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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 12

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 12: Hitting the Column

The column was two and a half meters away from the stone wall. Those at Qi-Refining Level 3 would probably fail to hit and bend the steel column to touch the stone wall, which was why Medicine Valley raised this year’s threshold.

“Can I take a look at it before hitting?” asked Ye Shang.

“Yes, just tell me before you start.” Chu Lingxiao was not too harsh on Ye Shang because he knew that Ye Shang was probably from a poor family as he dressed very poorly.

When Ye Shang went to the platform, he first measured the position of the stone wall and the height of the column, then slightly punched the column to get a brief understanding of the elasticity of the column.

After testing, Ye Shang retreated to the edge of the platform and clasped his hands to Chu Lingxiao. “Okay.”

“Young man, this is your only chance. If you fail, don’t blame anyone.” Chu Lingxiao sat down after he warned him since he didn’t have any hope for Ye Shang.

After retreating for several steps, Ye Shang took the black iron spear on his back, rubbed it, and put it down to the ground. This was his first time hitting something without the black iron spear.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Shang dashed forward and leaped after five steps. His punch landed on the place at around a third of the height of the column since he couldn’t hit the bottom or the top of the column if he wanted it to bend. The column was five meters high and only when a force was applied at this position, would it trigger the elasticity, making it possible to hit the stone wall.


The column bent in the middle and bounced. Ye Shang was knocked off, while the upper half of the column completely bent towards the front.


The column touched the stone wall and a crackling sound was heard, pushing the stone wall several meters away.

“Fall back!” Chu Lingxiao shouted because Ye Shang was too close to the column and it was easy to be hit.

Before Chu Lingxiao warned, Ye Shang had already noticed the danger. His right foot stepped on the ground, his whole body rose from the ground and he jumped back with a double flip.

However, the elasticity of the column wasn’t good enough for it to rebound back to the position of Ye Shang, but it was indeed a close call.

“Not bad.” Yan Beiji nodded as he touched his beard.

“Did I pass?” Ye Shang didn’t care about his bleeding right hand, instead looked at Chu Lingxiao and asked.

“Yes. Someone help him bandage it.” Looking at the bleeding right hand of Ye Shang, Chu Lingxiao was a bit shocked as his eyes twitched.

“There is no doubt that you have the wisdom and courage. But the main point is that you also have solid resolution, which is usually very difficult for those from ordinary families.” Yan Beiji appreciatively looked at Ye Shang, who was sent to bandage his wound by the disciples and nodded.

“For the only chance he had, he had to make up his mind.” Liu Yangyu said but looked completely emotionless.

“I just not sure if he can pass the third and fourth rounds.” Chu Lingxiao looked at Yan Beiji and Liu Yangyu and then indicated the assessment to be continued.

On the side, Qiu Zen and Qiu Yuan were extremely excited since Ye Shang not only met the requirements, but also passed the second round of the assessment, making Chiyang City proud.

Among those waiting in line, Qin Hai snorted since Ye Shang stole the show, which made him a little angry. He should be one who enjoyed the limelight since his cultivation base was Qi-Refining Level 8, ranking number one among all teenagers in Chiyang City. Even considering everyone who came to participate in the ceremony, those at Qi-Refining Level 8 were at the top.

It took them two hours to finish checking the requirements of all the teenagers who participated in the apprenticeship ceremony. The other three teenagers at Qi-Refining Level 3 were also given the opportunities by the host, but they couldn’t pass the second round of the assessment, failing to hit the stone wall.

The second round was the assessment of the stone wall. Even if you had required cultivation base, you would still fail if you lacked control over the force.

Since Ye Shang had already passed it, he had to wait for the third round.

At this moment, those who underestimated Ye Shang knew how incredible it was for Ye Shang to do it to that degree. As nine out of ten teenagers at Qi-Refining Level 4 were eliminated and nearly half of those at Qi-Refining Level 5 couldn’t pass the assessment.

The assessment of punching on the column was not only a test of strength, but also a test of their resolutions. It was difficult to exert full strength if they were afraid of getting an injury.

After the second round, there were still over 400 people left, while most of them were eliminated, including Qin Shan. Qin Hai passed it since his cultivation base was considered amongst the top.

“Today’s assessment is over. Those who have participated in the second round of assessment can get a bottle of Skeletal Muscle Cream there. Even if the bone is cracked, you can recover using it in half a month.” Chu Lingxiao stood up and announced the end of the assessment.

Ye Shang left the platform and returned to Qiu Zen and Qiu Yuan.

“Good, really good. How’s your hand?” Qiu Yuan patted Ye Shang’s shoulder.

“Nothing, just a minor injury.” Ye Shang said with a smile.

“Well, go back and have a good rest. There are two more rounds of assessment tomorrow, I hope you can pass smoothly.” Qiu Zen said to Ye Shang.

Hearing that Qin Hai snorted and went straight back to the Grass Valley.

“Don’t mind. That’s how he is, ha!” Tang Tian patted Ye Shang’s shoulder and said. After the pat, Tang Tian gasped violently since his own right hand was also still wrapped in a gauze.

“Damn it!” Qin Shan, who was behind them, shouted.

“Well, all of you are from Chiyang City, right? You all must get on together, Peace is Precious.” Qiu Zen saw Qin Shan still cursing, so he directly stopped him.

Back to the inn, Ye Shang took a Core Elixir and began cultivating.

Inside the grass house in the Beiji Peak, Yan Beiji was drinking tea and Qin Zen was standing at the side.

“You mean that the cultivation base of that kid was still at the Qi-Refining Level 2 before?” Yan Beiji asked Qin Zen.

“Yes, it is said that he came out of the mountains in Chenxing City. According to the guards of my family, Ye Shang didn’t even have a cultivation base when they first saw him.” Qin Zen said. He knew the next two rounds would be difficult, so he told his master about Ye Shang’s surprising abnormalities, perhaps Yan Beiji would make an exception to keep Ye Shang in Beiji Peak.

“I know understand what you want. In the past, we could have made an exception, but it’s impossible to do it now, even I can’t help him. This time, the elder who supervised the apprenticeship ceremony is very strict. If he can’t pass the assessments, he can only be a servant if he stays here.” Yan Beiji said.

Qin Zen became silent. Even though he didn’t converse much with Ye Shang, but he still understood his character as he definitely wouldn’t want stay here as a servant.

After cultivating for one night, Ye Shang took a shower and went to the dining room to have a meal with Qiu Zen and others.

“Ye Shang, do you know the third and fourth rounds of the assessments?” asked Qiu Zen, who had finished eating and put down the tableware.

“I don’t know, please tell me, captain.” Ye Shang became energetic since he would have better chances if he knew it in advance.

“I know what you are thinking now. In fact, there is no difference between knowing and not knowing. The third round is the endurance assessment. You have to run around the Qingshi Peak at the mountain gate for 8 hours. Those who can’t keep on will be eliminated and those who don’t run enough laps will also be eliminated. The key is to rationally allocate your physical strength and endurance.” Qiu Zen said.

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