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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 78 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Unofficial Disciple


The days in June were as though the face of children, they changed from time to time. The sun shone brightly at noon, but when the night gradually approached, light rain floated and rhythmically dripped down from the sky. The entire South Gate Town was enveloped by a hazy-misty rain, and vaguely, lights were lit one after another.


In his villa, Tang Xiu sat cross-legged in his bedroom’s balcony, and quietly sensed the inside of his body. After cultivating for a few days, the 9 spheres of stars had become increasingly bright. He could sense his strength surging like tidal waves even though he was sitting cross-legged. The power circulated into his limbs and all the 5 major bones of his body.


He knew that it was imperative to start cultivating for the Skin Strengthening Stage. He planned that after he finished helping Jia Ruidao and came back, he would give his all to find all the necessary medicinal herbs and Spirit Stones. If it was very difficult to find them in such a short time, he could only ask for some help from Chen Zhizhong.


“Treading on the cultivation path has always been full of dangers and hardships. But it’s the inevitable adversities that I must brave. Only then will I step on brilliance again.”


In his previous life, it was very rare for him to get distressed due to lacking necessary cultivation resources. But the resources on Earth were scarce. If he wanted to cultivate the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, he must give his all to get the resources he needed, even though it was extremely difficult. He was an eagle that must soar in the sky, flying bravely against the current to reach his lofty ambition. He believed that nothing would make him baffled despite the adversities he must face.




With his spiritual sense, he immediately sensed Chen Zhizhong’s arrival.


At the first floor…


With an astonished expression, Chen Zhizhong observed the villa’s decoration. He had to admit that his own place was not as good as this villa. He couldn’t help but envy Long Hanwen for having a capable son with such exquisite vision and accurate judgment in investment. It absolutely could be regarded as a business elite with an outstanding talent.


“You have come!”


Tang Xiu walked downstairs with an indifferent expression.


Chen Zhizhong’s heart tightened as he respectfully greeted and spoke, “Master!”


Tang Xiu didn’t refute him. He walked toward the sofa in the living room and calmly spoke, “I once had a few unofficial disciples, and I’m perfectly aware of all the hardships when teaching apprentices. So I don’t have much time to waste on teaching disciples. But before you worship me as a Master, I have a request for you.”


“Please do tell!” Chen Zhizhong hurriedly spoke.


Never once had he expected that Tang Xiu would have received a few apprentices at such a young age. That meant, didn’t he already have a few Senior Brothers?


Tang Xiu said, “No hurry. I want to ask a few questions. If your answer can satisfy me, from now on you will be my disciple. If not, then you can go back. Everything you see and hear today must never be exposed to the outside.”


Chen Zhizhong’s mind moved and said, “Please do ask! I’ll answer them.”


Tang Xiu pointed to the top and said, “Do you believe that there’s a heaven above the heavens and that there are higher existences above our Earth?”


Chen Zhizhong said, “Absolutely! The universe is vast and boundless. Who knows how many civilizations and new worlds there are.”


Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “What I mean is not the universe, but planes. Have you heard stories in the world about Immortals which spoke of higher planes than the Human Realm, such as the Demon Realm, Immortal Realm, and God Realm? Do you think such higher existences exist on those planes?”


Chen Zhizhong thought deeply before he slowly replied, “I don’t know.”


Tang Xiu asked, “If those planes exist, can you accept the fact?”


Chen Zhizhong nodded without hesitation, “Myriads of bizarre and strange things are capable of existing in the infinite universe. In a broader view, such existences like Demons, Immortals, and the God Realms are also possible. If those really exist, I naturally can accept that.”


Tang Xiu continued asking, “Next question. How much do you know about people who take the cultivation path?”




Could it be …


His mind rotated faster and spoke solemnly, “Cultivators, in my opinion, are people of legend. I only know about them from myths and fables. But never once have I seen them with my own eyes in real life. I did hear that there are 2 places that have these deity-like existences, but I cannot verify it.”


Tang Xiu asked, “Where?”


“Qinghai and Tibet.” Chen Zhizhong replied.


Tang Xiu silently nodded and said, “Even if I teach you something, you will be unlikely to have great achievements. Knowing this, will you still be willing to worship me as a Master?”


