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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 17 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 17

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 17: Climbing to the Extreme (Part I)

Looking up at the Danding Cliff that soared up into the clouds, Ye Shang knew his performance today would decide his future.

Qin Hai’s face looked ugly. Even though the internal injury caused by Ye Shang’s kick was almost healed with the help of Vein Pill and an overnight’s rest, his broken collar bones would hinder his pace in climbing the Danding Cliff.

Hesitating for a while, Qin Hai walked out of the crowd and came to Chu Lingxiao. “I was attacked and injured, so I cannot participate in the assessment. Please I request for an exception to be made and to let me enter the Medicine Valley.”

“It’s not allowed.” Chu Lingxiao said while shaking his head.

“Brother Chu, allowing him to join Medicine Valley as a disciple is not allowed, but after all, he passed the previous three rounds and has decent talent. We, The Tianyue Peak are currently lacking some servants, we would like to accept him as a servant, and perhaps he can come back and try again next year. ” The representative from Tianyue Peak voiced out immediately.

“Fine, joining as a servant will not be a problem.” Chu Lingxiao thought for a while before nodding.

Ye Shang smiled in disdain as he knew Qin Hai was in fact accepted by the Medicine Valley only due to the help from Qin Zhan. There was a vast difference between a disciple and a servant, but Qin Hai would be treated way better than other servants because of Qin Zhan’s backing.

After handling the issue of Qin Hai, Chu Lingxiao announced that the assessment would begin and also emphasized that anyone who attacked any other participant would be eliminated right away.

Without thinking much Ye Shang carried the black iron spear, came to Danding Cliff, grabbed the protruding stones with both hands, and started climbing up.

Seeing Ye Shang starting, the others rushed over and began climbing as fast as they could.

“Come on!” Tang Tian, ​​who reached Ye Shang, nodded at Ye Shang while going past him.

“I am not sure if it’s possible for this kid to pass this final test.” Chu Lingxiao said to himself as he looked at Ye Shang, who was climbing calmly.

“Brother Chu, if he fails to pass the assessment, let him come to Wuwei Peak! We, the Wuwei Peak are also lacking servants.” The representative from Wuwei Peak looked at Ye Shang and said.

“Are we already talking about dividing them?” Liu Yangyu snorted at the representative of Wuwei Peak.

“Martial Uncle has misunderstood me. To be honest, I just don’t want to see him leave the Medicine Valley. He is a top notch talent, even though his foundation is currently a bit lacking, he can make up for it in the future. But his potential is surely congenital, and this is his biggest advantage. If he leaves the Medicine Valley for elsewhere, it would definitely be considered a loss for us.” The representative of Wuwei Peak said to Liu Yangyu.

“Brother Han has certainly accepted a wise disciple.” Liu Yangyu nodded to the representative of Wuwei Peak with a hint of appreciation in his eyes. Han Dang was the leader of Wuwei Peak, also a junior brother of Liu Yangyu.

“Brother Yi is indeed very insightful.” Chu Lingxiao agreed with Yi Shui, the representative of Wuwei Peak.

Yan Beiji nodded to Qin Zen on the side, and Qin Zen understood that Ye Shang wouldn’t need to leave the Medicine Valley. Whether he could pass the fourth round or not, he would be accepted.

Around this time, the speed of the climbers began changing. The speed of the first echelon dropped considerably.

Ye Shang was slowly climbing behind. He knew that his strength was very different from others and the Qi in his Dantian was also not as strong as others. If he climbed too fast, the consumption of his Qi would increase and it would be difficult for him to stick till the very end.

Those in front of Ye Shang however, were getting slower and slower. They stopped to rest frequently, and some even went to the platforms to recover.

The distance between Ye Shang and the first echelon was thus rapidly waning.

Seeing Ye Shang coming up, those who stopped to recover once again began climbing.

Ye Shang’s head was already completely drenched in sweat. He now understood why those at the front had to rest despite having a higher cultivation base, since the invisible pressure was coming in waves towards the bottom.

He had only climbed about a thousand meters, so he couldn’t imagine how much pressure there would be as he went higher, since the visible height of the Danding Cliff exceeded six kilometers.

Ye Shang currently didn’t use the Qi in his Dantian but relied on his strength since he didn’t dare to waste it, as he might require it later.

At this moment, it showed the paramount strength Ye Shang possessed. Although it was a bit difficult, he was still climbing upwards.

Without Qi protecting his body, his palms were already pierced by the rocks and dense blood marks were left on the stones.

Despite reaching closer to others, he was still at the bottom.

Those in front of him were unwilling to let Ye Shang surpass them. Even though they rested frequently, they would speed up as soon as they see Ye Shang catching up with them, since they didn’t want to lose face getting passed by someone whose cultivation base was only at Qi-Refining Level 3.

The weakest of the current remaining participants also had a cultivation of at least Qi-Refining Level 6, which was way better than Ye Shang.

“I’ve never seen anyone just relying on their bodily strength to climb instead of using Qi.” Chu Lingxiao touched his beard and looked with a hit of surprise at the figure of Ye Shang.

“Even if he used his Qi, it would be useless.” Qin Hai, who stood next to the representative of Tianyue Peak and Qin Zhan, muttered at Ye Shang in a low voice.


Chu Lingxiao flicked his sleeve and a strong airflow slapped on Qin Hai’s face. “Do not forget your identity! A servant dares to voice out opinions in front of his master? I will personally kill you if it happens again!”

“Qin Zhan, take him down and teach him the rules.” The representative of Tianyue Peak, Luo Daoyuan, reminded Qin Zhan indifferently. This incident made him very shameful and he didn’t even have an opportunity to refute. Since Qin Hai violated the norms and his own status was lower than Chu Lingxiao. If he were to one day become the leader of Tianyue Peak, at that time Chu Lingxiao would probably be at the level of the Leader of Medicine Valley.

“Brother Yi, how about giving Ye Shang to Ziwei Peak?” Among the several seats, the sole woman put forth her point of view.

“Sister Tang, Ye Shang doesn’t belong to us. As long as he can stay in the Medicine Valley, it’s all the same.” Yi Shui said with a smile.

“If he was at Qi-Refining Level 5, none of them can be compared to him.” Yan Beiji said in a flaunting voice.

“Martial Uncle is correct. If he can accomplish this with cultivation of Qi-Refining Level 3, there is no doubt that he can pass the fourth round with ease if he was at Qi-Refining Level 5.” Chu Lingxiao also nodded in approval.

By the time, the top climber had already reached two kilometers, while Ye Shang was still at around 1,600 meters. He had sweat all over his face, and the blood and sweat on his hands left one palm print after another on the stones.

The pressure coming from the top of Danding Cliff was similar to waves, which made it hard for Ye Shang to even raise his head.


The tremendous pressure instead made Ye Shang show his unwillingness to admit defeat, and he roared in a low-pitched voice like a beast, then continued climbing upwards.

With the sudden cry from Ye Shang, two nearby climbers were so surprised and shaken, they fell off as they were barely resisting the pressure.

“What the hell?” A man in white cursed.

“Why are you yelling? I almost fell off.” Tang Tian, ​​who was just 200 meter ahead of Ye Shang, shouted.

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