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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 16 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 16

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya

Sorry for failing to release chapters last two days, We will try to make up for it, by releasing them today or tomorrow.

The following terms have been changed in all previous chapters:

  • Yan Beiji (Previously Yan Arctic)
  • Qin Zhan (Previously Qin War)

Chapter 16: The Fourth Round

 There were a total of 3 people from Chiyang City qualified to attend the fourth round of the assessment, so he obviously paid more attention to them. In addition, the recent conflict between Ye Shang and Qin Hai made them the center of attention of every other pal who participated in the assessment, hence he paid more attention to them.

“Yes, Brother Ming, these are my brothers. This is my younger brother,” Qin Zhan said in a bitter voice while pointing to Qin Hai.

“Your younger brother had a little accident today,” Qi Ming said with a smile.

“Let’s be honest! Brother Ming, I know that you are the captain of the enforcement team, but don’t stop me.” Qin Zhan dabbled his hands in rage while looking towards Ye Shang’s room.

“During the ceremony, any kind of conflicts will not be tolerated in Grass Valley Town.” The smile on Qi Ming’s face started slowly disappearing. He knew that Qin Zhan was here with bad intentions and now that he knew Qin Zhan was Qin Hai’s brother, he knew what the outcome would be, if he didn’t meddle in.

“Are you going against me and Tianyue Peak?” Qin Zhan looked at Qi Ming seriously.

“No need to bring Tianyue Peak into this. I am the one in charge here, so give up whatever you are planning to do!” As he heard the humiliating tone of Qin Zhan, the smile on Qi Ming’s face completely disappeared.

“Today I am not here to fight with you, but I want to kill someone else, will you get in my way?” Qin Zhan had a cold smile on his face.

Upon hearing that, everyone in the inn immediately understood what was going on; Qin Zhan’s combat prowess was inferior to that of Qi Ming, but Qin Zhan wasn’t going to engage him in a direct confrontation. As such, if he were intent on killing Ye Shang, then even Qi Ming would have a hard time stopping him.

“Qin Zhan, you have to know that this is an order from Master Chu. Do you want to go against the orders of the Sect?” Qi Ming said after taking a deep breath.

“An order of Master Chu? I don’t know, but I will explain it to Master Chu when the time comes. My Master and my elder brother will also explain it to Master Chu later.” With these firm words, Qin Zhan made it clear that he wasn’t planning on backing down.

The conversation between Qin Zhan and Qi Ming woke up Ye Shang, who was meditating, the room’s door slowly opened.

“Big brother, that’s him!” seeing Ye Shang, Qin Shan immediately shouted and pointed at him.

“Qin Zhan, I may not be able to stop you by myself, but you mustn’t ignore one thing. I am the captain of the law enforcement team, but I am not the strongest person in this team. In order to prevent any trouble from occurring, the sect made special arrangements for the Enforcement Team. If you insist on doing this today, I wonder if you are ready to bear the consequences in the future.” Qi Ming took out a token and some other people from the law enforcement team immediately started appearing at the inn.

Seeing the new arrivals, Qin Zhan narrowed his eyes and stared at Ye Shang, but he did not dare to make any move. He knew that if Qi Ming was opposing him this strongly, it was almost impossible to kill Ye Shang today.

“Qi Ming, there is no need for any confrontation between us.” Qin Zhan then looked with murderous intent at Ye Shang.

“Stop this nonsense. If you weren’t Lin Tianjue’s brother, how many people would know you? You want to scare me? You are not qualified, get out!”

Qin Zhan’s face became ghastly pale, he then pointed at Qi Ming, before turning and leaving without saying anything. Qi Ming who stood unfazed didn’t show Qin Zhan any face.

Qin Zhan left the scene with his seething body, both Qin Hai and Qin Shan also rushed back to their rooms.

“Thank you, Captain Ming.” Ye Shang clasped his hands towards Qi Ming, as he knew that the conflict between Qi Ming and Qin Zhan happened because of him.

“This guy always acts arrogant, despite relying on someone else. His brother Lin Tianjue is indeed troublesome to deal with.” Qi Ming said with a ruffling smile.

