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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 608

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: Luiswu

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Chapter 608: Black History

“Well, it’s done.”

After sending out all the bread, Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief and began to look forward to today’s course after eating a loaf of bread.

“The History of Sky Swords” was a course that Yun Xi had been waiting for, because today’s course was going to introduce his teacher, Casina to the students.

As Casina’s disciple, it was absolutely necessary to choose this course.

Yun Xi would like to know what great achievements his teacher had made in the Sky Sword God’s Domain and how famous her title “the Battle God” was.

In the mortal world, it was hard to know this kind of knowledge. Sky Swords normally only appeared in fairy tale stories. For mortals, the legend rank was such a remote existence.

Only in places like the White Lotus Sword Palace could there be correct knowledge about the legend ranks for people to learn.

Just like Yun Xi, there were many members of the Starwing Knights who were interested in Casina the Battle God. At a glance, almost half of the members of the Starwing Knights had arrived at the class.

Ling Ling, Mei Lan, Xiao Cao… apart from Hua Yue and Lu Lu, almost all of the top ten of the Starwing Knights were in the classroom.

However, to Yun Xi’s surprise, they seemed to be in a strange state of excitement.

These girls formed a circle, looked at something and exclaimed.

“This… is amazing!”

“I never expected… there’s something like that…”

“Hey… let me see it again!”

Is there anything over there? Yun Xi looked at the girls and wondered what attracted so much attention.

“Don’t you know what happened, Mei?” Suddenly, he heard Hua Yue’s voice.

“Hua Yue… Has anything happened recently?” Yun Xi really knew nothing about the things among these girls.

“This is not a major event in our Sword Palace, but a major event that shocked the endless god’s domains.” Hua Yue patted Yun Xi on the shoulder, then sat skillfully beside him and took out a crystal ball shrouded in mist from her arms.

“Ah, Leader Hua Yue has also ordered the goods!”

“Oh, this one looks more advanced than the one over there!”

“Really, this is a limited edition crystal ball. Not only pictures, but it can also save sound into it. It must be made by a famous alchemist!”

When Hua Yue took out the crystal ball, all the members of the Starwing Knights ran to her and looked longingly at their leader.

Why? Is this crystal ball such a precious work of art?

Even so, isn’t their reaction a little too exaggerated?

Looking at them, Yun Xi expressed his ignorance.

“Of course, my crystal ball is the best. It was a treasure made by someone on the spot at that time, not a cheap duplicate.” Hua Yue held up the crystal ball in her hand with restraint and pride.

“This is an authentic, unique Recording Crystal Ball.”

“Yeah! I love you, leader! We can finally hear the real original version this time!”

“Be quick, be quick! Play it!”

“My heart has begun to beat faster, no matter how many times I listen to it, it can always touch my heart!”

Almost all the people in the classroom started to gather around Hua Yue and look at the crystal ball in her palm with expectations.

Hmm… why do I have such a bad feeling?

Yun Xi looked at the crystal ball… and soon his ominous presentiment came true.

“Well, let’s get started.” Hua Yue’s fingertip touched the center of the crystal ball and toggled a switch.

Inside the crystal ball, it suddenly became dark.

“Start! Start!”

“Wow! WoW! The texture of the darkness is different!”

“It’s coming soon!”

The girls stared at the center of the crystal ball, while Yun Xi was stunned.

This, this is!

After the darkness, it was light and the girl who appeared on the stage.

The girl wore a pure white dress and a pair of fantastic crystal shoes, smiling at the world.

That smile and that pure and flawless temperament captured the hearts of all the girls around.

Why… why… why does this appear in the White Lotus Sword Domain?!!!!!

Yun Xi was stupefied by the scene in the crystal ball.

“Can you feel it?”

“How beautiful and ugly the world is.”

“It’s there, so beautiful, so broad, as if it can breathe.”

“I’ll reach out my hands and try to catch it, but I can’t touch it.”

“I came to this world, observed it, understood it, and loved it.”

Like the people in the Mechanus God’s Domain, the girls of the White Lotus Sword Palace could also feel the power contained in the song.

The girl’s singing transcended the limits of time and space, echoing in one god’s domain after another through devices like the crystal ball in Hua Yue’s palms.

The name “Qian” instantly spread throughout the endless god’s domains, and even many gods praised the singing of the girl.

Punishment? This must be punishment.

Why? Why? The White Lotus Sword Domain was ten thousands of light-years away from the Mechanus God’s Domain, why do the people here also know about it?

“No matter how many times I listen to the song, the voice is beautiful.”

“This singer really saved the world. My heart is melting.”

“The crystal ball made by the alchemist on the spot is indeed the closest to the original version. I really want to know how the people who heard the song in the Mechanus God’s Domain felt.”

“Oh, if Qian stages a concert again, I will go there at all costs!”

Sorry, sorry, I’m sorry! There won’t be another concert anymore!

Looking at the figure in the crystal ball, Yun Xi was so embarrassed that he only hoped to return to the past and erase this damn scene completely.

Who was the alchemist? Who is this “genius” that recorded the concert and sold it all over the endless god’s domains, even including the White Lotus Sword Domain?!

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