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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 682

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Translator: WuWang
Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 682: Girl’s Color

“Welcome, your Majesty.” Yun Xi wiped the sweat from his forehead. The twenty seeds he created were about to drain all his energy.

He didn’t expect to give the puppet a soul that actually consumed so much.

What’s more, he felt that not only the 20 seeds were consumed, but also something he couldn’t understand was also consumed as well, so he could grant “White Moon” life.

Even though he knew nothing about puppeteers, he vaguely felt that he seemed to have accomplished something remarkable.

“Here… Is this that room?” The queen turned her head slightly and saw the familiar scenery.

Rows after rows of worn-out abandoned puppets were placed against the wall.

Each of them carried a memory of the Queen of Assyria.

Every one was the carrier she had used, the substitute for the wedding holiday.

Over and over again, she used these ugly puppets, receiving the blessing and cheers of the whole kingdom.

Only at this time could she feel the beauty of the sunshine world and keep her final innocence.

Such a time was so precious, so she could bear all the shortcomings.

She even left marks on the puppets.

The kings wrote down their lives in diaries.

The queen didn’t have so much time, she could only use these puppets as a sign.

For the Queen of Assyria, puppets were the starting point of the holiday.

The “wedding”, in essence, was a ceremony for the queen to keep her final innocence.

The kings weren’t guarding the Forgotten Ruins, but the Queen of Assyria in the underground lake.

As long as there was purity in the queen’s heart, then the kingdom of Assyria would not perish, and the oath of the Knights would continue.

No one had ever thought that one day, there would be such a young boy, become the prince of the kingdom.

In order to fulfill the agreement with the young queen, this boy had created a puppet girl who could be regarded as a miracle.

His hands gave this puppet girl the same perfect look as the Queen of Assyria.

His wish was to grant the puppet girl a “soul” and a “name”.

Her perfection even left the queen in doubt whether it was true or a dream.

Perhaps, this dream, from a very early start, had become strange.

“Well, are you satisfied?”

“In some sense, she’s like your daughter!” Yun Xi smiled at the queen, who looked at him in confusion.

Although it was at the cost of feeling feeble all over his body, he felt proud when he looked at the queen’s surprised eyes.

Now he may be qualified to participate in the trial of the puppet city in the Sky Tower.

After all, even the mysterious Queen of Assyria was shocked looking at his handicraft.

White Moon is great!

“Is this a puppet? ” The queen of Assyria looked at her smooth skin, soft body and slender hands, and could not connect the word “puppet” with the body she was using.

Aren’t puppets the wooden dummies in this room?

She had been used to rough joints and the wrong proportions of the body. As long as the puppet at least looked like a human, there was always a way to drive it.

Anyway, it was her magic that drove the puppet’s body, the indescribable power of the abyss.

No matter how ragged the puppet was, as long as she was driving it by her consciousness, it could eventually move.

For the Queen of Assyria, she had been used to wearing a headscarf to cover her face and even distort the figure of the puppet in other people’s eyes when necessary.

Even in the most glorious peak time, the queen had no carrier like “White Moon”.

This was an art above art. This was a miracle that didn’t exist in Assyria!

With the combination of “beauty”, “soul” and “pride”, it had not only the appearance of the real queen, but also the innocence of the young Queen of Assyria. It could be seen as the “daughter” created by Yun Xi and the Queen of Assyria together.

The queen reached out her white fingertips, touched her soft cheek and gently held out her tongue. She could feel the taste of her skin.

The touch was so real that she opened her eyes wide.

No way, how could there be such a real, such a perfect puppet!

The young queen suddenly had a strong feeling that she had never experienced before.

She likes this body.

It was impossible to imagine entering another dummy body called a “puppet”, which had become total “garbage” in her mind.

For the first time, she wanted “something” from the bottom of her heart.

Yun Xi successfully touched the heart of the young queen with his “White Moon”.

For a girl looking forward to love, for the young queen who was longing for a “fantastic future”, at this moment, something had been changed forever.

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