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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 84 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Thousand Revolution Array


All kinds of thoughts were boiling and surging inside Tang Xiu’s mind about Gu Xiaoxue’s Master, as the feeling of déjà vu was becoming more intense inside his heart. But still, he felt that the timeline was wrong. He lived in the Immortal World for 10 millennia, and only 1 year had passed on Earth. But, 6,500 years ago Gu Yan’er went missing in the Immortal World. Even if she accidentally came to Earth, she should have entered a year timeline on Earth.


If… If she had been on Earth for decades, would it mean that she had been living for hundreds of thousands of years in the Immortal World?


After carefully analyzing the facts and reasoning deeply, Tang Xiu felt that the matter was becoming stranger. But, as he looked at the extremely cold expression on Gu Xiaoxue’s face, he fell into a silence.


He had yet to have sufficient relationships to probe further! Empathy and emotional quotient were not his forte, but he was a highly intelligent person to begin with. [1]


He perhaps lacked a lot of things in engaging with human relationships and feelings. But with his high intelligence, he believed that he was capable of analyzing almost everything and handling them. Gu Xiaoxue didn’t want to tell him anything. And he had no abilities to pry it out forcefully from her. Therefore, he could only suppress the curiosity and no longer probe any further.


But still, piles of worries filled him. Because, even though he had long known his wife and brother for hundreds and even thousands of years, he still got betrayed in the end due to their own benefits. And now, could his First Apprentice even still remember him as her Master? After all, an extremely long time had been passed. Would she even have the loyalty and feelings of a master and disciple?


Upon seeing the silent Tang Xiu, a self-satisfied expression re-emerged on Gu Xiaoxue’s face again as she then grunted, “If you want to see my Master, it’s actually not that impossible. As long as you can breakthrough to the third layer, 3 months later I can take you to see her. However, judging by your cultivation, let alone breaking through the third layer, even when you enter the second layer, you will be severely injured and have to withdraw.”


“Continue to lead the way, please!”


An extremely firm conviction could be felt from Tang Xiu’s tone and expression.


Gu Xiaoxue sneered, “You really are someone who won’t stop until you hit the wall! And it seems that you won’t shed tears if you do not see the coffin yourself! Fine! Since you insist, don’t blame me for not reminding you if you’re out with severe injuries. Let’s go!”


100 meters ahead…


They were stopped by a security guard in a suit, “Little Boss, Master Shao and Master Miao have come, they are waiting for you before the Thousand Revolution Array.”


With a frown, Gu Xiaoxue said, “How come those two are here? Two years ago, they were trapped in the second layer, and they had no abilities to break into the third layer. Much more, their injuries were quite severe. Could they have recuperated from their injuries and improve their cultivation in these 2 years?”


The security staff said, “They do seem to have improved.”


Gu Xiaoxue turned her head and glanced at Tang Xiu. Then, she strode toward the Thousand Array Revolution’s direction. She felt bored as well as lonely recently. The Everlasting Feast Hall had people to manage operations, and she was only practicing and cultivating all the time. But today, she encountered Tang Xiu, who she felt was quite interesting, so she never thought that those two men would come at this time.


Deep in the woods…


A square plaza was surrounded by the lush and verdant greeneries. The open plaza was not too big, and had jadeites placed on each corner. 2 middle-aged men sat cross-legged near the corner as their eyes swept over toward the plaza in front of them with profound expressions on their faces.


“Brother Miao, how big of a chance do you think you have this time?” Shao Mingzhen broke the silence and asked.


Miao Wentang confidently said, “80%.”


Shao Mingzhen was surprised, “You’re that confident?”


Miao Wentang faintly smiled and said, “Brother Shao, I think you’re more confident than me, right? People who haven’t tried to break the Thousand Revolution Array might not know that this is not a Killing Array. This Formation Array seems to be deployed by a certain cultivator to foster his or her disciples. As long as we don’t recklessly rush trying, we don’t need to be worried about losing our lives due to injuries. But, even getting injured it is fine, really. Haven’t you also benefitted from the Thousand Revolution Array 2 years ago?”


