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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 91 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: First Win


Upon hearing it, Jia Ruidao, who stood beside Tang Xiu, immediately reminded, “Brother Tang, my jade pendant…”


Tang Xiu glanced at him and lightly said, “Be patient. Since he has given the word and chance, I believe that they won’t take it back.”




Even though Jia Ruidao was quite reluctant, he didn’t dare to refute Tang Xiu.


A strange expression emerged on Miao Wentang’s complexion. He was also amongst the spectators and was quite surprised since he had never thought that Tang Xiu would be with one of the gambling parties. He knew that Tang Xiu was a cultivator and even an Array Master. But, never once did he expect that Tang Xiu was also a gambler.


In fact, he was only being pulled by these few Jingmen Island business elites and was quite reluctant to be here. But now, his interest had been sparked.


He knew that Tang Xiu had a heaven-defying ability in breaking through the formation array, and now he really wanted to see, how powerful could he be in gambling?


At this time…


Ouyang Lulu, with a middle-aged woman wearing her white gloves, appeared in the VIP private room’s door followed by Chu Yi and Bai Tao.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my Paradise Club. As the name implies, this is a paradise for all of our guests. I’m sincerely hoping that all of you can play to your hearts’ contents in this place. I’ll introduce myself. I’m Ouyang Lulu, the owner of this Paradise Club. And I must inform you that this one is the most outstanding gambling dealer in our Paradise Club’s casino. I can absolutely guarantee that she will preside over the gambling house fair and square for all of you.” Ouyang Lulu spoke whilst looking at Tang Xiu and Ye Taifu a few times with a smile.


“Clap, clap, clap…”


A warm applause echoed in the VIP private room. The effect and influence of a beauty had always been great, and if a beauty was added with an honorable status, the effect and influence would be even better. And Ouyang Lulu had everything, the perfect body and looks, everything was a world-class beauty. Only a few words from her and the entire hall was filled with applause.


A graceful female dealer came to the gambling table and then spoke with a smile, “Have the two of you picked the game you want to play?”


Ye Taifu replied, “Tie Golden Flower.”


The dealer’s expression suddenly froze for a second before her lips let out a smiling expression. She was the best dealer in the Paradise Club and was experienced in presiding over important gambling games. But only a few people would play Tie Golden Flower in such a big gambling house. Moreover, there were only 2 players right now. She looked at Tang Xiu and asked with a smile, “Have you set the rules? How much deposit have you decided on? Stake increment for the stake increase? And how much for the upper limit?”


Ye Taifu stood up with both of his arms on the gambling table. He chuckled and smiled, “Hehe, this Little Brother is pretty much haughty I guess, so I suggest 1 million deposit with the stake increment not lower than 1 million. Lastly, no upper limit.”


The dealer looked at Tang Xiu.


Tang Xiu replied indifferently, “It’s fine with me.”


“Since the two of you have already decided, then, we’ll respect and stick to these rules. Now, please show me your chips.”


Jia Ruidao quickly took the chips from his son at the side and placed them in front of Tang Xiu. He then spoke with a wry smile, “Brother Tang, because I’ve lost the game before, the remaining of the borrowed money is only 56 million. Take a look…”


“It’s sufficient!” Tang Xiu replied lightly.


Upon hearing Jia Ruidao’s words, Ye Taifu, who sat a few meters away at the opposite side of the table suddenly laughed and spoke loudly, “I thought today’s gambling would be great. But you only have 56 million? Bah, it’s so damn boring! Hey Jia Ruidao, you’re more or less also a famous professional gambler. Why don’t you borrow again from others? Or, are you unable to borrow again? Hahaha…”


Many people amongst the spectators had seen the gambling bout between Ye Taifu and Jia Ruidao, so they knew that Jia Ruidao had lost quite a fortune. However, the winner had always been hailed as the king and the loser would be regarded as the bandit, and people who lost money would never get the praises. In an instant, a conversation suddenly sprung:


“Huh, Jia Ruidao looks strong at the surface and weak inside, eh? How much has he lost? Only a few hundred million and he couldn’t borrow money anymore? Is he unreliable? Or has he no good friends?”


“He really gets what he deserves, only having such trivial capital but daring to continue gambling with others. He really doesn’t know when to stop. A few days ago, I saw him lose and go broke completely, even staking the only memento from his wife. He even lost that exquisite jade pendant.”


“I thought I could see a thrilling and matchless gambling bout today, but I never thought that Jia Ruidao was already broke to this degree. 56 million? Today’s game will be over faster than before.”


“Damn! With such a capital and he let that youth play. Isn’t this the same as giving money to the other player? Even if I’ve seen such stupid act, I’ve never seen such stupidity to this degree!”


“Bah, I regret coming here!”




Jia Ruidao was a professional gambler and had excellent gambling techniques. His hearing ability was naturally very keen. He could clearly hear those remarks from the spectators. For a moment, he felt so ashamed that even his old face turned scarlet as his eyes was full of a dejected expression. Even his three apprentices’ eyes were blazing with anger as they glared at Ye Taifu as though they wanted to break his tendon, skin him alive, and put him under the scorching sun.


Tang Xiu looked at Ye Taifu with an indifferent expression and secretly sneered inside. One who stood at a high place might look high and remote, but once he fell, he would fall very hard. If only one were to lose in the gamble, then it was still fine. But if one only wanted to win a trivial fight and make light of the battle, even the slightest carelessness would cause him to lose everything. Perhaps when that time come, his arrogance would make him regret it to the core.


