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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 83 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Confessing Mistakes


The whole night sky was covered with stars as the sparkling lights were being reflected back on the sea’s surface. The beautiful girl floated as though a fairy descended from the Nine Heavens. Her toes tapped gently on the sea surface as though she was treading on the sea waves as she traversed along the sea toward the figure who sat cross-legged on the beach.


After a dozen breaths…


Kilometers in distance had been traversed as the beautiful girl arrived. She stopped tens of meters away from Tang Xiu as her bright eyes carefully looked at him a few times. Then, she carefully pulled out a painting from her chest and compared the picture to Tang Xiu’s face. Shortly after, a disappointed expression was drawn on her face as she shook her head and folded up the picture, putting it back into her bosom.




Tang Xiu’s eyes instantly opened. His eyes were instantly fixated on the beautiful girl with a cold expression in his eyes. The girl before him seemed 20-years-old in appearance. And much to his surprise, her cultivation was a lot stronger than his. He was even unable to sense her arrival, and only after she was tens of meters away was he aware of her arrival.


“Who are you?” The alluring girl asked with her clear and crisp voice.


Tang Xiu responded indifferently, “I’m just a guest to dine here. And you are?”


The girl said with a smile, “I am the owner of this place. I’m called Gu Xiaoxue. Just like you, I’m also a cultivator who takes the immortal cultivation path. What’s your name?”


Tang Xiu cupped his fist and said, “Tang Xiu, a loose cultivator.”


Tang Xiu? Gu Xiaoxue blinked. The face on the picture appeared again in her mind. The same name, but why was he so different? She felt that she had to probe further but then thought that it might perhaps be the same surname and name only. She didn’t dwell on it further as she smiled and said, “There are a lot of martial artists visiting our Everlasting Feast Hall. But after all these years. more than the last decade, only fewer than 10 cultivators have visited this place.”


Tang Xiu’s complexion changed. He could grasp the key point from Gu Xiaoxue’s words: cultivators and immortal cultivation.


After a moment of silence, he asked, “You have seen other cultivators?”


Gu Xiaoxue nodded, “Yes! I also have been to many places, inviting them to be a guest at my Everlasting Feast Hall. But, it’s unfortunate that cultivators who know alchemy and medicinal knowledge are really rare.” With that said, a dejected expression emerged on her face.


Tang Xiu’s eyes squinted as he nodded and said, “Since you are this place’s owner, can I ask you something?”


“Be my guest!” Gu Xiaoxue back to her usual expression and smiled.


Tang Xiu continued, “The moment I came here, I saw from the distance and overlooked that you have deployed a very powerful Formation Array. The array seems to able to sever the water, contain the dragon, gathering spiritual qi, drawing spiritual vein, and takes advantage of the heaven and earth’s feature, and I believe that his place has a very valuable Feng Shui pattern. Could you tell me what this Formation Array is called?”


Gu Xiaoxue exclaimed out loud in disbelief, “Y-y-y-you… you can even see the Water Block Dragon Pen? Heavens! Are you an Array Master?”


“Thump… thump…” Tang Xiu’s heart thumped madly. A disbelieving expression filled his face. He was the one who created this Water Block Dragon Pen Array. Apart from him, only his first disciple knew about this array. And he had long lost information about her whereabouts. It was impossible for outsiders to know about this array. But, how would this Formation Array appear on Earth?


Who was it? Could it be her?


Tang Xiu’s huge imposing manner skyrocketed fast, as the overwhelming aura pressed toward Gu Xiaoxue. Beams of light flashed in his eyes as he looked at her and spoke in a deep tone, “Tell me, who deployed this Water Block Dragon Pen Array?”


Gu Xiaoxue was stunned. Never once she ever dreamed that the very same boy with weak cultivation in front of her would even be able to exude such a terrible aura. This aura made her greatly discomforted, as it brought along a menacing and threatening feeling. She subconsciously stepped back a few steps.


“It was my Master!”


Tang Xiu replied with a stern voice, “Who is your Master?”


Gu Xiaoxue’s black eyebrows pricked as a stream of anger welled up inside her heart. She was polite with him, and Tang Xiu unexpectedly gave her the rude attitude. She coldly snorted and resisted the pressing aura Tang Xiu sent her, and then spoke, “Why the hell should I tell you? Who are you to begin with? I warn you that I am not a girl that’s easy for you to bully. With such cultivation base of yours, it will be easy for me to knock you out.”


Tang Xiu’s breath froze a moment as he suddenly retracted back his imposing aura. A wise man knew better to hold back the fight if the odds were against him. And he admitted that he was not this girl’s opponent at present. He also knew that he had lost his manner because he was too anxious to know the person who deployed this Water Block Dragon Pen Array.


“I really apologize for losing my manners.” Tang Xiu cupped his hands and spoke.


Gu Xiaoxue coldly snorted and also retracted back her aura. She then lightly replied, “As for who my Master is, you can forget it. I don’t like your attitude. The moment you finished your meal here, get lost quickly! And DO NOT ever come back to this place again!”


Tang Xiu’s complexion slightly changed and lightly said, “I am a guest and you’re the host. This truth, I think you understand it. I don’t eat and drink for free. And I can also pay.”


“We do not welcome you here.” Gu Xiaoxue knitted her brows and said.


A thought crossed Tang Xiu’s mind as he immediately said, “With that said, you seem to want to prevent me from coming, yes? Trying to shut me out?”


