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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God - Chapter 1 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 1

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya

It is our humble request that don’t judge the novel and rate or review it after reading just a few chapters, read a bit further to understand authors point of view and expected delivery, if you dislike the story then you can drop it….

Chapter 1: Youth from the Village

The dark and thick clouds filled the sky, hiding the golden glow and seemed as if about to fall, as if suppressing the whole quiet world.

The indifferent wind was whipping, drowning out the chirps and the little greenery had already been blown down to the ground, which showed that a storm was about to come.

In the dense forest, a figure was moving through the woods, aiming at a black lion running in front.

The speed of the black lion was fast, but the figure was faster. When he was still several meters away from the black lion, his right arm rose and swung forward. Along with a whistling sound, a black iron spear caught up with the black lion, penetrated into its back, and pierced its front abdomen, nailing it to the ground.

The black lion roared and struggled, but it couldn’t pull out the black iron gun nailed to the ground through its body, its breath was getting weaker and weaker. At this moment, the figure came to the front of the black lion. He was a boy wearing burlap clothes. He had bright eyes and black hair, his face had that youthful vibe.

Looking at the dead black lion, the boy grabbed the black iron gun in his hands and shook it. He then carried the black lion on his shoulder and turned away.

If others saw this, they might have been shocked since black lions were large beasts and weighed a few hundred pounds. Ordinary adult hunters wouldn’t dare to provoke them, if they weren’t in a team, but now it was killed by the boy easily.

Thunder rumbled and heavy rain poured down, but the boy had already arrived under an old tree.

“The weather is so bad, but fortunately I got this.” The boy looked at the black lion’s paw on his shoulder and muttered.

After the rain, the boy carried the body of the black lion, and walked hurriedly.

After an hour, a small village appeared in the boy’s sight.

“Ye Shang! Brother Ye Shang is back.” A child playing in the village shouted loudly after seeing the boy.

“Call Uncle Niu to share this black lion!” The boy was Ye Shang. He put down the corpse of the black lion, pulled out a short knife from his waist, removed a lion leg, and left.

Seeing Ye Shang leave, the children looked as if worshipping him.

In the village, men younger than 15 years old couldn’t go hunting. Even if they reached 15 years old, they must go out with the hunting team in the village. However, Ye Shang was only 14 years old, had been hunting for more than 1 year and always returned fully loaded.

Zhuyuan Village was an ordinary village with about 50 families. They all lived by hunting. Seeing Ye Shang, the women in the village warmly greeted him.

Greeting all the way, Ye Shang came to the west of the village, where he lived. There were only two people in his house, one was Ye Shang, and the other was Daddy Gu, who was knocking on the wheelbarrow under the eaves.

“Oh, you’re back!” Daddy Gu looked up and greeted.

“Father, I’m back.” After greeting, Ye Shang went to the fire to deal with the hind leg of the black lion.

Because there were only two people in the family, Ye Shang only cut down one leg of the black lion, and the rest was given to the villagers.

They were father and son, but not genetically related. Ye Shang was an orphan, and he was adopted by Daddy Gu, who was the village head of Zhuyuan Village.

“Father, you haven’t finished the story about the fight between the apologetics of the Holy Light and women from Nandou School yet. Who won in the end?” Starting a fire and roasting the hind leg of the black lion, Ye Shang asked Daddy Gu out of curiosity.

“They ended in a draw. You should wipe your face first.” Daddy Gu came towards the fire and handed a towel to Ye Shang. Running through the woods after the rain, his hair and face were stained with rain water.

The weather in the evening, after the rain was a bit cold, the wind whipped a cluster of bamboo in the courtyard and the fire reflected on the faces of Daddy Gu and Ye Shang.

Daddy Gu looked at Ye Shang while warming himself at the front of fire. “Are you very interested in this?”

Ye Shang nodded and continued to turn over the lion leg on the fire.

The two kept silent. Daddy Gu knew that Ye Shang wanted to leave the nest to be a martial artist. Ye Shang also knew that Daddy Gu was unwilling to let him do it since the world outside was very dangerous.

“Well, how much do you know about the world outside?” Daddy Gu sighed.

9 countries and 18 states were vast. It was at least hundreds of miles, from one state to another and no one knew how vast it was. One person couldn’t walk out of a country in a single lifetime since the mountains seemed endless.

There was danger everywhere in the mountains. Beasts and monsters were rampant, and there were even ancient beasts dominating the mountains. Even the experienced cultivators didn’t dare to provoke them.

Zhuyuan Village was located in the remote area of ​​the north of Dongxu State, which was also thousands of miles away from the nearest town and was also ten thousand miles away from Medicine Valley, the nearest sect and school for cultivation.

“But we should change our live and the status quo. I will be blessed if I join a sect or school, right? If I get that blessing, then the tragedy can be avoided.” Ye Shang sighed and said.

Lately, Zhuyuan Village was attacked by a demon and three good hunters were killed. Eventually, Daddy Gu and other hunters in the village joined forces to drive the demon away.

Daddy Gu began pondering silently.

Looking at Daddy Gu, Ye Shang didn’t continue, since he knew his character. If he agreed, he agreed. If he disagreed, nothing could change his mind.

After eating, Ye Shang returned to the house in the west among the three bamboo houses. It was his room. This was the characteristic of Zhuyuan Village. The village was filled with bamboo houses, which was rare in the mountains.

In the mountains, rain came quickly and went fast. Looking at the starry sky from the gap of the bamboo wall, Ye Shang still thought about the image of the duel mentioned by Daddy Gu.

Unable to fall asleep, Ye Shang sat up, put on a coat and walked towards the back of the bamboo house. There were two lonely graves behind.

Looking at the lonely graves, Ye Shang touched his ribs and there was a scar.

According to Daddy Gu, when Daddy Gu, who went hunting, found him, the two people in the lonely graves had already died. There was a steel knife stabbed under his ribs, and he survived since the steel knife missed his vital part.

On the stone tablet, it was written ‘Martyrs Ye’. Due to the tokens of the two, Daddy Gu knew their surname. The nightingale also had a jade token engraved with the word ‘Ye’ on his neck.

Reaching out and touching the stone tablet, Ye Shang bit his lip. He knew that though he could survive due to the adoption of Daddy Gu, he had a great relationship with the two people in the graves. When Daddy Gu found him, one man was lying on his body. The steel knife pierced through the man’s body and stabbed into his ribs.

“It seems that it’s difficult to change your mind. I originally intended to let you live in Zhuyuan Village safely and steadily. Like ordinary people, you get married and have children. But after all, you are not a descendant of ordinary people, so I won’t insist on it.” Daddy Gu patted on Ye Shang’s shoulder and said.

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