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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 85 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Self-Pride


A few minutes later, his sharp eyes saw a wrist-sized dark-yellow snake with a purple-crowned head. The snake was constantly hissing at the snake reinforcement army, as though it was commandeering the group of snakes to the battlefield, and machinating the movements of its soldiers to fight closer.




The stiletto in Shao Mingzhen’s hand flew fast in an instant as it accurately stabbed the dark-yellow snake’s weak spot under its head.




Following the death of the snake, the world around Shao Mingzhen changed. The previous scene of the beginning of spring world, full of exuberant vitality suddenly transformed into a brightly colored world with a scorching sun.


Outside the Thousand Revolution Array…


Tang Xiu squinted his eyes as he observed the plaza’s core 7 or 8 steps away from Shao Mingzhen. He secretly nodded. Although he couldn’t see the scene inside the Formation Array, but seeing that Shao Mingzhen was able to advance rapidly through the first layer, this could be said that he was quite good. Gu Xiaoxue and Miao Wentang beside him were also thinking the same.


“Damn, it’s really amazing! Brother Shao can pass through the first layer in such a short time. Had it been me, it would not have been easy. The first layer of Thousand Revolution Array is the Spring Carnage, and the second layer is the Summer Carnage. What would be the third one?” Miao Wentang couldn’t help sighing and exclaiming.


Gu Xiaoxue looked at him and said, “The Thousand Revolution Array has a total of 7 layers. The first four are respectively the four seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The next one naturally is Autumn Carnage and Winter Carnage. But nevertheless, considering his age and the fact that he has challenged the array before, he’s too slow, and it’s quite the losing of face if you ask me.”


Miao Wentang’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch a few times. He was older than Shao Mingzhen. Had he broke the first layer slower than Shao Mingzhen, perhaps he would also be disgracing himself.


The surrounding onlookers were looking at the Shao Mingzhen inside the Formation Array with bewildered expressions. They could only see Shao Mingzhen walking around chaotically and igniting paper talismans as though he was acting in theatrical plays. He also pulled out a stiletto and randomly slashed once in awhile. The scene put everyone at a loss and were dumbfounded.


“Eh? Did he turn crazy or something?!”


“What kind of boring scam is this? Making us come and watch such a scene?”


“What Thousand Revolution Array? The way I see it, it’s just only deliberately mystifying.”


“It’s damn boring! Our lively dinner party has just turned into watching an idiot in a play. This is way too dull.”


“What does the Everlasting Feast Hall want? To tease everyone?”




Listening to the onlookers’ comments and critics, Gu Xiaoxue suddenly motioned to the Security Captain. Immediately the Security Captain loudly spoke, “Ladies and Gentlemen, you don’t know the true reason. So, I’ll explain it to you. This Thousand Revolution Array is divided into 7 layers…”


Along with his explanation, the surrounding people suddenly looked to have understood something in a flash. But, they were still skeptical in some manners. Some people were even trying to inspect and verify whether it was true or not as they tried to pass through the security guards and step into the plaza.


However, because there were a lot of guests, the security guards unable to stop all of them. A dozen of people rushed into the Thousand Revolution Array! Then, seconds after, they stopped moving with a frozen body. Their eyes turned into saucers as their faces formed a disbelieving expression!


“Ah Er, get them out!”


Gu Xiaoxue shouted with a stern voice.


Suddenly, more than a dozen security guards rushed into the Thousands Revolution array lightning fast toward the dazed guests as they forcefully dragged them out from the Array area.


“Holy Lord… I-I-I… I’m not drunk, am I? What was that inside?”


“Illusion!! This is absolutely an illusion! Else, how could there be another world inside?”


“Is that a genuine Formation Array? This magic is really mysterious! Amazing!”


“Wife, can you pinch me? Let me know if I can feel pain!”


“Formation Array do exist indeed…”




The sobered up 10 people shouted in succession. The other guests immediately understood that the plaza in front of them perhaps really had a Formation Array deployed.


Tang Xiu remained silent. He watched Shao Mingzhen’s constant moving, unceasingly brandishing his stiletto and attacking. He found that the Thousand Revolution Array being deployed here was only arranged in an extremely simple pattern. It was like a day and night difference compared to his genuine Array. If he were to go inside, he believed that he would break this array easily.