Shao Mingzhen nodded and smiled, “Indeed. The person who created this Thousand Revolution Array is absolutely a genius in cultivation techniques. His strength definitely has reached a terrifying degree. Frankly speaking, if possible, I really want to study under the person who created this Array.”


“Haha, we do have the same thought!”


Miao Wentang laughed heartily.


“Ah, the two of you seem to be unsatisfied, even if you want to challenge the Thousand Revolution Array again. If my memory doesn’t fail me, you have already challenged the Array 3 times. According to my Master’s custom, you need to pay 1 million yuan the fourth time you challenge the Array again. Pay it up first before you enter!” Gu Xiaoxue walked slowly along with Tang Xiu. Her expression was tranquil, even though a trace of coldness could be felt from her tone.


Upon seeing Gu Xiaoxue and Tang Xiu walking together, Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang were astonished as to guess about Tang Xiu’s origin. But still, they hastily stood up and picked up the leather suitcase at their side, handing it over to Gu Xiaoxue and saying, “We have prepared the money, please accept it.”


Gu Xiaoxue motioned a few security guards nearby as they took the two suitcases away, opening it and confirming the amount, and then quickly carried the cash and left.


“Ah Er, sound the Everlasting Bell!”




The big man cupped his fist and bolted toward the distance.


A few minutes later…


“Dong dong dong…”


The bell sounded 18 times, as the sounds echoed in the vicinity and struck everyone’s ears inside the Everlasting Feast Hall. A lot of guests came out from their private dining rooms as they were surprised to listen to the bell’s sound, and inquired about it from the attendants.


“It’s the Everlasting Bell, some people will challenge the Thousand Revolution Array.”


“18 bells. Each person would be 6, so there are 3 people that will challenge the Array.”


“Martial artists will challenge the Array as the screening test to become our Honorable Guests.”


“The Everlasting Bell has been evoked. Everyone can go to the scene to watch.”


“The guests can broaden their horizons today.”




With an excited expression on their faces, the attendants explained, and under the guidance of the security guards, all the visitors in the Everlasting Feast Hall’s 100 private dining rooms rushed out and strode toward the Thousand Revolution Array’s direction.


Inside one of the private dining rooms…


Jia Ruidao and his three apprentices stared blankly as they listened to the attendant’s explanation. To them, the most important thing today was to serve and entertain Tang Xiu. Otherwise, if Tang Xiu were to quit, not only would they go bankrupt, they would lose their reputation greatly in the professional gambler’s society and no longer be able to rise again for a lifetime.


“The three of you, do you want to watch?”


After having explained, a young and beautiful attendant then asked.


Jia Ruidao waved with a fidgety expression and replied, “We’re not interested. Please leave!”


“Wait a minute.”


Gong Dalong suddenly stopped the attendant. He looked at Jia Ruidao and said, “Master, as far as I know, Master Tang seems to know martial arts. Maybe one of the people who will challenge the array is him. Please think about it! It’s a rare event for people trying to challenge the Thousand Revolution Array even in 1 or 2 years. But the moment Master Tang comes here, some people want to break through the array. I think that Master Tang is highly likely to be one of the people challenging the array.”


Jia Ruidao’s complexion moved. He also knew that Tang Xiu was a martial artist. He suddenly nodded and said, “Then, let’s go! Even if it is not Tang Xiu, perhaps he will also be there to watch!”


Shortly after, the woods surrounding the Everlasting Feast Hall was filled with a lot of people, as the entire plaza’s edge had been occupied. Dozens of Everlasting Feast Hall’s security guards took positions outside the plaza and prohibited anyone from entering even half a step.


Gu Xiaoxue folded her arms. Her eyes occasionally swept Tang Xiu while mostly shuttling back and forth between Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang. She was curious, to what degree their cultivation has progressed. Could they be able to break through to the third layer?


“Little Boss, is it time?”


