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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 14

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 14: Bastard

Many people kept thinking about how long Ye Shang could last.

4 hours passed and the fastest participant had already finished 12 laps, while Ye Shang finished 10 laps, ranking still in the middle.

“That little guy is quite talented, but his cultivation base is too low. If he fails this year, he can surely pass after one or two year.” Chu Lingxiao valued Ye Shang quite highly.

Ye Shang sweated all over his head as he knew that though he could finish 16 laps if he slowed his pace a little, he would be at the bottom and ultimately be eliminated since they were only accepting the top ones.

As he once again reached the starting point, he pulled out the black iron spear attached behind him, swung the black iron spear into the rock at the side, and then accelerated.

“He can still speed up?” Yan Beiji stood up and Liu Yangyu became interested too.

“Not a smart play. He’s too eager to win.” Chu Lingxiao sighed since he doubted that Ye Shang could last till the end if he excessively consumed his stamina.

Ye Shang sped up and surpassed many teenagers. Some teenagers were not willing to fall behind, but they did not dare to increase their speed further.

The ranking of Ye Shang rose up, and he slowly approached the second echelon.

6 hours passed. The first echelon had already finished 16 laps, and Ye Shang was between the first and second echelons, but it was hard for him to catch up with the leading group.

Although everyone was exhausted, the members of the first echelon were ones who had a cultivation base of at least Qi-Refining Level 7!

Ye Shang also completed more than 15 laps, but at the same time, some teenagers had no choice but to give up the race since 6-hours of high intensity running had exhausted their physical strength and stamina completely.

“If we accept everyone who meets the standards, Ye Shang can pass, but the elders stated that they we should only accept those ranking in the top one-third.” Chu Lingxiao said.

“How many people can participate in the fourth round? 100?” Yan Beiji said while frowning.

“Marital Uncle, we are supposed to only accept 30 people this year. But if they failed to meet the requirements, we won’t accept them.” Chu Lingxiao said.

“Right, those without talents will only waste resources.” Liu Yangyu said.

Ye Shang now had to complete the 16th lap.

“Ye Shang, come on! Don’t give up before it ends. They only accept the top ones.” When Ye Shang reached the starting point again, Qin Zen shouted, this was only the second time Qin Zen and Ye Shang had any sort of verbal exchange between them.

“Ah! Ah……” Waving his hand to Qin Zen, Ye Shang roared in a low-pitch and continued to run maintain his pace.

Chu Lingxiao and Liu Yangyu looked at Qin Zen since they had no clue where Qin Zen came from as he obviously didn’t look like one of their disciples.

“Oh, this is the son of my disciple Qin Aoxuan. Aoxuan sent him to serve me.” Yan Beiji said with a smile.

Chu Lingxiao and Liu Yangyu became silent. Although it was inappropriate for Qin Zen to come out of nowhere and shout randomly, but they didn’t treat him strictly since Yan Beiji introduced him.

Ye Shang slowly approached the first echelon in the 17th lap.

Just when Ye Shang about to reach them, suddenly a figure from within the first echelon kicked him in the waist, which made Ye Shang fall down to the ground miserably.

Qin Hai!

The person who attacked Ye Shang was obviously Qin Hai. When he saw Ye Shang approaching the first echelon, Qin Hai clearly lost his mind.

Why was a nobody at Qi-Refining Level 3 qualified to approach the first echelon?

The first echelon should pass the assessment smoothly without any doubts.

Ye Shang fell to the ground, causing the crowd to make noise. There were many people who came to watch the apprentice ceremony. Many of them were poor and they unknowingly made Ye Shang their representative. Now Ye Shang was attacked, hence they became angry and voiced out to punish Qin Hai.

“Everyone, be quiet. The rules didn’t prohibit anyone from attacking others. But from now on, those who attack others will be eliminated.” Chu Lingxiao stood up, stopped the riots, and announced new rules.

The new rules were immediately conveyed by the enforcement disciples to Qingshi Peak.

At the same time, Ye Shang stood up, a little bit of blood could be seen coming down from his mouth since Qin Hai had attacked him quite fiercely.

Ye Shang stood up, rubbed his mouth, took a deep breath, and continued his run.

“Despite injury, he still didn’t give up. He really is a good seedling, Brother Chu, he has finished 17 laps, can you send him off to heal? If he continues, it might cause some internal injuries.” A man sitting next to Chu Lingxiao stood up.

“Two uncles, what do you think?” Looking at the trembling body of Ye Shang, Chu Lingxiao was a bit stunned.

“We have to stick to the rules. Compared to getting an internal injury, I think he values the result more.” Liu Yangyu said emotionlessly.

Ye Shang ran for a while and began to stabilize his trembling body, which enabled him to speed up. But he couldn’t stop the bleeding, and his face eventually started turning pale.

He was getting closer and closer to the end of the race.

The first echelon also reduced their speed.

At this moment almost everyone couldn’t keep their pace steady, so they only managed to run a single lap during this hour.

Because of the injury, Ye Shang could only follow behind the first echelon, and it was now indeed impossible for him to catch up.

The bronze bell rang, indicating the third round was over, and Ye Shang had finished 19 laps like the first echelon, but he was a bit slower.

At the starting point, Ye Shang picked up his black iron spear and slowly walked toward the assembly point.

“How does it feel?” Seeing Ye Shang come over, Qin Hai, who arrived at the platform earlier, smiled wryly.

He was in the first echelon, so he would be able to advance to the next round.

Therefore he felt very good, mainly because he had ruined the performance of Ye Shang.

Ye Shang remained silent, he silently walked through the location of where everyone was standing before suddenly turning around after taking just a few steps.

He stared at Qin Hai like a hunting beast and threw the black iron spear straight towards the neck of Qin Hai.

Ye Shang finally wasn’t able to suppress his anger and he didn’t even want to suppress it anymore.

Qin Hai clearly directly picked on him this time.

To deal with this kind of person, he must not compromise, instead must finish them immediately to never allow them another chance in future.

As for the consequences, Ye Shang didn’t think about it at all, since compromises and fear of the consequences wouldn’t solve any problems.

The attack of Ye Shang was very sudden, let alone Qin Hai, even the top elders sitting on the chairs in front of the platform didn’t expect it.

When the black iron spear appeared right in front of Qin Hai, he reacted, and cocked his head to dodge it, but his right shoulder couldn’t completely avoid the black iron spear.

Qin Hai was shocked since it was too late to fall back. In order to avoid being beheaded, he turned his body and let the spear land on his collarbone.


With a crisp sound, Qin Hai’s clavicle was smashed by the black iron spear, and he kneeled on the ground.

Stepping forward, Ye Shang kicked the belly of Qinhai’s right on his abdomen and knocking Qin Hai off his feet.

Ye Shang dashed forward after the kick and the black iron spear in his hand once again targeted the neck of Qin Hai.

Since he has already attacked, he wanted to completely finish him off instead of only injuring him.

“Stop!” Qi Ming quickly showed up in front of Ye Shang and seized the black iron spear in Ye Shang’s hand.

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