Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 617

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 617: There Is Something Wrong with this Sword

Under the waterfall of the White Lotus Sword Palace, Yun Xi looked surprisingly at the familiar figure standing in the pool that was almost boiling.

A large number of bubbles were constantly rising from the clear and transparent pool, but none of the fish died. They were just knocked over and over by the sudden rising bubbles.



Originally, it was just a simple breathing sound, but Yun Xi felt as if he was listening to the sound of a raging storm and the dull sound of a volcano about to erupt.

She closed her eyes and stood in front of a sword that Yun Xi had never seen before. The handle of the sword was dark and the blade was pure white mixed with pale gold lines.

Just being stabbed in the ground there, it naturally released a huge pressure on the soul.

Even if ordinary people saw this sword, they would immediately feel the terrible power contained in it. Yun Xi realized at a glance that this was a top-ranked god weapon that normally only appeared in legends and tales.

Although he knew that his childhood sweetheart was a girl who could create miracles… he still didn’t believe his eyes. He hadn’t seen her for a few days, and now she had obtained a god weapon? What kind of joke is this?

How could such a god weapon appear in the White Lotus Sword Domain?

The style of this sword was not at all like that of the Eastern God’s Domain, but rather like the super weapons used by giants.

A sword about 1.8 meters long… would any ordinary person in the Eastern God’s Domain choose to use such a long weapon?

A sword that was even taller than her… does Hua Huo like such a weapon?

Nevertheless, he felt like the sword was unexpectedly matched with Hua Huo.

Yun Xi also had similar god weapons: Water God’s Crown, Sailing Jellyfish’s Robe, and White Emperor’s Mask.

However, he could only release their true power in the Water God’s world.

Because his own strength wasn’t strong enough to control the true power of the three god weapons, after leaving the Water God’s world, the power of the three god weapons would greatly diminish. In the outside world, he could only summon ten thousand Mist Souls from his Mist Soul Army and could only summon one Water God’s priestess at a time.

His compatibility with these god weapons was 100%, just because his own strength wasn’t strong enough, so he couldn’t release their true power.

However, Hua Huo was different. She had enough strength to release 100% of the power of any god weapon.

Perhaps this was the biggest reason why this great sword would willingly recognize Hua Huo as its master. The more powerful the god weapons were, the more critical they were of those who would inherit them. This was common sense in the endless god’s domains.

If there was no suitable successor, some ancient god weapons would even wait for thousands of years and would never randomly choose a common hero ranked person as its master.

Now, Hua Huo hadn’t even reached the hero rank, but already had her own god weapon. How strong is she?!

But for some reason, Yun Xi always felt a little chilly around his neck when he looked at this god weapon. It seemed that this god weapon had some kind of mild hostility towards him.

Above Hua Huo’s forehead, a green light flashed and locked on Yun Xi, as if it was telling its master, “That man who betrayed you appeared!”

“Oh, Yun Xi!” Taking a deep breath, Hua Huo smiled at Yun Xi.

“Little Xi, what a coincidence.”

“Hua Huo, is this your new weapon?” Yun Xi jumped to Hua Huo and touched the huge sword which seemed to not be sharp at all.

“Ah!” What surprised Yun Xi is what happened. The sword didn’t look sharp at all, but just by touching the sword body, his finger had been scratched by some invisible force.

“Be careful, Little Xi. This sword has a bad temper.” Hua Huo quickly pulled Yun Xi’s hand back.

The Dragon Emperor’s Sword has a terrible attack effect. It had extraordinary lethality to all kinds of fantastic creatures, gods, demons, and even nightmare creatures.

This sword made of the dragon emperor’s bones was specially forged for slaying legend ranked beings.

After the battle with Ouroboros, Hua Huo realized that her attack power was still not sufficient, so the first thing she did after returning to the White Lotus Sword Palace was to forge the Dragon Emperor’s Sword by activating an ancient contract inherited by her Sky Flying Bloodline.

“What a marvelous god weapon!” Yun Xi licked the wound on his fingertip and had a preliminary understanding of the characteristics of this god weapon.

Just now, his fingertip didn’t really touch the body of the sword. There was a terrible invisible force that was wrapping around the sword. The moment his fingertip touched it, his fingertip had been torn apart by the invisible force.

Although he wasn’t a hero ranked warrior but a real hero ranked Baker, his physical strength had long exceeded the limits of mortals. However, he was still injured.

If Hua Huo used it to release her Sky Flying Sword, she could probably kill a real legend ranked dragon in the twinkling of an eye!

“This sword is prepared to defeat a strong enemy.” Hua Huo said as the sword turned into a shadow and entered her body.

It was proof that she had absolute control over the Dragon Emperor’s sword.

“Are you all right?” Gently pulling Yun Xi’s hand, Hua Huo stretched out her tongue and lightly licked Yun Xi’s wound.

“That’s all right. It was just a little scratch.” Yun Xi looked at his childhood sweetheart with tender eyes.

Gentle and strong.

Be aggressive and enthusiastic.

Like the queen of summer, like the golden sun.

This is his childhood sweetheart, his first love.

Now, his first love was still ongoing.

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i skipped a few/a bunch of chapters to see how it´s going but he is still at the first world? ‘-‘ OMG

Silent Voice

Man I’m srsly waiting for that one chapter where his identity is revealed and the women around is like starving cougars trying to get him

Your Father

It’s really too bad. If Yun Xi just sticks as closely as he can to Huo Huo Huo, she can probably kill all 4 of his overlord ex-girlfriends directly to death, but… considering his luck, it’s more likely she walks in on him boning some alien princess and goes to the dark side of yandere.

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