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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: Ouyang Lulu was Shocked


A trace of a smile was revealed on Gu Xiaoxue’s face. In a flash, the image of her iceberg beauty collapsed as it was replaced by the gentle bearing of a beauty that could topple a nation.


“Ouyang Lulu is a rich woman and she also has mysophobia. What she dislikes the most is to take a ride on someone else’s vehicle, and spend money to take public passenger planes. If my guess is correct, since she drives her own car, that means that she has taken her own private jet in coming here from Jingmen Island.”


Tang Xiu stared blankly and said, “She must’ve taken her own car? Today, she gave me a ride and acted as my driver with her own car, didn’t she?


Gu Xiaoxue hurriedly said, “No, it’s not. Her car has a license plate, but not that temporary license plate one. What she took today was only her temporary car.”


Tang Xiu said with a surprised expression, “You noticed it?”


With a shallow smile, Gu Xiaoxue said, “My observation skill has always been good.”


Because she had determined Tang Xiu’s identity, she was quite a bit closer to Tang Xiu. Gu Yan’er adopted her since she was a child, brought her up, educated her, and instilled the concept of respecting and honoring her Master deep inside her innermost soul. She knew that Tang Xiu adopted her Master. If there was no Tang Xiu, her Master would not exist, and without her, she would not exist today.


Tang Xiu took his mobile and dialed Ouyang Lulu’s number.


“What is it?”


Ouyang Lulu’s unhappy voice came out of the phone.


Tang Xiu felt quite awkward. Somehow he felt like he was a man who only “called someone in time of need, and threw them out when he did not need them”. Therefore, his attitude now was much friendlier than before. With a particularly gentle tone, he said, “Lulu, I wanna ask you something. How is it going with your matter in Star City?”




On that side, the anger on Ouyang Lulu’s face instantly froze. It was the first time Tang Xiu called her like this. With eyes full of disbelief, she held the phone and asked, “What kind of damn wacky plot do you have now? I will tell you, this lady absolutely won’t work as your driver again!”


She did bite this “driver” word heavily.


Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “I do have something that needs your help. If you can help me, then you’ll be my friend afterward.”




Ouyang Lulu replied with a surprised tone.


With an assuring tone, Tang Xiu gave his guarantee, “It’s true! Just like real gold!”


Ouyang Lulu happily said, “Then do say! What do you want my help for?”


Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “Actually, it’s no big deal! I have an urgent matter and need to go to Jingmen Island. But the airport’s last flight has already left today. I heard from Gu Xiaoxue that you have your own private jet. I wanna borrow your private jet to Jingmen Island. How about it? Can you help me?”


“Gu Xiaoxue? You called me to kiss her ass?! No way!”


A trace of sorrow and grief surfaced on Ouyang Lulu’s heart as she pretended to yell out a resentful tone. After having realized that her mind was not on the right track, she promptly added, “But if you tell me something nice and pleasant to hear, I’ll immediately rush to the airport and take you to Jingmen Island right away, how about it?”


Tang Xiu blinked. His mind was full of confusion.


Was this girl mental?


She wanted him to say something nice to her?


Wasn’t she called Ouyang Lulu? He called her Lulu once and she already became this intimate. Just because it was pleasant to hear? He must say something that pleasant to hear?


“Ouyang Lulu said that I must say something nice to hear! What should I tell her?” Tang Xiu turned to look at Gu Xiaoxue as he asked with a puzzled expression.


In fact, Gu Xiaoxue could hear the contents of Tang Xiu and Ouyang Lulu’s conversation. Upon seeing that confused expression in Tang Xiu’s eyes, she turned supercilious inside. She did not know whether Tang Xiu was silly or faking it. Ouyang Lulu was a young lady, her temper had come up and she deliberately teased him, but he actually could not realize it.


However, Ouyang Lulu usually was a proud princess as she had always been. How could she create such difficulties for the Grand Master this time? Was it because Grand Master had made her his driver and that made her unhappy?


Gu Xiaoxue’s mind went blank. For quite a long time she thought, before she replied with a low voice, “Grand Master, praise her saying she’s beautiful and has a good bearing. Tell her that everyone loves her just like seeing a blooming flower…”




With a strange expression, Tang Xiu looked at Gu Xiaoxue and said on the phone according to her suggestion, “Lulu, you are one of a kind beauty and very beautiful, you have a good bearing, and everyone loves you just like seeing a blooming flower to behold. You… you have a Buddha’s heart. Now you can take us to Jingmen Island, right?”


At the other side…


Gu Xiaoxue could only admire her Grand Master. She had never thought that Tang Xiu would exactly copy-paste the words she had just taught him. Couldn’t he come up with something new and said something better to hear?


She knew perfectly well about Ouyang Lulu’s character. She believed that Ouyang Lulu definitely would not be satisfied with hearing such words, perhaps would even continue to make things difficult for Tang Xiu.


At the other side, Ouyang Lulu’s angry expression finally disappeared thoroughly. With a grin out of joy, she spoke through the phone, “Consider that done! Since this great aunt of yours feels happy now, I’ll help you once this time, albeit reluctantly. Do bear in mind that you are this Ouyang Lulu’s friend later. A kind of friend who you can never keep any secrets from and are able tell me everything, yes?”




Tang Xiu’s reply was simple and clear.


Ouyang Lulu said, “Now wait at the airport, I’ll immediately catch up.”


Tang Xiu put away the phone as he looked at Gu Xiaoxue and said, “Ouyang Lulu is immediately catching up. Let’s wait for her here.”


A short circuit happened inside Gu Xiaoxue’s brain.