“His elder brother? Lin Tianjue?” Ye Shang asked in a curious tone.

“Well, he is considered the leader of the younger generation of Medicine Valley, and he is quite protective of his subordinates. Well, let’s not talk about all this, you need to focus on recovering from your wounds. The fourth round tomorrow will not be easy.” Qi Ming nodded at Ye Shang.

Ye Shang once again clasped his hands towards Qi Ming before returning to his room. Ye Shang now understood that the Medicine Valley seemed peaceful from the outside, but there were a lot of complicated things going on the inside.

In another room of the inn, Qiu Zen, Qiu Yuan, and Tang Tian were drinking.

“Uncle Qiu, what happened to the Qin family? Why are they making so much trouble?” Tang Tian took a sip of wine and chuckled in a raging tone.

“Well, I have no idea. Qin Hai and Qin Shan are unambitious, and Qin Zhan was always an arrogant one.” Qiu Zen uttered in a gloomy tone while staring at the goblet of wine in his hand.

After resting overnight, Ye Shang came out of the room, his face looked fairly soothing as he assured himself that he had no internal injuries. In contrast, Qin Hai moved his arm uncomfortably and his face was pale.

“Ye Shang, how was your recovery?” Tang Tian asked Ye Shang who seemed quite relaxed and smooth in his movements.

“I’m almost completely healed.” Ye Shang said while shaking his head.

“Guess, that really was some very good medicine.” Tang Tian patted the shoulder of Ye Shang and said with a comforting smile.

Ye Shang nodded, but he wasn’t sure if it should all be credited to the vein pill. The pill was in fact fairly strong, but his physique was also a factor which decided if he could recover fully in just an overnight. When he was a kid, he bathed with different kind of herbs every half a month, and these were medical procedures passed down from generation to generation in Zhuyuan Village. All children should bathe in them to maintain their body fit and strong. A good hunter definitely required a healthy body.

The effect of the bath was very obvious. Even if he were to be bitten by a beast, he would only bleed for a little while, and the recovery speed of his internal injuries were also very fast.

After dining, Ye Shang and others followed some members of the enforcement team to the square. Ye Shang, Tang Tian, and Qin Hai walked to the front of the platform. At that time, there were not many people left at the front of the platform, approximately fewer than 100.

Ye Shang also noticed Qin Zhan, who was standing behind a man in a blue robe. Ye Shang knew that the man in the blue robe should be the representative of Tianyue Peak.

Chu Lingxiao stood up and congratulated them on passing the third round, then announced the beginning of the fourth round.

Not long after, a few vultures came down to the square, surprisingly members of enforcement team were riding them. Under the arrangement of enforcing disciples, all of the participants sat on the vultures and flew towards the east.

Ye Shang also noticed that the likes of Liu Yangyu, Yan Beiji and Chu Lingxiao had their own flying beasts.

After a quarter of an hour, a mountain, peaking straight into the clouds appeared, they flew down and stopped at the side of the mountain. The side of this enormous mountain was a steep cliff. On the cliff, some words were carved, Danding Cliff!

Ye Shang and others got off the vultures. He immediately realized why there was no crowed at the Mountain Gate Square, since all the people who wanted to watch the ceremony were already here.

Ye Shang did some math and came to the conclusion that if he considered the speed of the vultures, he should be quite far away from the Mountain Gate Square, it shouldn’t have been easy for these people to travel from there to here in such a short time.

Taking a look at the crowd, Ye Shang observed the Danding Cliff. Danding Cliff was not easy for a low level cultivator to climb straight up since there were dense protruding spiky stones on the surface of the cliff. However, with the help of these stones, it wasn’t that difficult to climb up. On a closer look there were some kind of platform in between the stones, which appeared like resting spots.

Looking up, Ye Shang wasn’t able to see how high Danding Cliff was and how many such platforms were there.

“This is the place for the fourth round of assessment, Danding Cliff! You will climb towards the top. This is not just an assessment, but also an exercise for you. The requirement is climbing 3 kilometers. If all of you can’t reach it, we will not accept any of you this year. Only after reaching 3 kilometers, we will accept the top 30 people according to the climbed height.” Chu Lingxiao said in an esthetic tone.

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