“You’re right!”


A happy and self-satisfied expression emerged on Gu Xiaoxue’s face.


Tang Xiu lightly said, “I heard that you have the Thousand Revolution Array here. It’s your rule that if one were able to break through this Formation Array, he doesn’t have to pay for his meals and drinks, right? I’ll try your array. Please lead the way!”


“You…” The proud expression on Gu Xiaoxue’s face suddenly froze. The person who deployed the custom of breaking through the Thousand Revolution Array was her Master. As long as anyone was able to successfully break it, they would be Honorable Guests of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Not only would they be exempted from paying for their meal and drink, but they would also be given the best treatment.”


Tang Xiu calmly spoke, “How is it? I cannot challenge it?”


Gu Xiaoxue shook her head and said, “Of course, you can. But judging from you cultivation, you’ll never breakthrough the array. Even if you’re barely able to cross the first layer, but at the second layer, either you’ll die or you’ll be severely wounded for trying. There are a total of 7 layers in the Thousand Revolution Array. You’re said to be successful if you’re able to breakthrough all of them. And until now, there have only 2 people who were able to breakthrough to the fourth layer, but those two are cultivators who have been cultivating for centuries.”


Tang Xiu asked, “So, you don’t have any Honorable Guests then?”


Gu Xiaoxue shook her head and said, “No. The ones who were able to breakthrough into the third layer from the second layer, they could count it as their victory for several decades. Only a total of 6 people have successfully broken through from the second layer into the third layer.”


Tang Xiu’s heart turned supercilious.


This Thousand Revolution Array was created by him. He was perfectly clear about its true might. Even if ones were celestial beings, wanting to breakthrough from the first layer to the second, would prove quite difficult for them. A slightly powerful Immortal might be able to breakthrough to the third layer. But advancing forward, there was 80% chance that they would be severely hit and injured, or expelled.


“Let me try it!” Tang Xiu serenely spoke.


Gu Xiaoxue said apathetically, “It seems like you’re not one to give up before seeing the River of Styx. Since you want to challenge it, then try! Since I also am very bored right now, you can come with me!”


Tang Xiu did not speak again. He followed behind Gu Xiaoxue, traversing through the woods’ depth. They met groups of black-suited security guards along the way. A strange smiling expression covered their faces as they looked at Tang Xiu, who was following behind Gu Xiaoxue.


“Huh? It’s strange. Isn’t it the first time we see Little Boss with an unfamiliar young man? Who’s that youngster? Is he worthy to be personally accompanied by Little Boss?”


“Ah, Young Boss has grown up. Isn’t she also a normal girl who longs for a relationship with a man? Just look at the youth behind her. He’s surely unusual!”


“How could this be? Doesn’t Little Boss have a keen eyesight and has always been aloof and picky? She usually doesn’t spare a glance toward any men. How could an unfamiliar youngster walk with her?”


“That young man’s looks are good. But he’s definitely unworthy of our Little Boss. Nobody on Earth is worthy for Little Boss in my eyes.”


“Damn, a toad wants to eat the swan. Little Boss is like a fairy. An average person wouldn’t be able to win her over, right?”


“Ugh, they don’t match at all…”




Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue had sharp hearing. They were naturally able to hear those security guards’ chats clearly. Gu Xiaoxue, who walked in front, had a deep smiling expression as the corner of her mouth curved. But the one who walked in the back, Tang Xiu, only wore a forced and wry smile.


Listening to those security guards’ chats, it made him almost think that he was just like a pile of shit who wanted a fragrant flower such as Gu Xiaoxue.




But when Tang Xiu was about to drive away those absurd thoughts from his mind, his eyes looked at Gu Xiaoxue at front. He then spoke, “Your surname is Gu? Someone I know who has gone also surnamed Gu!”


Gu Xiaoxue turned her head as she looked at Tang Xiu with a contemptuous expression before he continued advancing forward, “You don’t need to try to get closer to me. Breaking through the Thousand Revolution Array is our sacred custom. Even if you oily-mouthed me, flattering and saying exaggerated things, I will never help you. Much less, people surnamed Gu are quite rare. But I absolutely have no relation whatsoever with them.”


Tang Xiu asked, “You don’t have any relationship with others? Then, you’re following your master’s Gu surname, right?”


“Yes!” Gu Xiaoxue raised her chin and responded.


Tang Xiu’s eyes tightly fixated at the back of Gu Xiaoxue, as the already calmed down emotions he had suddenly surged up again and made his heart ripple. His favorite First Apprentice was also surnamed Gu, and he was the one who gave her her last name.”


“Gu Xiaoxue, have you heard about someone named Gu Yan’er?”


“What?” She stared at Tang Xiu and said, “Who are you? How do you know my Master’s name?”


Was it true?


Tang Xiu’s heart was as though being thrown into the stormy sea, as he looked at Gu Xiaoxue in disbelief and hastily asked, “Please tell me, how is your Master? Where is she right now?”


“I don’t know.” Gu Xiaoxue replied with an angry tone.


Tang Xiu said with a deep tone, “Please, answer me. It’s very important to me.”


Gu Xiaoxue sneered, “Hey, you haven’t even answered my question. How do you know my Master’s name? I know it. You should have heard her from your elders, right? Fine… my Master has never contacted any outsiders for the past decade. It’s impossible for you to see her.”

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