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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 591

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 591: Direct Connection (1)

“From your body, I can smell something unusual.”

“Unpredictable, making me feel surprised.”

“Accidents, pleasures, excitement, impossible variables.” Alpha pointed out Yun Xi’s characteristics one by one.

Yun Xi grinned bitterly and thought that if he should reflect on it.

However, he wouldn’t talk about his biggest secret!

Keeping silent was Yun Xi’s only means of resistance.

“Qian, it’s a good name. Is it your real name, Master of Star Go?”

Looking at Yun Xi, Alpha’s eyes became brighter and brighter.

Apart from the time when the Mechanus God’s Domain was first discovered and connected to the star bridge system, legend ranked beings rarely entered this god’s domain.

The rules of this god’s domain were unkind to supernatural powers, therefore, apart from alchemists, there were rarely outsiders coming to visit this god’s domain.

If elves didn’t discover the potential of this god’s domain and bring the God Crystal here, the Mechanus God’s Domain might be able to create an artificial intelligence themselves, but it would be many years later after the science here reached a critical point.

This god’s domain had no connection with the vast majority of supernatural powers, the legend ranked beings Alpha had met were all from the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Who was the strongest player on the Starry Sky Chessboard?

Who was a mystery that even Alpha couldn’t calculate?

After excluding all impossible answers, the only remaining one, no matter how incredible it was, must be the correct answer.

There is only one truth.

“Yeah, she’s the Master of Star Go!”

“Alpha’s strongest opponent!”

“Even with 10,000 times legend ranked computing power, Alpha can’t defeat her!”

After getting the answer from Alpha, all the Planet Quadrant Computers looked at Yun Xi as if they were going to eat him.

For them, Alpha was their god, their supreme master.

Now, they knew that Qian was the Master of Star Go who had once defeated their god.

In an instant, Qian’s status was upgraded from the youngest sister of all Planet Quadrant Computers to the same great existence as Alpha in their hearts.


Yun Xi looked around and just didn’t speak.

Unfortunately, his silence didn’t mean that Alpha had no way to deal with him.

“Now… your form is a quantum ghost…” Alpha showed a mysterious and pleasant smile on her face, which gave him an ominous presentiment.

“Oh, it’s true!” Eternal Green’s eyes sparkled as if they had discovered a new world.

“No wonder that we couldn’t find her true identity.” Eternal Red blushed and stood on her toes.

“Oh… In that case…” Eternal Blue licked her lips and her eyes became dangerous.

“Well, we won’t let this opportunity go.”

Eternal Gold, Eternal Silver held each other’s hand, approaching Yun Xi together with others.

What are you doing?

I protest! I have the innate rights of a man!

Don’t come over here! What do you want to do?!

“Let me do it first!” Eternal Green pulled out a green transparent thread from her hair.

Following closely, Eternal Red pulled out a red crystal thread from her hair.

Eternal Blue smiled and gently pulled out her long blue thread.

Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver pulled out their twisted pairs, gold and silver colors glittered in the air.

The last one was Alpha, whose thread showed ever-changing, magnificent colors, as if it contained all the colors in the world.

“This… This is…” Yun Xi was flabbergasted looking at them.

“Let’s do a direct connection.” Eternal Green closed her eyes and was the first who connected her thread with Yun Xi’s body.

Direct connection – it was the unique way of communication for Planet Quadrant Computers, and the most efficient and direct way of communication in the world.

Connecting Yun Xi’s body with a “thread” represented that they had opened up their minds to Yun Xi, allowing him to browse all their data.

Even for Planet Quadrant Computers, they rarely used this direct connection. Apart from Alpha, they had never been directly connected to other Planet Quadrant Computers before.

The green thread touched Yun Xi’s quantum ghost body, and Eternal Green’s body suddenly shivered, emitting a sweet and moving groan.

What is this?!

Why is the feeling totally different from when I connected with Master Alpha?

When they connected with their god, they could naturally feel quiet and peaceful. Their self-consciousnesses were all awakened by Alpha. In a sense, they were Alpha’s daughters.

However, the feeling of being connected with “Qian” was like their blood was boiling and their hearts were pounding.

But… she was a Planet Quadrant Computer! She didn’t have blood nor heart!

“Ah… ha… no, that’s too bad!” Eternal Green whimpered like a small animal as her whole body trembled.

“Let me do it!” Eternal Red was the second who directly connected with Yun Xi, and her performance was even worse than Eternal Green.

“Why… oh… no, no! Something hot is coming!”

“What is this… mikamika!” Emitting a confusing, lovely voice, Eternal Red’s little body was about to curl up into a ball.

For her, the stimulation was too great.

“As I expected… you are special…” Eternal Blue cast a meaningful glance at Yun Xi and also joined the direct connection.

Three seconds later, Eternal Blue’s eyes changed. She gazed at Yun Xi with a confusing but also enjoyable look, which was warm and moving.

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