Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 736

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Chapter 736: Dawn of Terror (3)

The leader of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue, looked at the other girls with a sad look and her steady voice almost choked.

“I… At first, I was going to accept this fate.”

The girls of the Starwing Knights, one by one, fell into silence.

Yes, no matter how unwilling they are, no matter how reluctant they are, as long as the prince decides to marry the mysterious bride, then they can only accept such fate in the end.

Even though the bride doesn’t look mature.

Even though all of them have known the prince for a long time, they are confident that their love for the prince will surpass Princess White Moon who came from nowhere.

But the queen was not any of them.

Princess White Moon robbed the man they loved most.

They couldn’t accept that! Many of them have been found drunk in the bar recently. Only Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwing Knights, still refuses to admit defeat, and they just try their best to cooperate with her.

Today is the day when the prince gets married.

The investigation of Hua Yue also finally came to a conclusion.

Apart from the girls who have investigated the truth of the bride with Hua Yue, most of the members of the Starwing Knights are confused and uneasy.

“If the queen is really the descendant of some mysterious family…”

“No, it doesn’t matter if it’s not. Even if she’s just a village girl from a remote village, I’ll admit that she’s qualified to be a queen.” Hua Yue looks at the bloody notes in her hands, which are the last traces left by the lovers of the kings from generation to generation.

They all loved the king, many of them were the king’s childhood sweetheart.

However, they all became losers. No one really got the king’s love.

Even if they gave birth to children for the king, there was no exception.

Every generation of princes inherited the excellent blood of the previous kings. They showed outstanding talent from birth, and even became hero ranked knights before they even ascended to the throne.

A girl who grows up with such a prince will fall in love with the prince… isn’t it a natural thing?

Hua Yue herself, also because she likes the current prince and is ready to become his lover, formed the Starwing Knights and recruited so many partners with similar thoughts.

If White Moon, like the queen in the past, only appears once in a hurry with a veil on the wedding day, and then disappears forever, Hua Yue may have accepted her fate as a lover.

She thought that she had a long time to change her fate and stay with the king.

As long as we can stay together forever, it doesn’t matter if we don’t get married. Anyway, the queen who married the prince is just a symbol.

This to naive fantasy, is recorded in the diary of almost every childhood sweetheart who becomes the lover of the king.

The wedding of the king and queen is only one day.

And the time they spent with the king can be counted from the age of the king, or the prince, accompanying him until his death.

Decades vs one day.

Childhood sweetheart vs the suddenly appearing and disappearing queen.

In any case, it’s a battle that can’t be lost.

It’s amazing that all the children’s sweethearts have lost. They have lost completely.

In the diary that Hua Yue saw, all the women were full of hope from the beginning, had never escaped this cycle and thought that they would never repeat the mistakes of their predecessors,

At the end of the diary, they recalled their lives, but never regretted loving the king or choosing to be his lover.

The only thing they don’t agree with is the queen.

As the truth was slowly pieced together by them, more than one of them found the flaw about the queen’s identity, and finally completed the puzzle about the “queen” from the dream words of dozens of kings.

The queen is not human.

Not only is she not a human being, not even a living creature.

She is immortal. She sleeps in the underground lake that only the king can enter for a long time. Only on the day of marriage can she appear in the sun by using the puppet body.

The whispers of the ancient gods are with her. The cause of death of every king is not natural decline, but swallowed up by the power of the terrible ancient gods.

The root of all this can be traced back thousands of years to the most prosperous queen in the continent, the most powerful queen in the world.

Assyria, the first kingdom where the king once served.

The Queen of Assyria, with her eternal beauty, has been sleeping on the throne of a giant stupid spider for thousands of years.

“Yes, that’s the truth.”

“I swear by the Starwing Knights, everything I say is true.” Looking at the members of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue slowly told all the truth that she had found out.

“How could that child not be human!” Not long ago, Xiaomi had held White Moon in her arms. She looked at Hua Yue and shook her head desperately.

“She is not only not a human being, but also an undead queen!” Mei Lan’s body trembled slightly. This truth is amazing. It’s a horror story!

“Prince, do you know the truth? Will you marry her after knowing the truth? Oh, my poor prince.” Ling Ling sighed.

“If the prince marries her, he will die?” Xiao Cao, the deputy leader of the Starwing Knights said, this is the key to everything.

“Yes, if it goes on like this, the prince will die.”

“If he marries the Queen of Assyria, everyone will die.”

“She is a cursed bride, an inevitable fate.”

The voice of Hua Yue becomes more and more low, just like the calm before the storm.

For a while, the whole station of the Starwing Knights was filled with an atmosphere of suffocation.

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