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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 50 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Jia Ruidao Asks for Help


Tang Xiu had only just bought this phone with the money he won after he played slot machines at the Health and Prosper Club. Thus, only an extremely few amount of people knew Tang Xiu’s phone number.


Apart from Yuan Chuling, Banshou, Dingzi and his gang, and Long Zhenglin only knew Tang Xiu’s number from Yuan Chuling. These people’s number also had been stored in his phonebook.


But besides the call from Yuan Chuling, there were also 2 other unfamiliar phone numbers. These 2 phone numbers unexpectedly also had called Tang Xiu 17 times.


One number called Tang Xiu 3 times while the other one had called for 14 times. Tang Xiu also thought that these 2 people were unlikely to have made a wrong call.


“It’s only been a day, how could there be 60 phone calls to find me? What happened?” Tang Xiu’s heart sank, as he prepared to dial Yuan Chuling’s number.


Seeing the missed calls, Yuan Chuling was the one who called him the most times. He had called Tang Xiu 50 times.


But when Tang Xiu had yet to dial Yuan Chuling’s number, his cell phone already rang and the caller ID was Yuan Chuling. He couldn’t help but smile and quickly press the answer button.


“Eldest Brother, you finally are willing to answer the phone. Teacher Han almost drove me crazy. When you left school that day, she also went out to chase you…”


After the phone was connected, Yuan Chuling impatiently spoke and didn’t wait for Tang Xiu to speak.


But Tang Xiu felt that something was a bit wrong. He obviously only left school for a day. But from Yuan Chuling’s words, why would it seem that he had left school for a long time?


With a puzzled expression, Tang Xiu glanced at the time on the phone. His eyes instantly turned wide. Because the date shown was 10 days since he entered the villa.


“It turned out that I accidentally entered a state of epiphany. No wonder my strength was enhanced this fast.” Recalling the degree of the strength promotion he got, Tang Xiu finally understood.


“Fatty, apart from Teacher Han, is there anything else that happened?” Since Yuan Chuling chattered for a long time without telling any important things, Tang Xiu could not help but frown, as he interrupted Yuan Chuling’s babbling.


“Teacher Han originally wanted to talk with your Mom that you skipped classes. But I prevented her. I said that it would be bad to tell her. Since Auntie is very fond of you, once she learned that you ditched school, Auntie would get sick and must be treated in the hospital.”


“There’s one other important thing, I have repeatedly guaranteed to Teacher Han that you went out to study. There would neither be any danger nor would it affect your academic performance.”




10 days ago, although Tang Xiu handed the leave slip to Han Qingwu, he had said that he would leave for half a month or so. But Han Qingwu clearly didn’t want to approve it. But Tang Xiu slipped away since she didn’t respond for a moment.


Han Qingwu was unable to catch up with Tang Xiu in the classroom and she could not help but to chase him until the school gate. But she still did not see Tang Xiu and could only reluctantly return to the Grade Section Main Office. She was also thinking of to how to deal with this.


But when she attended afternoon class, Han Qingwu heard that there was a car accident at the car-free zone area nearby. As if she recalled that it was Tang Xiu, and although she had yet to hear about victims, Han Qingwu’s heart was as if it were being hanged. She called Yuan Chuling without hesitation to ask him to contact Tang Xiu.


But after Tang Xiu bought the phone, he directly set the phone into silent mode as to avoid being disturbed. So unless Tang Xiu was holding the phone and saw the screen, he basically won’t receive the call. Even though Han Qingwu and Yuan Chuling called him for tens of times, nobody picked it up.


Although nobody picked up Tang Xiu’s phone, however, his phone was on. This also made Han Qingwu and Yuan Chuling feel relieved. Since the phone was not shut down, at least it proved that Tang Xiu was safe.


Since she couldn’t get to him through the phone, Han Qingwu was still not at ease. She then tracked Tang Xiu’s family address to find Su Lingyun.


But due to Yuan Chuling’s preventive actions beforehand, Han Qingwu was particularly cautious when she chatted with Su Lingyun. She did not disclose the ditching classes issue that Tang Xiu had done, but rather asked about Tang Xiu’s family situation. She also, at the same time, approached Su Lingyun and reported about Tang Xiu’s good performance’s promotion.


“Fatty, thanks.” After listening to Yuan Chuling, Tang Xiu was really grateful. He knew that he had caused much trouble for Yuan Chuling and Han Qingwu because he disappeared for 10 days.


“Eldest Brother, we are brothers. You don’t need to act like a stranger. But if you don’t come back, I guess I also can’t stand it.” Yuan Chuling smiled as he then added, “Eldest Brother, if it’s convenient, you’d better call Teacher Han. Because of you, she was not herself all this time. Drinking, eating, teaching, she always looks dazed. She has turned pale and thin.”


