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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 138 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: A Land with Precious Feng Shui

There was an overgrown piece of land that had been undeveloped for a long time near Star City Development Zone. It was once auctioned by the City and was sold at a very good price. Unfortunately, the businessman who bought this land was caught up with his company management issues and finally got bankrupt and left, as the government then took the land back.

Afterward, some people also wanted to buy this piece of land. However, whenever they invited those of the so-called Feng Shui Masters to help them look at the auspiciousness of the land, those people said that the Feng Shui of this piece of land was very poor.

Since businessmen believed in Feng Shui, a lot of people who wanted to buy this piece of land finally left the matter unchecked and withdrew.

In the early morning.

The first ray of sunlight rose from the horizon when 2 off-road vehicles roared and stopped in the vicinity of this land as 3 men and a woman then got off from the cars.

“I’ve handled the matters, so you can be at ease. This land is said to have a poor Feng Shui, but I don’t give a thought nor do I believe about it. However, the City Hall is anxious to sell it off, that’s the reason why I used my connections and easily bought the land at a very low price. The area is quite big, and it’s more than enough to build 10 edifices here.” Long Zhengyu who walked in the middle of the 4, pointing at the overgrown uncultivated land in front and spoke.

Chu Yi said with a faint smile, “You said that you were at ease, eh? I believe that the Long Family didn’t use substandard connections, no? Since I’ve heard that you went to the City Hall and had a drink with the leader from the government until 2 PM last night.”

Long Zhengyu said with a laugh, “Having breakfast in order to get the written approval and at the same time hitting a deal with the transaction procedures, haven’t I served them competently, right? Anyway, I’ve assigned someone to handle it. At the latest of one week, this plot of land will really be ours.”

Bai Tao said, “What I’m most concerned about is, when will Tang Xiu come? For this large business investment, I have used nearly all the reserve funds from my family. If it weren’t for my Dad knew that I have some cooperation with you, he would’ve simply rejected.”

A smiling expression hung out on Ouyang Lulu’s mouth as she said, “Bai Tao, before I have yet to join, were you seemed like you’re able to come up with more funds? Humph… before, you looked well-behaved and prudent, never did I expect that your conscience would only be at such.”


Bai Tao’s looks froze before he immediately let out a forced smile out of embarrassment, “Old friend, you can beat anyone without slapping their faces you know, you also can curse somebody without exposing their shortcomings. Damn, what you said, how could I endure this?!”

“Hahaha …”

The 3 others burst into a laughter.

Long Zhengyu said with a smile, “I called Tang Xiu in the early morning. And he said that he will rush over and catch up with us. Guys, as we have discussed about our agreement before. That 10% shares for Tang Xiu, even if later we will inject additional funds, we cannot dilute his shares.”

“Got it!”


The other three nodded in unison.

After having gotten positive answers, Long Zhengyu smiled again and said, “Our project this time, is only constructing an edifice. If we have more money in the future, we also can start another project. Tang Xiu can get the shares from this project, so he would also strive to have more other projects. Okay, let’s come down and inspect this plot of land as to how many project we can make here. And if that guy wants to make money, it’s necessary for us to tie him up onto our war chariot.”

Ouyang Lulu’s eyes brightened up as she faced Long Zhengyu and raised her thumbs up, praising, “I have long heard that the famous Young Master Long is resourceful, and is a rare outstanding talent of the business world. Today, I finally see and experience it myself. For my family, we are very much hoping that Tang Xiu and I would be able to have many cooperations.”

What Ouyang Lulu said was not false.

The night when Tang Xiu had left, she returned back to the Ouyang Family’s ancestral home to see her father and grandfather. She even found that her often disappearing mother, was also at home. Even her mother and older brother also misunderstood that she and Tang Xiu had a special relationship.

Even after she had explained it, her mother was still hoping that she and Tang Xiu would get closer.

For Ouyang Lulu, it was crystal clear for the reason why her family was hoping that she became closer with Tang Xiu. On one hand, her mother hoped that she and Tang Xiu’s relationship would develop, so that Tang Xiu would become the ideal son-in-law of the Ouyang Family. On the other hand, it was also inseparable with Tang Xiu’s identity as a cultivator.

In this world, cultivators were as rare as Phoenix’s feathers and Qilin’s horn. If any family could have a relationship with a cultivator, they would definitely benefit greatly from that. Their Ouyang Family had now been developed into one of the largest and the best families on Jingmen Island, but they also had come to a bottleneck. Thus, from Tang Xiu’s identity, it was as if they were able to see the space for bigger development.

Long Zhengyu said with a smile, “In fact, as long as Tang Xiu is tied to our train, I believe that there will be more surprises. Such as some rich and powerful people are also considering to have business cooperation and want to do Real Estate business.”

Chu Yi confused, “Which rich and powerful person?”

Long Zhengyu said with a smile, “Chen Zhizhong, the Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical’s Boss. Of course, he’s also Tang Xiu’s apprentice.”

“Say what?”

Chu Yi and Bai Tao’s complexion changed. They have sent someone to investigate Tang Xiu before and heard the rumors that he and Chen Zhizhong’s relationship was unusual. Chen Zhizhong even publicly said he was worshiping Tang Xiu as a Master. But it turned out that this matter was even true?

Ouyang Lulu squinted as she nodded and said, “What an unusual and unconventional man! For me, Tang Xiu is unfathomably deep. I believe that the surprises he’ll be giving to us, surely will be more than this.”

