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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 89 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Everything Was The Same Just Like Before


Chu Yi’s eyebrows wrinkled as he looked at Tang Xiu a few times. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “You’re also called Tang Xiu? It seems that this name is very popular and a lot of people have this name.  Fine then, looking at your name, I’ll give him the chance. We’ll see you again at Paradise Club tomorrow.”


“I’ll see you again later!” As to avoid being seen to be too excited by them, Jia Ruidao shouted loudly and didn’t wait for Tang Xiu to speak.


Chu Yi lightly humphed and walked toward the Everlasting Feast Hall. Chen Kai followed him after he motioned to slash his own neck with his finger toward Jia Ruidao. Then, he left with a triumphant attitude.


10 minutes later…


Inside the private dining box on the second floor of Everlasting Feast Hall, the restaurant manager was smiling as he came inside, along with bottles of wines. He looked at several people before his vision fell onto Chen Kai. He smiled and said, “Young Master Chen, you’ve only visited our Everlasting Feast Hall a few times recently. Could it be it was because our hospitality and services didn’t satisfy you?”


Chen Kerry waved and smiled, “There’s no such thing. I was fishing recently. And I got a really big fish this time, so I haven’t the time to visit this place. But, since 2 honorable guests from Beijing came to visit, I brought them here. Big Brother Chu, Big Brother Bai, this is the restaurant manager. He’s the one responsible for managing the restaurant during the week hours.”


Chu Yi and Bai Tao glanced at each other. They were also smart people who had been swimming in the business world for several years. The experience had made them mature. They could immediately tell that this character Chen Kai personally introduced was not some run-of-the-mill character. Even if he was only a restaurant manager, but the man’s identity was perhaps not as simple as he looked.


The both of them immediately nodded at the restaurant manager.


The restaurant manager said with a smile, “Ah, I bid our welcome to the two honored guests. We’re really blessed with such happy events again and again today. But it’s a pity that you’ve come too late and didn’t see tonight’s great show. I’m afraid that it would be very difficult for you to see it even 1 or 2 years later.”


Chen Kai was confused, “What kind of major show was it?”


The restaurant manager answered, “Young Master Chen, since you’re our regular patron, you should know about Everlasting Feast Hall’s custom, yes? A few hours ago, there were 3 martial arts experts who challenged the Thousand Revolution Array. 2 of them successfully broke through into the third layer, and became our Honorable Guests and another one…”


He intentionally paused after having spoken up to there.


Chen Kai suddenly stood up as he asked with an astonished expression, “For real? Someone has broken through the array? And 2 of them? Holy Lord, that’s really amazing! Have those 2 Honorable Guest already left? I want to visit them personally!”


“They have left already!” Restaurant manager replied with a trace of regretting tone.


Chu Yi said, “Hey Chen Kai, don’t interrupt others’ speech, he hasn’t finished speaking.”


The restaurant manager’s eyes beamed and then said, “Ah, another expert who broke the Thousand Revolution Array is very young. But he was able to break through into the fifth layer successfully. After he successfully entered the sixth layer, only then did he come out. To this day, he is the Honorable Guest of our Everlasting Feast Hall who had broken into the highest layer. Even our Little Boss was also shocked.”


“What? The Little Boss also went to the scene?” Chen Kai had just barely sat down, but he jumped up again as though his ass was on fire.


“Yes!” The restaurant manager replied.


A deep loss and regret surfaced on Chen Kai’s face as he said, “Haih, if I knew it earlier, I could have taken Big Brother Chu and Big Brother Bai to come here! Damn! It’s really regretful!”


Chu Yi glared at Chen Kai with an angry expression. He looked at the restaurant manager and then asked, “You said the other expert is a young man? What is his name?”


“Tang Xiu!” The restaurant manager answered with a smile.




“What was he called?” Chu Yi and Bai Tao exclaimed involuntarily at the same time.


A confused expression was faintly revealed on the restaurant manager’s face as he said, “Yes, his name is Tang Xiu! I’m responsible for recording the register, so I know his name and his age.”


Chu Yi closed his eyes and opened it again a few seconds later. He quickly took his phone out and dialed a number.


“Who is it? Hey, it’s the dead at night and you’re calling me at this hour?” A complaining voice roared from the phone.


Chu Yi said, “Yo, the Famous Young Master Long. It’s me, Chu Yi. Don’t go to sleep first. I wanna ask you something.”


“What’s up?”


Chu Yi asked, “The idol you are worshipping who called you a friend, Tang Xiu, where’s he now?”


“Tang Xiu? Ah, he seems to have gone to Jingmen Island. My little brother told me this evening at dinner, so I know about it! Why are you asking about Tang Xiu at this time?”


A wry smile surfaced on Chu Yi’s face. He then glanced at the dull-gasping look on Bai Tao’s face and spoke with a quite distressed tone, “If my guess is true, I’ve bumped into Tang Xiu tonight and have had a little conflict with him.”


“Hey! What had happened?” Long Zhengyu’s soul was as though being shocked and quickly asked.


Then, Chu Yi told the whole things before he finally spoke with a helpless tone, “Young Master Long, you know what? That idol of yours seems like to have rocked and done amazing things on Jingmen Island.”


Long Zhengyu said, “From your words, then it should be Tang Xiu. Tang Xiu indeed knows Jia Ruidao. Do you remember that Tang Xiu has helped me once? He was the one who beat Jia Ruidao in the gambling bout. It’s just that, I didn’t expect they would have any contact with each other. Fine then, I’ll call Tang Xiu and tell him about you. But, about that jade pendant…”


Chu Yi interrupted him decisively, “I’ll give it to him.”


