Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 555

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 555: The Drunken Ouroboros

Yun Xi’s reasoning was soon proved to be true.

In just a moment, the mountains changed their postures three times, every combination of the mountains looked disorderly, but also seemed to contain some old, mysterious rules.

Without exception, every change of Ouroboros’ posture would lead to a catastrophe equivalent to a magnitude 9 earthquake. Shock waves alone could cause a doomsday scene.

But for Ouroboros, it was just a normal rollover during sleep, and it didn’t seem to sleep well at this moment?




With these vague sounds, Ouroboros rolled over in its sleep.

Not everyone had the luck to witness a fantastic creature’s sleeping posture. Fortunately, Yun Xi’s body was equipped with the “Sailing Jellyfish’s Robe”, the “White Emperor’s Mask” and the “Water God Bride’s Crown”, the three god weapons represented the blessing of the Water God’s world to him.

Equipped with these god weapons, he could summon millions of mist souls and ask for the help of the two fantastic creatures: sailing jellyfish and butterfly of death.

In this state, even if he had to face Shaya Longnis again, he had the power to fight against her.

Although he could only hold this fighting power in the Water God’s world, for now, it was enough. The earthquakes caused by Ouroboros could do no harm to him.

Not only Ouroboros, but Yun Xi also sensed a familiar aura from the end of the mountains. Compared to drunken Ouroboros, that aura was more scorching.

“Teacher Casina?” Yun Xi looked at the end of the mountain in some surprise. He didn’t expect that Teacher Casina would also be here.

Speaking of her, after he finished his 100 victories in the Sky Tower, he should report it to Teacher Casina and return her identity to her.

When he first entered the Starry Sky Chessboard, he had no idea about how valuable this identity was. Until he finally found out that all his opponents were at the legend rank, he realized what a special gift it was.

A legend ranked person’s identity! No one else could enjoy this treatment in the White Lotus Sword Domain!

Without Teacher Casina’s identity, he wasn’t even qualified to step into the Sky Tower. Casina must have great expectations for him, so she gave him her identity and let him go to take part in the competition on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Without Teacher Casina’s help, he could never obtain the title “the Master of Star Go”.

“Er ah…” Between the sky and earth, there was a tragic scream. Ouroboros suddenly made a painful howl as if it was being excruciatingly tortured by some invisible executioner.

“Why?” Yun Xi didn’t know what he could do.

Is there anything in this world could do harm to such a giant snake, a mountain-like fantastic creature?

“It hurts! It hurts! Anyone, give me water!” Ouroboros rolled over painfully. If it wasn’t because it was in Hydra’s body, the damage caused by it could already destroy a mortal world.

“Water! Water! Water!”

“I see, I see! Oh, my, drink some water and get up!” Somehow, Casina’s voice sounded a little distorted, and then a light column shot up to the sky.

A big mouth appeared in the sky and tens of millions of tons of seawater fell from the sky, bombarding on Ouroboros’ lifeless body.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” Ouroboros made a dying cry and rolled over the ground and began to smoke all over its body.

“Toxic gas?” Yun Xi smelled the horror toxin that was spreading in the air. The toxic gas could kill millions of people at once, but he had a familiar feeling when smelling it. He knew that he would not be harmed by the toxic gas.

Because this toxic gas was from the master of this world, Hydra.

It was the poison from Hydra that pervaded in the air at this moment. Just a drop of Hydra’s poison could kill a group of the strongest hero ranked people. If a few drops of her poison transformed into toxic gases, they could even wipe out all the living beings in a sword domain.

However, there seemed to be something else mixed up in the toxic gas?

Is it the aroma of wine?

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