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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 99 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: The Bidding Race


Everyone in the entire of auction venue was all shocked by the sudden voice. Even if Tang Xiu regarded money as though it was a dirt and didn’t think much about it, however, almost nobody amongst people in this era would recognize this Void Crack Stone. And it was unexpected that someone would be willing to bid such a high price for it.


Tang Xiu followed the sound source as he found the bidder guest. He was an old man who wore a black Chinese tunic suit, with a full set of white hair, and an amiable benign face, giving off the impression of a philanthropist. However, facing the gaze of everyone’s eyes, he revealed a proud expression. Especially when he realized that Tang Xiu looked over at him as he particularly tilted his chin up and showed a provocative look in his eyes toward Tang Xiu.


“So troublesome!”


Tang Xiu sighed inside as he raised his bid once again, “60 million.”




The entire auction venue boiled as all eyes shifted back and forth between Tang Xiu and the old man. And as such, as the saying goes that in each abnormal event, there must be some kind of reasons and causes, and some people were even secretly thinking, was this piece of rare stone perhaps really a treasure?


However, guesses were still guesses, and still nobody joined the race. The reason was pretty simple. Even if the stone was precious, they simply had no knowledge about it. In the case that they bought a worthless item, that meant they were really the biggest idiot of all. Much less, that the old man’s complexion had turned ugly and no longer called for a bigger bid anymore!


The previously expressionless Tang Xiu looked at the distant with a smiling expression that was gradually revealed on his face. The old man’s complexion turned unsightly as though he was a widow that had been left with her dead husband and was forced to marry an old gramps. Tang Xiu could see that the old man’s lips wriggled a few times as he wanted to speak and call for a higher bid before he was eventually able to control it.


“Eh, what’s it all about?”


Tang Xiu originally calculated that he could have spent a large amount of money, but he didn’t expect that the old man would stop right there.


Excitement flashed in the auctioneer’s eyes as she spoke with an agitated and spirited expression, saying, “There is a saying that the eyes of the people are as bright as a snow, but for me, I want to quote the modern slang, don’t miss any chance that passes by! If this ore is not precious enough, then how could it be priced highly in an auction? I’m really very lucky and feel happy because I’m able to witness people who have good taste and discerning eyes with a strong mentality, as though bright and burning torch as being able to recognize this treasure.”


“That handsome gentleman has bid 60 million. Is there anyone who wants to bid higher? If there’s none, this piece of rare treasure will belong to that gentleman.”




The auction venue which usually full of bidding shouts turned into complete silence along with the auctioneer’s conclusions. Everyone’s eyes wandered between Tang Xiu and the old man. Everyone was very curious, would the old man call a higher bid?  Some people even had been preparing to immediately snatch the bidding once the old man raised his bid again.


But, as the auctioneer had said, ‘do not ever miss the chance that passes by.’


In the case that if the stone was really a rare treasure, even if they were unable to recognize it for now, but they could slowly study it, so the might be crossed into a huge surprise.


However, a lot of people were disappointed since the old man didn’t raise his bid again.


So many people were disappointed that the old man did not offer another bid again.


It was also quite regretful for the auctioneer. But she was still excited inside, since never once in her dreams did she think that the stone would shoot to such a high price. As an auctioneer, she would get a percentage commission for each item sold at the auction. Since this item auctioned for 60 million, that meant she unexpectedly got money easily.


“Then, I hereby I announce that this precious ore is sold to that gentleman. You may proceed to the backstage to complete the transaction now, or wait until the auction ends and then go to the backstage…”


Tang Xiu didn’t hesitate and immediately rushed to the backstage. This Void Crack Stone was an urgent material he needed right now, so he must obtain it as quickly as possible.


Inspecting the item and accepting it, then pay the sum of money!


The transaction went very smoothly, as Tang Xiu quickly returned back to his seat at the auction venue with the Void Crack Stone.


A smiling expression hung on the corner of Miao Wentang’s mouth, even though he was fully confused as to why Tang Xiu bought the stone. But since it was Tang Xiu, he didn’t ask, but smiled and said in a low voice, “Congrats, Mr. Tang, for obtaining the treasure.”




Tang Xiu nodded. After having hesitated for a moment, he said, “Let’s change our remark, and call me Tang Xiu directly later on, and I will call you by your name.”


“That’s great!”


Miao Wentang looked at Tang Xiu’s indifferent expression as he secretly smiled in his heart.


The next auctioned items proceeded in a quick manner. Tang Xiu really admired the auctioneer’s speech ability. A lot of items’ original value were not high, but it was her unceasing speech, that was like strings of pearls that sparked people’s interest, making them generously spend their money, causing the auctioned items’ price to climb.


“She’s gifted!” These words suddenly appeared inside Tang Xiu’s mind.


Hours later…


The auction would soon be finished and also enter the final climax.


“The next auctioned item is our second to last item. This is also the item that a lot of people have been heavily paying attention to, the 1000-year-old wild ginseng. It is public knowledge that along with today’s rapid development in technology, our mountain range’s forest is being severely exploited nowadays. Thus, finding a genuine wild ginseng has already been a difficult thing to do, much less, a 1000-year-old wild ginseng. It is as rare and difficult as finding phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, a rare and far between object.”


“And tonight, to whom will this precious treasure belong to?”


“Thus, I hereby announce that the true auction has begun!”


The moment the auctioneer Xiao Ai had finished speaking and stepped back, the auction venue boiled with guests competing in the biddings.


