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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 52 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: The Ultimate Madness


People from ancient times have said: “Without sufficient wealth, it would be very difficult to raise anything.”


In the primary stages of cultivation, one’s thoughts and time should be used to the greatest extent in cultivation. Resulting in that there would be no time to make money. But lacking in cultivation resources would also make one’s cultivation path very difficult. Right now Tang Xiu was poor and had no cultivation resources at all.


Although he had an elegant villa in South Gate Town due to luck and coincidence, but it was others’. However, he also liked the villa’s location as well as its decoration. He was also reluctant to sell this villa. The villa was half-forcefully given to him by Long Zhengyu, and it was impossible for Tang Xiu to sell it, else he would be looked down and despised by Long Zhengyu.


Tang Xiu had no means to set up other homes since his savings was less than 10,000 yuan. He really could be said to be an extremely poor cultivator.


If it were not for Long Zhengyu promising to fully help him out in building the Heavenly Palace, Tang Xiu knew that he would have no way to have his own land for cultivation.


Fortunately, although Tang Xiu’s cultivation was still in its primary stages, but he was not by any means a genuine green cultivator. So he could totally focus his time and mind to make money rather than only use them to cultivate only.


“It seems that I have to start making my own business!” After thinking hard for a long time, Tang Xiu stopped frowning as an idea crossed his mind.


The idea in Tang Xiu’s mind was not the gambling that Yuan Chuling had recommended him, but rather picking the path of concocting pills business, of which he excelled at.


Although coming up with concocted pills from the Immortal World would be too shocking of an effect when selling them on Earth, while the materials and ingredients for magical potions also might not be found on Earth, but this didn’t hinder Tang Xiu from doing whatever he needed. He could carry on the plan to alter and change the concocted pills’ processing according to Earth’s actual situation. So his products could be completely accepted and popular amongst the people on Earth.


“Food and beverages businesses consume too much time and energy. Besides, if I want to expand the business on a big scale, it would need a huge amount of money, unless I cooperate with others.”


The first idea in Tang Xiu’s mind was to improve the seasoning recipes. And make money through the culinary industries. He thought about it but then hesitated, because the seasoning recipes itself were not sold for high prices. Only after it was applied to food and beverages’ products would it sell at a sky-high price. And to the present situation, Tang Xiu couldn’t afford to jump into the culinary business.


Cooperating with others was actually a good way. But he would be most likely others’ subordinates while getting someone else’s trust was also not an easy thing.


“Apart from food and beverages, there is also liquor, cosmetics, and healthcare products.” Tang Xiu racked his brain and also thought of the possibilities to apply the concocted pills into other fields of business.


But Tang Xiu found that he knew nothing about these areas as he suddenly had a headache.


“Eldest Brother, you’re only sitting in the classroom. Could it be that you haven’t found something unusual    for a long time?” After the bell rang, Yuan Chuling put down his book as he pushed Tang Xiu’s arms and whispered.


“Huh? What particular things should I find?” Tang Xiu was puzzled to hear Yuan Chuling’s question as he asked with a confused expression.


Having heard that, Yuan Chuling looked at Tang Xiu with a beaten-by-you expression. He then leaned on and whispered to Tang Xiu’s ear, telling him about the recent occurrences in Tang Xiu’s class.


However, Yuan Chuling had yet to speak but Tang Xiu suddenly stood up as he walked outside the classroom.


Yuan Chuling was astonished as he opened his mouth wide and wanted to ask Tang Xiu’s reason. But when his eyes looked at the beautiful figure outside the classroom, he immediately curled his lips and shut his mouth.


“What a damn play… I thought you really couldn’t find Cheng Yannan since she didn’t come for the first class session.”  Seeing Tang Xiu walking toward Cheng Yannan, a pondering expression was cast on Yuan Chuling’s face.


“He’s been gone for 10 days. But Eldest Brother has become this bold and unrestrained like this. Damn… is he not afraid to be gossiped by the other students?” Yuan Chuling thought as he stood up and slowly walked outside the classroom.


Yuan Chuling and Tang Xiu’s seats were at the furthest corner in the classroom. Since the both of them had seen Cheng Yannan’s arrival, the others naturally saw her.


Although Cheng Yannan was 6 months earlier than Tang Xiu in entering Class 10, but her beautiful looks and frank character had been recognized, and won over everyone’s heart. She was even rated as the top 10 belles of Star City First High School. Almost half of Class 10’s boys liked her.


But seeing Tang Xiu directly approach Cheng Yannan made the other boys suddenly nervous.


It was near graduation time. A lot of boys students who saw that they were hopeless in the College Entrance Test, were preparing to confess to their favorite girls and hoped to have a lively love life before graduation.


Cheng Yannan of Class 10 was the target for countless male students’ intentions for love confessions. At the same time, they were also planning that they would confess to her while also secretly guarding against each other who wanted to approach her.


“Tang Xiu! Cheng Yannan is mine! You must give up on her!”


“Damn, a toad wants to eat a swan. Get the hell out of my way!”


“We—these brothers even have yet to confess to her. Your turn is not coming yet!”


When Tang Xiu had just walked to the classroom’s door, a few boys stopped him. They looked at Tang Xiu with a teasing look. The surprising thing was that even Su Duanxin and Tan Liquan were amongst them.


