Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 733

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Translator: WuWang
Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 733: Truth Exposure

On the eve of the king’s wedding, the grandest festival of the Moonlight Ceremony, people revelled all night, turning the whole city into a city that never sleeps.

Both businesses and civilians have fallen into the atmosphere of a carnival.

In the crowd, two figures seem to be a little out of place with a happy atmosphere. People subconsciously separate for the two people, just like two white sharks swimming in a group of small fish.

That’s the instinct gap on the level of life, the horrible breath that can be felt with the naked eyes.

“Sister, why don’t you give up?” Ice Dragon Zaka looks curiously at the people around her and the desert tribe style cape she was wearing.

Tonight, there are a lot of people wearing this kind of clothes, and many businesses are making and selling them all night.

The people who lead this trend are no one but the murderous looking Desert Dragon Zaka, as well as the prince who has taken the champion of the competition and the heart of a girl.

The names of Zaro and Shaheen have begun to be sung by poets.

The mysterious and powerful sisters, make people have unlimited reverie involuntarily.

Even though the real desert merchants from the western desert all have an ignorant expression.

They haven’t heard that in the tribe they live in, there are sisters called Zaro and Shaheen.

If there were such people, the whole desert tribe would have been celebrating! How can they still know nothing about this?

“Not here, and not there.” Desert Dragon Zaka grabbed the roasted squid with both hands, she was eating and drinking, and patrolling around.

When you are lovelorn, when you are under great pressure, you need to eat squid to supplement energy. Squid is rich in protein and chewy. It is a first-class food whether it is a snack or a portion of staple food.

“I’m sure he’s still in the city.”

“Just find him and the problem will be solved.” The anger burned in Desert Dragon Zaka’s eyes. It is her last kindness to human beings that she hasn’t destroyed the whole city with her angry flames.

However, her patience is limited.

If Shaheen hasn’t come out in three days, she will turn into the evil dragon that rampaged the continent, and bury the last kingdom of mankind with her sister Ice Dragon Zaka.

“I don’t think he will jump out himself.”

“Even if we find him, the problem will only get bigger.”

“Elder sister, it’s better to give up. Love doesn’t exist. Face reality!” Ice Dragon Zaka couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Our task is to conquer the world, there is no time to play the game of love.”

“You don’t understand…” Desert Dragon Zaka shook her head and touched her sister’s head, “Because you’re still a kid and you haven’t experienced real love.”

“Since I like him, how can I give him up?”

“The one I like is the one I love, the one I want to be together with.”

“No matter what race he is or where he comes from, it’s my choice.”

“From the moment he passed my test, the engagement was established.”

Ice Dragon Zaka looked at her elder sister in confusion. She seems to understand what she said, and she seems to not understand.

Yes, she really can’t understand. Her sister’s expression seems so focused, even if she is eating squid, and it also exudes a mature taste.

She felt such a sister is very strange, but also, she felt a little envy about it.

Even though she was gnashing her teeth and angry, Desert Dragon Zaka at this moment gave her a feeling, as if she is in a world Ice Dragon Zaka doesn’t understand.

Can love really bring such a big change to people?

Although she is the elder sister, she was just born earlier, and because of her premature birth, her strength as a dragon is actually the weakest of the four Zaka sisters, so she has the Star of the Sand to make up for her weakness.

But such a sister has what she doesn’t have.

Love? Don’t get it.

Sister… When did she become so feminine?

“Sister, is your ability able to freeze the whole city?” After walking dozens of turns in the streets of the city, Desert Dragon Zaka still found no trace of Yun Xi, which made her angrily propose a very feasible plan.

Yeah, that’s my violent sister! Ice Dragon Zaka smiled with absolute confidence

“No problem, please.”

“Well, just give him three days. If he doesn’t come out in three days, you use the forbidden spell ‘Ice Land’, and I summon my Star of the Sand to smash the city!”

Desert Dragon Zaka held the god weapon tightly in her hand and swore to heaven, “Shaheen, no matter where you hide in this city, I will find you!”

“Yawn!” Yun Xi lay in the king’s secret room, looked at the mysterious ceiling and stretched.

Tomorrow will be a new day.

It will be a very important day for him and for the kingdom.

“Good night, White Moon.” Touching the head of the young bride beside him, Yun Xi closed his eyes.

“Dad… marriage… it’s not right… ” White Moon listened to the whispers of the ancient gods around her, with a certain determined expression on her tiny face.

Dad is White Moon’s, no one can take him away from me!

In the station of the Starwing Knights, the girls returned to the head office with their own tasks.

They followed Hua Yue’s order, and collected the information about the mysterious queen from their families.

After thousands of years, the secret is no longer a secret, but no one can tell it, just follow the tradition silently, complete the sacrifice and agreement.

In thousands of years, many dukes and count’s daughters became the king’s lovers, leaving the truth of the so-called wedding in their notes.

“Unbelievable… the truth is…”

“The blood of the ancient gods… ” Hua Yue’s heartbeat began to speed up unprecedentedly.

It turns out that this is the “wedding”, the origin of all tragedies!

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