Half an hour later…

A taxi came roaring. When Tang Xiu got off from the cab and then saw Long Zhengyu and the others were nearby, one thing that he did not expect was the 3 people around him since he had seen them before.

“It’s you?”

Tang Xiu’s eyes swept from the Ouyang Lulu, and eventually fixated on Chu Yi and Bai Tao.

Chu Yi said with a smile, “Hello Tang Xiu. We had small problems on Jingmen Island before. But I hope you don’t mind and take that to your heart. In fact, before we went to Jingmen Island, we came to Star City first and heard about you from Long Zhengyu. I’ve always wanted to see you, but never did I expect that I would run into you in Jingmen Island.”

Bai Tao with his frank disposition was also smiled and said, “Yes! At that time, we knew that you are Tang Xiu from Long Zhengyu, and want to send you that jade pendant that time.”

Tang Xiu nodded. He also knew that matter. In fact, Chu Yi and Bai Tao had no much intercross with him since the real opponent that time was Chen Kai and Ye Taifu. Moreover, in order to be on a good term with him, Chu Yi and Bai Tao sent him such big gift for him with hardships. So he did not want to pursue the past matter and put it down.

Finally, his eyes fell on Ouyang Lulu and said with a forced smile, “And, how did you get here? Long Zhengyu said the it’s the cooperation with his 2 friends. That should be them, but how did you get together with them?”

Ouyang Lulu’s charming face turned supercilious greatly as she looked at Tang Xiu and said with a resentful and dissatisfied expression, “What’s with how I have gotten here? That 2 guys are the one who invited me to invest here. Else, do you think I wanna see a guy without conscience like you?!”

A guy without conscience?!

Long Zhengyu, Chu Yi, and Bai Tao stared blankly for a moment and looked at each other immediately.

This… why did it sound that they were flirting with each other?

After finished speaking, Ouyang Lulu also realized the problems with her words. Her graceful face turned scarlet immediately but she did not explain further.

From the beginning, Tang Xiu did not have such the thoughts. Whilst looking at a resentful and dissatisfied looks from Ouyang Lulu, he smiled wryly in secret as he said, “Forget it as to how and what you want to cooperate since I came to look at the place! Anyway, Is this the place? This place has a very good Feng Shui pattern. If we construct a large building here, no matter it is a transportation, convenient traffic and geographical position, it’s very easy to develop this place into a bustling area. But…”

Long Zhengyu promptly asked, “But what?”

Tang Xiu pointed to the immediate land, said, “But if we only want an edifice here, I think it’s quite wasteful. In my view, it’s better to construct the edifice here and then surround it with a bustling commercial ring and a high-end residential area. Take a look at that side. Even though it’s quite far away from the road to this place, the area there is bigger. If we can use it reasonably, it will boost the value of this place.”

The other 4 looked at each other.

Even in their dream, they had never thought that Tang Xiu’s views would coincide with their ideas.

Long Zhengyu probed further, “Brother Tang, according to your words, the bustling commercial ring and high-end residential area could be built here. Can you design the entire area completely?”

“It’s easy!”

Too many magnificent and breathtaking buildings Tang Xiu had ever seen. Even if he was to design it on the scoop of a gourd, he could easily do it.

Long Zhengyu immediately excited and spoke in a deep tone, “Brother Tang, we’ll go all out with your suggestion! However, our funds are limited and at the most we’re only able to build one edifice only. If the following stage is fine, we can discuss the cooperation and develop this place together.”

Tang Xiu nodded and said, “If there is a follow-up project I will participate. Ah, right. I need money now. Has Tie Long given you the money?”

Long Zhengyu said, “I’ve sent all Tie Long’s assets to be evaluated. There are a total of more than 135 million yuans. His fixed assets will be taken by my Long Family! Later on I will ask the finance company to transfer the money into your bank account.”


Tang Xiu nodded.

Although he had yet to reach the Late Stage of the Skin Strengthening Stage now, but for the future needs of medicinal herbs, precious minerals, and other things, he should prepare it. With money in his hand, if he came across them later, he would not miss it. Recalling that 1000 years-old wild ginseng before, Tang Xiu felt some sense of pity.

Suddenly, Tang Xiu’s face moved. He looked at the 4 rich people at the front and said, “All of you should come from a powerful background and you should have a lot of channels and connections. I will send you a detailed list of medicinal herbs and precious minerals. If you would like to help, please help me find those medicinal ingredients I need. As for the price, you can say that to me.”

Long Zhengyu said with a confused expression, “Brother Tang, what are you buying medicinal herbs and precious minerals for?”

Ouyang Lulu quickly said, “I know that Tang Xiu is a very skilled Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. So it should be used for medicine, no? But for those precious ores… I don’t know what he wanna do with them.”

Tang Xiu said, “I have my own use.”

Chu Yi said, “Tang Xiu, I’ll take your request and I give you my word to manage it. Once I have the news, I’ll immediately inform you.”

“Me too!” Bai Tao said.

A trace of smiling expression exposed on Tang Xiu’s face as he said, “Thank you.”

In between their conversation, Tang Xiu’s cell phone’s ringtone sounded. When he took his phone out and saw the caller ID, his face suddenly changed. After he picked up the phone, he said, “Gu Xiaoxue, it’s you at last.”


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