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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 139 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 139

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Chapter 139: A Car Driver

Gu Xiaoxue?

The few people who paid attention to the contents of Tang Xiu’s talk, stared blankly for a moment. Their vision concentrated on Tang Xiu in the instant. They were familiar with the name as a stunning and charming beauty who could topple a nation, could not help but emerge inside their mind.

“I got it. Wait for me there.”

Tang Xiu said and then hung up the phone straightly.

He looked at Long Zhengyu and said, “I have a minor urgent matter so I need to leave immediately. This plot of land is good, you can buy this place and develop it. In addition, send me the data about this land’s area, length, width, and other data after you’ve surveyed it. Once you’ve bought the land, I’ll start drawing for the architectural design.”

After having said that, he turned around and walked toward the distance.

Ouyang Lulu watched Tang Xiu deeply. She strode over and blocked Tang Xiu as she asked quickly, “Wasn’t the one who called you Gu Xiaoxue? The Little Boss of the Everlasting Feast Hall in Jingmen Island?”

“Yes!” Tang Xiu nodded.

Ouyang Lulu said, “I and Gu Xiaoxue are good sisters. Since she came to Star City and I happen to be with you, I’ll take you and meet her together.”

“No!” Tang Xiu did not think further and directly refused.

The topic he and Gu Xiaoxue were about to talk, were extremely confidential, and absolutely could not be spread to a third person’s ear. Much less that he also had already prepared to face the danger after he decided to see Gu Xiaoxue this time. In the case that Gu Xiaoxue was involved with those of his inner circle who had betrayed and persecuted him and he needed to fight by then, for him to escape later would be a problem. So, how could he have the opportunity to help and save Ouyang Lulu?

Ouyang Lulu’s complexion changed. Without her realizing, a trace of sour and acid expression and tone was brought out as she asked, “Why not? Do you have a shameful shady business you don’t want people to look at? And is it inconvenient if I’m present?”

“That’s right! It’s shameful.”

Tang Xiu nodded and said.

As low his EQ as he always been, he did not listen clearly to Ouyang Lulu’s words that contained deep meaning.

Ouyang Lulu was dumbfounded. She did not expect that Tang Xiu would reply in a such a straightforward and direct manner, which made her directly aborted the words she already prepared to say. Even she found herself to be left speechless.


After she held back for quite a long while, only then did she speak this word.

Tang Xiu shook his head and ignored Ouyang Lulu. After he turned out and walked for a few steps, his pace suddenly stopped. With a bit of weird expression, he turned and asked, “Do you really want to go with me?”


Ouyang Lulu blurted out, but in her heart, she secretly regretted for losing her own manner and calmness. She could not figure out as to why would she have a crazy stressing feeling every time she faced Tang Xiu. In the past, she could control everything. But being together with Tang Xiu, the rhythm which they intercross each other, was controlled by Tang Xiu.

This taste… made her very depressed, and way much crashing and collapsing.

Tang Xiu let out a smile but yet not a smiling expression as a light of deceitful expression flashed from his eyes. Then, he said with light smile, “Since you want to go together with me, then let’s go! But I don’t have a car, so you take me for a ride!”

“Got it!”

Ouyang Lulu took out the car key and strode toward a with Land Rover, hurriedly started and headed toward the end of the road fast. She had always been wild and domineering toward others and that white Land Rover SUV truly matched her character.


The roar of the engine echoed in the wilderness as the white Land Rover SUV was as though a white arrow as it rushed straight toward the far end of the road.

At the roadside…

Long Zhengyu, Chu Yi, and Bai Tao looked at each other with a strange expression on their faces.

“Cough, cough…”

Bai Tao raised his thumbs up with a smiling expression. He exclaimed in admiration, “Zhengyu, Tang Xiu is no longer your idol, but also this Bai Tao’s idol! What a damn mother… so damn amazing! He can even pack up Ouyang Lulu and tame this wild horse to become docile. Including Gu Xiaoxue, that ice and snow belle rushes from a far distance all the way to Star City to rendezvous with her lover! This guy is the lady killer of all single belles!”

Chu Yi let out a strange smile, “I thought that it was my guts that was mistaken. I didn’t expect that you also aware about it Bai Tao! Did you see that our old friend—Lulu’s face expression and tone?! It was really sour!”

Bai Tao let out a mischievous laughter and said, “Hehehe, I dare to swear that Ouyang Lulu will be planted in the hands of Tang Xiu, my idol. She has a keen eyesight and is a one of a kind woman. Rarely excited and unmoved, but once her true feelings are moved and aroused, tsk tsk… she will be going one way to the end.”

Listening to the two’s dialogue, on the contrary, a forced smiling expression emerged out on Long Zhengyu’s face as he said, “Having love affairs often are meddlesome. And Tang Xiu, he might have good IQ, but I can tell that his EQ is not high. It’s not necessarily a good thing for him to be hawked and entangled by so many women in the future.”


Chu Yi and Bai Tao glanced at each other and then turned their heads toward Long Zhengyu with a huge supercilious expression.

Bai Tao said with a ridicule, “Big Young Master Long, you cannot say that the grapes are sour when you can’t eat them. Whether it is Ouyang Lulu or that Gu Xiaoxue, they are exceptionally intelligent girls. It’s because Tang Xiu’s EQ is not high that attracts them to this big lady killer. If you don’t believe me, just wait and see that Tang Xiu sooner or later will lay with the intoxicated beauties down his knees, waking up with the palm of the beauties, becoming a man who has the luck with romance and women without even lifting a finger.”

“Beat it! Leave me out of that topic.”

Long Zhengyu was at a loss whether he had to laugh or cry as he said that.

