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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: A Huge Business Opportunity


With a quizzical expression, Tang Xiu looked at Long Zhenglin. He really didn’t understand why his prescription for invigorating the kidney turned out to have such great business opportunity.


“Tell me!” After having been dumbfounded for quite a long time, Tang Xiu finally sobered up as his curiosity was sparked and got him interested.


Long Zhenglin pulled Tang Xiu to the villa’s living room. He put the takeaway food on the table, skillfully took his cigarette and ignited it, and started smoking. Then, he began to speak excitedly as his saliva spurted, “Eldest Brother, you seem to be unaware that you’re sitting on a treasure mountain, aren’t you? The prescription you’ve given me simply has amazing effects beyond doubt. Just think, how many men around the world are distressed because of this symptom? How many couples’ marriages are in disharmony and have divorced? How many women are having affairs because their men are unable to satisfy them?


“A survey institute has once conducted a research and surveyed this issue. According to statistical data from their findings, the results show that from men around the world, 75% of them are unable to satisfy their partners, 37% are only able to last less than 10 minutes in sexual intercourse, and 11.8% fall into the premature ejaculation category. Of which, can only last under 5 minutes.”


“Although the validity of this research might be unreliable, but that institute has spent 4 years to survey tens of thousands of men around the world before they finally compiled those findings’ conclusion.”


Long Zhenglin wiped his mouth and continued again passionately, “Which man in this world doesn’t wish to be as strong as Hercules in bed, and don’t want to fall into depression and deep embarrassment because of this? NO! No man will ever want this, absolutely! Even gays have always hoped to carve their strong-ironman image deeply into their partners’ innermost feelings.” [1]


“Your meaning?” As though he had realized something, Tang Xiu probed and asked further.


Long Zhenglin replied loudly, “There indeed are such sexual vitality supplements or drugs sold on the market. They do let men get their ‘sexual power’ back, but at the cost of facing big side-effects on their bodies. Even those who have been branded with the ‘impotency’ tag also don’t want to buy those drugs. But your medicine… it’s a whole different story. Not only does it treat the kidney’s dysfunction, it is also able to revive the glory of being a man. For this, the “Golden Gun” would firmly rise without falling. Your medicine is absolutely the Divine Tool to making a fortune!”


Tang Xiu quickly added, “This medicine is not only able to invigorate the kidney and rejuvenate the Yang energy for men. But it also gives great benefits to women due to the Yin energy nourishing effect, and also improves appearance.”


“Good Lord!”


Long Zhenglin jumped directly from the sofa as his staring eyes turned bigger, like a copper bell. After a moment, an angry expression suddenly emerged on his face as he glared at Tang Xiu and roared, “Eldest Brother! You, you, you… you are wasting such heavenly treasure all this time! Damn! Why? Why didn’t you tell me and give me this prescription earlier?”



Tang Xiu rolled his eyes as he stared at him and snappily replied, “Eh? How long have I known you?”




Long Zhenglin’s breath halted for a moment. The supercilious anger on his face suddenly vanished, and it was replaced with an awkward expression. He then spoke whilst smiling embarrassedly, “Ah, right! Blame me for knowing you too late. Had I known you earlier, perhaps I would have long knelt under your feet!”


Tang Xiao ridiculed him, “Bah, cut the crap. I know you came to me with the idea to make money from my prescription, yes? Tell me your idea then. Let’s see if you can put forward the plan and idea.”


Long Zhenglin immediately said, “Big Bro, do you have any means to add some flavors to this medicinal tonic of yours? Such as those drinks with sweet, creamy…”


Tang Xiu’s eyes turned bright even as his heart jolted.


He was unfamiliar with the domestic beverages’ market. But he could estimate the huge potential the market had. He had once heard about a few drink products that occupied half of the market’s share in the country. Those big bosses had successfully squeezed themselves into one of the domestic tycoons and became powerful people.


In the case that… if it was applied to a medicinal tonic and could be treated as a beverage product, and got thrown into the market, once the sales start to explode in the country, how many shares would it get? How amazing would the profits be? If the market expanded to the world, that…


Tang Xiu’s vision fixated at Long Zhenglin as all kinds of ideas continue to churn inside his mind. After being silent for a long time, he slowly said, “Damn, your proposal is extremely damn good. As long as the promotion lines are perfect, once the product enters the market, it would create a great sensation. The profit also will be outrageously high. Long Zhenglin, how do you plan to work with me?”


Long Zhenglin probed more, “I just want to invest in the shares. As for management, how about you take it?”


Tang Xiu didn’t answer, but asked back, “First, I wanna know! How many skills have you learned from the Long Group all these years? If you were to control a huge corporation, can you manage it?”


Long Zhenglin’s complexion froze, as a bit of an embarrassed expression grew on his face when he shook his head and replied, “I don’t have any. I don’t think I’m able to manage an ordinary company. But my elder brother surely will be able to manage a small corporation. But for a large corporation, it will also very difficult for him.”


Tang Xiu said, “That being the case, I’ll set up the company and hand the management to other people, and you can buy the shares. But, you also can join the management if you want to. Anyway, how much are you planning to invest for the starting funds?”


Long Zhenglin quickly said, “I can ask the money from my Dad! As for the shares, I’m fine with 5%. For the management aspect, I’m not good at it. The best I can do, would only be miscellaneous work.”


Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “Don’t ask your Dad! Your own money! How much can you invest? “


Long Zhenglin said embarrassedly, “I don’t have much. A few million would be fine, but more than that, I will have to pawn the real estate under my name and sell my car. If those were sold, I think I can get 2 or 3 million.”


Tang Xiu said, “If you invest 3 million yuan, 10% of the shares are yours. But you must do it yourself! I’m the Boss of the company, so I won’t easily spread it out.”


Long Zhenglin was curious, “If my Dad and my brother ask me, can I tell them?”


“Have it your way!” Tang Xiu replied calmly.


Long Zhenglin rubbed his hands and laughed lightly, “Ahaha, Got it! I knew it! Seems like following and tagging along with you, wouldn’t make me have to ask for a drink and meal again! Eldest Brother, I’ll cling onto you for the rest of my life. Even if you want to hug or kick me, I won’t even budge.”


“F**k off!” Tang Xiu cursed and laughed.


Shortly after, Tang Xiu sent Long Zhenglin out. The villa turned silent again, and he began to think about the recipe for the new product. He needed to guarantee the new product’s quality while also adding a good flavor at the same time.


“How can I check other beverages’ recipes?”


With such crossing thoughts in his mind, Tang Xiu thought to leave but then decided to ask someone as he dialed Kang Xia’s number to ask.


“Tang Xiu, what’s up?”


Kang Xia’s hazy dim voice transmitted from the phone.


Tang Xiu halted for a moment and looked at the time. He suddenly realized as an awkward expression emerged on his face. After all, it was almost 2 AM.


“I’m really sorry. I forgot it’s sleeping time. There’s something that I want to ask you.”


“What’s the problem?”


Tang Xiu asked, “According to your business management vast experience, what should I do to find out about other beverages’ recipes?”


“Find Madam Du!” Kang Xia replied with a sour mood. [2]


“Who’s this Madam Du? She knows those drinks’ recipes?” Tang Xiu couldn’t help asking back with a deep confusion in his mind.


Kang Xia’s soul abruptly sobered up. She replied with a dumbfounded tone, “Holy mother! Aren’t you the world’s new genius? How come you don’t even know about Madam Du? It’s BAIDU! Access the internet and find it via Baidu, you got it?! But you won’t find complete recipes from the internet and those labels on the products’ bottle. Besides, there’s no way the manufacturers would reveal their products’ secret.”


Tang Xiu said, “It’s alright, I know it too. Thanks.”


Kang Xia asked, “You want to set up a beverage business?”


Tang Xiu replied truthfully, “I do have this idea. But I don’t have the recipe, so I want to study it.”


Kang Xia was speechless. She couldn’t help but mutter in her heart, “Do you think the recipes are very easy to study? If it were so easy, there would have been countless beverage products popping up on Earth!”


But she suddenly recalled the 2 cosmetics’ formulas from Tang Xiu and also mused, “Could it be that those 2 cosmetic formulas were also created by him on such a whim?”


Kang Xia’s heart suddenly sunk…


Tang Xiu didn’t know that his call had made Kang Xia’s mood turn messy, even causing insomnia. He hung up the phone and tried to search other drink information on the Internet. But he was quickly stunned since he recalled that he didn’t have a computer, he didn’t even have the Internet quota on his phone.


“Ah, forget about it. Haste and impatience will only waste everything. I should buy a computer when I have the time. It wouldn’t be too late to find it later after I have internet.”


Tang Xiu shook his head, put down all his thoughts and prepared to sleep. Besides, he must go to Jingmen Island with Gong Dalong tomorrow, so he had to be in top condition and full of spirit.


Jingmen Island was a large isolated island located in the South China Sea. After having undergone a few decades of development, the island had transformed into a bustling international metropolis. It also acted as an important transport hub in Southeast Asia with prosperous tourism industries, which helped improve Jingmen Island’s economy by leap and bounds.


At Jingmen Island’s Airport…


Jia Yelei stood restlessly at the airport’s exit gate. His eyes constantly fixated at the stream of unceasing tourists who were coming out from the airport. Along with the deep regret inside his heart, he also anticipated, and was full of hope that his First Senior Brother would be able to invite the Gambling Master whose gambling techniques was highly praised by his father.


He knew that his father was still gambling with those bastards who pitted him on those fraud games. Perhaps a minute later, the capital his father lost would likely increase more.


“If that Master isn’t good, perhaps we will never rise again in our entire lives.” He lamented with a heart full bitterness.


“Yelei!” A shout came from the corner of the people stream.


Jia Yelei followed the voice’s source as a pleasant and surprised expression immediately appeared on his face. He quickly approached and greeted, “First Senior Brother, you finally came back. Is this the Gambling Master?”



[1] The raws didn’t say Hercules though… it’s just “amazingly strong” literally. I just use Hercules because he was physically strong (in the story that is). But, no way in hell if I know whether Hercules was so damn strong in the bed since I’ve never read that part about Viagra-Hercules in any literatures…

[2] 度娘 (Duniang): Alternative name for Baidu, literally can be translated to Mother/Madam Du. So for the sake of the flow, I use Madam Du since Tang Xiu didn’t know about Baidu or even internet?

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75% of them are unable to satisfy their partners, 37% are only able to last less than 10 minutes in sexual intercourse, and 11.8% fall into the premature ejaculation category. Of which, can only last under 5 minutes.”

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