Without even thinking or hesitating, Chen Zhizhong answered, “As long as I can practice and improve my martial arts, I will worship you as my Master.”


Tang Xiu pointed to the door and said, “You answered the things I already knew, you can go now.”


Chen Zhizhong stared blankly as he instantly felt a coldness invade his body. He didn’t know what was wrong with his answer, even making Tang Xiu unwilling to accept him as a disciple.


“Could you tell me what was wrong with my answer that didn’t satisfy you?”


Tang Xiu said, “My disciples have no need for martial arts. What they need is a firm heart, with a firm will and conviction to brave adversities, and the courage to fight against fate. From the beginning to the end, my cultivation techniques that my disciples will have to learn thoroughly will defy the heavens. If you have the slightest carelessness, you will be consigned to eternal damnation and accidents beyond redemption. To make it short and easy to understand, if one were to study under me, the most important thing is to cultivate the mind and heart, and the next is cultivating talent and morals.”


Chen Zhizhong immediately knelt in front of Tang Xiu and firmly spoke, “That conviction and heart, I have them. If I can be stronger, even if I must fight against the heavens, never will I back off from it.”


Tang Xiu looked at him deeply. Looking at the determination on Cheng Zhizhong’s face, he was silent for a long time before he nodded and said, “Go make tea and then kowtow to me.”


“You are… Ah, yes. I’ll go right now.”


Chen Zhizhong froze for a moment before he immediately cried with joy.


Serving tea! And kowtowing!


This was the simplest ceremony of apprenticeship, and would only take 2 minutes of time.


Tang Xiu motioned Chen Zhizhong to sit at the opposite side of the sofa. Only then did he slowly speak, “In fact, even if you take the cultivation path under my tutelage, your achievements wouldn’t reach the peak due to your age. It would be very difficult for you to ascend to immortality. You only have a minuscule chance to become a Supreme Immortal. But since you have entered my circle, I naturally will make you live longer and become stronger.”


“Ascending to immortality? Supreme Immortal?”


Chen Zhizhong’s pupil violently contracted as amazement filled his expression.


Tang Xiu spoke in a deep tone, “Yes, I am a cultivator, and I don’t practice the so-called martial arts you’ve spoken about. The Great Dao has myriads of paths, with each and every path being unique and different. I will teach you an immortal cultivation technique and guide you in your cultivation. As for your achievements, it will completely depend on your efforts and good fortune.”


A good fortune! This was indeed a huge fortune!


Chen Zhizhong was extremely excited he was about to shout loudly. But he didn’t dare because Tang Xiu was in front of him. Cultivators, he had heard about these people, but never once have he ever seen them. Such legendary figures were like the palatial mountain his eyes could only revere and yearn for.


“Master, thank you! Disciple will respectfully follow your teachings and earnestly cultivate.”


Chen Zhizhong knelt again in front of Tang Xiu as he knocked his head three times respectfully.


Tang Xiu’s brows wrinkled and spoke with dissatisfaction, “From now on, you’re not to kowtow to me easily. I can’t teach you much, only if you encounter difficulties in cultivation will I answer the matters that makes you puzzled.”


Shortly after…


Tang Xiu selected a cultivation technique randomly and taught it to Chen Zhizhong. For a Supreme in the Immortal World, this cultivation technique might be unable to enter their eyes. But for those ordinary Immortals, this cultivation technique was tantamount to a godly supreme cultivation technique.


Tang Xiu’s present cultivation base was too low, he couldn’t use his spiritual force to instill the methods, so he could only teach it with literal instructions a bit. It took 4 hours to finish teaching this cultivation technique.


“Good. I have taught you the cultivation technique. Later on, when you truly have entered the cultivation path, I will teach you other knowledge such as pill concocting, tool refining, formation array, and some others. But do remember that you must not be impatient and rush your cultivation. Else you will be too obsessed and disturb your state of mind, and fall to a mental demon.”


“I’ll bear that in mind and follow Master’s teachings.” Chen Zhizhong replied respectfully.


Tang Xiu waved and said, “Well, you can go now. Remember, you must never expose anything I have taught you today to anyone, including your loved ones.”


