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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 15 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 15

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 15: Retaliation

“Why?” Ye Shang asked indifferently to Qi Ming, knowing that it would be very difficult to kill Qin Hai today. However, he also knew that if he couldn’t kill him right now, it would be difficult to get another chance in the future.

“During the apprenticeship ceremony, no one is allowed to fight!” Qi Ming thundered fiercely at Ye Shang and Qin Hai, both who seemed thirsty for each other’s head.

“If it’s not allowed, then where did the footprint on my body come from?” Ye Shang held the spear in his right hand and pointed to the footprint on his waist with his left hand.

“That was an accident. We couldn’t stop it. It doesn’t give you the right to go after him. Look around us, there are many people here are watching you, you can’t deliberately violate the regulations.” Qi Ming loosened his right hand that held the black iron spear and explained it.

Ye Shang nodded since he knew that it was useless to argue anymore. If he wanted to enter Medicine Valley, he must follow what ever rules they had.

“Ye Shang, I am not done with you.” Qin Hai, who stood up, spat some blood, staring at Ye Shang wickedly. Ye Shang’s cultivation base was low, so his kick obviously couldn’t destroy Qin Hai’s dantian, but it still managed to inflict some noticeable damage to his body. His clavicle was broken rendering his dantian unstable. He might barely have a chance of passing the upcoming fourth round.

“Fine, just remember, not to give me another chance.” Ye Shang returned back to the queue.

“Martial Uncles, he seems a bit extreme, should we deprive him of his qualifications?” A man dressed in a distinct blue robe uttered sarcastically as he sat down on a wobbly chair. He was Lu Jing, the disciple of the leader of the Wangyun Peak, Yuantai. He was also the representative from Wangyun Peak.

“Brother Lu Jing, your comment on him doesn’t resonate with the conducts of a warrior. Should he pretend as if nothing happened? Such disciples have no future. His behavior was a bit rash but he is at least humble and straightforward.” Not waiting for Yan Beiji and Liu Yangyu to speak, Chu Lingxiao interceded for Ye Shang since he was pleased with his act of protecting his own honour.

Like most he also paid a lot of attention to the performance of Ye Shang in all three rounds. During the second round, what initially caught his eye about Ye Shang was his remarkable enthusiasm, and not hesitating to injure himself in order to complete the assessment.

During the third round, he showed his flexibility and shocking endurance. With the cultivation base of Qi-Refining Level 3, he still kept up with the first echelon, not only showing his endurance, but also a performance enriched with perseverance and quality.

“Too impatient? I don’t think so. If there is a chance to take revenge, he should take the shot. It’s a pity, he did not succeed.” Liu Yangyu, who was silent for a while, looked at Lu Jing and shoveled the firm words on his contemptful face.

Lu Jing clasped his hands to Liu Yangyu and the Yan Beiji, who did not get up, and then sat down. He had to respect Liu Yangyu’s opinions since Liu Yangyu was a top figure in the Medicine Valley.

Chu Lingxiao got up and announced the names of members who passed the assessment, and Ye Shang was among them at the bottom of the list. It could be said that he barely managed to pass behind the first echelon.

“Martial Uncles, it’s late now and there are two injured participants, should we send them to rest for one night and continue the assessment tomorrow?” said Chu Lingxiao, as he looked at Ye Shang. He was very optimistic about Ye Shang, so he didn’t want Ye Shang to enter the fourth round with an injured body. As for Qin Hai, he didn’t really care about him.

“Well, it’s up to you.” Liu Yangyu closed his eyes after he finished speaking, and it looked as if the matter of the apprenticeship ceremony was none of his concerns.

“Martial Uncle Yan, what do you think?” Chu Lingxiao looked at the Yan Beiji.

“Fine, the remaining ones are all good seedlings. You have to send some people over to the Grass Valley to inspect and patrol, we do not want any unnecessary complications tomorrow.” Yan Beiji stood up, said his point of view and then left with Qin Zen.