20 minutes later…




Tang Xiu’s complexion moved as he saw Shao Mingzhen approach a few steps toward the plaza’s core.


Miao Wentang’s expression turned solemn. Looking at the slightly paler Shao Mingzhen, he couldn’t help feel a bit apprehensive. From his expression, he knew that Shao Mingzhen had broken through the second layer and stepped into the third layer. This implied that his strength was much stronger than 2 years ago. He even had reached the qualification to become the Everlasting Feast Hall’s Honored Guest.




A roar suddenly bellowed. When he had just broken through the third layer, Shao Mingzhen was directly thrown out from the third layer and fell outside the array heavily. After half a minute, he reluctantly propped himself up with his 2 hands as he spurted out a mouthful of blood.


“Brother Shao, are you alright?”


Miao Wentang strode hastily toward Shao Mingzhen’s side.Trying to get him up, he quickly extended his hand and propped up his arm with a face full of concern.


Shao Mingzhen spat out a strand of blood. His complexion was slightly haggard as he shook his head with a bitter expression and said, “I’m fine. But I failed to break through the third layer. This Thousand Revolution Array is way too appalling!”


Miao Wentang gently patted his shoulder and said, “Don’t aim too high. It’s already amazing enough for you to be able to break through the third layer! I don’t have that much of confidence myself. Much less you’ve successfully become an Honorable Guest of Everlasting Feast Hall. Even if you’re unable to find anything to eat later, you’ll be able to eat and drink here for free.”


“Hahaha…” Shao Mingzhen grinned as he felt eased a lot.


Miao Wentang stretched his muscles and bones before he walked toward the Thousand Revolution Array. Then he smiled and said, “Next is my turn. I hope I can reach your level and break through the third layer.”


Tang Xiu’s gaze followed Miao Wentang into the Thousands Revolution Array. Then, he stepped toward Shao Mingzhen’s side and took his wrist. Under the astonished Shao Mingzhen’s expression, Tang Xiu lightly said, “Your internal injuries are serious. You need to immediately recuperate your blood and qi flow. With your cultivation level, it would take at the least 10 days and 2 months to fully recover like before.”


Shao Mingzhen took back his hand and said in dissatisfaction, “Don’t talk such nonsense! I know my own condition! To cultivators like us, such injuries like this are but only normal occurrences.”


Tang Xiu lightly said, “It is normal, but healing will take and waste time. So the gain isn’t worth the loss. I can give you a prescription to heal your wound. As long as you take the medicine according to my prescription, it will only take you 3 days to fully recover from your internal injuries. But, since you’re quite rich, I will charge you a fee.”


Shao Mingzhen blankly stared for a moment before he looked at Tang Xiu again. With a skeptical and bewildered expression, he asked, “Are you really sure that I’ll recover in 3 days completely?”




Tang Xiu replied confidently.


Shao Mingzhen spoke in a deep tone, “Fine, say the price!”


“1 million!”


Tang Xiu spoke calmly.


Shao Mingzhen exclaimed, “1 million for a prescription only? It’s a daylight robbery!”


Tang Xiu lightly replied, “It’s your choice whether you want to buy it or not. Had it not been for your sincere reminder for me before, not to challenge the Thousand Revolution Array, let alone 1 million, even if you give me 1 billion I wouldn’t even pay attention to you.”




Shao Mingzhen seethed with anger. But, he was after all quite a figure with a good status. He took a deep breath, suppressing the anger in his heart and then spoke in a deep tone, “Fine, I’ll take your prescription. However, you tell me the prescription first. After I take the medicine and the effect is just like what you said, then I’ll pay you double.”


“It’s a deal.”


Tang Xiu nodded as his eyes back to the Thousand Revolution Array where Miao Wentang was in.


Gu Xiaoxue’s black eyebrows pricked. She was listening to the chat between Tang Xiu and Shao Mingzhen. Her sight was fixated on Tang Xiu. After having been in silent for quite a while, she leaned toward Tang Xiu and asked in a whisper, “Hey, do you… know about medicinal knowledge?”


“I know some!”


Tang Xiu replied casually.


