Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage- Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Frightening Girlfriends

There were countless of stars revolving in front of Yun Xi.

A dream, yes, it must be a dream!

Yun Xi was unable to imagine how crazy one would be to have four girlfriends at such a level!

Unfortunately, no matter how much you hid, what is to come will come.

Mei’er clearly didn’t understand Yun Xi’s current state. Thus, she was brimming with enthusiasm to tell Yun Xi more of the truth that he did not wish to know about.

“Master is not human, rather, master is a special child of the stars.”

“With every death, master will be reborn of the stars again, just like now.”

“Master has doubted his past, right?”

“Actually, master has no parents.”

Yun Xi blankly stared, if this was a dream, it was all too much of a coincidence.

How would this golden-eared star spirit know such secrets?

Wait. If so, could the rumours he always heard be true?

“I don’t have parents?” He was unable to accept this.

His parents obviously doted on him a lot, considering him as the world’s greatest treasure.
“That’s right, master has no parents because you were born from the sea of stars.”

“Everytime you die, you will be reborn in some corner of the star sea soon after. Afterwards, when you are 18 years old, you will automatically get your memories back, your past.” Mei’er did not know why Yun Xi was so shocked, it was just a simple fact.

“I… am not father and mother’s child…” Yun Xi was somewhat absent-minded.

In fact, he had already figured it out earlier, but he just didn’t want to admit it.

According to his age, 16 years ago, his mother was already 50 years old. At her age, getting pregnant was impossible.

But he pretended not to know as mother and father never brought it up.

He subconsciously evaded facing the truth he didn’t want to accept.

Yes… according to common sense, mother being at 50 years of age could not have been pregnant.

“Starchild… refers to me…” Yun Xi lifted up his head to see the surrounding sun, moon, and stars – the countless starlight.

That was the truth of the world, the blessing of the sea of stars towards him.

“In that case, why am I here? Why are you here?” After experiencing a great difficulty in accepting his identity, an even bigger puzzle began to arise in Yun Xi’s mind.

Just now, did he hear muttering from among the stars?

If it was like Mei’er said, he was supposed to awaken at 18. But, it was still 2 years till he should have the ability to awaken.

Danger… from where?

“After master died the last time, I was entrusted to the stars.”

“Originally, it should have been at the age of 18 that master would come around, but because master is about to encounter a dangerous threat, the awakening happened earlier.”

“Of course, the other reason is because master chose Mei’er. Thank you, master. I will do my best to make you rapidly stronger.”

Mei’er was brimming with confidence, as she puffed out her little chest with a loveable expression as if she was saying ‘Leave it all to me’.

Mortal danger, Yun Xi has heard that more than once and didn’t have a good premonition about it.

“Who is a mortal danger to me? I have not even died once.” Yun Xi had a hunch, that once he found the answer, his life would be completely different.

Even the stars issued an early warning and sent over the three spirits. What kind of crisis would make even the stars hurry so much… Ah!

“Master, your enemies are many, but the important thing is that you have just seen four. Has master heard of their God names?”

Oh my goodness, the name of a God! Yun Xi had a crazy hunch.

“The first overlord is the master of the star dragons of the god’s domain of giant dragons. Known as the dragon of order and the mother of space and time. She is the Supreme Dragon Goddess, the symbol of birth, life, and death.”

“The second overlord doesn’t have a name. She is the goddess of chaos and the symbol of the source of pain, living in the deepest part of the abyss – the World of Ghosts.”

“The third overlord is the great-old one of chaos, she is the indescribable terror, the avatar of old chaos, and the master of the sea of hell.”

“The fourth overlord is the master of endless domains, the owner of the market of gods and demons, the creator, and the god above gods.”

“Although there were a lot of inconveniences, the four spared nothing to chase and kill you.”

Yun Xi felt like that perhaps he would die easier this time?

The Supreme Dragon God, the God of Chaos, the God of Old, and the God above Gods.

His four ex-girlfriends, who were so terrifying and powerful enough to annihilate the stars and reverse time.

Ok, Yun Xi once heard about two of them.

She was the God above Gods, the supreme master of the entire western god’s domains. She was master of hundreds of billions of god’s domains. The absolute and unique master of the western god’s domains.

As for the Supreme Dragon God, he knew she was the king of the north Dragon God’s Domain. The power of the dragons were so strong, that even the people in such a remote eastern region – White Lotus Sword Domain – had also heard about them.

As for the other two overlords, Yun Xi had never heard of them. However, since they could be compared with the Supreme Dragon God and the God above Gods, they should also be at the same level.

Just now, the spirit Mei’er told him that the four overlords went to kill him at the same time… what a joke!

“This… is not a joke, right?”

“The son of the stars, what kind of crime was committed to have provoked the four overlords to kill me?” Even though he is bathing within the star’s radiance, Yun Xi still couldn’t fully remember, it was like a white piece of blank paper.

So, he didn’t know what he did to have angered the four overlords to kill him

“This… Mei’er also doesn’t know.” Mei’er looked at Yun Xi with eyes of innocence, letting Yun Xi see the answer:

“It seemed that in the past, master refused to marry them and caused them to be angry.”

“In other words, they are master’s ex-girlfriends.”

“So, they are out to kill you. Every time they find a trace of your presence, they will not let you escape.”

“What!” Yun Xi’s shout made the stars tremble twice.

To refuse their marriage proposal… just because of that!

How crazy and daring was his past self, to have provoked four overlords?!

It was like the old saying, “You wouldn’t die if you didn’t do the wrong thing!”

Yun Xi finally knew why the stars came to warn him so early.

His four ex-girlfriends, if any one of them found him, it would spell no escape for him.

No wonder the stars woke him up two years ahead of time… if he was caught, he would absolutely die!

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Alph Medina


— Thanks for the chapters~ ^^


This is the best goddamn plot motivation I have ever read of in a story: “Kid you’re an eternal being that revives after every death, you have four ex-girlfriends who want to kill you whenever they find you because you turned them down in a previous life. Better get strong quick because they’re all ancient elder gods.”

clau clau

more intersting than many story I read about rebirth at least a motive for that rebirth XD “Say not to godess “

Proxy Account

LEL, just like Feng Xi (Yao Guai Mingdan), except that them girl’s are not out to kill him, just to get him.


Thanks for the chapters!


Damn yanderes lol

Dark Jackel

Maybe…you could bake them some bread? As an apology?

I have a really, really good feeling about this story. 😀

clau clau

Better bake a cake for married with the four XD


Isn’t the third overlord Nyarlathotep?
“great-old one” “avatar of old chaos” ” a body with a huge tentacle”


Too much god too early in the story. I was hoping a nice baking subplot, but now it looks like to will devolve into standard Xianxia fare by C 100.

Russian Otaku

Well that ain’t right.He is not the same person no more. also could just be fair and marry them all…. then go from there

clau clau

I am too think the same, betwen life or married . I married XD . They godess at least must to are goodloking no?


I like this chapter length..


Roflmao. Oh my god…


Thanks for the chapter Leo and Fluffy! No need for the gods to do it, if Hua Huo ever found out he had 4 ex’s in his dreams she’d do the job for them.

Chrollo Lucifer

So this is why the title is SEAM . Nicely done author (Y) . Thanks for the chapter 🙂 i’m enjoying it .

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