Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 700

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Translator: WuWang
Editor: Luiswu

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Chapter 700: Who is the Girl?

In the Water God’s world, Yun Xi married millions of brides.

In the days when he stayed in the Water God’s world, as the “apostle of the Water God”, he learned a lot of knowledge that would not be taught in textbooks, but brought by the passionate brides.

For example, Lamia girls are very fond of getting tangled. The brides of the Mermaid race share a surprisingly common interest. In contrast, most of the human girls are shy and timid. There are too many brides, which makes him often confused about who is with him at night. He can only tell the race by his general feeling.

Because there are so many brides, and many of them are petite, Yun Xi subconsciously forgot that he had left the Water God’s world and took the girl who sneaked into his quilt as one of them.

So who is it? Smelling the familiar fragrance of hair, his hand stroked the soft hair all the way down, pinched the mysterious girl’s ear.

It’s not sharp, so it’s not the dark elf, Black Obsidian.

The first experience is always unforgettable. The night, the canyon, the first blood and cry under the tree are memories that Yun Xi will never erase.

She always comes quietly, and then walks away quietly. Besides leaving a reflection in the mist soul army, he can’t keep up with her.

Her destiny line with Yun Xi intersects by chance, and then separated.

He will never forget the outline of her ears. It’s sharp and will spring up with a little pinch. It’s a wonderful and lovely shape. It’s the characteristic of the elves.

He crossed out an unforgettable name, and began to continue the game of “guess who I am”.

If it’s not Black Obsidian, is it Mumu?

However, the taste seems not the same. His hand continues down and pinches the mysterious girl’s face.

Mumu’s skin has a very unique feel. It’s soft and tender when gently pinched, but it will spring up with a little effort. He will not forget that Mumu is a child with the godlike talent of “the Diamond Body”.

That seemingly weak girl’s body, once it erupts into real power, it will be as unstoppable as the eruption of a volcano.

How strong is the Diamond Body? It has been shown vividly when fighting against the degenerated king.

If the degenerated king didn’t sacrifice all his wisdom and human nature, he could have killed the degenerated king just by using the Diamond Body.

So, despite Mumu’s harmless appearance, her real combat ability is very strong.

Well, it’s much softer than Mumu. It’s not Mumu.

His hands continued to move down, brush the mysterious girl’s lips, and then slide onto her neck.

Such a slender and lovely neck is a rare example even among millions of brides. The goal in his mind is reduced by 99% in an instant.

Even so, the number of millions of brides is still a huge base, and even after 99% is removed, there are still thousands of girls in line with this proportion.

Considering that the flavor of hair can be brought by some kind of magical perfume, his hands can only continue to explore downward and continue to reduce the number of targets with the elimination method.

Stupid as he is, he can only guess the name of his petite bride in such a simple and understandable way.

Some hazy names began to emerge in his mind.

Is she Esther Elizabeth? Her height seems to be in line with that of this girl.

The problem is, the contour of the chest seems to be wrong.

She couldn’t be her.

The elimination method continues.

If she isn’t Elizabeth, can she be Little Princess Lamia?

Lamia Gorgon Feya, the youngest child of the Lamia race, who has just turned 100.

But if she’s Feya… his feet extended out a little, but they didn’t meet the smooth snake tail he expected.

No, it’s not the youngest Lamia princess nor any other Lamia girls.

Moving his toes close to the girl’s toes again, stick them together with the mysterious girl’s feet, and feel the warmth of each other’s fragrant soft arch, the smoothness of the instep, and the curvature of the shell-like toes.

All of a sudden, all of the suspects disappeared in his mind.

There can only be one truth!

This scale, this softness, this outline of the chest!

The answer, all of a sudden, came out.

After eliminating all the impossibilities, no matter how inconceivable the answer is, it is the final positive solution.

This is a way of thinking, that even monkeys can’t get it wrong!

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