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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 92 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Four Consecutive Wins


The second game…


The dealer shuffled the cards. After she finished, she looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Since Mr. Tang won the first game, you have the first right to speak.”


Tang Xiu didn’t open his three cards this time. It was because he used his Spiritual Sense to read the cards. He was also able to see Ye Taifu’s cards. This ultra-mysterious-cheating-technique was an absolute Divine Tool for cheating.


“10 million.”


Tang Xiu opened 10 million chips for the stake and spoke without batting an eye.


Seeing that Tang Xiu didn’t even open his cards, Ye Taifu didn’t want to fall under the wind in imposing manner. He also didn’t open his cards and followed 10 million directly, “I’m in!”


“20 million!”


Tang Xiu pushed the chips again without even a blink.


Ye Taifu frowned before he pushed 20 million once again and said, “I’ll follow.”


“50 million!”


Tang Xiu spoke with a calm expression.




Ye Taifu stared blankly as disbelief filled his eyes. He had been diving in professional gambling for more than 20 years. And this was his first time coming across such a type of player like Tang Xiu. This was merely the second game and Tang Xiu didn’t even look at his cards, and directly threw 80 million chips in.


One must know that the game they were playing was Tie Golden Flower. Tang Xiu had just won 34 million. Summing up with his starting capital, he only had a total of 90 million. In other words, in the case that Ye Taifu followed suit, his cards would be subjected to Tang Xiu’s. And this also meant that it would become the last bet in the game.


Under his hesitation, his hand extended and traced his three cards—


7 of Hearts, 7 of Spades, 5 of Clubs…


His biggest cards were only 7 pairs?


Ye Taifu was silent for a moment. He pushed 100 million chips and spoke in a deep tone, “I’m in. Open your card.”


Tang Xiu smiled faintly and opened his cards— Jack of Hearts, Jack of Spades, and 3 of Diamonds. It was a Jack pair.


In a split moment, Ye Taifu’s complexion turned ashen and pale. He had never dreamed that the second game would turn into this kind of situation. It was needless to say that he had lost the game, but he also had lost a total of 131 million. Added with the 34 million from the first game, plus from this short second game, he had lost 165 million.


Ye Taifu looked up and glanced at Chen Kai at the side, and saw his unsightly expression. A weak anxious feeling suddenly sprouted in his heart. However, he still believed that it was because Tang Xiu’s luck was good. And he simply had yet to use his real gambling skills.


Streams of comments came from the spectators in the surroundings:


“Amazing! Wasn’t it just a few minutes? That unknown youngster has won a total of 165 million. I daresay that this speed of making money is even faster than the fastest money printing machine in the entire world!”


“There has always been new genius coming out in each generation everywhere, and a talent that only appears in a decade. Ye Taifu’s reputation as a professional gambler in the world has been spreading far and wide. But he unexpectedly lost twice to an unknown youngster. It’s indeed the young generation that will surpass the older ones in time!”


“Damn. No wonder so many people like gambling. Money is rolling in fast!  Look at me, I couldn’t help but want to play a few games!”


“I thought that the game today wasn’t worth watching, but only now do I find that I was completely mistaken. I’m really hoping that young man will showcase his skills and create a miracle.”


“Good luck? Could luck be this good?! Much less that young man’s guts is truly amazing, he didn’t even need to see his cards and threw 80 million in directly. Awesome…”


“At last, I finally experienced it today, that to become a big man, one must have a powerful spirit and soul.”




Jia Ruidao, as well as his three apprentices at Tang Xiu’s side, were wild with ecstasy. Even Miao Wentang in the crowd saw him with respect. For Chu Yi and Bai Tao, it was their interest that was sparked. The only one who only had the slightest interest amongst the crowd was perhaps only one person, the owner of this Paradise Club, Ouyang Lulu. She believed that the two wins Tang Xiu had were merely because of his good luck.


The third game…


The dealer shuffled the cards again. After having finished the dealing, she looked at Tang Xiu again, “Master Tang, it’s your call, please speak!”


With his Spiritual Sense, Tang Xiu had already observed the cards for the both of them vividly. His cards were— Jack of Spades, and 8 and 2 of Hearts. As for Ye Taifu, his three cards were— King of Hearts, and 9 and 5 of Clubs. His cards were much inferior to Ye Taifu’s.


“10 million!”


Tang Xiu directly opened with 10 million chips with a calm expression.


Ye Taifu at this time didn’t choose for the dark cards but directly picked up the cards. When he saw his cards, he secretly shook his head and sent a pass sign with his hand and said, “Pass.”


Tang Xiu smiled faintly as he watched the dealer pushed the chips at him and said, “You let me win thrice. I hope next time you don’t give me leeway anymore.”


Ye Taifu snorted coldly, “You can count it. I’ll make you leave weeping!”


Tang Xiu replied indifferently, “The game has yet to end. Tongues might be light, but no need to talk big.”


The fourth game…


The dealer shuffled the cards, dealing them and then said, “Mr. Tang, your call, please speak first.”


With his Spiritual Sense Tang Xiu had seen both of their cards. He immediately chuckled secretly inside and directly opened with 10 million chips again and said, “10 million.”


Ye Taifu was silent for a moment. He also chose a dark card and followed the 10 million stake.


Tang Xiu still didn’t see his card and pushed 50 million chips.


For a moment, Ye Taifu stared blankly. A bad premonition suddenly sprouted in his heart. He firmly trusted his gambling skills. Even if the dealer’s dealing gave him small cards, he also had the means to turn the tides. He directly pushed 50 million chips and lightly said, “I’ll follow.”