Long Zhengyu quickly said, “Don’t! Tang Xiu might look like he’s a docile and friendly person. But he’s absolutely a proud person to the bone. If you give him the jade just like that, you will only ignite his antipathy. I’d advise you not to lose intentionally on the table. He’s extremely smart and he should be able to see it. Once he knows about it, he will think that his win was only a cheap scam and his impression about you will only get worse.”


“This…” Suddenly, Chu Yi couldn’t help but feel that the jade pendant he just got had become a hot potato. He angrily stared at Chen Kai and spoke in a helpless tone, “Fine, then! I know what to do. And thanks, I’ll hang up the phone.”


Chu Yi ended the call and sent away the restaurant manager. He looked at Bai Tao and said, “We’ve just bumped into the wrong person tonight. He’s really him.”


With a complex expression, Bai Tao smiled wryly and said, “This Tang Xiu guy really makes a big storm wherever he goes. What should we do now?”


Chu Yi said, “Just let everything happen naturally tomorrow. Regardless of winning or losing, we should approach him and show him our goodwill.”


“OK!” Bai Tao nodded. Although he had yet to confirm that Tang Xiu had successfully invited Kang Xia, but nevertheless, it was best to be just like a devoted monk who was devoted in his prays even though he had never seen Buddha to better avoid troubles later. Besides, Tang Xiu had a good relationship with Long Zhengyu, and they were Long Zhengyu’s friends. It wasn’t worth it to have a falling out and break a friendship only for a piece of jade.


Chen Kai was dumbfounded as he looked at Chu Yi and Bai Tao. He had never dreamed that these 2 people would know Jia Ruidao’s friend. The most apprehensive thing was, they unexpectedly wanted to show their goodwill to him. Suddenly, he felt as though his efforts to flatter these two turned out to be putting himself under the horseshoe.


“Big Brother Chu, should I give back all the money I have won and the jade pendant to them?” Although he was anxious and pained, Chen Kai probed.


Chu Yi shook his head and said, “Don’t. Just carry on the gambling house as usual tomorrow. Do remember, Do not let that that Ye Taifu know about the matter tonight and let him turn on the water.”


“This……” Chen Kai was laughing inside even though he showed a hesitating expression on the surface.


“Just do as I say.” Chu Yi spoke with a decisive and firm tone.


At the Jarvis Hotel’s presidential suite, Tang Xiu was focusing on practicing the gambling technique skill taught by Jia Ruidao. In the short 3-4 hours, he repeatedly practiced, and with his amazing strength control, he had mastered the ever gambling technique taught to him.


“This isn’t even a challenge at all!” Tang Xiu attempted to steal cards from the card pile easily. His hand’s speed was extremely fast with an accurate strength control. Even if he gambled with others and in the casino, nobody would be able to know his actions.


He suddenly recalled the day when he had his spatial ring. If he had a spatial ring he could have easily put any gambling tools in it. If he had one, even if he were cheating, nobody would be able to find any clues.


The next day…


Tang Xiu woke up late. But since the gambling house was scheduled at 2 PM, he intentionally woke up at 10 AM. His mood and spirit had been restored. After having a bath, he called Jia Ruidao and had a meal with the five of them. After which, they drove to Jingmen Island’s Paradise Club.


During the last few days, a lot of people on Jingmen Island who got addicted to gambling had heard about the gambling house in Paradise Club. Yesterday, after Jia Ruidao was stopped midway and left the gambling house, it created an uproar, and a lot of people concluded that the final bout would be held today.


With such rumors, when Tang Xiu, Jia Ruidao, and his apprentices rushed toward Paradise Club, a lot of guests had come to the Paradise Club. A lot of people looked at each other in such a crowded situation.


“This must be because of that bastard Chen Kai. That damn bastard intentionally spread the news and wanted to disgrace us.” Jia Yelei was not an open minded person. Seeing such a scene, it drove him to suspect the worst to the bad side. He gnashed his teeth and spoke those words.


“Shut up!” Although Jia Ruidao was also suspecting such a thing inside his mind, but with Tang Xiu’s presence, he didn’t want Tang Xiu to think that the father and son were narrow-minded people and only dared to foul-mouthing others behind their back. Through their interaction these days, he was perfectly aware of Tang Xiu’s personality and conducts. If their conducts were bad, Tang Xiu would be disappointed and displeased.


The guests that had come and surrounded the venue also had found and seen Jia Ruidao and his apprentices at that moment. Each one of them stopped as they pointed at them and whispered at each other.


“Do you see that? That’s Jia Ruidao. Those three beside him are his apprentices. To the right is his son who has incited the troubles, the black sheep prodigal son of the family.”


“What an unlucky old man Jia Ruidao is. This time his hard bones are being gnawed at. Damn, I hope his teeth are still intact after he gets the shocks! But, who’s that other youngster? I have never seen him before!”


“The father has fought to build the empire, only to see his empire destroyed by his own son. Such a son Jia Ruidao has, is really like a blood sucker of the family. If I were to have such prodigal son that will destroy the family, I would have strangled him to death early.”


“It’s really miserable and pitiful! Some people have estimated that in just a short time, Jia Ruidao and his people have lost at least 500 to 600 million. It is said that he even had lost a jade pendant. The only memento his wife had left.”


“Winning and losing. All professional gamblers will sooner or later be drowned and lost inside the game.”



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