Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 13

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Cultivation Stages:

  • Qi Refining
  • Soul Condensation
  • Core Formation (Previously Core Condensation)
  • Soul Segregation (Previously Distraction)
  • Void Fusion (Previously Emptiness)
  • Empyrean (Previously Heaven)
  • Divine (Previously Sacred)

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Chapter 13: Sect Spirit Tool

“One lap is 25 kilometers long and you’ll only qualify if you finish 15 laps during the time limit. That is to say, you have to finish 2 laps, around 50 kilometers every hour.” Tang Tian said since he already knew the assessment, which was considered as general knowledge around this area.

Ye Shang did some calculations, as he found it really difficult to finish about 400 kilometers in 4 hours. He could previously only run 600 kilometers in the mountains in a day, but the barren mountains increased the difficulty by a level.

“If you can’t, just give up now, no need to get eliminated and feel ashamed.” Qin Hai said in a strange tone.

“Stop it, okay? Is your family reputation not ruined enough already? Qin Shan was eliminated, wasn’t he?” After hearing Qin Hai’s words, Tang Tian could not help but point at Qin Shan and shouted since recently Qin Hai was crossing the line repeatedly.

“How dare you shout at me? You think I am scared of you? We can find a place to have a face-off.” Insulted by Tang Tian, ​​Qin Hai lost a lot of face since he didn’t expect that Tang Tian wouldn’t hesitate even a bit to insult Qin Family.

“You think I wouldn’t dare? Funny! Tell me the time and place if you want a face-off.” Tang Tian didn’t make any concessions.

“Cut it off! Don’t fight in the team.” Qiu Zen stopped them.

“Thank you. Captain Qiu, can we talk about the fourth round!” Ye Shang clasped his hand to Tang Tian since ​​he knew that Tang Tian just did this for him.

“The fourth round is the assessment of willpower, climbing the Danding Cliff. I will show you Danding Cliff later!” Qiu Zen sighed because the fourth round was really too difficult and even he didn’t think Ye Shang might have much of a chance of passing the fourth round.

Danding Cliff was a special place in Medicine Valley’s territory. At the top, was the place where Eight Dragons Furnace, the Sect’s Spirit Tool, was located. It was the spirit tool which protected the first sect leader of Medicine Valley.

Over the years, Eight Dragons Furnace was placed at the top of Danding Cliff, which was also the core of the Medicine Valley and was always being guarded by several elders of Medicine Valley.

Eight Dragons Furnace is a spiritual tool. In Medicine Valley, few great elders have to join their hands to activate it. But usually no one could get close to it, not even the leader of the Medicine Valley.

Since Eight Dragon Furnace was a spiritual tool, it always releases a unique pressure at all times. Anyone Climbing Danding Cliff, will have to face the pressure of the Eight Dragons Furnace, this is what tests their willpower.

“Danding Cliff is not just a place used for entry examination. The disciples on the Soul List and the Core List also climbs the cliff frequently to train and hone themselves.” Just as Qiu Zen finished the introduction, the elite disciple who entered the inn added.

He was the disciple who came to invite everyone to come over to Mountain Gate Square for the assessment today.

Ye Shang walked at the end of the team. He understood that the assessment today was quite difficult, but he had perseverance.

“Young man, if you fail this year, just cultivate more. You’ll pass sooner or later.” The disciple said with a smile to Ye Shang. Everyone witnessed Ye Shang’s performance yesterday since even those at Qi-Refining Level 5 couldn’t outperform him.

“I will work harder.” Ye Shang nodded.

The elite disciple nodded with a smile.

Ye Sheng knew that the elite disciple had misunderstood what he actually meant since he was talking about trying his best in the assessment, not after the assessment.

Soon they reached the Mountain Gate Square in Medicine Valley.

Even today, the square was still crowded despite many being eliminated.

The 400 people who were qualified for the apprenticeship ceremony came on to the platform.