Speeding along the road, inside the Land Rover SUV, Ouyang Lulu was holding the steering wheel and seemed a bit absent-minded. She was thinking deeply about the relation between Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue. She knew Gu Xiaoxue’s personality, if there was no special relationship between the two, it was impossible for her to come all the way to Star City to find Tang Xiu. She almost would not come out of the Everlasting Feast Hall, even for a half step.

“Tang Xiu went to the Everlasting Feast Hall and broken through the Thousand Revolution Array, demonstrated his extraordinary skill and shone there. Could it be that they got hooked up at that time?” Ouyang Lulu thought in depression.

“Hey, concentrate on driving.”

Tang Xiu took back his vision from the window and suddenly reminded as he found that Ouyang Lulu was absent-minded.

Ouyang Lulu glanced at Tang Xiu from the side whilst focusing on driving and pretend to ask casually, “Tang Xiu, we can be considered to have shared hardships. And also friends who lived together. Our relation should have reached the point for us to be able to ask about anything, no?”


Tang Xiu turned his face toward the window since he was unwilling to respond to Ouyang Lulu. He really did not understand, just when had he shared hardships with her?

And that living together… that was totally wrong!

That could not be considered as living together! It could only be regarded as living together under one roof. Staying inside 2 different room in one house. He even gave her the Tuina Massage for free, to help treat her wounds!

Ouyang Lulu seemed to have long been used to Tang Xiu’s indifferent and apathetic appearance. She did not angry and continued asking with a faint smile that looked like not a smile, “Since we are good friends and can talk about anything, you should talk to me. What’s your relationship with Gu Xiaoxue? Are you dating her?”

“Have a chat with your grandmother!”

These words had almost blurted out from Tang Xiu’s mouth. He did not know what relationship he had with Gu Xiaoxue now. Perhaps they were mortal and sworn enemy!”

Ouyang Lulu’s brows slanted and she said, “Silent represents that it’s a tacit approval. I didn’t expect…”

“I didn’t expect that you have a gossipy heart. Drive the car well! If you dilly dally again, I will throw you out.” Tang Xiu snapped.


Ouyang Lulu was furious. But looking at the impatient looks Tang Xiu had, she finally suppressed the depressed feeling in her heart as she looked at the front with a fierce expression and suddenly stepped deeper on the accelerator.

“You’re over speeding, you will be fined and get a penalty!”

Although he did not have a driver license, but Tang Xiu also knew this common knowledge.

Ouyang Lulu angrily said, “You want to drive?”


Tang Xiu let out a forced smile and sighed secretly in his heart. Woman’s inner world was really a seabed of needles. He really did not understand what kind of thoughts were inside this woman’s mind!

Starlight Edifice.

Gu Xiaoxue wore a white floating skirt as she carried along with her a white handbag. She was as though a fairy maiden who appeared in the mortal world, a being that was out of tune and incompatible with the noisy scenes in the surrounding. Her stunning and outstanding posture was as if a magnet that attracted all eyes of men in the surrounding, as well as sucked in the eyes of most women.

However, a chilling aura exuded out of her body, causing countless men who wanted to come up and strike up at her shrunk back.

Finally, a self-thought and feeling to be handsome and graceful guy raised his head up to strive in making his gesture to showcase his special charm as a man. He approached and said with a smile, “Young Lady, is there anything I can assist you with?”

“Go away.”

Gu Xiaoxue’s voice was very sweet, but the words she spat out made the handsome guy’s face froze. A forced and wry smile occupied his face as he immediately stepped and hid to the side.

“Hahaha, what a self-thought guy who bites more than he can chew. A frog wants to eat a swan meat, and his results is disgracing himself, no?”

“She’s really a goddess, her sex appeal is way too strong. Even those women celebrities on TV are so far away from her. This goddess is simply could not be compared to anyone.”

“If I can marry such an iceberg beauty, even if I’ll die sooner for 20 years, I’m also willing to do that!”

“Let alone 20 years, even 30 years, I’m more than willing.”

“She’s really so beautiful, she makes my heart beat so fast…”


Gu Xiaoxue wanted to turn away. But she waited for Tang Xiu to come so she fought back the urge and continued waiting. She rarely had contact with the outside world and extremely unfamiliar with the situation to appear amongst such a big crowd as well as not accustomed to be pointed by countless people.


The sudden brake sound echoed in the vicinity, attracting a lot of people’s eyes.

Tang Xiu looked at Ouyang Lulu on the passenger seat and lightly said, “Thanks for sending me here. I have important things to discuss with Gu Xiaoxue. You can go now.”


Hearing Tang Xiu’s words, Ouyang Lulu’s eyes stared so big her eyes almost popped out. With a hard-to-believe expression, she raised her arms and used her point finger to point at her nose and asked, “Do you mean… you let me to come with you, is making me to be your driver?”

“Do you have a problem?”

Asked Tang Xiu.

“F**k your own sister!”

Ouyang Lulu no longer able to bear it anymore and could not help but burst out such profane and foul words.

Tang Xiu replied muddily and carelessly, “I am the lone son, I got no sister though. Anyway, take care. I won’t send you off.”

Then, he pushed the car’s door, getting off and then walked toward Gu Xiaoxue nearby.

With a fierce expression, Ouyang Lulu stared at Tang Xiu’s back and immediately unlocked her seat belt and chased out in big strides. She did not believe that even if Tang Xiu did not welcome her, would her good friend, Gu Xiaoxue also refused her?

“Xiaoxue, I’m so glad to see you.”

Ouyang Lulu strode and sprinted to the front of Gu Xiaoxue and affectionately pulled her little hand and called out.


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