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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 140 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 140

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RFTIW is undergoing some changes. Please await further news. This was a chapter that I posted but I guess didn’t go through. We wil resume posts Monday.

Chapter 140: Solving the Doubts


Gu Xiaoxue frowned. Although she was also very happy to see Ouyang Lulu, but the things she had to discuss with Tang Xiu today were extremely important. Moreover, she felt very strange as to why Ouyang Lulu and Tang Xiu would be together. Immediately, she looked at Tang Xiu with eyes full of questions.


“I pulled her on temporarily as my driver, and I cannot throw her out. So, it’s your call.”


Tang Xiu came to the front of the Gu Xiaoxue and lightly said.


Gu Xiaoxue suddenly understood. With a bit of an apologizing expression, she looked at Ouyang Lulu and said, “Lulu, I’m also very happy to see you in Star City. But Tang Xiu and I have a very important matter to discuss, could you give us some time and leave? Yes, after this, I will return to Jingmen Island and then contact you.”




A short-circuit happened inside Ouyang Lulu’s mind. Never did she expect that Gu Xiaoxue would be this obedient to do what Tang Xiu asked! Was this her good sister?


Could it be that… Gu Xiaoxue was dead set, and really had fallen in love with Tang Xiu?


Ouyang Lulu looked at Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue. With a helpless and a quite desperate expression, she nodded and said, “Then have your chats, I’ll go first.”


The onlookers nearby, were curious upon seeing the Land Rover SUV came over. When they saw Tang Xiu and Ouyang Lulu, they became dumbfounded immediately.


Tang Xiu was directly ignored by them as 99% of their eyes fixated on Ouyang Lulu. Because this beauty, either it was her appearance or her makings, was almost comparable with that floating white skirt fairy!


“Damn! Such good cabbages are arched by the pig.”


Only at this time did those people see Tang Xiu with eyes full of intense envy.


However, they then saw Ouyang Lulu back to the Land Rover SUV, drove it and leave directly. With a blazing flame expression, they also saw Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue walk toward the back of the building.


“Have I gone blind? Or have those 2 goddesses gone blind? How the hell are they related to that brat?”


“F**k! From where does that brat come from? Even a goddess is following him?”


“Oh God. I’m brokenhearted! My dream lover has gone with another man.”


“I wanna skin and cut that f*****g bastard’s flesh. Why does he have such good luck with women?”




Tang Xiu walked along Gu Xiaoxue side by side as they tacitly understood and did not speak with each other. The 4th floor of the Starlight Edifice had a very famous viewing café in Star City as by sitting near the windows, one could see panoramic view of most of the city area.


“What are you two want to have?”


An elegant and beautiful waiter came with a professional smile hung on her face as she asked.


“White water!”


“White water!”


Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue spoke in unison.


With an astonished expression, the waiter looked at them. She did not understand as to why they came to this café only to have white water. However, the guests were Deity, so she must meet all the requests from the Deity. Then, she said without any changes in her smiling face, “Then, please wait for moment.”


Gu Xiaoxue’s beautiful eyes looked at Tang Xiu as she spoke with a sinking tone, “On the phone, I remembered that you’ve mentioned that you are the one who created the Water Block Dragon Pen and the Thousand Revolution Array, yes? Is it true?”


With his Spiritual Sense, Tang Xiu checked the surrounding and found that there were no other cultivators within several hundreds of meters. Only then did he feel relieved a bit and replied lightly, “Correct, it was I who created them!”


Gu Xiaoxue’s body instantly stiffened as she said, “As far as I know, the one who created the Water Block Dragon Pen and the Thousand Revolution Array was a Supreme from the Immortal World. He has the same name as you, Tang Xiu. Can you explain to me, what relationship the 2 of you have?”


Tang Xiu said with a sigh, “It seems like that you really know a lot. Originally, I didn’t believe that some people from the Immortal World would come to Earth. But contrary to my expectation, the fact doesn’t turn out to be so. However, before I answer your question, you must tell me, who’s your Master? Why does your Everlasting Feast Hall have the Water Block Dragon Pen and the Thousand Revolution Array?”