“Yes!” Chen Zhizhong nodded immediately.


Tang Xiu sent Chen Zhizhong away and then picked up the phone to look at the time. There was an unread message, so he opened it. After reading it, only then did he remember that he had given his ID card number to Gong Dalong at noon for booking the ticket. He didn’t expect that he had booked the plane ticket for the morning flight tomorrow.


“How would it feel to take a plane? Would the feeling could be compared to riding on a flying sword?”


Tang Xiu thought randomly for a moment as he felt that he was hungry. He went to the kitchen and smiled wryly because there was nothing in the kitchen, even his refrigerator was empty.


“This house doesn’t have the nuance of a family atmosphere. If Mum lived here, it would have been better! Although the house is small, but if there are other family members, it would be very warm.”


With such emotions, he sighed a few times. Then, he accidentally found a menu list pasted on the wall behind the table. There were a lot of dishes listed on the menu list, and each was exceptionally sumptuous. After having read it, only then did he realize that this was the menu list left by the Real Estate Management Office for him. Due to the reason that he had meals outside, nobody had prepared meals for him, so they left the menu list here.


“Really, one get for what they have paid for. The grade of this villa district truly has a meticulous and excellent Management Office.” A faint smile emerged on Tang Xiu’s face as he dialed the number on the list and called for takeaway food.


20 minutes later…


The villa’s door bell rang. Tang Xiu walked outside and found that his order had arrived. And the person who sent it was surprisingly not some stranger. It was Long Zhenglin.


“Why did you come here?” Tang Xiu asked with a surprised tone.


Long Zhenglin replied excitedly, “Eldest Brother Tang, I came specially to look for you. I just bumped into a delivery boy outside a moment ago, so I paid him and sent it away.


Tang Xiu helplessly replied, “Duh, how come I feel you’re haunting me just like a ghost? It’s enough to have you following all day long, but now you also run into me at night and want to sleep with me?”


Long Zhenglin shook his head forcefully, but still, the excitement on his face did not diminish, “Eldest Brother Tang, it’s for something else that I need to find you for. You gave me the prescription at noon, remember? So I immediately bought all the medicinal herbs on the prescription. Then, I went home and asked the maid to boil it. After that, I drank it up and felt like I was a new man. A babe who likes me was there by chance. So I just did it. You guess what had happened? A miracle happened!!! I lasted for 20 minutes! Man, I’m not telling you a lie. I did it whilst watching the time. I can play for absolutely 20 minutes!”


“F**k you! You are really damn sick. Why the f**k are you telling me this?”


Tang Xiu was at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh as he was dumbfounded and cursed.


Long Zhenglin shook his head again and said, “No no no! It’s an important matter, Eldest Brother! I hurriedly put my pants on and rushed to find you, because I saw a huge business opportunity from your prescription.”


“Business opportunity?”

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Here’s the cold and flu remedy recipe: chicken broth, egg, sliced mushrooms, ground pepper, zested ginger, sliced green onions, and cumin. First, fill the pot with chicken broth; turn on the burner. While you’ve got the pot heating up, whisk egg; set aside. Slice mushrooms; set aside. Slice green onions; set aside. Once broth is boiled, pour the egg mixture in a thin stream while using the whisk to stir the broth. After all of the egg is nicely coagulated in the broth, add in the onions and mushroom; bring temperature of pot down to low heat; add cumin, ginger zest, and two shakes of light soy sauce (low sodium). Cover with lid and let steep for 30 minutes. Once time is up, remove the lid and serve yourself or someone who is in need of a warm dinner, lunch, or breakfast.

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Porteur du fardeau funéraire

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Long Zhenglin shook his head forcefully, but still, the excitement on his face did not diminish, “Eldest Brother Tang, it’s for something else that I need to find you for. You gave me the prescription at noon, remember? So I immediately bought all the medicinal herbs on the prescription. Then, I went home and asked the maid to boil it. After that, I drank it up and felt like I was a new man. A babe who likes me was there by chance. So I just did it. You guess what had happened? A miracle happened!!! I lasted for 20 minutes! Man, I’m not telling you a lie. I did it whilst watching the time. I can play for absolutely 20 minutes!”

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