didn’t understand it. But after Tang Xiu’s explanation, I unexpectedly and suddenly understood it. It’s just like the clouds dispersed and I can see a bright sunny day. You are amazing Tang Xiu. I think your level compared to our math teacher must be way higher.” A girl named Xia Wanfen exclaimed her admiration.

In addition, the girl called Li Xiaoqian also exclaimed in admiration, “Tang Xiu has just explained a chemistry topic for me. And that’s really skillful. According to his formula in explaining the analysis, it clears up my mind for a lot of related contents. If later I run across similar topics, I can easily answer them absolutely.”

“That’s my Eldest Brother for you. He’s indeed worthy to be my idol!”

Yuan Chuling stretched out his thumb, and said with a face full of smiles.

As for Cheng Yannan, the reserved contempt inside her heart had vanished at the moment. Each topic in each discipline, Tang Xiu had explained today, it had given her a great shock. Those topics, some of them she had found the solution to, but it could not be compared to the solution approaches as explained by Tang Xiu.

It was simple and structured!

With layer upon layer of logical reasoning and analysis, it was very quick to get the correct answers.

Cheng Yannan looked at Tang Xiu and said earnestly, “Originally, I thought that by relying on my results, passing the test for a second class university would be a narrow and difficult call. But after having gone through your counseling, I have the confidence to even pass the College Entrance Test’s first class university. Tang Xiu, thanks a bunch!”

Tang Xiu waved and said, “Don’t mention it, just wait until you get excellent results from the test and be admitted to a top university, just remember to treat me to a meal when you have time later.”

“Sure thing!”

Cheng Yannan and the other 2 girls nodded repeatedly.

Yuan Chuling touched his chin and said with a laugh, “Eldest Brother, even if I don’t get admitted to the top university, I’ll treat you to a meal. Ah no, I’ll even kowtow to you for many times. My Dad and Mom also said to take you to visit our home.”

“Let’s talk about it later!” Tang Xiu said with a tranquil expression.

He did not want to see Yuan Chuling’s mother as of now. Otherwise, the matter that he had saved her and the killings would be exposed, completely. Although he was perfectly aware that Yuan Chuling’s mother had probably guessed correctly that it was him, but she did not see him again after all. Even if she guessed, she would not be 100% sure.

“Are you ready for supper?”

Mu Qingping in the apron came to the meeting room as she said with face full of smiles. At this moment, she seemed a few years younger with a radiant face.

Tang Xiu was clear that Mu Qingping was crying when she returned back to her room before. It could be said that more than 2 years of depression and feeling wronged had all been vented. Even later on, she decided to start a new life.

“Let’s eat now.”

Tang Xiu answered and led the other 4 to the dining room.

“Wow! This is really a supper? Isn’t it too sumptuous?” Xia Wanfen looked the fine dishes on the table with such appetizing fragrance that hit the nose, as she stared with big eyes and exclaimed out loud.

Yuan Chuling sat on the chair and exclaimed in admiration, “Damn, what a luxury! Not only the color, flavor, and taste of the dishes are great, even just this hotpot soup, unexpectedly uses Chinese herbal medicine. I’m so damn convinced. Eldest Brother, you are now just like an emperor! How about… I move in to live with you!”

“Request denied! I’m afraid I would be eaten thoroughly by you!”

Tang Xiu smile to sit down.

Yuan Chuling rolled his eyes and grunted twice as he began to eat.

The 4 of them ate the supper with great appetite. Because the meal was very sumptuously prepared, although each of them ate a lot but more than half of the dishes were still left.

Shortly after…

A few of them rested for a while, after which Tang Xiu began to direct them again. Until it was before dawn did the 4 of them give up to continue studying.

Looking at some weariness of the other 4, Tang Xiu asked faintly, “It’s already very late. Are you returning to school? Or will you spend the night here? If you spend the night here, you can go to the guest rooms to rest. I have got things to do tomorrow, so I can’t go to school to attend class. And have your breakfast before all of you leave.”

“This is not good!”

Cheng Yannan usually lived in school. This was her first time spending the night in a classmate’s home and felt that it was inappropriate. The other 2 girls also showed a hesitating expression.

Tang Xiu said, “If you don’t want to spend the night here, you can go back! The Real Estate Management Office should have someone on duty now and I’ll ask them whether they have a car to take you back to school.”

Yuan Chuling said loudly, “Hey, hey, it’s so late. If we go back to school now, how many hours are we gonna sleep? Tonight I won’t go back and sleep here. Eldest Brother, gimme a room. Later on after studying every night I’ll sleep here.”

Cheng Yannan looked at the other 2 girls as she finally nodded and said, “Well, since it’s so late, don’t call people from the Real Estate Management Office. I’ll stay here.”

“We’ll stay also!”

Seeing that Cheng Yannan agreed, the other 2 girls also nodded.

“As you wish! There are a lot of guest rooms here, enough for you to sleep. Sister Mu shouldn’t be sleeping now, so I’ll ask her to arrange them for you!”

Half an hour later.

Inside a guest room, Li Xiaoqian and Xia Wanfen who decided to stay in the same room took a bath, wearing their pajamas and sat side by side on the bedside, chatting.

“Xiaoqian, we have been misunderstood Tang Xiu before, big time. Unexpectedly, he let go of the past animosity, he not only helped us make up for the missed lessons, he even asked someone to prepare supper for us and let us to stay in his house. He’s really good.”

“I also have never thought that Tang Xiu would have such a good disposition like this. At first, I was worried that Tang Xiu would bicker about the matter at school. But it seems my worries were unnecessary now since he’s very amiable. That bastard Su Xiangfei has always been bad mouthing Tang Xiu behind his back. When we got back to school tomorrow we should tell everyone that those were Su Xiangfei’s lies and Tang Xiu is not such a person!”

“Hmm. I used to think that Su Xiangfei was very graceful and his academic record is also good. Never did I expect that his character is that bad. We must let the class know his true face. Ah right. Today we gained something big. If we really got good results in the College Entrance Test, we have to express our thanks and treat him to a meal and ask him to sing.”

“No problem!”


TL Notes:

It’s fasting month, and I got a flu. The flu kinda gives me bad headache and watery eyes as I barely able to read and concentrate. But anyway, since I got nothing to do, I still manage to translate some chaps (4 chaps in 2 days–not my usual pace). However, for the Monarch of the Dark Nights and Great Dao Commander, hopefully I can translate some of them when I got better. I’ve asked my friend to TLC chapter 137-140, so hopefully the accuracy won’t be far off.

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