Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 551

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 551: Static

Golden and red flames were burning, and pillars of fire rose into the sky one after another, causing numerous firestorms to rage between heaven and earth.

The basic particles of yellow, red, blue turned into giant spirals one after another, spinning at high speed.

Seven-color lightning that never appeared in the White Lotus Sword Domain before jumped happily among the clouds. Colorful light penetrated through the battlefield of gods, illuminating the sky of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

A new sun suddenly appeared in the dusk of the White Lotus Sword Domain. That was Golden Crow Princess, that was the little sun from the Kunlun God’s Domain.

However, the area covered by this sun was completely confined by a circle of ice-blue brilliance in the upper part of the White Lotus Sword Palace.

All lightning and storms stopped abruptly at one line, as if it was a field God had designated for them, and they could not take a step past.

The edge of the lightning seemed so magnificent, its numerous branches seemed to extend beyond the sky of the White Lotus Sword Domain, but the ice-blue wall completely blocked these lightning storms, standing as an unbreakable wall.

“Give my Mei back!”

“Give my Mei back!”

“Give my Mei back!”

Watching Yun Xi being snatched away from her arms, Golden Crow Princess lost her sanity.

As the princess of the Kunlun God’s Domain and the youngest daughter of West Queen, she had never experienced such a setback. Never!

Even the Sunwalker, Hura had to run away in the face of her, who would have thought that the guardian of the door would suddenly stop her?

“I decline…” Lilibet looked indifferently at Golden Crow Princess.

Apart from “Mei”, Golden Crow Princess could bring away anyone. After all, perhaps no one would refuse this “opportunity” to go to the Kunlun God’s Domain.

However, “Mei” was different. His real identity wasn’t inferior to Golden Crow Princess. From the moment he obtained the title “the Master of Star Go”, he had become a “signboard” of the Sky Tower, naturally, Lilibet wouldn’t turn a blind eye to it if anyone dared to kidnap him.

Even though Golden Crow Princess was the youngest daughter of West Queen, apparently, her value wasn’t as high as the Master of Star Go!

If Yun Xi was really willing to leave with Golden Crow Princess, she wouldn’t interfere with this kind of thing.

But if Golden Crow Princess wanted to take him away by force, she would stop her!

“You’re bringing about your own destruction!” Golden Crow Princess burst into a rage and turned back to her true form, a golden-red bird.

She cried into the air.

“No one can rob me of my thing!”

The battlefield of gods melted once again!

The earth’s crust was easily burnt through by the fire of the sun, and then turned into a sea of lava.

Like the real ocean, the lava ocean was vast and boundless. As far as the eyes could see, white-heat lava bubbles rolled up and sprayed out, bursting into flames.

Yun Xi’s hand-made furnace was 100% compatible with Golden Crow Princess. Even though Golden Crow Princess had never fought as a Sunwalker before, she could easily liberate the power of the furnace.

Putting the small furnace in her mouth, Golden Crow Princess’ anger could even affect the operation of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

This was the power of the great sun!

“I want to… burn you to death!” Golden Crow Princess waved her wings, and numerous golden-red flame spiral arrows appeared behind her.

As long as these arrows fell on the ground of the White Lotus Sword Domain, any of them could cause a large-scale volcanic eruption and eventually trigger a world-class natural storm.

At this moment, there were more than ten million flame arrows that were locking on Lilibet’s body!

Those arrows’ power could destroy a thousand White Lotus Sword Domain in the blink of an eye!

“…” Lilibet raised her ice-blue sword. The compass pointer on the sword handle began to move and reflected endless fantastic scenes on the surface of the compass.

“Die!” Golden Crow Princess unleashed a world-class attack. More than three thousand golden arrows shot at Lilibet, blotted out the sky and covered up the earth.

Golden Crow Princess showed no mercy at all. She was trying to evaporate Lilibet from the world using this attack!

As for Mei, her sun power would not hurt him. He was holding the other furnace (SN-Drive) so he was actually immune to the fire of the sun. This was also the reason why Golden Crow Princess dared to launch such a destructive attack.

“I come from far away… go to the unfathomable future…”

“Order… symmetry to all things…” Lilibet’s ice-blue sword shivered and sounded in her hand, and the compass on the sword handle pointed swiftly to Golden Crow Princess.

“The Sword of Order!”

The compass instantly turned to a strange golden color, reflecting the color of stars. An ice-blue light surpassed the river of time, ceasing all the arrows of the sun as if they were nothing and straightly pierced through Golden Crow Princess’ body.

Golden Crow Princess’ eyes slowly opened wide with a look of disbelief.

The next moment, everything was paused.

All of the battlefield of gods froze.

From the lava waves rising from the ground to the sky to the golden red particles dancing on Golden Crow Princess’ wings, everything stagnated.

“Go back, this place is not where you should stay.”

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