“60 million!”


“70 million!”


“75 million!”


“80 million …”




Tang Xiu, however, didn’t rush to participate. He was waiting for the final bidding race.


However, the prices climbed up to 180 million in just 2 minutes. This was the price that he could afford with the funds he had right now.


“The difference is only 10 million right now, and the amount would probably change shortly after. Should I look for Jia Ruidao to borrow some money? Jia Ruidao’s shares are 250 million and added with his capital, it should be around 300 million. However, he also has a debt loan. So if his money is subtracted by his loan, perhaps he also only has a small amount remaining left.”


Tang Xiu’s mind raced faster as he thought to look for Jia Ruidao to borrow some money. Borrowing money was easy, but to pay it back, it would be quite difficult, wouldn’t it? After all, the amount was hundreds of million at once. Even if the funds could be used for Kang Xia in establishing the company and all ready to run the business and make money. However, how long would it take to pay back the money to Jia Ruidao?


Half a minute later…


Tang Xiu’s had made up his mind to borrow money.


He believed in his ability, and he didn’t want to miss this 1000-years-old ginseng.


Tang Xiu left the seat and went toward the corner end of the auction venue to make a phone call. Finally, he knew that Jia Ruidao had a debt loan of 220 million, and his remaining money now only amounted to 80 million. Tang Xiu didn’t hesitate to borrow that 80 million directly.




A few minutes later, his phone received an SMS that 80 million had been transferred to his bank account.


“218 million, is there another higher bidder? If there’s none, this 1000-years-old wild ginseng will be that gentleman’s.” The auctioneer looked excited and loudly asked.


Tang Xiu looked at the silent guests in the surroundings as he slowly raised the sign in his hand and said, “220 million.”


The auctioneer, Xiao Ai’s eyes brightened up as she said with a smile, “The hero indeed comes from youths. That gentleman has offered 220 million, a truly amazing capital. Today’s scene truly makes me think, that a great man always come out amongst youths. However, could it be that the old ginger is no longer hotter than the young ones? Anyways, shouldn’t somebody bid higher than this handsome gentleman? If not, this 1000-years-old ginseng will be this handsome gentleman’s!”




An agitated expression surfaced on a lot of people’s faces in the auction venue. They did approve the saying that ‘heroes came from youths’. However, listening to ‘old gingers are no longer spicy’ ignited their anger and made their self-pride rage inside.


A plump middle-aged man who sat in the front row near the beautiful young girl, forcefully pulled the gold necklace on his neck, along with the few millions yuan of Vacheron Constantin watch as he spoke with a hoarse voice, “230 million.”


“250 million!”


A beam of cold light burst from Tang Xiu’s eyes as he shouted with a deep voice.


That fat middle-aged man pushed the beautiful young girl at his side as he turned his head and stared at Tang Xiu, and then motioned his middle finger at him whilst exclaiming, “300 million!”




Everyone inside the entire auction venue was all shocked by the fat middle-aged man’s bid.


300 million?


1000-years-old wild ginseng auctioned for a sky-high price of 300 million yuan?


Everyone began to whisper to each other.


“From where is that silly fatty’s origin? Even coming up with 300 million to buy a 1000-year-old ginseng? I can tell that the food he has eaten becomes the fat in his body and doesn’t go to his brain, absolutely! A 1000-year-old wild ginseng value is at the most only priced at 150 million! More than that, he’s just a spendthrift fool!”


“Stupid, even if the 1000-year-old ginseng is precious, it’s not worth to the point where one has to spend 300 million, is it? He’s obviously aiming to strive over that youth ferociously!”


“What a damn idiot. Too many idiots sprouting up nowadays, especially this year. Is this fatty really drunk and has a fever of his riches?”


“Idiot people with money are indeed out there!”




Tang Xiu squinted his eyes as he looked at the provocative expression on the fat middle-aged man’s complexion. He secretly sighed inside. He couldn’t afford it. The highest offer he could bid was only 250 million, and he couldn’t follow the race any longer.


“In life, one sometimes has to wait for the end, and there’s no need to push forward when something is not fated.”


This sentence appeared in Tang Xiu’s mind as he finally let out an unceasing forced smile. He was once very rich, everything he had taken a liking was his. So he was perfectly aware of the power of money. However, at present, he just restarted from the scratch again with a severe lack of funds.


Finally, the 1000-year-old wild ginseng was bought by the fat middle-aged man.


“A good scene will soon be coming.”


Some faint excitement could be heard from Miao Wentang, who sat at Tang Xiu’s side.


Tang Xiu asked with a surprised expression, “Isn’t the 1000-year-old ginseng the most expensive item on the auction’s list of items? Shouldn’t it be the last auctioned item? Is there another thing not listed on the list?”


Miao Wentang whispered, “Mr. Tang, err… Tang Xiu, you didn’t participate in the previous Violet Redbud Auction, so you don’t know about its custom. For each auction’s event, there has always been auctioned items that are not on the list as the last finale of the play.”


“Ah, so that’s how it is. I see!”


Tang Xiu suddenly realized. For this last item, he had a bit of anticipation. Since he didn’t spend money to buy the 1000-year-old ginseng, maybe the last auctioned item was what he needed.


Suddenly, all the lights at the auction venue were lit, as a band of dim white light was shone on top of the auctioneer’s body. Eventually, the projector cast the pictures onto the wall behind the auctioneer.

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