Chu Lingxiao stood up from the seat and arranged the enforcement disciples of Medicine Valley to go to Qingshi Peak as he ordered them to supervise the third round of the assessment. If someone cheated, the enforcers must stop them. If someone fell behind, he would be eliminated right away.

After the elite disciples got in position, Chu Lingxiao nodded to a disciple, whose white robe was embroidered with a silver furnace, as he was standing in front of the platform.

After that the disciples on the Soul List went on the platform.

“I am Qi Ming. If you can enter Medicine Valley, I will be your senior brother. Here, I would like to congratulate all the younger brothers and sisters in advance. Now is the third round of the assessment. Look at the Qingshi Peak next to the square. The third round of the assessment is the endurance assessment. You have to run around the Qingshi Peak for 16 laps within 8 hours. If you can’t stand it, you can quit. We will only accept the outstanding ones.”

Qi Ming stood on the platform and announced that the third round of the assessment had officially begun.

When he announced the rule, many started whispering since the rule was 15 laps in previous years, and it has increased to 16 laps this year.

The difficulty increased.

Those who passed the previous rounds of the assessment entered the mountain road under the leadership of the enforcement disciples.

When Chu Lingxiao waved his arm, everyone began to run. Ye Shang didn’t want to be eliminated, so he rushed out right away at a speed which looked similar to a leopard’s. Soon he quickly caught up with one of the lead participants who was at Qi-Refining Level 8.

Seeing Ye Shang coming up, Qin Hai snorted and accelerated.

“Ye Shang, don’t rush it. You must distribute your physical strength and stamina reasonably.” Tang Tian rushed forward and shouted at Ye Shang since he knew that Ye Shang wouldn’t be willing to fall behind.

“I’m fine!” Ye Shang didn’t slow down, but rushed forward like a leopard, since maintaining such a speed was nothing to him.

Ye Shang had once chased a leopard for half a day before finally killed it when he went hunting.

Soon, those in the lead finished the first lap since they ran very fast as they had superior physique at the beginning. It would be difficult for them to maintain this pace till the end of the assessment.

“There are quite a few good ones this year.” Chu Lingxiao looked at Yan Beiji and Liu Yangyu, saying with a smile.

“Don’t jump to the conclusion. It will be easier to see their potentials in the fourth round.” Liu Yangyu said as he watched the crowd running fast.

“That guy is running at full speed. It’s not wise to run like this.” Seeing the figure of Ye Shang, Yan Beiji touched his beard and said.

At the moment, Ye Shang wasn’t among the group that led everyone, but he was faster than the other group behind, which was mainly due to the fact that the speed of the leading group was way too fast.

Even if Ye Shang ran at full speed, he couldn’t keep up. Ye Shang also understood that this still wasn’t the maximum speed of the leading group since it would quickly consume their stamina.

Currently, Ye Shang was running at full speed because he didn’t want to fall behind, which would make it difficult to catch up. As for the physical strength and stamina, he was good at long-distance running.

The race was still ongoing, the distance between them hadn’t changed as those in the front were saving their strength, and those behind were desperately following them.

2 hour passed, the fastest man had already finished 6 laps, while Ye Shang finished 5 laps, mainly because the leading group really was way too fast, he was clearly unable to catch up.

Ye Shang currently ranked in the middle because the people behind had sped up after finishing two laps.

Qin Zen, who was standing next to the Yan Beiji, was more anxious because the remaining runners were too strong. They had the cultivation base of at least Qi-Refining Level 5, while Ye Shang’s, was only at Qi-Refining Level 3, it was too low.

Everyone could see that Ye Shang was running at full speed and barely kept up with everyone’s rhythm. But everyone knew that running at full speed would consume a lot of physical strength and it would be difficult to maintain a steady pace.

The assessment was still ongoing on, but many people’s eyes were fixed on Ye Shang.

Ye Shang wasn’t eye-catching, but his low cultivation base was a bit out of place amongst the group.

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