Tang Xiu straightly pushed all the chips in front of him and spoke with a faint smile, “I have a total of 222 million chips. I’ll stake all of them. If you can win this game, I’ll leave immediately. If you lose, you can slap your own face with that arrogance of yours. Whichever it is, whether you want to follow or not, it’s yours to decide.”


Ye Taifu’s eyelids twitched violently. The bad premonition he felt was getting more intense. Tang Xiu was going all out and pushed out all his chips. That meant that at this time he had staked 161 million. If he followed the stake right now, he must stake the same amount as Tang Xiu, which meant that he chose dark cards. But if he opened his cards, once he lost, he must pay double. [1]


‘What to do now?’

‘Follow the stake?’

‘Or pass it?’


Ye Taifu thought for a moment. He finally decided to see the cards— Ace of Diamonds, 8 of Diamonds, 5 of Diamonds.


‘Golden Flower? But also a gold?‘


A trace of a smiling expression surfaced on Yen Taifu’s curved lips. He directly took out 222 million from his inventory and lightly said, “I’m in. Open your cards.”


Tang Xiu laughed inside as his fingers flicked the second card out of his three cards and instantly shot the pile of cards in front of the dealer in a minuscule split second. That second card ejected another card and remained in the card pile, as the ejected card then hurled at him in an oblique angle.


With a lightning fast movement, he exchanged the card with another card.


Naked eyes were unable to see their trajectories. Even experts such as Ye Taifu and Jia Ruidao, as professional gamblers who practiced their visions and had keen eyes, they were unable to sense it in the slightest.


However, there was someone amongst the spectators who could see it. He was also a cultivator, Miao Wentang! Nobody knew what had really happened, but Miao Wentang showed a faint expression like a seemingly smile but not.


“Three Aces.” Tang Xiu opened his cards and spoke lightly.


With this, it was very clear that Ye Taifu had lost. Moreover, he lost with principal rules and had no chance to even use his cheating skills to exchange cards.




Upon seeing the opened cards Tang Xiu had, Ye Taifu suddenly jumped up from his chair. His eyes were staring as though saucers, as disbelief covered his eyes. He had calculated everything. He even had been preparing himself to use his cheating skill. But never in his dreams had he ever thought that Tang Xiu’s cards turned out to be Three Aces.


How would he change his own cards?


Replacing them by the smallest suit of cards of 2, 3, 5?


Apart from this suit of cards, no other suit could beat Tang Xiu’s. However, he didn’t have the preparation to exchange the card to the smallest suit of 2, 3, 5!


Tang Xiu looked at Ye Taifu’s foolish expression that lost his calm and manners before he lightly said, “What? Maybe you still have a chance to win. Open your cards!”


Ye Taifu’s complexion was as though dying embers. With a blank and dazed expression, he turned to Chen Kai and spoke with great difficulty, “I’m sorry, I lost. I’m powerless to reverse such cards.”


Powerless to reverse the situation?


These words were as though a heavy hammer that severely smashed Chen Kai’s mind. Ye Taifu had lost 333 million in this game only. In the last games he already lost 166 million. His total loss was 499 million.


He took out 500 million for this game. But in just a short 4 games, the only remaining money was 1 million. This was the appalling result that was unbearable for him.


The spectators in the surroundings were suddenly boiling and seething with excitement. Everyone’s eyes were fixated on Tang Xiu with disbelief. Their hearts sped up crazily, even the exclamations were becoming more heated than the previous ones.


“What an amazing show! He walked on stage and got 4 consecutive wins, only leaving the opponent with 1 million?! This is it! This must involve a heaven-defying method! There’s only one word, awesome!!!”


“He’s the God of Gamblers!!! Ye Taifu is already amazingly powerful. But the moment this young man shot, Ye Taifu was crushed completely. It looks like tonight forwards, this young man called Tang Xiu will absolutely become very famous in the gambling world.”


“He’s simply a deity. Four games and nearly 500 million!!! This must be the craziest gambling house in the recent years, right?”


“This Tang Xiu is truly unfathomably deep. Ye Taifu has been shamed and disgraced today. Being so rampant and arrogant all the time and finally being made shamelessly. This really reminds me of the saying that the higher one stands, the harder he would fall!”


“It’s just like the waves in the sea. The last wave will push the old wave in front of it, and the old ones die after reaching the sand on the beach.” [1]




Ye Taifu sat back in his chair with a blank and desolate expression as he painfully closed his eyes. He was once a winner who was admired by countless people. But today he had fallen to pieces from up high in the clouds.


He was finished, a complete game over!


He knew perfectly well that his reputation in the future would fall freely to the abyss. Even if he were to return to the casinos in Macao, the treatment he would get would fall to the extreme.


In the crowd, Chu Yi and Bai Tao looked at each other with bewildered expressions. They were quite sure that Ye Taifu absolutely didn’t turn his back, because Chen Kai absolutely didn’t have this kind of boldness to give Tang Xiu 500 million yuan.


However, how could Tang Xiu so easily win? He won four times consecutively in such a way.


And who was Ye Taifu? Even if they didn’t like gambling, they knew the famous Ye Taifu!




[1] It should be Yangtze River’s waves, but I use the sea here. It’s an idiom, short meaning is kinda easy, the young will replace the old.

This chapter is really killing me… I could have made mistakes here and there due to those damn gambling terms…As I have mentioned, my knowledge is very limited about Tie Golden Flower, even though I have read the game’s rules a few times. So basically I’m just translating according to the lines. I’ll correct the mistakes later if I found someone who really knows about this game.

However, as far as I know with my limited knowledge after reading the rules, if the first player doesn’t open his card (dark card) and stake a certain amount of money, then the opponent must stake a double. I might be wrong though. I’m not a gambler nor do I have any interests in learning any type of gambling games.

As for the game’s rules, I’ve provided the link in the previous chapter when Tang Xiu learn gambling technique.

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