“No need for meaningless talk, let’s begin!”


Ye Taifu arrogantly looked at Tang Xiu with provocation in his eyes before he sat back in his chair. He then spoke with a cold tone, “Begin!”




The dealers nodded and sounded the bell. Immediately, the entire VIP room turned quiet.


She took 8 playing cards from the attendant, putting them on the table and took out a new playing card. After a dazzling showcase of card shuffling, she said, “Both sides please examine the cards.”


“No need!”


Ye Taifu trusted Paradise Club casino’s fairness and directly refused.


Tang Xiu also shook his head. He was not afraid of any plays Ye Taifu had. Besides, if Ye Taifu really wanted to showcase his tricks, even if he examined the cards, he wouldn’t find anything fishy.


The dealer nodded slightly. She cut the end of the cards and sent three cards to each player and then put the rest of the cards on the table in front of her.


Tang Xiu picked his card and looked at it calmly before he revealed a faint smile. He had observed the dealer when she shuffled the cards. Others might be unable to follow the series of dazzling movements, but he used his Spiritual Sense and could see it clearly. He even knew the number and pattern of each card in that playing card stack.


“A pair of 2, and 5 of Hearts.”


Tang Xiu looked at his cards whilst observing Ye Taifu with his Spiritual Sense. He was satisfied since his card was bigger than his. Ye Taifu only had an Ace of Spades, 5 of Hearts, and 3 of Hearts.


“1 million!”


A trace of a smile was revealed on Ye Taifu’s face. He grabbed the chips in front of him and pushed them to the deposit spot in the middle of the table.


Tang Xiu pretended to hesitate. Then, he also grabbed the chips in front and followed. However, Ye Taifu who was observing, keenly caught Tang Xiu’s split second expression. He grabbed the chips again and threw them out and said, “2 million.”


Tang Xiu also directly threw 2 million in chips and said, “I’m in!”


Ye Tau sneered inside. He looked deeply at Tang Xiu’s eyes and threw 2 million in chips again, “Continue.”


From his card, Ye Taifu was clearly aware that he only got small cards. But he didn’t want to be the first one to pass. Especially since he was also keenly aware of that split second expression Tang Xiu had, so he guessed that Tang Xiu’s cards were definitely small. Besides, this session was only an appetizer. Even if he really lost, it was only a few. Chen Kai had promised him that he would have 500 million for the gambling stake today.


“I am in!” Tang Xiu said again.


Ye Taifu sneered as he directly pushed a pile of 10 thousand chips to intimidate Tang Xiu, and then spoke in a deep tone, “10 million.”


This time, Tang Xiu really was startled. He didn’t understand where Ye Taifu had that self-confidence to bet 10 million all of a sudden. Added with the previous stakes that he had bet on the table, he had taken 14 million. However, regardless of any intentions he had, his cards were bigger than his, so he didn’t cower because of this.


“20 million.” Tang Xiu pushed his chips and calmly spoke.


Ye Taifu’s eyebrows slanted. He looked at Tang Xiu’s expression. He thought that Tang Xiu was pretending to look calm, and only intimidating him to deter his moves. Once again, he pushed 20 million chips and lightly said, “It’s just only an appetizer. We don’t need to play that big. Fine, I’ll give you 20 million and open your cards.”


“Are you sure?” Tang Xiu asked calmly.


Ye Taifu sneered, “Definitely! Why don’t you open your cards?”


Tang Xiu didn’t speak but directly opened his cards.


In just a split second, Ye Taifu’s complexion burned scarlet as an unwilling expression could be seen from his eyes. He could see that he really guessed correctly that Tang Xiu’s cards number were small, but they were still bigger and enough to beat his cards. However, as to not let Tang Xiu gain momentum, he pretended to throw the cards in his hands and lightly spoke, “As an expert, I’ll give you a leeway to win the first of the three games since you’re still a youngster, so you can taste the feeling to be a winner. After that… you should mentally prepare yourself!”


Tang Xiu looked at the stack of chips in the middle of the table. Apart from the 1 million chips deposit, the rest were pushed toward him. A smile surfaced on his face as he nodded and smiled, “Ah, thanks a lot, for letting me win. I’ll wait and see for the latter.”


The first win! He won a total of 34 million.


He couldn’t help sighing after seeing this kind of situation. Winning at gambling sure was easy. It was no wonder that so many people loved to gamble! Besides, getting rich overnight was everyone’s dream, nobody would refuse it.


A trace of joy appeared on Jia Ruidao’s face, who was standing beside Tang Xiu. It was a grand start for Tang Xiu; a good luck and fortune. His three apprentices were also smiling as a feeling of joy filled them to the fullest in seeing the Tang Xiu win the first game.


A look of astonishment, as well as a flabbergasted expression, was worn by all spectators’ who watch the battle. Never even once had they ever thought that an unknown youngster would be able to win again the famous Ye Taifu. Even though Ye Taifu said that he gave a leeway to Tang Xiu, but still, everyone could see that it was not his true intentions.




Grrrr… as I’ve mentioned… I don’t know much about gambling. But… my whining is useless

Okay then, gotta say something here. As the novel’s title implies… It’s Returning from the Immortal World. So, the setting is on Earth (first phase if have to spoil it). Anyway, I don’t wanna speak about the detail about what the author has planned in mind. It’s his right and despite there are a lot of plot holes, inconsistencies or anything in this novel, in any case, he still deserves to have my respect of being dedicated enough to continue writing this story.

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