Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Arrival at the Medicine Valley


Resting for a night, they went to the mountain gate of Medicine Valley at noon the next day, which was also the mountain right in front of Danding Mountain.

Two stone pillars engraved with furnaces and various herbs, over 20 meters high and 5 meters wide, stood upright in front of the mountain gate.

The stone pillars were connected at the top with a small stone medal, which was engraved with two golden words ‘Medicine Valley’.

The beast carts didn’t enter the mountain gate since only the disciples and those invited could enter. The beast carts went straight into a valley nearby and there were thousands of lofts, forming a small town.

It was called the Grass Valley Town and it was also the resting place for those who came to Medicine Valley for business.

This was also the place where the disciples purchased daily necessities.

Qiu Zen found an inn to stay, waiting for the beginning of the apprenticeship.

He couldn’t go back because he knew that only a few people would be accepted, so it was his responsibility to take everyone who fails back.

After Qiu Zen arranged for the rooms, Ye Shang went straight to meditate and cultivate.

Just when Ye Shang was about to enter Samadhi, someone knocked on the door.

Pushing the door open, Ye Shang was shocked and surprised seeing it was Qin Zen and not far behind Qin Zen were Guan Xiong and Li Song.

“I have to go. You, you must work hard!” Qin Zen said to Ye Shang, which was also the first time Qin Zen exchanged any kind of verbal communication with Ye Shang.

Thinking about it, Ye Shang remembered that Qin Zen wasn’t an ordinary person, of course, he wouldn’t have to go through the normal process like everyone else.

But Ye Shang was actually wrong. In fact, Qin Zen didn’t come for the apprenticeship. Instead Qin Aoxuan had arranged Qin Zen to stay with his master for one or two years before attending the apprenticeship.

“I will, you must as well!” Ye Shang nodded. Although Qin Zen’s future was bright, but he didn’t feel any kind of jealousy since he believed that everyone had to live their own unique life.

Qin Zen took out two bottles of medicinal herbs and handed them to Ye Shang. Ye Shang didn’t receive it, so Qin Zen stepped forward, put them right into Ye Shang’s hands, and then left.

After bidding farewell to Qiu Zen, Qin Zen left the inn and went to the mountain gate of Medicine Valley with Guan Xiong and Li Song.

Qin Zen had a personal letter and a token from Qin Aoxuan. After the disciples checked them, he passed the gate smoothly, but Guan Xiong and Li Song couldn’t.

They already knew that they couldn’t enter and they only came here to send Qin Zen up to the mountain gate.

“Uncles, if Ye Shang doesn’t do well, please take care of him when you go back.” Qin Zen, who entered the mountain gate, turned back and looked at Guan Xiong and Li Song.

“Master, you can rest assured. If Ye Shang can’t enter Medicine Valley, we will take him back.” Guan Xiong nodded.

Looking at Qin Zen being taken away by the disciples, Guan Xiong and Li Song turned and left.

“After entering Medicine Valley, the young master will soar high in the sky. With the young master’s character, young master will surely have a bright future with limitless achievements.” Guan Xiong shook his head emotionally.

“Ye Shang is also pretty nice, but his family origin has restrained him. Unfortunately, I don’t know what choice he will make in the future since Qin Family actually can actually arrange everything for him, but his life will not be better.” Li Song knew the other two young masters of the Qin Family didn’t like Ye Shang and he wasn’t optimistic to believe that Ye Shang could enter Medicine Valley. After all, there were too many people coming to attend the apprenticeship and it was pretty easy to find someone who had a higher cultivation base than Ye Shang.

“If those two young masters also enter Medicine Valley, Ye Shang’s life in Qin Family will be much more stable. Those two guys are strong, but it is difficult to enter Medicine Valley.” Guan Xiong said with a smile. He wasn’t very optimistic about Qin Hai and Qin Shan since they were only good at having fun.

In the next two days, Ye Shang worked hard to cultivate.

One day, just after breakfast, when Ye Shang was going back to his room, the inn became noisy. It was the people of Medicine Valley who came to register those who would participate in the apprenticeship and were issuing numbers.

Ye Shang also registered and received a number, which was a plate with a number of 1226.

Seeing the cultivation base that Ye Shang registered, the disciple who was responsible for the registration just smiled because those at Qi-Refining Level 3 were definitely not going to be accepted.

The selection procedure was very strict.

Although they felt that Ye Shang had no chance at all, they still smiled and registered him because even if he failed, he would have gained some kind of experience. There were some individuals who had achievements which couldn’t be measured by their cultivation base.

After the registration, the disciples left and informed Ye Shang to come at the Gate Square in Medicine Valley to attend the apprenticeship ceremony in 3 days.

 “Ye Shang, they are the elite disciples of Medicine Valley!” said Tang Tian, a fellow teenager who came from Chiyang City with Ye Shang.

“How do you know that they are elite disciples?” Ye Shang grinned and asked.

Tang Tian was the grandson of Tang Fengming, the elder of Chiyang City. Although he was from a famous family, Tang Tian wasn’t as arrogant as Qin Hai.

“Look at their clothes and signs. They are wearing white robes. Only inner disciples can wear white robes. In addition, there are signs of furnaces on their cuffs. The one who led had a silver furnace. The furnace shows that they are disciples of the Elite Hall and the silver furnace is even better. I don’t know even what level it is.” Not knowing the key point, Tang Tian felt embarrassed.

“That is the sign of entering the Soul List.” Qiu Zen heard the conversation and said.

“Uncle Qiu, what is the soul list?” Tang Tian asked in hurry.

“There are numerous disciples in Medicine Valley. Amongst those in the Soul-Condensation Stage, who are ranked top 100 are the disciples on the Soul List. The silver furnace is their sign. Above the Soul List is the Core List. They are the top 100 ranked disciples who are in Core-Formation Stage, and their sign is a golden furnace. If you are lucky enough to enter Medicine Valley, you must work towards this goal and win honor for Chiyang City.” Qiu Zen patted Tang Tian’s shoulder and said with a smile. 

Qiu Zen and Tang Tian were familiar because the commander of the Chiyang City Guards was Tang Tian’s grandfather Tang Fengming.

“Of course I will work hard for the prestige.” Tang Tian nodded and his expression clearly showed his yearning for that ranking.

“Not just the prestige, the benefits aren’t the same. According to the different ranks, the resources that the disciples can get are also different. Low-level disciples can barely support their families because Medicine Valley does not pay much attention to them. Meanwhile the disciples on the list have a bright future, so Medicine Valley wouldn’t hesitate to allocate better resources to them. Tang Tian, you have to work harder.” Qiu Zen said with a smile.

“Uncle Qiu, you will see!” Tang Tian patted his chest and said.

Nodding to Qiu Zen, Ye Shang went to cultivate.

“This silly boy. He only knows cultivating every day.” Looking at the back of Ye Shang, Tang Tian whispered.

“He is different from you because your origins are different and his starting point is low, so he must work hard. Tang Tian, ​​you can’t underestimate him.” Smiling to Tang Tian, Qiu Zen got up and left, walking toward the exit of the inn. Grass Valley was the gate of Medicine Valley. There were many good medicinal herbs in the trading market and Qiu Zen needed them since he was also a cultivator.

Time passed by, and soon it was the day of the Medicine Valley Apprentice Ceremony.

Under the leadership of Qiu Zen, they came to the mountain gate.

This time, everyone was allowed to enter Medicine Valley, but the disciples were still guarding it, so it was impossible to walk around randomly.

Under the guidance of the disciples, tens of thousands of people came to the Gate Square, and the apprenticeship ceremony was held on the Gate Square.

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