The Security Chief came at Gu Xiaoxue’s side and whispered.


Gu Xiaoxue nodded slightly. She glanced at Tang Xiu, Shao Mingzhen, and Miao Wentang and then said lightly, “Today the three of you want to challenge the Thousand Revolution Array. Regardless of your life and death, the Everlasting Feast Hall will not be accounted or be held responsible for your fate. Anyone who can break through the third layer will be our Everlasting Feast Hall’s Honorable Guest.”


Three people?


Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang looked at each other as their vision fell on Tang Xiu at the same time. Shao Mingzhen hesitated for a moment. He looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Little Brother, you want to challenge the Thousand Revolution Array? Anyway, this is not something you can joke about. If you’re not a genuine martial artist, perhaps you will lose your life inside.”


Miao Wentang also nodded and said, “That’s right! A young man with spirit is good, but don’t aim too high without having sufficient skill. Although this Thousand Revolution Array is very helpful for a practitioner’s cultivation, but if one does not have the sufficient strength, you will either be injured or you’ll die.”


“I’m aware of that.”


Tang Xiu glanced at the two men, who looked and judged him based on his appearance only. But he didn’t feel any antipathy toward them. He was the creator of this Array and he knew everything about it. However, he didn’t want to speak, and he believed that the fact will open their eyes.


Upon seeing Tang Xiu’s expression, Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang wryly smiled inside. They reminded him out of goodwill, but Tang Xiu seemed to ignore them.




A trace of anger was suddenly birthed in Shao Mingzhen’s heart as he indifferently spoke, “Since Little Brother wants to strive until the last minute, we will remind you no longer then.”


With that said, he turned toward Gu Xiaoxue and cupped his fist, and then strode into the plaza.


The entire plaza seemed to be only filled with randomly placed jadeites. But, the naked eyes were unable to see that these jadeites were the pattern of the Thousand Revolution Array. The moment Shao Mingzhen stepped into the Array area, his footsteps suddenly stopped as he began to move the next moment.


In the onlookers’ eyes, Shao Mingzhen was only repeatedly moving around in the perimeter area of the ten square meter range, as though he was a fly that was moving around heedlessly. But for Tang Xiu, Gu Xiaoxue, as well as Miao Wentang, who had once challenged the Thousand Revolution Array, they knew that Shao Mingzhen was facing a different scene.


Inside the Thousand Revolution Array…


The split second Shao Mingzhen stepped inside, it was as though he had come to another world. He looked at the Oriole birds that flew above the grasses as high as a person’s height in front of him, giving off the scene of the springtime, and the feeling of the blowing spring breeze. But, even then, he was in full concentration at this time. He had the knowledge of the first layer of Thousand Revolution Array, since he had challenged it before. He knew that even though the beautiful mountain forest he saw right now was a sight to behold, but it actually contained countless grave dangers.


Suddenly, spring thunder sounded as the bright and beautiful sunshine was shrouded with floating dark clouds. The entire world turned darker as light drizzle rain began to drip from the sky, bringing along the corrosiveness with them.


“It’s coming!”


Shao Mingzhen’s heart tightened. He vigilantly looked around and immediately found groups of mottled snakes as thick as person’s arms from the surrounding woods as they gathered around him.




Since he had once experienced it, Shao Mingzhen didn’t panic. He took a yellow paper talisman from his chest, waved his wrist and ignited the paper talisman as a raging fire suddenly blazed and sprayed out toward the mottled snakes in the surroundings.




A mottled snake was neighing in the sea of raging fire and died. But more and more mottled snakes dauntlessly slithered forward in waves. With a cold and chilling manner, the scarlet-colored mottled snake’s eyes were tightly eyeing Shao Mingzhen. However, a sharp stiletto suddenly appeared in Shao Mingzhen’s hands. Along with his foot’s movements, he struck dead the mottled snakes that bolted toward him.


“Found it.”



[1] I translate the inherent meaning in the raws to make it clearer.

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〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜 slowly building up
〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜slowly building up


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