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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 11

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 11: Apprenticeship Ceremony

The square was thousands of meters wide with a large platform in the middle and a dozen chairs at the back of the platform.

“Do you see the chairs behind? Those are the position of the leaders of major peaks of Medicine Valley. They probably won’t come, instead send some representatives.” Qiu Zen said.

In a grass house behind the Beiji Peak of Medicine Valley, an old man sat cross-legged and a teenager stood on his side. If Ye Shang was here, he would have recognized this boy. It was Qin Zen.

“Zen, why don’t you go cultivate?” The old man said as he opened his eyes, shockingly his eyes flashed when blinking.

“Well, Master, a fellow teenager came with me. He treated me very well. I hope that Master can help him a little in entering Medicine Valley.” Qin Zen hesitated and said.

“Zen, Medicine Valley has its rules. Just like you, you are now my grand-disciple, but not a disciple of Medicine Valley. You must enter Medicine Valley with your own ability.” The old man looked at Qin Zen and said, then closed his eyes after finishing the sentence.

Qin Zen didn’t continue, instead started meditating at the side. The old man was the leader of the Beiji Peak. Everyone around this peak had to obey his words, not to mention Qin Zen.

Qin Zen started meditating, but he couldn’t calm down.

“Fine! I will take you to take a look. If he fails to go through, he can only blame himself and do the chores.” The old man stood up and came out of the grass house, followed by Qin Zen.

Coming out of the grass house, the old man flicked the cuffs of his robe and a stream of air around him wrapped up Qin Zen, moving them towards the bottom of the mountain peak. The old man didn’t even touch the mountain road once, instead went straight to his destination. The valley was like a flat surface under his feet.

Qin Zen was shocked by their flight. Cultivators at the Soul Condensation stage of cultivation definitely couldn’t do it. 

The Beiji Peak was a thousand miles away from the gate of Medicine Valley, but with the rapid speed of the old man, they arrived almost instantly.

The old man arrived at the square and landed directly in front of the platform. At the time, only one seat in front of the platform was vacant, all others were occupied.

After seeing the old man, everyone sitting on the chair stood up, bowed, and greeted. One of them came out and bowed in front of the old man.

The old man nodded and went straight to the seat belonging to the Beiji Peak.

“Its a blessing for the disciples that Master Uncle came in person.” The middle-aged man sitting in the middle position clasped his hands.

“Lingxiao, your cultivation base has improved, the family of Senior Brother really is outstanding.” The old man nodded to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man Chu Lingxiao was the manager of Danding Peak of Medicine Valley. He was also the host of every year’s apprenticeship ceremony.

“Who is the supervising elder? He hasn’t come yet.” The old man frowned at the vacant seat.

“Pardon this Junior Brother for being late, but we never imagined we would see Senior Third Brother personally come here.” An old man in black robe appeared in the square and then flashed to the vacant seat.

“Junior Brother Liu, you’re here? Are you the supervisor?” The old man was a bit shocked to see the old man in black robe who arrived late.

“Yeah, my turn to supervise was actually more than a decade ago, but I accidentally missed it because I was in seclusion at that time. So I can’t miss it this time. In addition, there aren’t many disciples on my Taixuan Peak, so this time around I must recruit more people.” The old man said and sat down at the same time.

“Taixuan Peak Leader, Liu Yangyu!”

“It really is the peak master of Taixuan Peak of Medicine Valley!”

“The other one is the peak leader of the Beiji Peak, Yan Beiji.”

Not far away, Ye Shang heard people whispering around him, making him size Liu Yangyu up.

“Ye Shang, Medicine Valley is mostly famous for refining pills, but Leader Liu is famous for his strong military achievements in Jinyan Mountains.” Qiu Zen looked admiringly.

Chu Lingxiao clasped his hand against Yan Beiji and Liu Yangyu and  before announcing that Medicine Valley Apprentice Ceremony had officially began.

The first step was verifying the qualifications. There was an old man checking the age and cultivation. Medicine Valley wouldn’t accept anyone over the age of 18.

The youngsters lined up and came to the old man with their plates one by one.

After half an hour, it was Ye Shang’s turn.

Ye Shang stretched his arm to the old man and let the old man check it.

“1126, age 14.” The old man yelled at a young disciple on the side.

“1126! Sorry, your cultivation base is only at the Qi-Refining Level 3 and you don’t meet the requirements of our apprenticeship.” The elite disciple in charge of recording said.

“Did the rules of the apprenticeship change this year?” Yan Beiji looked at the elite disciple who was responsible for recording and asked.

“Yes, the minimum standard for this year’s apprenticeship is Qi-Refining Level 4. There are 4 unfortunate boys at Qi-Refining Level 3 in the registration. We need to remove them from the list.” The elite disciple bowed and said.

Yan Beiji glanced at Qin Zen, who stood at the side, acknowledging that there was nothing he could do.

“You should work hard and come back next year. Next one.” The elite disciple who was in charge of registration said to Ye Shang. Although the disciple refused him, the disciple was still very polite to  him.

“Can you let me give it a try? Can you give me just one chance?” Ye Shang was really unwilling to be eliminated. Coming all the way from Zhuyuan Village, Ye Shang couldn’t accept this outcome.

“Well, can you reach the benchmarks of Qi-Refining Level 4? Lingxiao, can you give him a chance?” Yan Beiji said with a smile. He noticed that Qin Zen looked somewhat disappointed.

He wanted Qin Zen to focus on his cultivation and not be distracted by Ye Shang.

Hearing that, Chu Lingxiao looked at Liu Yangyu, since the supervisor of apprenticeship ceremony this year was Liu Yangyu.

“Young people shouldn’t easily admit defeat. Good temperament! Are rules of the second round of assessment still the same?” Liu Yangyu asked.

“The second round has not changed, but the distance has increased by half a meter. We want to choose the best and have no time to cultivate mediocrity.” Chu Lingxiao said.

“Then let him try. Since he has come, just give him a fair chance.” Liu Yangyu nodded and said, fixing his eyes on Ye Shang.

As Chu Lingxiao waved his hand, several disciples came and carried a 3-meter-high stone wall. In addition, a disciple came with a fine steel column with the width of a human’s arm.

Chu Lingyu stood up and took the fine steel column from the hands of the disciple. He walked to the platform. He exhaled and swung his arms, inserting the fine steel column into the black rock ground.

The elite disciples measured some distance and placed the stone wall.

“Now you can go hit the column, as long as the column bends and touches the stone wall, you can pass.” Chu Lingxiao walked down the platform and said to Ye Shang.

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