With an inconceivable expression, she looked at Tang Xiu. Even as she racked her brain, she could not figure out as to why Ouyang Lulu—such a proud and arrogant princess—could forgive Tang Xiu that easily. She even complied and promised so happily. She suddenly felt that she had entered some kind of illusion. What kind of magic did her Grand Master cast over Ouyang Lulu?


Half an hour later.


Ouyang Lulu, with her black leather boots, stepped forward and rushed. She was wearing shiny black leather clothing, even her cloak was also black.


Tang Xiu looked at Gu Xiaoxue who was in full white attire. And then at Ouyang Lulu who was in a full black one. Despite everything that he had no potential of becoming such of “a prodigal son”, he still felt that the present scene was bright, giving off a brave and stunning feeling.


“Do I look good?”


Ouyang Lulu let out a gentle smile and turned around in circle in front of Tang Xiu. Her black windproof cloak was fluttering. She looked very cool and graceful, giving off some kind of a natural wild and vigorous feeling that added to her charm.


“You look great!”


At the moment, Tang Xiu did not say something against his feeling as he nodded and answered sincerely.


Ouyang Lulu smiled with satisfaction. Then, she immediately walked toward Gu Xiaoxue’s side and held her arm intimately, “Xiaoxue, have you finished discussing your things?”


“Mmm!” Gu Xiaoxue gave a slight nod.


Ouyang Lulu said with laugh, “Tell me if Tang Xiu dares to bully you! Although this guy usually acts like an annoying arrogant chap, but he’s warm hearted. But since I’ve become one of his circle of people, I have plenty of means to straighten him up.”


Gu Xiaoxue quickly said, “Lulu, don’t say that to the Grand Master.”


“Your what?”


Ouyang Lulu’s expression turned blank as she rubbed her ears hard.


Was that a hearing hallucination?


Yes! It must be, she only heard things!


Ouyang Lulu said, “Xiaoxue, Tang Xiu is really a good bully. As long as you have something wrong with him, you can tell me. I can make him beg for mercy.”


Gu Xiaoxue glanced at Tang Xiu as she said with desperation, “Lulu, Grand Master is broad-minded. He’s really good to others. You cannot speak like that again later. Or else… else I’ll be angry with you.”


With a shocked expression, Ouyang Lulu pointed at Tang Xiu and exclaimed, “Y-y-you… what did you call Tang Xiu? You called him Grand Master? Did I not hear you wrongly? You really called him Grand Master? H-h-he… H-h-how could he inexplicably become your Grand Master?”


Gu Xiaoxue nodded and said seriously, “He’s really my Grand Master. My Master’s Master. Lulu, if you wanna still be friends with me, you must respect my Grand Master.”


Ouyang Lulu was stunned by Gu Xiaoxue’s words. Never once had she ever dreamt that Tang Xiu would be Gu Xiaoxue’s Grand Master, even her Master’s Master.


How old was Tang Xiu?


Gu Xiaoxue was brought up by her Master. Her Master’s age was at least twice her age, wasn’t it? A 40-year-old woman, actually called Tang Xiu as Master?




Since Gu Xiaoxue did not explain further, Tang Xiu naturally would not explain. They remained silent whilst watching Ouyang Lulu’s shocked expression.


“Xiaoxue, you haven’t answered my question.” After quite a long time, only then did Ouyang Lulu shake Gu Xiaoxue’s arm and ask.


“I can’t answer this question.” She said and continued, “Except, I hope you won’t tell this matter to another’s ears, even if it’s your family.”


Only now did Ouyang Lulu realize that there were too many secrets between Gu Xiaoxue and Tang Xiu. She was struck by torrents of curiosity that was scratching her heart and strongly sparked her interest. However, she forcefully suppressed it due to Gu Xiaoxue’s words. After having been silent for a long time, only then did she slowly nodded, “I promise that I’ll bury this matter deep inside my heart.”


Tang Xiu then said, “Let’s go now! I’m really in a hurry.”


Ouyang Lulu looked at him deeply. The more she knew him, the more she felt that she could not see through him. For her, Tang Xiu sent out a strong magnetic force, and her interest on him became more intense and she became more deeply attracted to him, causing her to want to reveal all layers of fog that shrouded Tang Xiu.


At Star City Airport, Ouyang Lulu led Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue and passed through the VIP passage, as the airport’s personnel drove a car and took them to the airport apron. A small silver-colored private jet then appeared in front of Tang Xiu. It had a streamlined body, with red lines that formed a gorgeous pattern of a peony. Its pair of wings opened as though it was a big bird on the ground.




A man with a mature aura exuded from his body held a stack of documents and waited under the ladder.


Ouyang Lulu asked, “Have you applied the taking off procedures to the airport management?”


He respectfully replied, “I’ve submitted the application. They have given the approval; we can take off in 15 minutes. The pilot and stewardesses have been waiting in the cabin.”




Ouyang Lulu replied and led Tang Xiu to board the ladder.


The interior was luxurious, with a soft carpet, spacious leather sofa, and upscale furniture. Despite his ignorance for the value of this private jet. However, not only Tang Xiu secretly praised it, he also could see that it was absolutely luxurious by looking from the interior.


“What do you think? Is my private jet good enough?”


With a slight proud expression hung on her face, Ouyang Lulu swept over toward Tang Xiu.


Tang Xiu replied with a light reply, “It’s not bad.”


In his eyes, a “not bad” evaluation was already a hard-to-come-by evaluation. And Ouyang Lulu did not understand such a disposition he had. However, Gu Xiaoxue was crystal clear about it. Tang Xiu, after all, was but a Supreme in the Immortal World. He was above hundreds of millions of people, and strong and powerful people at that. What kind of luxurious scenes had he yet to see?




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