While Su Duanxin and Tan Liquan were stopping Tang Xiu, Su Xiangfei pulled out a bunch of roses behind his back as he jumped out and ran toward Cheng Yannan with a happy expression.


“Hey, make way!!! Cheng Yannan is in danger!” When Tang Xiu saw a few of his classmates rushed to block in front of him, he had the thought to kick them out one by one, but also worried that his relationship with them would be deadlocked, so he couldn’t help but snap at them with a soft voice.


“Huh? Do you think we’re ghosts or 3-years-old child?”


“Even if Cheng Yannan is in danger, it is not your turn to save her! The Class Pres has already jumped to become a hero to save the princess.”




Upon hear Su Duanxin, Tan Liquan and the others ridiculed him, Tang Xiu knew that he had overestimated this group of classmates’ IQ. He was very much regretting that he didn’t quickly throw this group of stupid bastards and kicked them out to the garbage heap.


The next moment, a person’s shadow jumped over from midair and heavily fell to the floor. Followed by the landing of this person, the other shadows also fell down one after another from the air like rain.


“If you don’t wanna f*****g die, make way! Otherwise, you all will die just like this f*****g brat!” When everyone still hadn’t figured out and were unable to react to what happened, a shocking loud roar suddenly resounded in the corridor outside, followed by a fierce-looking man full with a beard that appeared in everyone’s sight.


By this time, everyone saw that a man was holding Cheng Yannan’s hands in the back with a dagger on her neck.


The thrown out figure turned out to be Su Xiangfei, who was the one fastest to run out of the classroom. The prepared bouquet of roses he had been prepared to give to Cheng Yannan were just like a rose rain that had fallen to the floor, as he himself also fainted in an instant.


Suddenly, the accident occurrence turned all the students scared and sh**less, as the noisy classroom also quieted down in an instant.


Although Class 10 had the worst discipline amongst the third year classes, and most of the boys also were delinquents and were used to the fighting and ditching classes, but they were after all only teenagers. The bearded man’s aggressiveness and ferociousness completely broke their cognition apart.


“All of you enter the classroom with me one by one! If any one of you tries to run away or warn the others, this Big Daddy will kill this b*tch! And then all you of you will be dead after this sl*t!” While the Class 10’s students were still dazed, the bearded man kicked a few students who were in front of the classroom and blocked the door. He then stood in front of the classroom’s door while snapping at a few students with a stern voice.


The pitiful few students who stood actually had the chance to escape, but under the fierce and ferocious gaze from the bearded man, they had no choice but obediently run back into the classroom.


“Shut the door! All the boys move your desks and block the door. Get your asses up, move on! Those who don’t move, I’ll f*cking kill you!”  Seeing that all the students in the class were in his control, the bearded man walked 2 steps forward whilst grabbing Su Xiangfei’s collar and dragged him into the classroom as he shouted his order loudly.


With the bearded man loud shout, the Class 10’s students felt helpless and had no alternatives but to obey his words to shut the class’s door. They then slowly moved their school desk toward the door to block it.


Seeing that those students all succumbed to his order, a satisfied expression emerged on the bearded man’s eyes. His tense nerves also slightly relaxed as his dagger no longer clinging on Cheng Yannan’s neck. He waved from time to time to direct the students’ work.


“You motherf*cker! What is your business here? You f*cking dare to bluff and bluster in our class hah?” When Tang Xiu saw a chance and was about to move, someone’s voice suddenly burst out behind the classroom. Yuan Chuling lifted up the desk and fiercely slammed it toward the bearded man.


In regard height and build, Yuan Chuling completely couldn’t compare to the bearded man, but when he was raging and yelled loudly, all the students were shivering violently.


Seeing Yuan Chuling bravely rushing forward, all the Class 10’s students’ eyes couldn’t help but brighten up as the looks of hope revealed on their faces.


If Yuan Chuling’s attack was to be successful, not only would Cheng Yannan escape from a devastating fate, but the other students also didn’t have to suffer abuse and humiliation.


When Class 10’s students couldn’t bear to cheering Yuan Chuling out, the next scene turned them dumbstruck.


The bearded man, as if having foresight ability, forcefully grabbed Cheng Yannan’s hand all of a sudden and lifted her up and put her in front of him. At the same time, his other hand that wielded the dagger also quickly stabbed toward Yuan Chuling’s stomach.


“Little bastard, I have long been guarding against you. But I really didn’t expect that you will really act. Since it has been like this, I don’t mind to f*ck you up to warn the others, and kill you first.” Seeing the frightened and panicked expression from Yuan Chuling’s complexion and eyes, a devilish and fierce smile emerged on the bearded man’s face.


“NOOO!!!!” Seeing that the desk wouldn’t hit the bearded man, but would hit Cheng Yannan, Yuan Chuling was raging and panicking out of fear. Unable to stop the force, he couldn’t help but shout loudly.


“NOOO!!!” The Class 10’s students who clearly saw Yuan Chuling and the bearded man’s action also was unable to control their fright as they screamed out in panic.

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4- A knife can kill , but not instantly. It takes a lot of force to decapitate someone even with a sharp object . Stabbing the heart would work but even then the person doesn’t die instantly, Him not using a gun instead hardly makes it a hostage situation at all, Where a few students can literally gang up on him out of their own fear of death thus making his plan even more idiotic.

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