Since Yan Beiji had left, Chu Lingxiao got up and announced his decision that the assessment would be carried out tomorrow while throwing a bottle of pills at Qi Ming, “Give them each a Vein Pill. Also take some people from enforcement team to the Grass Valley for patrolling today, We do not want to see any unexpected accidents that can affect tomorrow’s assessment.”

Without looking at anyone, Liu Yangyu got up and left.

Qi Ming came over to Qin Hai, gave him one pill and then gave the rest of the bottle to Ye Shang.

“You two, go back and focus on recovering. Don’t mess up the assessment for tomorrow. In addition, I emphasize that you must not retaliate against each other. I won’t be tolerating any more trouble from any of you. If anyone has any ulterior motive, I will not be polite, so do not cross the line”. Qi Ming’s last line was aimed at the audience.

Ye Shang opened the medicinal bottle and took a glance inside it. He found that there were 3 pills inside, he clasped his hands towards Qi Ming since he could feel his kindness.

“Take one and you’ll feel much better. This is a good quality healing pill.” Qi Ming smiled and assuaged Ye Shang.

“Thank You.” Ye Shang once again expressed his gratitude. He heard Chu Lingxiao’s words that he and Qin Hai were each supposed to be given one pill. However, it was Qi Ming’s generosity that he didn’t take the other pills back, perhaps he liked what Ye Shang had shown in the earlier assessment.

“The assessment tomorrow is going to be more difficult. It will not only test your strength, but also many other aspects. Remember, don’t give up or be afraid of getting injured. Medicine Valley will take responsibility of all participants.” Seeing the participants following the enforcement team, Qi Ming reminded Ye Shang.

“I will.” Ye Shang nodded as he already knew that Medicine Valley would provide them with healing items if they got hurt during the assessment.

Qi Ming followed Ye Shang almost till he reached the inn he stayed in, perhaps a bit worried about his safety after the incidents which happened earlier.

Entering the inn, on the way Ye Shang greeted Qiu Zen and Tang Tian who had arrived earlier than him. He then went directly into his room and took the Vein Pill to begin his recovery. He wanted to ensure he was in his peak state since the assessment tomorrow was the most crucial one.

While Ye Shang was resting, a disciple in a white robe embroidered with a silver furnace at the cuff came over from Medicine Valley.

Seeing this person, Qin Shan, who had just finished attending to Qin Hai’s collarbone injury, came out of the inn immediately and greeted excitedly. “Elder Cousin.”

“Well, I want to meet Qin Hai.” The man nodded and waved at Qin Shan.

In Qin Hai’s room, as the man checked Qin Hai’s injury and his face slowly turned gloomy. “Vicious.”

This was big brother of Qin Hai, Qin Zhan! He entered Medicine Valley 6 years ago and was now considered an elite disciple since he was ranked on the Soul List.

After arriving at Medicine Valley, Qin Hai had immediately sent a letter to the Qin Zhan. he was out doing a sect assigned mission and had only returned today, so he didn’t manage to witness the conflict between Qin Hai and Ye Shang.

“Big brother, you have to avenge this humiliation.” Qin Hai said while biting his teeth.

“I don’t care who he is, hitting you on the face is the same as hitting my face, I will not let that bastard off easily. Where is he?” Qin Zhan stood up and thundered in a squeaky voice.

“In the inn.” Before Qin Hai answered, Qin Shan, moved a little forward and uttered in an ecstatic tone.

Qin Zhan left the room with Qin Hai and Qin Shan. Led by Qin Shan, they rushed towards the room of Ye Shang.

“Brother Qin, It’s a surprise to see you here, what are you doing here?”. Out of nowhere, Qi Ming appeared before them.

Qi Ming was incharge of maintaining order of the Grass Valley and obviously his main focus was on the inn where participants from Chiyang City were staying.

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