“Gu Yan’er. I’ve said her name to you.”


Gu Xiaoxue said.


Tang Xiu shook his head and said seriously, “What I wanna ask is not only a name. I want to know her origin.”


Gu Xiaoxue deeply looked at Tang Xiu. After having silent for a long time, only then did she reply slowly, “Since you know about the Immortal World, then I’ll tell you. My Master, she comes from the Immortal World.”


Tang Xiu suddenly stood up due to being struck with excitement from the innermost of his heart. With a slightly shivering body and his two hands on the tabletop, he tightly stared at Gu Xiaoxue’s eyes and spoke word by word, “You can eat random food, but never must you speak irresponsible words! There’s a spatial barrier between Earth and the Immortal World. Moreover, there’s no channel coordinate to Earth in the Immortal World. So how come your Master—she came to Earth?”


Gu Xiaoxue refused to be condescendingly treated by Tang Xiu. She stared back at him and said, “Naturally, my Master has her own methods. I already answered your questions, now is your turn to answer mine.”


Tang Xiu fell into a silence. He sat back to his seat and slowly closed his eyes.


After a long time…


Tang Xiu opened his eyes again with bright light flashed from his eyes. Then he said indifferently, “I want to ask you the last question. If your answers are to my satisfaction, I’ll answer your questions.”


“Do ask!”


Gu Xiaoxue knitted her brows, but still, she replied.


Tang Xiu asked, “Have you heard about the names of Fairy Wanhua, Great Emperor Danqing, and Zither Demon Jiuyao?”


Fairy Wanhua?


Great Emperor Danqing?


Zither Demon Jiuyao?


A cold murderous aura exuded from Gu Xiaoxue’s body as she spoke in a sinking tone, “For countless of times have I heard my Master says these names in her unconscious state. They are all damned, they are all must die!”


They must die?!


Tang Xiu’s heart got struck with a tremor as he could feel the murderous aura from Gu Xiaoxue.


In this split moment, he finally determined that his beloved apprentice was still alive. Not only was she alive, but she also knew what happened to him. More importantly, she hated those damned bastards who had betrayed him, even she had strong killing intention toward them.




The most worried things Tang Xiu had felt did not happen. This made his heart full of gratified feeling as the missing feeling he had toward his apprentice, the person he fostered and brought up, was also increasing.


He looked at Gu Xiaoxue and seriously said, “It was by chance and accident arising from many causes that went to the Immortal World. For 10,000 years living in the Immortal world and with a snap of the fingertips, it was gone. Perhaps my fate has nothing to owe as I did not vanish and my soul and consciousness returned back to Earth. In this very life of mine, I have people I abhor the most as well as have someone who I miss the most. I have once received a disciple. Her name is Gu Yan’er and I’m the one who bestowed her this name, and also fostered and brought her up. Unfortunately, …”


Gu Xiaoxue suddenly stood up. Her body trembled violently as she looked at Tang Xiu who was full of recollecting his memories. Disregarding the gaze of everyone’s eyes inside the coffee shop toward her, she circled around the table and directly knelt and exclaimed with a trembling voice, “Grand Disciple Gu Xiaoxue, pays respect to the Grand Master.”


Tang Xiu hastily asked, “Your master… is she really my disciple?”




Gu Xiaoxue’s answer was particularly firm.


Tang Xiu asked again, “Where is she?”


Gu Xiaoxue said, “Everlasting Feast Hall.”


Tang Xiu’s pupil shrunk. And without hesitation, he said, “Let’s go to Jingmen Island now! And immediately go to the Everlasting Feast Hall!”


Time flew like an arrow!


Being a Master and but also a father, he finally obtained the news of his disciple. He could not wait and wish that he could grow wings and immediately flew to the Everlasting Feast Hall in Jingmen Island to see his disciple. He wanted to ask, why there was no news from her in the past, and why was he unable to find her for thousands of years?


