Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage- Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Jealous Eyes

It was not an illusion. The seed was really growing rapidly.

Its pace of growth was ten times faster than usual. Yun Xi could even see its rapid growth with his eyes.

At the beginning when he just finished the trial and woke up in his room, the completion of Hua Hup’s seed was about 10%, which was quite fit to be the last reward of the Star Trial.

However, as he did three continuous attacks using the Flying Swallow just now while practicing with Hua Huo, the completion of the seed suddenly rose to 15%.

If it were via the normal method, he should have achieved this only after half a month.

“Little Xi, you have awakened your talent in sword skills?” Hua Huo smiled like the spring sunshine and summer fireworks; it was very bright and resplendent.

Nothing was more exciting than to walk on the path, linked together by the heart and practicing the same sword skills with her own lover.

Certainly, Yun Xi and herself were a pair of natural lovers and no one could separate them.

She firmly believed that someday Yun Xi would amaze the world.
At first, she was simply curious about him.

From the prosperous Western God’s Domains, she came to a remote small village of the White Lotus Sword Domain; she knew no one here.

At this time, Yun Xi came to her and drew her attention. She couldn’t overcome her feelings of wanting know more of his secrets.

As time passed, her curiosity turned into familiarity and closeness. She became his childhood sweetheart as they grew up together.

Every day, hour, minute, or second she and he stayed together, was a precious treasure which she never could replace.

Yun Xi didn’t know her identity, didn’t know where she was from, and didn’t know the reason why she had to come here.

They were pure and innocent childhood sweethearts.

Hua Huo had seen too many dirty things and dark sides from childhood. The days she was in the village, the time she shared with Yun Xi, was her most precious gift and that could never be replaced.

Now, Yun Xi was waking up to his talents.

She was proud of him and felt happier than anyone.

This was her Yun Xi, her childhood sweetheart, the person who held her hands and grew up together with her.

“En. So I hope you can teach me sword skills.” Referring to the talent about sword skills, Yun Xi felt ashamed.

If he did wake up his talent on sword skills as Hua Huo said, he wouldn’t be like he was.

He took another secret glance and found that the completion of the seed had already grown to 17% and started to stabilize.

He felt he had understood Hua Huo’s understanding about sword skills and the secret of Quicksilver Motion. Even the beginner skill – God’s Sword Skill: Flying Sky Sword – which was within his sight, but beyond his reach; he also grasped little clues of.

All these were continuously absorbed by Yun Xi through the 17% processed seed.

The Star Loving System, did it mean… through Hua Huo and his sword practicing, Yun Xi vaguely grasped something.
“Again!” Hua Huo smiled sweetly and raised her wooden sword.

“Alright.” Yun Xi also raised his wooden sword, filled with anticipation.


He didn’t need any hints, Yun Xi heard Hua Huo’s seed emit a pleasant hum.

This seed he got from Hua Huo was like a little life who was buried in the earth, hearing the sound of the coming spring. It tried its best to take root and sprout, wanting to break out from the soil.

With the dancing light of their two swords, Yun Xi once again clearly felt how the seed was growing in their pair exercise.

As he got more closer to Hua Huo, he had a higher closeness with her, and more invisible “lines” extended out from his body. His absorption of Hua Huo’s talent grew faster along with his understanding of sword skills.

He finally understood that the seeds could be accelerated in this way.

No wonder the system said that Hua Huo’s seed was easy to absorb and he had a very high affinity with it.

If he chose the sleeping beauty’s seed at that time and had also found a way to get in contact with this powerful girl from nearby the village in the real world, he could also improve the pace of the seed’s growth this way

Yun Xi imagined it for a second. He thought if so, maybe it wouldn’t take him a hundred years to absorb the seed.

Of course, this was just his wishful imagination. Till now, he still didn’t know a girl who had the abilities of “Vacuum Seal”, “Cutting Blade”, “Void Burst”, and “Great Circulation”, or who the sleeping beauty even was.

He was just the second generation successor of a bread shop. It was impossible to get in contact with such a warrior at the Hero Rank.

“Keep focus, Little Xi! Settle your mind as still as water, then you can reflect the Shadow of Swallows!”

Yun Xi just imagined the seed of the mysterious sleeping beauty, and Hua Huo’s “Childhood Sweetheart’s Jealous Radar” immediately launched!

At the same time, Yun Xi found the improving speed of the seed suddenly began to fall, which meant that the link between Hua Huo and himself had a serious failure.
“En, I know!”

Yun Xi immediately tried to forget the sleeping beauty, especially her little snow-white feet and soft pink lips, and began to focus on the practice.

Flying Swallow, First Strike! Second Strike! Third Strike!

The completion of the seed continued to rise: 18%, 19%, 20%!

After three continuous updated points, the acceleration of Hua Huo’s seed finally stopped. It wasn’t that the seed had problems, but simply because Yun Xi’s body was unable to absorb any new sword skills from Hua Huo.

Yun Xi’s 1st-ranked body has become the biggest cork to improve himself.

Hua Huo’s seed gave Yun Xi power in the spiritual dimension but it wasn’t directly enhancing his body.

“Well, that’s all for today.” Hua Huo seemingly had found that Yun Xi had reached his limit, so she decisively stopped their practice.

“Well done, Little Xi.”

“I can assure you that you are the strongest 1st-ranked Swordsman in the village.”

“Thanks. Sorry for troubling you.”

Now, it showed how big the gap was between a 3rd-ranked body and a 1st-ranked body. They used the same Swallow Strike dozens of times, but Hua Huo still kept on her normal pace. She wasn’t even sweating!

However, Yun Xi was already sweating all over and almost used up all of his physical strength. Because he continuously used the Quicksilver Steps, his feet had twitched many times.

“Don’t worry, take it easy. There’s plenty of time.” Hua Huo stretched out her hands and drew out her handkerchief, then gently wiped the sweat off from Yun Xi’s forehead.

Aha, this is my childhood sweetheart.

Talented, but never relaxed; strong, but also gentle; simultaneously holding the advantage as an actively twintail girl and a madwill maiden.

If she wasn’t that jealous, she would be more perfect.

Yun Xi sighed but didn’t find that in the nearby woods, a pair of jealous eyes were looking steadfastly at this pair of lovers.

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I see where this is going; his ‘cultivation’ and growing stronger literally relies on his romantic engagements doesn’t it: The stronger his girlfriend(s) and the more time he spends with them, the faster he grows.

I think I am beginning to understand why he has a bunch of ludicrously powerful ex-girlfriends after him.

Cupcake Ninja

maybe, but isnt this just due to the starchild system? And that system didnt exist till now. Im pretty sure it was created so he wouldnt be killed, so i doubt it existed in this form before. Granted, a similar system may have existed before. I know things like sexual cultivation and te like could have existed. Perhaps it was that? Or i dont know, maybe it was always like this. I cant help but just see him as a playboy in his past life tho…

Eshan Tikone

I think so too


My take was since in the past he was more complete (since last time the 4 overlords grabbed most of his essence) he was born stronger, and had 4 childhood lovers just like in this life. Then, when he realized he was being inappropriate and cut them off…yanderes struck. Then again, he’s born from the stars so maybe the shards they grabbed meant nothing.


Thanks for the chapter!


A new foe has appeared!
Thanks for the chapter

Dark Jackel

“Yun Xi immediately tried to forget the sleeping beauty, *especially her little snow-white feet and soft pink lips*, and began to focus on the practice.”

Sounds like you’re doing an excellent job of forgetting, there… ;P


practically the same thing I was thinking!!


So this is dual cultivation….

Kaito Chrom

At least they are not making out in their dreams like in a certain novel i know of.

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