Gu Xiaoxue quickly asked, “You know about the illness called Twilight Nightmare?”


Twilight Nightmare?


Tang Xiu’s expression froze as he looked at Gu Xiaoxue in disbelief and he exclaimed, “How do you know about the Twilight Nightmare? That is the most ruthless and sinister killing technique from the Shade Demon, Zhu Wushou’s Great Twilight Secret Art. You…”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I only want to ask you, can you treat it?”


“No!” Tang Xiu shook his head and said.


It was not because he didn’t want to treat it. It was because he indeed did not have the means to treat it. The Shade Demon Zhu Wushou was one of the Supreme Immortals Peak Stage in the Immortal World, and his cultivation level was comparable to Tang Xiu’s. And the Twilight Nightmare was exactly his most powerful killing technique. Once one were hit by this technique, even if they were lucky enough and didn’t die, they would fall asleep and be tortured with endless nightmares. They might occasionally sober up, but perhaps they would not be able to recover completely.


Treating this would need 2 kinds of extremely rare treasures— Chrono Crystal and Demonic Revival Grass.


Demonic Revival Grass only grew in the center of the Demon Realm, in a place with extremely thick Yin energy. Apart from a few Supremes of the Demon Realm who were barely able to reach the Demon Realm’s core, others would find it extremely difficult to go into that dangerous place. Much less, they also would have to face thousands of difficulties in that place to obtain the Demonic Revival Grass.


Chrono Crystal!


Rumors said that there were 2 Void Cracks in the Immortal Realm and the God Realm. But apart from the Gods, no Immortals had the courage to enter them, because the slightest carelessness inside the Void Crack would create accidents beyond redemption and cost them their life.


For one to concoct the medicine to remove this Twilight Nightmare, one must first obtain Chrono Crystals and Demonic Revival Grass. Without the 2 treasures, nobody would be able to remove it, even Zhu Wushou himself.


Gu Xiaoxue looked at Tang Xiu with a disappointed look. Then, a detached, out-of-touch appearance was revealed on her face as she looked at Miao Wentang inside the Thousand Revolution Array.


More than half an hour later…


Miao Wentang had successfully broken through the third layer, although the time he spent was longer than Shao Mingzhen. But he lasted longer in the third Autumn Carnage layer than Shao Mingzhen.


“Cough cough …”


Miao Wentang coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood. His complexion was pale as white paper. He was forced out from the Thousand Revolution Array.


“Brother Miao, are you okay?”


Shao Mingzhen propped his arm and asked with concern expressed on his face.


Miao Wentang shook his head and squeezed out a trace of a smile, “I’m fine. I won’t die. But my injury is quite serious. If I don’t quickly heal in these 2-3 months, I might be unable to completely recover.”




One of quite difficult chapters to translate in this novel; mainly was because of the naming terms, such as Chrono Crystal and Twilight Nightmare.

The raws for Twilight Nightmare is 光阴梦魔 (light/brilliance, Yin/shade/dark, dream/vision, demon/evil spirit)… these two characters >>> 光阴 form a word means time. So… when does the time when light and dark collide? It could be at dawn or dusk, right? But since night demon (梦魔) means evil spirit that disturb people’s sleep and creates nightmare, plus the light and dark time—so I came up with twilight and nightmare. Thus, the Twilight Nightmare term was born. I was tempted to use Incubus, but since it was a sickness and not a creature, so I didn’t use it.

As for Chrono Crystal, the raws is 时光晶石 (time/season/era, light/brilliance, crystal, rock/stone). But 时光 form a word which means time/era. The moment I read this word, I remember the old games, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. So the Chrono Crystal is born… Hahaha. FYI, those two RPG games are PS1 games. Google them, those 2 games have quite the stories.

The case for Demonic Revival Grass was also the same, but I won’t waste the space here. The author sure is trolling me since his sense of naming for most of the times gives me the moments of WTF? Long words that are hard to translate to English, and those ‘as the saying goes’ and idioms… please… kill… me…!

Thus, out of 4 hours spent for trans-loathing (:P) this chapter, 2 hours were spent for translating the terms only. And that was… quite… u n a c c e p t a b l e!!

Oh, I forgot, writing this rant took only less than 5 minutes… the difference is just like the day and night, right?

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