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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 93 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: The Final Bout


Amongst the spectators, Chu Yi glanced over at Tang Xiu with a bit of admiration and whispered, “Long Zhengyu was right. Tang Xiu is really deep and unpredictable.”


Bai Tao nodded repeatedly and said, “True. Now I get the feeling that he will create storms wherever he goes. Either in Everlasting Feast Hall or here, it’s the same. It seems like we must find the chance to get to know him.”


After having silence for a moment, Chu Yi who was mature and had an excellent mental nature whispered, “I thought that if we take the initiative to do it, he would simply ignore us. If we want to get to know him, we need to find what he wants and likes first. Fine then! We shall investigate him and then see what he needs!”


“That’s a good idea!” Bai Tao agreed.


Ouyang Lulu who was in front of them looked at them with an astonished expression. She looked at the winning Tang Xiu and suddenly remembered something. She immediately turned around and asked Chu Yin and Bai Tao behind her, “Eh, I suddenly recalled something. Didn’t you tell me about a young man who was named Tang Xiu? His name and the gambler at this game are the same.”


Bai Tao smile, “It’s even far more than that. They are simply the same person.”



“Say what?”


Ouyang Lulu was stunned. She never once imagined that the Tang Xiu in front right now was the youngster who was praised by Bai Tao and Chu Yi. The youngster that was able to make the famous professional manager Kang Xia personally rush to Star City from Beijing, and the very same person Long Zhengyu admired.


But, who was he? How could he be this amazing?


Ouyang Lulu suddenly felt that the little handsome high schooler boy in front of her was shrouded with a mysterious aura. He was as though being shrouded by a thick layer of fog, and it was very hard to see him.




“Well? Do you still wanna play?


Tang Xiu pushed all the chips in front of him to the dealer and immediately smiled at Yen Taifu and said,


“Let’s play!”   


A vicious voice came over. It was not Ye Taifu’s but from Chen Kai who spoke with a furious expression.


Tang Xiu shrugged his shoulders and said, “But you have no money. 1 million chips is only enough for the deposit. Do you really think you can play?”


Chen Kai took out a piece of jade carved with a coiling dragon and phoenix pattern and shouted with a cold expression, “Having no money doesn’t mean that we have no rights no continue the gamble. This piece of jade is Jia Ruidao’s. So the next gambling house shall determine, who’s the winner and loser. If you lose, all the chips in front of you are mine, but if you win, this jade pendant is yours.”


With his keen sense, Tang Xiu was aware that Jia Ruidao’s breathing turned faster the moment Chen Kai took the jade out as a wager, as hope could be seen from his eyes.


“What’s your decision?”


Tang Xiu looked at Jia Ruidao and asked.


A battle stormed within Jia Ruidao’s for quite a long while before he finally clenched his teeth and spoke with quite difficulty, “Do it.”


Tang Xiu nodded as he looked Chen Kai and said: “Then, I’ll accompany you to play again! However, whatever happens, whoever wins or loses, everything will end here, and there will be no debts and grudges between all of us!”




Chen Kai happily complied since he knew the extraordinary background Tang Xiu had, much less he was also a cultivator. Even if Tang Xiu did not say it, he would not dare to easily offend him.


Tang Xiu glanced at the dealer as he nodded and asked, “What kind of play do you want to have our game on now?”


To recollect his state of mind and increase his confidence again, Ye Taifu spoke with a deep tone, “You are the winner of the previous games, so I’ll give you the rights to choose.”


Tang Xiu asked with a strange tone, “Are you really sure?”


Ye Taifu replied with a firm self-confident, “Yes.”


Tang Xiu shifted his sight toward the dealer and said lightly: “I’ll have to trouble you to prepare new playing cards.”


The dealer nodded and took out new playing cards. He handed it over to Tang Xiu and asked, “How do you want to play?”


Tang Xiu looked at Ye Taifu and said, “Gambling skills are nothing but having keen eyesight, hearing, and fast hands. We are the people that walk on the path of the God of Gamblers. Let us ask the dealer to throw this set of playing cards into the air and then we move at the same time, grab a card each and then compare our cards. The one who gets the biggest card is the winner, and the smallest one will be a loser. What say you?”


Yen Taifu was quite surprised. He had never once expected that Tang Xiu would choose an unconventional method, even choosing this kind of play. He was well known as a gambler with quick hands and eyes, that was needless to say since he had eyes with the sharpness and keenness of an eagle.


“I agree!”


Tang Xiu nodded and said: “Then, let us begin!”


The dealer looked at Tang Xiu and Yen Taifu Fu, and then said, “The two of you, please come along with me to the open area at the side. I’ll ask everyone to move three meters of distance from each line. Each one of you will stand on the line, and I will throw the playing cards upwards. Each one of you grab one card at the same time and the one who wins this game will be the one with the biggest card.”






Tang Xiu and Yen Taifu nodded at the same time.


Chen Kai was still shrouded in his anger amongst the spectators. Upon hearing the game that would be played by Tang Xiu and Ye Taifu, he was somewhat anxious and agitated. He felt that something was not right and was unable to pinpoint the amiss. He could not say anything for a moment and could only glare with an unsightly face toward Jia Ruidao, as he and his three apprentices wore happy expressions.