“I know, I’ll call her.” Tang Xiu was still hesitant to call Han Qingwu that he was safe. But hearing Yuan Chuling’s reminder, he instantly made up his mind.


After hanging up Yuan Chuling’s call, Tang Xiu immediately dialed the number that had called him 14 times. Although Tang Xiu also didn’t know whose number was it, but he had a faint feeling that this must be Han Qingwu’s.


“Hello, Hello.” After the phone is connected, a unique, clear, and sweet woman’s voice answered.


After hearing Han Qingwu’s voice, Tang Xiu didn’t even know what to say.


“Tang Xiu, are you Tang Xiu? You quietly left the school. You didn’t go home. Where have you been exactly? If you don’t care about yourself, at least think of your mother…”


The phone paused for a moment and then Han Qingwu’s roars full of grievances were transmitted.


After Han Qingwu unconsciously greeted the call, she realized that something wasn’t right. She immediately looked at the phone number, and then found out the owner’s identity.


The poor Tang Xiu was so shocked that even his ear turned numb. It was because he was tense and attached the phone very close to his ears and listened attentively.


Upon hearing the very familiar complaining voice, Tang Xiu didn’t get angry and instead showed a happy smile.


Although Han Qingwu was angry and scolded him, but hidden concern and love were carried along with her words. Having this kind of feeling really was enjoyable for Tang Xiu.


Tang Xiu originally wanted to explain, but when he found no opportunity to interrupt her, he shut his mouth and concentrated on listening to Han Qingwu.


“Hey, you are Tang Xiu, aren’t you? Speak something will you?” Han Qingwu had spoken for a long time. Only after the other had not even responded did she come into realization that she was just talking to herself, while the other side didn’t even reply. She realized that she was losing her manner while also worrying that it was a wrong number.


Upon hearing Han Qingwu’s words, Tang Xiu almost burst into laughter. He could almost imagine what kind of tense expression Han Qingwu had on at this time.


“Teacher Han, it’s me. I’m really sorry. I’ve been busy studying all these time, so I put my phone on silent mode and put it somewhere. I didn’t hear the phone ring.” Tang Xiu didn’t joke with her and patiently explained.


“You … how come you turned into a delinquent and have no manners? You also dared to threaten a teacher and said that you’ll transfer school if your leave is refused. Where the hell have you learned such sh*ty behavior huh?” Hearing Tang Xiu’s light and casual explanation, Han Qingwu almost choked. She wanted to curse at first. But she recalled Su Lingyun’s words when she visited her, causing her heart to turn soft.


Feeling the softness and weak voice from Han Qingwu, the deepest part of Tang Xiu’s heart was deeply touched.


“Teacher Han, don’t be angry. You’ll be sick because of anger. Please don’t mind it.” After the silence for a moment, Tang Xi intentionally teased her.


“Why don’t you die for me?!” Tang Xiu had just spoken, as Han Qingwu’s roar broke out from the phone and bang. The phone was hung up.


“She’s fine.” Han Qingwu seemed to have returned to her usual self. Tang Xiu also felt relieved and then dialed the last phone number.


“Excuse me, may I ask whether you’re Master Tang? My master is currently handling the table. He is temporarily unable to receive the phone. However, my Master has encountered trouble on Jingmen Island and wants to ask for Master Tang’s assistance. If Master Tang complies and is willing to take the trip, I will immediately arrange to book the plane ticket.”


After the phone was connected, the receiver respectfully greeted Tang Xiu and told his intention excitedly. He didn’t even give the time for Tang Xiu to ask the others’ identities.


It was very obvious that he had long been trying to contact Tang Xiu and seemed to have encountered big trouble. Otherwise, he would have given the opportunity for Tang Xiu to speak.


“Who is your master?” Tang Xiu was suspected that the man wrongly mistakened him. But he didn’t immediately hang up the phone and asked instead.


“Uh… my Master is Jia Ruidao. 10 days ago, my Master had a gambling game with you at the Long’s Dining Hall. When Master came back, he told us about you. So we also know about you. Master fell into a difficult situation 3 days ago. He might not only lose everything but also could lose his life. We really ask for Master Tang’s assistance to help Master.” The man anxiously replied.


“I’m sorry. I think you found the wrong person. Although I have had a gambling bout with Grandmaster Jia, but my gambling skill is not at his level. If Grandmaster Jia is unable to solve the problem, I certainly am unable to help.” After he figured out the whole story, Tang Xiu hung up the phone without hesitation.


Although he won and also admired Jia Ruidao’s abilities at the Long’s Dining Hall, but Tang Xiu didn’t feel that his friendship with him had reached such a deep degree.


Besides, Tang Xiu didn’t like gambling. He hated it instead. If it were not because he was in need of money, he would have neither entered the Health and Prosper Club nor promised to help Long Zhenglin to gamble against Jia Ruidao.

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