Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage- Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: The Dangerous Sisters

Struggling and struggling, Yun Xi was desperately trying to get away from the warm embrace and escape.

Unfortunately, it seemed to be an absolutely impossible task.

Because the one who was holding him now was the young girl who just casually waved her hand and made the river flow backward, creating a powerful vortex that blasted him out to the world.

This was not the power any Mortal Grade could have. It was even stronger than Hua Huo, who could possibly be said as the strongest Sword Arts genius in the Mortal Grade.

A sharp blade can cut steel, but it absolutely could never roll up a storm.

This extraordinary force was beyond the limit of a peak 3rd-ranked Mortal Grade. Only one who had entered into the 4th Rank – a Hero Rank powerhouse – would have this kind of ability.

No matter if it was one to the two big mainstreams in the Eastern God’s Domain – the Swordsmen or the Daoist Priests – or to all other practitioners without the God’s Domain, this Rank was regarded as the most important step.

Below the 4th Rank, beasts such as the green hippo could only train its flesh and blood to the limit.

However, if one wanted to break the limitation of the flesh and blood, he must enter a higher realm – known as the “Hero” rank.

“Ah woo…”. After desperately struggling for a while, Yun Xi had to admit that even if he had the power of Hua Huo’s seed, it was useless.

The opponents were just too strong.

“It’s strange, this golden dog seems to be … …” The young girl who waved her hand and captured Yun Xi smelled the bleached golden-haired puppy dog’s flavor and revealed a puzzled expression.

“It’s not an ordinary golden hair, it seems like the Western God’s Domain’s Golden Fur Princess.”

“How could it be possible? This is the White Lotus Sword Domain, the Golden Fur Princesses are spoiled since birth in the Western God’s Domain, so how could this one stray into the wilderness?” The younger sister said while her bell-like laughter sounded; it was delightful and pleasant to the ears.

“Pooh…” With great difficulty, Yun Xi finally drilled out from the cage and looked up to the pair of sisters that seized him. He couldn’t help but look expressionless.

These two sisters had black and straight long hair, but their clothing and personal adornments were miles apart.

The sister on the right wore red gemstone hair ornaments, with red petals like maple leaves, and was gorgeous and unrestrained. She was wearing some kind of witch clothes which was inscribed with a sword and flames similar to the dazzling burning flame of a Red Lotus.

The sister on the left wore white crystal hair ornaments, with crystal clear petals just like the ice, depicting a snow lotus, looking sacred and graceful. She wore almost exactly the same clothing design as her sister, but inscribed on it were pieces of lotus leaves – the White Lotus.

Red Lotus and White Lotus. It was precisely the best way to depict their portrayal.

It wasn’t just their clothing and personal adornments, but their features were also very alike. Seeing them from this too close of a distance, these two looked almost exactly the same.

But how come there seemed to be something that was not quite right when looking at them? From Mei’er’s angle, there was some kind of strange sensation that he couldn’t tell from these two sisters.

“Then how would you explain this feeling?” The older sister raised Mei’er’s small body as she guided the younger sister’s hand to repeatedly stroke Mei’er’s body up and down, not even the most shameful part was left out from their touch.

I cannot marry anymore! Having been played like this, Yun Xi could only feel a kind grief and have mixed feelings. It was the first time since birth that he felt he was so ravaged and devastated by a human!

“Hey, this feeling, these hairs, there is so much spiritual qi.” The younger sister was surprised. She looked at Yun Xi and smelled Mei’er’s fragrance.

“This good and nice fragrance, is this the legendary Golden Fur Princess?”

“It is possible, but we have not seen that legendary creature. How did this kind of pet live in this destitute and wild country?” The older sister frowned. Even if she wanted to know, she could not understand it.

That was only natural, because Mei’er was not a Golden Fur Princess, but the nobler star spirit! Yun Xi helplessly shook his head. This misunderstanding might not be able to be solved in the future.

“Could it be that this fellow belongs to a Western God’s Domain’s princess and she accidentally let this fellow run?” The younger sister looked like she was taking a fancy to Yun Xi’s body.

“Do you really like this little fellow?” Looking at her younger sister that seemed unable to put it down, Red Lotus’s eyes revealed a gentle expression.

Even she rarely saw such a warm expression in her younger sister’s eyes.

The Golden Fairy of the Golden Fur Princess may bring wealth and fortune to humans.

They were the Western God’s Domain’s mascot figure which made countless princesses, princes, and dukes long of dreaming for a Golden Fairy. This creature really deserved their reputation.

“I am really sorry, even if you are a Western God Doman’s Princess’s pet, I don’t have any choice, but to make her give up her treasure. Just look at my sister White Lotus’s happy expression. It’s from the bottom of her heart,” The older sister Red Lotus set a firm resolve in her heart.

In this world, the things that could make White Lotus happy became fewer as their values became more and more precious.

The glory and splendor, the riches and honor, the popularity, the top status and position, they could easily obtain these things easily without even trying.

Regarding the White Lotus Sword Domain’s witches, the things that could move their hearts were really too few.

The encounter with this little golden fur dog inadvertently broke into these sisters’ heart.

It must be fated, it couldn’t have been a random accident.

“Thank you, The Great. We hope that we can walk together with you on the road to the future.”

Red Lotus quietly made a gesture and drew overlapping strange traces in front of her.


“Master, be careful, be careful, be careful, don’t reveal any flaws!” Suddenly, Mei’er called out in Yun Xi’s mind.

“What, what happened?” For the first time, Yun Xi heard his star spirit let out such hasty and restless shout.

It seemed that he had encountered a very dangerous problem and had to be informed in advance.

“Yes, Master, you are in danger, and moreover, it’s fatal danger!”

“This pair of Twins of Destiny are the Apostle’s candidates!”

Mei’er sent out the greatest warning to remind Yun Xi that his life was already at stake.

The apostle’s candidates! His ex-girlfriend?

A gigantic alarm sounded loudly in Yun Xi’s mind. Although they did not directly reach the level of genuine Apostles, they were the candidates. Just looking at that technique, they were absolutely not at the level where he could contend with!

These two were true Hero Rank powerhouses – they could reverse the river flow with a wave of a hand. An existence that could create a fearful tornado vortex.

Moreover, the Hero Rank! Yun Xi suddenly looked up and watched the twins, an outlined impression instantly floated in his heart.

Yes, it was them!

The same as Ashen’s green hippo that was selected by the stars as his first smelting trial to reach the final goal in the Love System.

Back then, he had used a kiss to wake the sleeping beauty that was in a deep slumber in the deepest part of the forest!

It turned out that the sleeping beauty was not a person, but a pair of twins, Ah!

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The younger sister looked like she was taking a fancy toYun Xi’s body.

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