Gu Xiaoxue stood up from the floor but she did not follow Tang Xiu to go outside. The hanging expression of wanting to speak could be seen on her face, but she hesitated to do so. Upon seeing that Tang Xiu had went out for a dozen steps, she said with a forced smile, “Grand Master, could you please wait?”


Tang Xiu stopped his pace as he turned around and asked with a surprised expression, “How haven’t you walked out?”


Gu Xiaoxue calmly walked toward Tang Xiu’s side as she smiled wryly, “Grand Master, let’s go back to our seat first. There are some things I have yet to tell you. When I have finished telling you those, you can decide whether we have to go to Jingmen Island now.”


Tang Xiu’s brows knitted. He glanced at Gu Xiaoxue a few times, only then did he return back to the seat and sat down. Whilst looking at Gu Xiaoxue in front of him, he said, “Tell me, I’m listening.”


Gu Xiaoxue nodded slightly. She sorted out her next thoughts and then said, “Grand Master, have you heard about the Space Magic Array?”


Space Magic Array?


Wasn’t this the thing that the Shade Demon Zhu Wushou had never been passed on and spread out? Zhu Wushou was one of the strongest Late Stage Supreme in the Immortal World who comprehended the mystery of time and space and created a powerful masterpiece of array, the “Space Magic Array”. In the Immortal World, if ones were to ask whose speed was the fastest and who had always researched about the strangest things, the answer without a doubt would be this Demon Shade Zhu Wushou.


“I know!”


Tang Xiu nodded and said.


Gu Xiaoxue slowly said, “Thousands of years ago, my Master took a huge risk to infiltrate Time Island and thought of every means and effort to scheme against the Shade Demon Zhu Wushou, and became his direct disciple in order to obtain the array chart of this Space Magic Array from him there. She fully focused on comprehending this array for a number of millennium, and then, Zhu Wushou also chased her for thousands of years afterwards. Finally, she was able to thoroughly comprehend the secret of Space Magic Array. However,the last time she used this formation array, Zhu Wushou severely injured her with his Twilight Nightmare.”


“What did you say?”


Tang Xiu’s complexion greatly changed as all the suspicion and doubts within his heart all disappeared.


He finally understood as to why his apprentice was able to come to Earth. Amongst all the Supremes in the Immortal World, if there was one person who had a glimmer of hope to arrive on Earth, the person undoubtedly was Zhu Wushou for he was the one who comprehended the secret of time and space. And if there was his involvement and Zhu Wushou had some accounts to settle with him, he might be able to find Earth. However, when Tang Xiu was in the Immortal World, he only had a few contacts with him and there was no debt to account between them.


Moreover, if he wanted to calculate the Earth’s space coordinate, he must possess an ability. That was, learning the ultimate secret of the Heavenly Emperor’s Star Movement Divination Art, otherwise Zhu Wushou would not be able to come to Earth.


Tang Xiu could confirm that his beloved apprentice not only had learned the Space Magic Array, but she also had learned the Heavenly Emperor’s Star Advancement Divination Art there.


“Have you finished?”


Tang Xiu looked deeply at Gu Xiaoxue as he asked with a sinking tone.


Gu Xiaoxue nodded and said, “Little do I know about my Master’s matter. And those are everything I know of.”


Tang Xiu got up again and said, “Let’s go! To Jingmen Island.”


When they arrived at the airport by car, Tang Xiu was depressed. There were only 2 flights to Jingmen Island every day, and the last flight had already taken off 20 minutes ago. If he wanted to go to Jingmen Island today, he need to find another way.


However, the time to take another way would take a lot of time. And this was an unbearable kind of suffering for Tang Xiu who was impatient.


“There’s someone I could think of for the help!”


With her floating white skirt, Gu Xiaoxue said with a thoughtful expression as she stood at Tang Xiu’s side.


“Who can you think of?” Asked Tang Xiu.




I translated the last 7 chapters in bad headache and watery eyes state due to my flu… so I might change some terms or names in this chapter later after I got better and re-read the chapters.

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