“Isn’t this like some kind of redemption?”


From another direction, Miao Wentang was at a loss whether he had to laugh or cry as he looked at Ye Taifu with an expression full of sympathy. Others might be unaware about Tang Xiu like he was. Such a person who was amazingly able to break through the sixth layers of the Thousand Revolution Array was definitely very strong. Regardless of eyesight or hand speed, his level was absolutely high.


A few minutes later.


The dealer stood in the middle between Tang Xiu and Ye Taifu. She looked at the two of them and then said, “Both of you, I’m ready to throw the playing cards and I hope the both of you are able to grab the key point for this game. Now, I’ll count in three in reverse. The moment I count to the last number, I’ll scatter the playing cards to the air.”




The dealer threw her arm and tried her best to scatter all the cards in her hard over the top of her head.




Before the dealer scattered the cards, Tang Xiu’s Spiritual Sense had already firmly locked onto the “King” card. After the cards had been scattered, he moved lightning fast and caught the “King” card even though the card had yet to reach its peak. Almost at the instant,the cards were thrown upwards, he had caught it and landed from his jump.


As for another side…


Ye Taifu’s movement was slower by a few seconds than Tang Xiu’s. His eyes spun faster, seeking to find the “King” card. When he saw Tang Xiu moved first, his complexion suddenly changed and made him hesitate. He did not see the “King” card but saw a “Jack”. In that instant, his body jumped into the air and successfully caught the “Jack” card as he continued looking at the scattering cards everywhere.


10 seconds later.  


The remaining cards had all dropped to the floor with some cards opened and some facing down.


The dealer walked back between the two of them. She smiled and said, “The two of you have already grabbed the cards you want. And now I hope that the two of you will show the cards you’ve taken.”


Yen Taifu still did not find that “King” card, neither did he find it amongst the face-up cards on the floor. Anxiousness slightly invaded his heart as he looked at the expressionless Tang Xiu. He secretly prayed inside and hoped that Tang Xiu did not grab the “King” card. Otherwise, he really would have a crushing defeat.






The both of them showed the cards in their hands at the same time.


In this split second, Ye Taifu’s heart as though had fallen into an ice cave, as his body turned stiff as a stone. His complexion no longer revealed an apprehensive and anxious expression, but a strong disbelief and… pain.


This was the final bout. The last lifeline for him to grasp onto. But now, only then did he realize that the last line of hope he longed for, turned out to be unable to help him, but viciously stamp him into pieces instead. Wasn’t this the same as though adding fuel to the fire? Wasn’t this successive misfortunes that were fallen one after another? This last game was precisely the perfect manifestation of these words.




The atmosphere suddenly boiled as everyone’s complexion and eyes were burning hot. And the one that they were looking at was Tang Xiu, not Ye Taifu.


Eyesight and fast hands…


These were the most fundamental as well as the most important abilities gambling masters must have.


But at present, Tang Xiu had shown that he did not rely on chances or luck. But he relied on his ability to win this game. The fact made everyone who thought that Tang Xiu’s previous wins were only completely on luck, completely changed at this moment. For masters to move, luck only accounted for a few points, with gambling skills playing the major role. The so called out of 10 games, would end up with 9 losses, was because the others gamble and bet on 8 cheatings.


With a sympathizing expression in her eyes, the dealer quickly looked at Ye Taifu and then spoke, “Mr. Tang has picked the King and Mr. Ye the Jack. So I announce that this game’s winner is Mr. Tang.”




The anxiousness and extreme anger created a severe mental attack for Yen Taifu. Under such a huge psychological blow, a mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth as his eyes blackened and he fell backward with a stiff body.


“F*****g waste!”


Chen Kai’s complexion was ashen and unsightly. He was like a wild dog, as he looked down at Ye Taifu. Not only did he not sympathize with him, but instead rushed over and kicked him ferociously a few times. For this gamble, he had lost both the money he won from Jia Ruidao and even lost his initial capital which drove him to be very angry.


“What the hell? This Chen Kai is so shameless? Only able to accept wins and cannot afford to lose? Even though Ye Taifu did lose very miserably today, but he has helped him win quite a fortune before. But now he treats others like this because he lost?”


“What a damn bastard behavior! The Chen Family is really thick-skinned. He really deserves to lose. Only using people who are only useful to him and throwing them out when they have no other uses anymore. What a shameless bastard! This really makes my blood boils.”


“That’s it! I have decided to terminate every business relations with the Chen Family. Such kind of attitude and moral in all likelihood is no different from how the Chen Family will treat others. It’s really a pity for Ye Taifu. A master gambler of this age could even fall to this kind of a miserable fate.


“Bah! How I really wanna f**k Chen Kai up! He nevertheless is still one of the honored and famous people of Jingmen Island, but to not have the slightest elegant demeanor at all is unexpected. I was really fooled by him.”


“This Chen Kai bastard has stained our Jingmen Island’s face with filth!! If you lose then just lose, take the wins and lost with equanimity. Is there any need to make such a despicable act? He’s way too f*****g outrageous!”


“He simply has no sense of shame!”






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